Springtime (Revision)

Story by Rob_Ballard on SoFurry

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Yes, I said that I wouldn't upload this, but I've finally made enough changes for it to be worth a read. I fixed up some spelling and grammar, re-wrote some sentences, added a few new paragraphs, fixed up the ending, and even added an epilogue. (possible sequel bait, maybe?)

EDIT: I deleted said epilogue due to a change of heart. My version of Humphrey will always be a top (or at least until further notice). That ass of his is gonna be harder to get at than that ;D

Mooch sat on the forest floor, back legs spread wide and back against a large tree. His tail was curled upward, concealing his tailhole. His thick, but short cock stood at full mast, exposed to the cool autumn air. Humphrey slowly walked over to him, his face emblazoned with a sexy smirk. His hips swayed gently with every step, making his hard wolfhood swing underneath him.

His mouth salivated with anticipation. He wanted to beg for it, for Humphrey to dominate him and shove it down his throat. "Oh, you like my cock, do you?" Humphrey asked enticingly. Mooch nodded with a gulp, his eyes riveted on the long red shaft. "Well, how about you suck it?" Humphrey continued. "I want it..." Mooch said slowly, mesmerized voice, "I want you to put it in my mouth..." Humphrey obliged and stood up in his hind legs, his front paws on the tree trunk. His cock hung in front of Mooch's face, a string of drool hanging from the blonde's hungry mouth. Mooch's loins stirred as he slowly encased the tip of the large cock in his lips, running his tongue slowly along the underside of the sensitive, tapered head. Humphrey leaned his head back with a soft moan, burying more and more of his cock into the warm, hungry mouth. Mooch was surprised at how much thick it was, how much space in his mouth it took up, but that simply made him hornier. His tail swished back and forth and took his own cock in his forepaws, slowly massaging the shaft in one and the knot with the other. He moaned softly around his friend's organ as he instinctively licked at the sides and felt satisfied when he heard his friend moan again. Humphrey squeezed his knot and a shot of pre hit Mooch's tongue, who swallowed it eagerly before sucking on the head forcefully, being rewarded with another spurt. Humphrey started thrusting into Mooch's warm maw, the volume of his moans increasing, when he suddenly felt his friend suck again, this time a bit harder. His huge, red knot slapped against the fat Omega's muzzle with every powerful thrust. The sight of the massive orb of flesh right in front of his face caused Mooch to groan around Humphrey's cock again and stroke his own vigorously. He began to bob his head, taking it all in and going all the way to the tip every time. The whole time, Humphrey was letting out howls of delight. Mooch started pumping his organ faster, all the while moaning loudly around the pulsing cock in his mouth. With every pulse, more of Humphrey's salty pre hit his taste buds. Humphrey's moans became screams of ecstasy as his climax finally hit.

"MOOCH!!!" Humphrey yelled, "MOOCH!!! I'M CUMMING!!!" The chubby Omega moaned louder than he had ever moaned before as Humphrey's pulsing cock shot and pumped loads of hot semen into his waiting maw. He slowly swallowed every last bit of Humphrey's cum, savoring the smoky taste with every gulp. Mooch made a few more sucks, trying to get all he could out of Humphrey's balls, before the grey wolf pulled out, a string of semen-infused spit connecting his lips to the huge cock in front of his face. He smiled contently, the taste of his friend's seed lingering on his tongue.

A few minutes passed while the both of them recovered from their climaxes, but when Mooch finally looked back up at Humphrey, he noticed that the enticing look from earlier was back, almost as if nothing had happened at all. He followed Humphrey's eyes and found that he was staring at his exposed ass. "You know..." Humphrey began, "I don't think I've ever been inside a sexy guy like you before..." Mooch's tailhole clenched instinctively. "I bet you're really tight, aren't you? I bet you're so tight I'd cum as soon as I went in," He grabbed Mooch's legs and lifted them up, causing the Mooch to jump and giving Humphrey a great view of his sizeable rumpcheeks. He let go of Mooch's legs, who kept them elevated, took great pawfuls of those huge mounds of flesh, and spread them wide. His cock was instantly hard again as soon as he laid his eyes on his friend's winking pink hole. Without hesitation, he bent down and ran his tongue slowly over the center and around the rim. Mooch moaned softly with a shiver as Humphrey slathered the ring with saliva, refusing to miss a spot. He prodded the center, drawing out another moan. "Yeah..." Mooch moaned, "Give it to me... I want you in my ass..."

He pushed in slowly, allowing his tongue to be enveloped by that unbearably tight, hot tunnel. He swirled his tongue in circles, boring his way into Mooch's body, searching for his friend's sweet spots. He worked his way in as far as he could go, the muscles spasming as his tongue stimulated every nerve it could get to. Mooch was in bliss and howling in pleasure as he started to beat his cock again. Humphrey pulled his tongue out, only to shove it back in down to the base. He repeated the motion, this time swiping his tongue over that tiny, nickel-sized sweet spot.

"Please!" Mooch pleaded, "Just put it in!"

Humphrey stopped his movements and pulled out. Mooch panted slightly, gasping when Humphrey hoisted himself up on the tree again. Mooch pushed his ass into the air, his tail to the side, inviting Humphrey to come and take him. The grey Omega straddled him, arching his back so they could see each other's faces. He aligned his tip with his friend's warm tailhole and slowly pushed the tip in.

"Damn!" He yelled through gritted teeth, "You're tight!" Mooch suppressed a scream as his body was invaded, a mix of pleasure and pain wracking his rump. But as Humphrey began his entrance proper, the pain slowly subsided. A sudden jolt of pleasure made his voice soar as Humphrey's rod slid over his sweet spot "Humphrey..." He moaned loudly, "Do that again!" Humphrey obliged, pulling back a bit before sliding over that spot again and sending another shock through Mooch's body. Mooch saw Humphrey grin triumphantly before continuing. His cock sank deeper and deeper into him. First, five inches, then ten, soon all twelve-and-a-half inches were buried inside his colon and that massive knot pressed eagerly against his hole. Mooch thought his ass might split from the thickness, but he settled for just feeling full.

Humphrey slowly pulled back to the tip, giving his friend time to adjust, before sinking all the way back to the knot again. He couldn't believe how tight Mooch was! The walls of his ass instinctively clamped down on him, adding a level of pressure that built on top of the normal pleasures of mating. Making a note to do this to Mooch more, he pulled out again, revving up for a harder thrust. When he reached the tip again, he pushed back in, but this time the thrust was harder, more forceful, and he felt Mooch slide back a bit as he pushed further in. He saw Mooch hang his mouth open and moan, and Humphrey smiled that cocky smile again. In retaliation, almost like it was some kind of perverted contest, he moaned louder, looking straight into Mooch's eyes. He felt the walls constrict around his shaft tighter than he thought possible, drawing yet another moan, this one louder than the last few. Humphrey closed his eyes as he shot a Humphrey's thrusts were slowed but he continued thrusting, his inflated knot slapping loudly against Mooch's large buttocks as he climbed towards his second climax. His body overflowed with pleasure and his cock throbbed and twitched violently, threatening to burst at any minute.

Mooch reached behind Humphrey and grabbed his ass in his paws, causing the grey wolf to jump, startled. He caressed the delicate curves of his friend's rump, occasionally giving the cheeks a little squeeze. Every time Humphrey pulled back, his ass would be pushed back into Mooch's paws, and Mooch would squeeze, each time a little harder. Humphrey looked into back at his rump, and indeed, Mooch's paws were groping his most private area. When he looked back, to his shock, Mooch had put on his own version of the sexy smirk, and clearly trying to take control of the situation. Humphrey thrust his ass backwards, trying to push off those wandering paws, but all that did was push more of his ass into Mooch's greedy paws. Mooch pulled those round, shapely cheeks apart before letting them come slapping back together, enjoying how pliant the muscle was. It was a shame that Humphrey never allowed anyone back there, he had always had the perfect ass. Even Alphas could be jealous of an ass that naturally big and full. Mooch pried apart the cheeks again, exposing Humphrey's warm hole to the cool air. Humphrey shot Mooch a glare with a small growl, causing a frightened Mooch to whimper and let go of his grip.

His orgasm hit soon after with amazing force. He screamed in pure ecstasy as hot semen erupted and began to fill the amazingly tight space. Mooch stuck several fingers in his mouth and sucked on them, cleaning them of their coating of pre before going back for more. He closed his eyes tightly and moaned louder than he ever thought possible as hot cum pulsed and shot out of his own cock in long jets onto his chest and face.

When their climaxes had finally subsided, Humphrey pulled out, the remnants of his orgasm spilling out onto the ground. Humphrey collapsed on top of his fellow Omega, sleep taking him quickly. Before Mooch even had a chance to say anything, he heard quiet snores coming from his friend, and he smiled soflty to himself.

Springtime (Original & Unedited)

Author's Note: Wow. My writing really sucked two years ago. Although, to be fair, this piece of crap _was_ written when I was horny over the course of a few weeks. Also it didn't see a single keystroke of proofreading or editing. Either way, please...

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