Sins of the Flesh (unfinished Yugioh story)

Story by SynjoDeonecros on SoFurry

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#2 of Yugioh Stories

A story I wrote a long while back, when Yugioh GX was still on. Yubel!Johan fucking Haou!Judai amidst the tortured Advanced Crystal Beasts.

"Milord, King Haou has requested an audience with you."

Yubel looked up, his host body lazily draped across his mighty throne. The plasma light that illuminated his mountain palace danced a forbidden dance of perverse sensuality over the stark slate blue-black of the baggy pants and form-fitting sleeveless armored shirt he wore, rendering the fabric an illusory transparency as he dropped his right leg down, uncaringly exposing himself to the Dark Blade soldier in front of him. He smirked a little, brushing a silken lock of teal hair out of his host's eyes; he was waiting for Haou to show up.

"Show him in," Yubel ordered, gesturing absently to emphasize his statement. With a bow, the Dark Blade exited the throne room. A few moments afterwards, Haou entered, his black and gold armor flashing harshly against the plasma's neon glow. Silently, he walked up to Yubel's throne and kneeled, bowing low before his master before standing.

"Milord, the destruction of the resistance is going well. Several villages have fallen before our might. It is only a matter of time before the realms are yours to command."

Yubel gave a sideways glance at Haou, wincing imperceptibly at the cold, unfeeling monotone the so-called Supreme King used in his speech. It was necessary, he supposed, to keep Haou's host under control, but Haou's unimpassioned demeanor just wasn't the same as what he really wanted. Of course, with but a thought, he could give the pathetic puppet access to his host's emotions - twisting them appropriately to ensure the right amount of cruelty to keep him on his leash, but there was always the threat that if he did so, Haou's grip on his host would slacken and Yubel's prize would be lost. Still...

"And what of the insurgents from the other world? Have they been found, yet?"

Haou shook his head, stoic as always. "Not yet, Milord. They are proving difficult to track. However, they are scattered and scared, and with each village we conquer, there is one less safe haven for them to hold out in. They will be captured, I assure you."

Yubel frowned, disturbed by that news. Jaden's friends would not abandon him so easily; it is likely they will return eventually to confront Haou for his release. There was also the matter of Amon Garam, the puppet who had cut his own strings; Yubel could sense the boy's intentions, the little bit of his power that he had manage to keep infused in the young cur after their confrontation in Duel Academy's chamber for the Sacred Beasts giving him some insight to Amon's wishes, but unfortunately, not his movements. He was looking for the one power Yubel could not stop if left allowed to be completed: the power of Exodia, the Forbidden One, the great Sealed God of the Ancients. Fortunately, he knew of many ways of thwarting efforts to complete the dueling ritual required to summon the beast, but such tactics were not absolute.

"Double the manpower to find the insurgents and take care of them. Draw forces from your armies attacking the villages, if you must. They must not be allowed to escape."

"As you wish, Milord," Haou acknowledged, bowing again before turning to leave. However, at that moment, Yubel, musing over something entirely different, stood up, the sound of the many chains and buckles adorning his outfit chiming at the movement causing Haou to halt in his tracks. It was rare for Yubel to leave his throne in the presence of his soldiers, and when he did, it always meant he was not through with them quite yet. Smiling in dark lust, Yubel walked down from his throne and past Haou, casually allowing his hand to 'accidentally' slip against the Supreme King's armored buttocks.

"Come with me," Yubel commanded with a quick glance back. Confused but taciturn, Haou complied, following his lord down a series of corridors and down into a series of dungeons. As they descended, the smell wafting through the hallways grew acrid and festering, tinged with that of blood, urine, and feces from several humans and various Duel Monster species, until they reached what appeared to be their destination: a large barn, full of animal stench covered up with perfume, where Johan's Gem Beasts were kept locked away.

The creatures were a wreck, various faint scars and burn marks of numerous tortures pockmarking their flesh through their still illustrious fur. Hanging above each of their stalls were pieces of armor, all custom-made to fit their intended Duel Monster. As Yubel and Haou entered, the once-pride and joy of Johan's deck snarled, growled, whinnied, and trumpeted in rage as they strained against their chains, though to Haou, he didn't know whether it was to charge at their captor or run away from him. The closer he looked, the more Haou noticed the suffering these creatures had gone through; forced tightly into their overstretched anuses were a series of large, hard, metal items, electrified and possibly spiked, as each movement they made caused them to wince and a small, brief rivulet of blood to seep out between metal and flesh. Their balls were bound tightly and stretched way past what should've been their limit by a spiked metal chain, while their members were kept in a perpetual state of erection with what Yubel explained just then as what the humans called "The Gates of Hell", a modified version of what apparently was a sexual torture devise, composing of a series of rings along a rod that slid over one's penis as it extended and locked it in place so it couldn't become flaccid. These devices were also horribly spiked and electrified, and seemed to connect to one another with a series of clear tubes. Similarly, the very tip of the apparatus, as well as the object in their rectum, had a thick black tube that lead from them into a mouthpiece locked firmly in their muzzles, essentially forcing them to feed exclusively on their excretions. Haou wasn't visibly moved by this display, as expected, but he did feel an odd, strong twang of shock and horror from deep within his host, strong enough that he almost had problem suppressing it.

"Are they not lovely?" Yubel asked, somewhat sarcastically. Walking over to one Gem Beast, Sapphire Pegasus, he grabbed the equine's muzzle roughly with a firm hand, yanking the beast's eyes down to his level. As if teasingly, he brought his other hand up and began petting the creature along the head, stroking Pegasus' mane with gentle care. The beast, naturally, tried to move his head out of the way and out of his sadistic master's grip, but the chains trapping him in his stable kept him firm, forcing him to endure the bastard's ministrations. "The literal jewels of my precious Jaden's friend's deck, completely at my mercy, with no hope of escaping. Little do they know that the more they fight, the closer they'll come to succumbing to my will." With those last words, Yubel wrenched Sapphire Pegasus' head down further, whipping it around a little before releasing it. Pegasus snorted in anguished hatred, but Yubel just ignored him. "Too bad I have to resort to such slow tactics, despite how deliciously decadent they are; unlike Jaden, his pet duelist had a much stronger will than I anticipated. No matter; this method shall prove just as useful, and much more satisfying."

Haou looked around, needing to voice the confusion he felt about his presence there that his emotionless face could not portray on its own. "Forgive me, Milord, but why have you brought me here?"

Yubel simply chuckled, flicking his wrist dismissively at his commander. With that gesture, Haou's armor had vanished, revealing the scant clothing he wore underneath; it was very similar to what Yubel was wearing, but with the shirt made of lightweight but strong black steel mesh instead of hardened silk-leather as Yubel had. Also, instead of the normal shirt collar, a real leather collar was worn around his neck, with a large orange cat's-eye jewel encased in a reddish clawed hand similar in design to Yubel's true form's left arm.

"Jaden and Johan have a very strong bond, you know; such a close kinship with one another, and an emotional and sexual attraction that I've longed to have with my precious. I also know that the suffering these Duel Monsters pains them so, especially to Johan; he, too, had an emotional and sexual bond with these creatures, and I can feel the revulsion and secret, dark desires of him welling up inside him at the sight of them being used in such a manner. I can sense it in my beautiful Jaden, as well; they both feel horrified at the sight, but deep down, in the most darkest recesses of their hearts, they wish they were in our position, using and abusing them as we have, which reviles them more. Perhaps it is time to make the suffering...even more succulent..." Yubel slowly, seductively approached Haou, placing an arm around his commander's waist as they came eye to eye. Grinning in harsh, sadistic pleasure, Yubel nuzzled Haou's lips with his own before pressing them together in a lascivious kiss, his other arm sliding up to grab onto Haou's host's thick head of brown hair to not only keep him from pushing back, but to also pull their bodies together, locking them closer into an intimate touching that only the most amorous of lovers would engage in. Haou remained unfazed for a good five minutes into the kiss, but as the hand around his waist started to wander, eventually sliding itself down the back of his pants to grope at his bare, thong-laden ass, that his icy visage finally softened, a peculiarly pleasant feeling emerging even past the disgust of the host's consciousness buried inside him at the lecherous touch. The feeling grew, flooding his mind with pleasurable sensations and visions of heated, erotic actions between him and Yubel, between him and the tortured Gem Beasts surrounding them, between him and any and all animaloid Duel Monster he could ensnare under his thrall. Oh, yes, he felt he could be the sexual master over those petty creatures, but his life is and will ever be his master Yubel's to play with. The scandalous thoughts quickly turned dark, as he could imagine the kind of pain his master would inflict on him - and what he would inflict to those he chose to bed with - for their own pleasure. And, curiously, despite the revulsion he dully felt from his host, he also sensed that the host also felt some deep, dark longing to do the same.

In that instant, Yubel broke the kiss, and removed his hand from its place on Haou's rump and out of his pants. Then, with one smooth motion, the demon grabbed the loose fabric and tugged, literally tearing the article of clothing clean off of his servant, leaving him standing against his master, now naked from the waist down except for a tight black and hot pink silk thong binding his genitals in a meaty bulge between his legs. Even Yubel had to be impressed with how big Haou's host was down there; even flaccid, the pendulous pole felt at least 5 inches long, the accompanying orbs hanging below the size of a small lime each. And the brown-haired boy his servant now inhabited was only what, 17? Still growing, and he was already that big; he knew that magic was not involved with this human's girth. Indeed, Yubel had chosen well to pursue this boy to be his. Smirking a bit in dark mischief, Yubel moved his free hand down to the silk-encased pouch and gave it a fondle, tracing every vein and curve of the sweet package within through its wrappings and causing the now-horny Haou to break his stoic visage and moan quietly in untamed arousal...the moan rising to a shriek of pain/pleasure as Yubel suddenly crumpled up the pouch with an iron grip, his inhuman strength quite nearly beginning to crush or sever the genitals. Grinning in perverse satisfaction, Yubel gave his wrist a few twists, wrenching the items in his hand hard enough to burst a few nonessential capillaries and causing the screeching to intensify. Haou whimpered in excruciating ecstasy, his wanton urging to be abused combining with the pent up need for release his host had endured for long before he took over almost causing him to explode right then and there. However, it was not his place to cum before his master ordered him to, and as Yubel let go, the demonic Duel Monster was pleased to see that only a few bloody drops of pre had leaked out of Haou's host's cockhead and dampened the thong.

"I see I have chosen well in my choice of commanders...and my choice of hosts for them," Yubel smiled in approval.

Haou smiled imperceptibly and gave a curt nod. "Thank you, Milord."

Yubel stopped dead in his tracks at those words, grimacing a little in anger. Lifting the same hand he had mauled Haou's host's genitals with, he flexed it tightly, an orange glow emanating from his palm. In response, the jewel on Haou's collar glowed as well as the claw holding it similarly squeezed it, causing Haou to reflexively grab at the leather restraint in vain as he was choked by an unseen force. He dropped to his knees, still struggling under his master's power, as Yubel spoke.

"While we engage in these activities, you shall refer to me as Master Yubel, and I to you as my precious Jaden. Do you understand?"

Silently, Haou gasped for air, doubling over as his throat continued to constrict. After a moment, he managed to squeak a low but firm and loud "Yes, Master Yubel". Satisfied with this response, Yubel unclenched his fist, releasing his hold on his slave and allowing Haou to breathe. Despite this, he did not stand back up; Yubel had made it clear that he was to address him as 'Master', and as such, he had to act the part, staying hunched over at his lord's feet until he was so ordered to rise. Yubel, however, had other plans; using another aspect of his power, he gently lifted Haou off the floor and back to his feet, right within kissing distance of the Asmodian creature.

"You are my slave, my precious Jaden," Yubel cooed, softly. "But you are also my lover. You will obey my orders, but you shall also share in my pleasure." With that, he kissed Haou again, this time more lovingly and caring than the last time. Haou reciprocated now, wrapping his arms lightly around his master's waist as he leaned into the kiss. Yubel, smiling at how quickly his little puppet was learning, slid his own hands along Haou's arms, hovering over the slave's own hands as he intensified the kiss. Grabbing Haou's bottom lip with his teeth, Yubel began to nibble and chew on it as a sadistic lover would, lapping at the tiny flecks of blood that emerged from the bite marks as Haou groaned again in pain-pleasure. With this distraction, Yubel carefully guided the puppet's hands to the waistline of his own pants, slipping them underneath the tight band in silent instruction. Haou got the idea, and with one, smooth, slow stroke, slid the garment over Yubel's supple thighs and firm buttocks before allowing them to pool unceremoniously around his master's ankles. Now as naked below as his commander, Yubel's hands led Haou's again, this time to caress and touch each line and angle of his hips, his thighs, his buttocks...before setting on his own concealed pouch. Haou instinctively gasped as he felt how big his master was; easily half again as big as he was, at rest, encased by the same type of undergarment he was wearing, but tinged with blue instead of pink. As his pet explored his package, Yubel himself let out a moan of passion, biting harder on Haou's lip; he had chosen well with his own host, as well, the boy's girth all his own with no spells to modify it.

Letting go of Haou's lip, Yubel moved his hands back to Haou's own package, feeling up his commander as he was now doing to his master. They both hissed in pleasure at each other's touch, Yubel's being a bit more rough and brutal than Haou's was.

"Tell me what you want, my precious Jaden," huffed the fiend, breathless at the wonderful ministrations of his pet.

Haou panted, the sheer ecstasy of his master's dominance over him driving him insane. "I want what you want, Master Yubel: I want you to dominate me, to use me and abuse me like the little pain slut I am. I want to help you use and abuse the Duel Monsters in this room, feed off their pain and pleasure as you force them and me to perform whatever sexual acts you wish of us. I want to cum blood and die at your whim, my body, mind, and soul a mere toy to satiate your lust. And after I die, I want you to use me still, reviving and slaying me with your sexual delights as many times as you want, forever and always, until the end of time..."

Yubel smiled, giving a rough squeeze to Haou's privates. "And what of the beasts? What do you want to do with them?"

"Fuck them, rape them...they are as much your playthings as I am. Whatever tortures you submit me to, I want you to give to them twicefold..."

Yubel's smile turned into an evil grin as the Gem Beasts howled in fear and rage. Removing his hands from between his slave's legs, he did the same with Haou's, bringing them up to his chest and suddenly shoving him backwards, knocking him onto his back in a heap. Haou didn't even bother to get up as Yubel straddled his head, pinning him down and bringing his head up close and personal to Yubel's still clothed meat. Placing a hand on the back of Haou's head, Yubel thrust forward, shoving groin and face together and grinding them into one another hard. Haou simply went slack, enjoying the feeling of his face being used to stimulate his master, despite or maybe even because of the force of his humping threatening to break his nose or wrench his neck, or the roughness that Yubel's growing member and thick balls slapping against his face and poking him roughly in the eyes and nostrils at random with each thrust. Grinning down wickedly at his little toy, Yubel started grinding harder against Haou's face, using long, deliberate strokes and various points on his commander's visage as anchors to work his thong off of his genitals, eventually succeeding in freeing his now rock-hard member and pendulous testicles. He did not stop there, however, increasing the speed, strength, and length of his thrusts, gasping breathlessly as the sensitive flesh rubbed against Haou's.

Haou, meanwhile, simply laid there motionless, his neck straining at the awkward angle it was being held at and features sore from the pounding they had endured. However, that pain simply heightened the pleasure he felt at being used by his master, at being so close to the hedonistic pleasures Yubel had kept hidden from him all this time. The total control over his life and body, the wanton disregard for his own health to bring his master to his personal sexual rapture...that was all he cared about, and he could just imagine all the various levels of erotic brutalities he would allow Yubel to perform on him...and what he'd be forced to do on the Gem Beasts, and whatever other Duel Monster his master ordered him to capture and enslave for his sadistic harem. He didn't blink, then, when Yubel reached down with his other hand and grabbed his jaw hard, squashing his cheeks painfully to force his mouth open, all the while continuing his bucking. It took several tries, but eventually the long, hard member slid into the open orifice, and with a breathy command of "Suck", shoved several times to the hilt down Haou's throat. There was no gag reflex, despite the complete lack of training Haou's host had with deep-throating; Haou's control over the brown-haired boy's body was so absolute that Yubel could've ripped his chest open and impaled his heart on the demon's fleshy pole and he wouldn't have fact, that was precisely one of the things Haou dreamed of his master doing to him that very night. But that was for later, if Yubel so wished it; right now, he had his orders, and he had no problem with complying with them.

The warm wetness of Haou's mouth felt exquisite to Yubel, even more so when Haou started applying suction to his member and using his tongue to lightly caress and stimulate its underside and glans with each thrust. This, in turn, caused Yubel to increase the savagery of his humping, before a little worried about hurting himself but now having no compunctions with letting loose. The imagery he sensed from his puppet only heightened his arousal; they both know that Yubel's power was strong enough to revive and fully heal any creature slain for his pleasure, and while Yubel felt too strongly towards Haou's host to engage in such bloody activity for now, he did admit that the offer was tempting...especially once the owner of the body was thoroughly broken and subservient to Yubel's will, freely offering his life to give for the dark Duel Monster's concupiscence.

Behind them, the Gem Beasts were in a tizzy, the musk emanating from their captors unwillingly setting off their own sexual desire. The fact that, all throughout their lovemaking, Yubel was using his power to project the arousal and bacchanalian fantasies he and Haou both shared into their minds only heightened the repugnant obsession within them. As figured, deep down within the recesses of their souls, the captive Duel Monsters couldn't help but enjoy what they saw, what they felt, what they were going through at that moment. It was clear they were trying to suppress their feelings, but ultimately their attempts were futile, and with a cacophony of shrieks and wails, they came, torrents of bloodied, milky cream flowing from their cocks, down the tubes and into their mouths and throats. For a brief moment, Yubel had to wonder if that was the nature of all Duel Monsters and humans in the universe - all prim and proper on the outside, but deep down, a suffering bag of primal emotions all based on two things: the desire to inflict pain and the desire for sex. Why else would people form such unusual kinks to satisfy their lust, or risk the agony of rejection and despair at what he felt was the illusion of love? All those petty emotions associated with a relationship to him were merely facets of obsession, the secret, unspoken promise of more pain and sex, of one person submitting to the other's whims. And how he wanted Jaden to submit to him, to feel the boy give totally into his master's dark passions. Yes, "love" without suffering, ecstasy without agony, those were a fool's interpretation of what real love was; love must hurt, it must burn, it must bleed from two hearts intertwined in the razor's cutting edge of pain and pleasure. Jaden will know this love, in time, and reciprocate in kind, but for now, Haou needed to continue his object lesson.

Groaning in lust, Yubel continued to slam his hips against Haou's abused mouth, wrapping his legs tightly around the youth's throat, constricting it in time with his thrusts.

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