Renamon and Kai

Story by veilslide on SoFurry

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Hey people this is what I was dreaming so I just wrote it okay.

It was a beautiful day in Tokyo, especially for Digimon. Kai just finished cleaning his orange and black Veilside fortune RX7. He went inside his mansion and saw Renamon on the couch, he went up and kissed her, she kissed back. Then she asked "Are you done with your precious veilslide?" "Yep, but you are more precious than that" he answered. He kissed her on the lips, licking her lipswaiting for entry, Renamon opened her mouth and starts wrestling with Kai's tongue. After 10 mins, they pulled away for air."We should do this everyday" Renamon smirked. They slept on the couch for a while until it was time for a digimon competition grand finale. Renamon changed into a pink T-shirt and blue shorts, while Kai dressed into black T-shirt, black hoodie, blue jeans and apple earphones  embedded into his ears. Then the couple walked down the stairs and got into the RX7. Kai shifted the joystickinto drive and took off. When they reached the stadium, so many cars where waiting in line to the parking lot. Kai shifted the joystick intosport and pressed firmly onto the accelerator. The RX7 pushed forward dodging every single line. It got into the parking lot first, when he reached firstfloor, he saw Zack and his Renamon mate Auria waiting for them in the lobby, Kai pulled the the e-brake and drifted into a spot. "Perfect parking therepretty boy" Renamon teased. "You always like to compliment on me huh." Jack answered as rubbed Renamon's head lightly. Making her blush and wagging her tail. They got out of the car and went to greet their friends. "Your just in time guys, the show is about to start, come on Auria" Zack said as the four friends ran towards the arena.       "Welcome to the International Digimon games" the speakers said. Then suddenly, the voice has changed. "I know you are out there Renamon, and   your mine" the voice commanded. "Gullimon?" Then Gullimon appeared with 6 gang members at his back, holding baseball bats, katanas and guns."What do you want from my girl." Kai growled. "She is mine, she belongs to me!" Gullimon howled. "In your dreams." Renamon answered, Gullimon'sface turned red, "PYRO SPHERE!" a fireball shot out of his mouth and was heading towards Kai. But Kai had the Seratic armor, with the infinity shield and blade, and the ring of fire and ice. He point the ring at the fireball and blasted ice. The fireball was nothing more than smoke, "NO! But how!?" Gullimon howled "As you see, I was once Ausar the Vile".Kai answered. He charged at Gullimon and swung a blade at a gang member, his baseball bat broke instantly, Kai then thrusted the blade into the gang member which fell to the ground, covered in blood. Then he flung the shield like Captain America, which killed 3 members in 2 seconds. Then he caught the shield and ran. "GO,GO,GO, GET OUT OF HERE! he ordered. "Renamon! I need you to stay with Zack and Auria, they can protect you, I can't put you in danger." Renamon nodded and followed

Auria and Zack to his Mazda 300zx. Then Gullimon's remaining gang members tried to stop Kai's Veilslide RX7 from escaping and then failed. Then Gullimon and his men got into their Nissan Fairlady Z's and raced off. Kai drifted into corner then pulled the e brake, sending the car to the right then left. Zack aimed the zx left and drifted onto the freeway. Our heroes sped along the freeway, dodging cars from side to side. Then Gullimon appeared in his Nissan and bumped into Zack. Zack tried to fight back but failed. Gullimon's gang members took on the RX7, but then one drifted to Kai's right, Kai shifted the joystick to 6th gear, and drifted underneath a big truck. The gang member saw the RX7 laying low under the truck and said "Ha! I got you now!" He turn left and pressed on the accelerator. Kai saw the car coming and quickly drifted out of the way before the gang member rammed the truck's wheels, getting crushed into pieces.  Then he saw a black nissan silivia coming towards him shooting his car. Kai then pulled the e brake and the RX7 sped towards a street.Zack followed the orange and black veilslide, all the way there. Until the two remaining gang members smashed both of his sides. "Auria! I need some help fast!" Zack asked. Auria nodded and shouted: "Diamond hell storm!" Then shards of Diamond appeared and smashed into the cars. One car crashed into a shop exploding, the other rammed a truck. "Thanks love" Zack said. "No problem my love" Auria answered. They kissed but didn't see the road. Then Zack got rammed by Gullimon in his black modified nissan fairlady z. "Die! she's mine!!!" Gullimon shouted. Then Kai got a glimpse of the two cars in his rear back mirror. He decided to protect his friends, so he pulled the handbrake and the RX7 was now in front of Gullimon. Then Gullimon and Kai drifted onto a road which leads into a intersection. Gullimon slammed onto the brakes and overturned 360 degrees facing Kai. Then he pulled a pistol and starts shooting at Kai. But Kai installed a bullet proof windshield. Gullimon still kept shooting at the driver seat. Then Kai slams his feet onto the accelerator and turns right. Bumping Gullimon out of the way. Then Gullimon was angry, but the RX7 was too fast. Then Kai saw Zack trying to get past the intersection. Then the back got hit by a jeep and Zack's car spun into an sidewalk tree. Kai saw his two friends and his girlfriend get out completely unharmed. "Whew! That was close." The three friends watched as the RX7 speeds up to cross the intersection, with smiles on their face. Then when Kai shifted into 4th gear, a sedan rammed into his side, then the RX7 flipped over 6 times and landed upside down. The veilslide was completely unharmed except for the door which got smashed. Then Renamon and the two friends stared in horror. "We have to help my boyfriend!" Renamon said. "Your right we have to help him" Zack answered. "I agree." Auria answered. The three friends ran

towards the RX7. But then as they ran, they saw flames on the engine. "NOOOOO!!!!" the three friends screamed. Then the RX7 blew up. All they could see was the remains of their friend and his car. Gullimon smiled and raced away. Then Renamon had tears into her eyes, same as Zack and Auria. Auria went into Zacks arms crying. Zack couldn't hold his tears, Renamon knelt down and started crying. They cried for a week ever since the day they lost their best friend.