Commission: H Costumes

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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Sometimes a last minute Halloween Costume can be the best one, but what happens if that costume starts to change you, alter you, change your perspective? And what if it made your friends witness and act on the lustful creature that you've become? Come for the Transformation, stay for the hot sexual action.

This is my very first transformation fetish story, I think, and of course it involves a costume that turns a guy into a girl who then gets sexually pleasured by his friends. Is that a bad thing? Not if it's consensual, which it is. I really had a lot of fun in this one and got a bit clever with the title, which in itself might need a bit of explanation for my friends that aren't into other cultures. H in this sense has two purposes, it's a H-alloween Costume, yes, but H in Japanese is pronounced "ecchi" which is their word for "naughty". Now excepting "I see what you did there" comments down below. I hope you all enjoy reading it because I enjoyed writing it.

H Costumes

Halloween was a night of mysticism, it was a night when people gather their planned outfits and surrendered their identity to their imaginations, and it was a night that hosted the most absolutely mind-blowing parties that were to be talked about for the next following month, if not more. This night was not only a legend in some ways, but in every way, in many cultures that see it and celebrate it in their own fashions and with their own twists. Of course the hardest part about this holiday was to try and figure out what to dress up as, what to hide your identity away as to incorporate a new role in the lands of monsters and myths. This was a decision that could effect the entire night for some, and with so many parties going on, someone wanting to participate in them would have to pick something that complimented who they were. Were they going to surrender themselves into the arms of a superhero while dressed as a fairy? Where they going to dress as an angel and spend the night watching old slasher movies and getting drunk with close friends? Will they dress as a judge and go out on the town to take their kids trick or treating? There were so many options, and so many ways to celebrate. Halloween was a very special night for all, a night where fear vanishes off of the face of the earth and people all around accept the others way of celebrating it. There was no wrong way to Halloween, only the grand way of having fun and spending time with those that you'd rather be with the rest of the year. It was the final night that someone can relax and set aside the time needed to spend time with friends before the colder season holidays envelope the year and force family values down their throats and everyone else keep to their homes away from such enjoyments.

This hare was no different here, he'd spent a month looking over costumes and ideas, looking things up online and working to find that perfect outfit that he'd be able to blow everyone else away with. It was hard to finally come to that decision and while it took him a month to decide that choice was made in an instant when he had walked down a discount aisle and noticed a very specific look that he just had to have. Sure it wasn't that outstanding costume that would drive others to celebrate him for his creativity and cunning, but it was a costume that would draw a huge number of laughs and hours of entertainment between him and his friends. This red furred hare moved towards his closet, the soft smirk that rolled over his lips shown well while he looked at it once again. The fur was similar to his own, maybe a little lighter to make it almost a pink tone, but that was easily ignored and the overall design of the padded areas would show well enough to completely take up any attention that could be put anywhere else. It even came with an interesting hooded mask in order to completely cover the face, hiding the identity of the person away entirely so that they could fully take up the role of the character they where pretending to be. This costume didn't really have much of a "character" though, just seemed to be a normal average person, but the idea of wearing and outfit that made him look like a busty bikini clad woman was more than enough for this hare, and while some of the spots looked rather tight considering his male figure the clerk at the store said that it was supposed to fit snug in order to help mold his shape into the full body suit. This was going to be an interesting set up for him, how many people could say that they had dressed as the opposite sex for Halloween?

As his feet stepped into that suit he had to admit that it was a bit tight, his foot finding the stretching part of the inside of that foot wrapping around his limb slowly and the more he rolled that female leg up his own the more he felt his muscles crushed down a bit. He wasn't a very buff guy to begin with, but even he felt it was a bit confining. With the other leg moving in it was finally time to wrap that padded butt area over his own. The padding would help him take a better figure, that male rump of his own simply not having enough back to show off so the padding helped to fill that bit out more. What got him was how this suit helped to hide away the nicely thick package that this hare seemed to have, it's tight grip around it helped to pack it down, but the longer he stood there with it the more it compressed and before long the entire thing just seemed to vanish under the fabric of this costume leaving only the bikini thong bottoms to cover that lower area. His hands moved to roll that waist up along his own, the feeling of the sides crushing down on his own, one of the more pronounced differences between a typical male and female, but with the fabric stretching and then gripping down his sides soon came to form what the design indicated, but what got him most excited was the sight of the large, plump breasts, his hands moving to take hold of them himself, pressing them against his chest while he smiled brightly at their softness. If he had to guess they had to be some kind of liquid sacks set inside of the fabric that made up this outfit. Regardless of how they were made his arms move into those sleeves and while they were tight around these limbs too the easy pull of the string on that zipper brought the outfit closed around him. Even that pink hood came around his head, and with an easy tuck he'd close off the neck entirely, allowing himself to look over this transformation that seemed so real that it was almost amazing.

* * *

Halloween night, the sun set and those that were venturing out for candy tucked themselves away back to their home to count their horde, but now was the time that the parties started, the dances, the get-together, that gatherings. Those people too young not to celebrate, but too old to go door to door any longer. These people hosted their own parties and while this outfit still felt snug, but far looser than it did when he put it on, the costume must have stretched a bit while pulling in at him, but still when he looked down at himself he didn't notice any tears or stretch rings on the design. Maybe he was just getting used to it. Regardless he stood before the doorway to his friend's house, the music blaring through from the building showing that he was late, that the party had already started without him, but when it came to putting a costume on, especially this one, time was involved to make it look just right. His gloved hand lifted, the painted nails that were on this costume adding to the effect that it was his real skin, but when he knocked he could feel the wood of the door brush against his knuckles while he hit it. There wasn't time to really think about this, however, not when the door opened and a pirate kangaroo welcomed him in. The bright smile that wrapped the hare's face showed that he was happy his friend had come and with his eyes moving over that sensually padded body the roo had to laugh out.

"Sammy!" He shouted both welcoming his hare friend and introducing him to the two other guys that had already arrived and were sitting around in the near by living room, "Looking good. That's a nice chick costume you got there."

The roo's hands reached out easily towards those false breasts, taking hold of them and even rubbing them. At first it was like someone feeling up a costume, but soon the sensation of pleasure reached through him, the feeling of those tits being touched registering in his mind and the soft coo that flowed from that hare body left him shivering before that hand moved around to the center of his lupine back, helping him into the room and closing the door behind him. Sammy had to remember to put his hood up, the face once again hidden away under that more feminine one with long ears that ran down his back, his friends all standing at once to laugh and step over to him. It was an interesting display to see so many guys approaching him the way that they were, hands coming to take hold of his hips, of his tits, of his rump and thighs. And while each of them were dressed in their own way, it was odd to be the center of attention among them.

"It's a sexy suit guys, but I'm still a dude underneath so you're all gay." He said quickly trying to deter their activity, a taunt that didn't seem to have as much of an effect as he'd hoped and really only left him feeling guilty for demonizing the term like that. When the pirate once again took hold of him Sammy would find himself being pulled into an armchair sideways, those thick thighs hanging down over the chair while that pert and beautiful rump was planted down well against the quickly swelling pirate bulge.

The feeling of it there made Sammy want to struggle, want to climb away, but with his arms quickly moving around the back of that roo neck those heaving breasts lifting and falling with the chest under them as a demonstration of his breathing, the hare started to feel some kind of sweat, some kind of wetness grow between those legs, a dripping sensation and a burning deep under where his balls should be. He wanted to say that he was getting harder for this as well, but no bulge was evident under that costume, it was almost like his cock wasn't there at all and while that pirate hand reached down towards that bikini thong to take hold of it, his words of protect about the activity were instantly silenced by the surge of pleasure when a finger pushed into his hot cunny slit. That head leaning back, those ears already flat against the backside of his head and his curiosity where he'd gotten a vagina from to begin with quaking to the side as the pleasure of it being spread with those nether lips parting around that finger, kissing at it and suckling at it while his body shivered in place. That pirate bulge reaching out and with a quick fumble of those roo fingers over it the heavy monster of a cock was set free, something that this hare would lift up to slide down on in an instant.

The bobbing of those large and heavy hips pull and pushing down, crushing the lap under him and driving that thickness into his dripping and sensitive cunt that was being spread for the first time. Sammy could barely keep his lips closed while he felt himself getting tunneled into and the sight of the other guys here getting their own dicks ready told him that he was in for a very wild ride. This night was going to be a long one, but if he could continue to feel those muscled laps pushing against his thighs and driving him to bounce on them then there was no way he'd complain. Even when he pinched his legs together more and crushed that cock down around the base of that roo cock there the throbbing feeling that it left him him told this hare that his first female orgasm was building up, that his soft girly cries were right, and even while he continued to ride this, continued to feel himself being used so well as this roo's personal cock sleeve there was no way he was willing to stop it even as the hard wave of thick girl seed rushed out from his heated slit and down over that lap leaving him to pant well while that same seed was flushed into his body, filling him, he could feel the heat of it lining his tunnel, and invading his newly formed womb to leave him panting for more, even the pull of his hands against the roo's neck would draw a soft kiss from those hare lips towards that kangaroo cheek before his wrist would be taken by another who was too excited to give this costumed male a break from his exploits.

* * *

The hand that had gripped his wrist pulled him quickly, easily off of the lap of the pirate that had just giving him a great fucking right at the very start of their little celebration, the sensation of that seed still leaking out of that newly discovered hole left this hare shaking while Sammy turned his eyes to the next fellow to get the most out of this costume. The design of fur across Sammy's outfit was far more obvious now, the hand that gripped his rump allowed him to feel every single bristle that was moved out of the way and even the texture of the fingers that took hold of him. At first this costumed man wasn't sure if he was just feeling through the suit, but the longer he wore it the more obvious it was that he was actually feeling what the suit felt, and while that made him year to stop all of this, the feeling of that hand easily lifting to grip his butt all over again in a hard swat that made him jump in his suit. He'd only just been used by his other friend but this was as well clearly wanted a part of him and while this hare was pulled towards the man dressed blatantly as a red devil with a long black cape the shifting movement brought this equine behind him, pressing Sammy down over the arm of that couch so that those heavy and large breasts crushed down to the sides against the cushion that was still warm from where his friend had been sitting on it. A hand pressing to the center of his back in order to keep him in place and those hare eyes looking back over pink furred shoulder to almost beg for demon cock to fill him. The motion and position were enough to get that still dripping cunny wet all over again, the bikini bottoms never even having been placed back where they belong and leaving this man's hot slit fully exposed while the head of that dick was presented to it.

His horse devil friend was far bigger than he looked and when that towering cock pushed in that head lifted backwards easily with a loud and guttural cry of both pleasure and pain, the feeling of his cunt stretching to accommodate such an enormous appendage left this bunny with barely a breath to give out while the feeling of that hard ramming cock took no mercy on the smaller mammal. That driving dick filling him entirely all the way to the very end of his depths and leaving his pink fingers scratching at the couch while those lips started to drool over his own chin thanks to that mind shattering fucking that he was receiving. The drooling texture of his pouty costumed lips didn't stop his other friend from joining in, though, and that Elvis dressed raccoon would present the head of his own throbbing dick towards that mouth with an eager smile on his face. As if out of instinct that mouth opened, accepting the dick as it was pushed down his throat joining in the efforts of his equine buddy who would push right back in time with the raccoon while they both worked to crush this hare in the middle of them. Every thrust at one end was met with a thrust on the other never giving this bunny a break and never allowing him to forget that they were taking him long and hard at their full lengths. Every single thrust made would deliver yet another hard snout crushing beat from the other and with them both working at once there was no question as to why Sammy's depths would already explode with another hard orgasm, beating them both to the punch despite not being given even a second to break from his second hard flow, those eyes rolling to the back of his head, simply accepting what they were giving him and enjoying every second of it.

As the other two continued to double team their costumed friend a loud clap could be heard above while they high five-ed one another in servicing the two at once. Him jaw starting to ache from the feeling of it being stretched open for as long as it had and the deeply penetrated cunny leaking down the side of the couch while these to had their way with him. It wasn't forced, though, and he was willfully accepting it, something about this suit making him want it more, and seemingly making them want him as well. Even while his hands pushed against the cushion finally and those large breasts were able to sway and swing their way under his figure that body continued to buck forward while the feeling of those cocks spreading and contracting, throbbing, deep inside of his body finally made itself known. The flavor of their pre leaking well into his depths and onto his tongue leaving him to shudder at the idea that he was going to get his first mouth burst from these two taking him the way that they were. In only a moments notice that thick flow of hot male equine cream flowed into his body, spreading him, dumping into him, delivering itself into his depths and even bloating that womb a bit as it was combined with what was left from the roo, the more that horse remained inside the more cum that came out, the more he was filled until finally the pop of that horse seed bursting free from that near sealed slit thanks to the size of him left this hare to give a girly cry of pleasure that was soon drown out in a gargling call when that raccoon almost allowed his own cum to flow. The jets of hot sticky goo filled that stomach quickly, and those eyes turning up towards him only made him push into that snout harder, showing no mercy on their sexy feminized friend.

* * *

As the horse dick was pulled free it left that cunny stretched, throbbing, tingling, and trying to heal itself while more and more of that seed leaked free, the bloated belly that was once there already returning to normal while the loud girly pants of this lupine male drew his body to finally rest down easily while his head swam with the return of his ability to breath. The movement of that other dick from his throat was delivered with an easy cough, but more importantly with a smack of the lips while he continued to suckle on the small remaining memories of their games with him. Even that tongue lapping around his lips forced this hare to finally start picking himself up only to feel a hand once again on the back of his head. The sight of that raccoon smiling to him left him almost gasping. There was no way he was ready now and with a softly spoken word even this male hare could tell that even his voice had changed to a more female pitch thanks to this suit.

"You just came. You can't be ready to go again already." he said in protest quickly drawing an easy smile from that raccoon who only chuckled back at him.

The raccoon spoke back to him easily, in a cool tone, "How can I not be? You didn't think that I'd pass up on using such a hot body like the others did you?"

The idea of being used again, especially so soon after the last two left the male a bit nervous, but his mind was quickly changed, the excitement of it taking effect and while his body needed to recover his head nodded to this fellow and the movement of that hare came to rest down on the couch on his back, giving himself to this studly Elvis dressed raccoon. Was it the suit doing it, making him do such things? Maybe, but that doesn't mean that deep down he didn't want to anyway. That raccoon moved to crawl over him, almost laying across him while he felt the large breasts crush down against his firm and dressed chest, their soft texture, their supple size, and their fur crossing both with his own leaving the both of them to moan and groan easily to the position that they were in.

This wasn't to be a romantic set up, though, and while those raccoon hands finally wrapped around her hips that still hard dick of his finally pushed back into her body, taking her, filling her with coon cock and driving it in as hard and deep as he could. It was only to his surprise that her depths were already recovered from the last hard thrusting that she'd just received, but even more impressive that the amazing depth of it being plunged into her after just having climaxed. Sammy's back arched forward, lifting herself in pleasure while she called out in her soft tones, no longer able to consider herself a male while in this suit and so willing to allow this to continue as long as it was able to while she was in it. The sensation, the feeling, the hard beating that was being delivered against her hot and burning slit while she continued to lift her hips to meet his own left her with her tongue rolling out of her mouth to the side, those eyes once again tilting towards the back of her head while her pussy was pulverized against the pressure of that hard digging dick that continued to push further and deeper into her figure with no remorse or hold back. Usually such a position was reserved for romance, but here it was just him holding onto her and taking her as his own for as long as his already throbbing member could hold out.

The more he pushed the more she loved it, the harder he crushed her cunny lips the louder her soft cooing grunts, the deeper he drove the more her body responded by lifting her hips to allow him to drive even deeper on the return. Every single movement he made into her body forced a reacting movement from her own. The loud cries of pleasure continued to call out, her mouth permanently open now, and her heavy, large, breasts swaying up into her face with every heavy beat that he delivered against her until finally that apex of this session sounded off, her cries turned into screams of pleasure that left her gushing what felt like river of her fem cum down the length of his dick, balls, and thighs, flooding the couch there on the spot with her immediate torrent of pleasure and only being answered with one in return. The final hard push of his raccoon dick into her lupine figure came with another burst, but this time giving far more to her than he did in her mouth while he dumped every single drop of his awaiting seed deep into her tunnel and leaving her well overused body in a state of sprawled recovery as she didn't even know if her body could recover from this. Would he return to normal in time? Maybe, but this experience wasn't one he was going to forget anytime soon.

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