Minecraft: New world

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I hope someone is going to read this..

Hello and welcome! I'm DarkBlack and this my first story I've ever written. English isn't my native language, but I try my best. I've just been reading for a long time and thought 'Hell, maybe I can write?' (Probably not) I need to stop writing boring stuff, you came here for story! :D

'I'm bored' - thought

"I'm bored"- dialogue

I don't own Minecraft or Mobtalker, only OC is mine. The art is from anime Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Which I also don't own.

The whole sky was covered with clouds, only a few raindrops were dropping. I slowly walked on pavement while listening to music. There weren't many people outside. Most of them hate weather like this. For me? It's the perfect time to relax and think.

"Sometimes... Everything seems just nice" As soon as these words escaped my mouth it started to rain. 'Someone doesn't like me.'

Not so long time ago me and my friend were playing some computer games. It was Friday, that meant a lot of free time. The time runs fast, when you play and I lost track of it. No regrets! But we played a lot more than I expected. I mean a lot. That's why I was outside in terrible weather, with my backpack and it was only getting darker. I put my black hood on and decided to run unfortunately without music; my headphones fell off.

My breathing got harder; I was running for ten minutes straight. 'I need to work on that.'

The bus station was finally in sight. When I was close, my watch showed me that it was 8 o'clock.

'Wow, no wonder why it's dark.'

My legs were really tired, so without thinking I sat on the branch, trying to rest a little. 'I have to wait so some music wouldn't hurt, right?'

There wasn't any bus in sight, my music application already up. 'Well... Let's play something random.'

I put my headphones on and click 'Play'. 'Lion by Hollywood Undead? Phone.. You know me too well.' I closed my eyes and laid back.

I couldn't enjoy whole song, because it middle of it, I felt movement in front of me. Being lazy as usual, I didn't waste my time on checking it.

"Hellooooo? Excuse me? Hey! Hey! Come on!" Someone said, her or his voice muffled by the music. Not being in talkative mood, I just ignored it.

"It's important! You can hear me, right? Don't be like that!" This person was being rather annoying.

I sighed. Defeated, I turned off the music and looked. It was a surprise to see such nice female face, especially so close to mine.

" Oh..H-Hi! I couldn't hear you, sorry " 'Sometimes lie is better, right? And I was being a jerk...'

"About time. Look, let's make it quick, do you have two tickets? "_ 'I see where this is going..'_

"Yeah, of cour- "

"Perfect! Could you give me one? All shops are closed and I forgot mine" She said, looking at me.

"I don't need a second one, so yeah. Here" I picked it from my pocket and gave it.

"Thank you! It's nice to meet a good person "She said and sat next to me." What are you doing here? I didn't see many people" The girl smiled.

"I'm coming home" I simply answered hinting that I'm not in a talking mood.

"I see.. Which bus are you taking? "She continued, her happy attitude slowly affecting me


"Ha! Same. More time to talk. Where do you get off?" (Not like that, pervert :P)

"I.. Near stadium, that's the closest to my home."

"You won't be alone on the bus then." She smirked. "So..."

"What's your name? I forgot to ask." At this point I gave up and talked.

I'm not sure how, but she smiled even more than before. "It's Kate. What about you?"

"It's A-Look!" The bus finally arrived. "The bus is coming"

"Huh.. It's rare for it to not be late." She said, as we got up.


I rose up and looked at him. He looked.. Good. He was wearing a black jumper, there was some white here and there.. Black jeans and shoes. 'Guess he likes black.' Then my eyes lay on his face. I couldn't see all of it, mainly because there was a weak light. He had black hair, his skin toned and eyes.. Brown and so nice...

"Something wrong? The bus is waiting for us.." He said, catching me staring at him.

"Wha? OH! Right! I mean.. Lead the way? "I quickly said aware of the situation, now with a slight blush. '_I look like a weirdo, don't I?' _I looked at the ground to avoid eye contact. We got on the bus and thicket tickets. He sat on the closest chair and looked at me.

"Aren't you going to sit? "The bus chairs where for two and he was sitting in the middle.

"Move then, I need space "

"Where -he jawed- are my manners. Here. "I sat and looked at another way again". So what are you doing here? " he asked.

"Ah, finally you asked! So today I went with my best friend to shopping center. It's the end of the week, so it means shopping time! I was here so late, because we really had a great time. After shopping we went to her house. You might wonder - where are things I bought. Well it's simple! We didn't buy anything! Well, except some vine. We drank wine and talked then I realized that I have a meeting tomorrow. We both couldn't drive because of alcohol. She wanted to call a taxi, but I don't mind bus. After all, I wouldn't meet you right? Anyway, what's your name?" He didn't answer.

"Hey, you ignored me later, don't do that again! " Suddenly I heard a snore. 'Huh? Is he.. Did he fall asleep?'

"Hey? You awake?" No answer. 'I know that I'm bad at telling stories I didn't know it was that bad..

He is cute when he sleeps..' Again, my face became redder than usual.

"Wake up! Wake uup!" No response. 'Why does he have to sleep so heavily? You leave me no choice..'

"Oww! What the hell! Where am I? Why did you hit me?" He shouted.

"You've earned it, we were still on the bus and you had a little nap " I giggled.

"That's why I feel so awake " He lazily said, but didn't look like it. I looked through the window.

"I woke you up, only because that's my stop, so goodbye". I got up and turned towards the exit.

"Don't go so fast, at least, could you give me your number " He desperately said.

"Okay, okay, but make it quick" He took his phone and glanced at me. "781 123 132"

"Call when you have time. Again, thanks for ticket, bye" As


"So she just left, huh.." I did the thing I do when I'm bored - listening to music. There were still three stops left. I thought about the rest of the day. I didn't have anything special to do. It was too late to go hang out with someone. My only options were to go to sleep or play. I choose the latter and sent a message.

"Hi W. I have a whole night to play, nobody's home. Wanna play?" After that I waited a few seconds.

"My bro! It's been a while, what, you don't like me anymore? Sure, what do you want to play?"

"I don't know.." I stared at the screen thinking about games that we both have."

"How about Minecraft? Before you say 'But I don't like that gaaaaaame' There was an update! Finally, there's dragon and shit! "

"Really? Well.. I'm bored af, why not?"

"I'm gonna invite you after this match"

"Not at home yet, give me one hour"

"Yeah, msg me"

I talked to a girl without being so awkward and I'm gonna play Minecraft'What the hell happened to me?'

The weather only got worse. Rain was pouring, now it was really dark and I could only guess how cold it is. Stupid winter. I got up and went close to the door, my stop coming close.

I opened the door of my house and coughed. Long walk in rain at night wasn't a good idea. Nobody was home because my mother left at work and my father me when I was small.. My house wasn't big, but big enough for two people

"Damn it was a nice day" I locked the door and dropped my backpack on the floor. I haven't even realized that I'm hungry.. Yesterday my mother didn't have time to cook anything so after school, she ordered some pizza. Two slices were put in the microwave, as I went to turn on my console. The last time I did this, was a long time ago. Homework, exams, projects.. 'It takes time, but it was Friday night, so why not?' I grabbed my pad and fell on the sofa. When it finally stared I chose Minecraft and clicked 'Play'.

BEEEP. I went to the kitchen and sent a message to Will. There was a note on the fridge and it said:

'If you're hungry, there's chicken if fridge, I hope you know how to warm it. I'm going to be later than usual, but don't worry! I love you, if anything happens, please call me.'

After all , she still treats me like I'm some kind of idiot. I went back to the living room, this time with food and facepalmed myself. I didn't agree to update. Now I need to wait forever. I started to eat pizza, this time making sure that the game was updating.

After few minuets games finally stared. Will immediately invited me to talk-group. I picked my headset and joined.

"Ha, ha I didn't expect you to play that game again" He said.

"Yeah, yeah me neither. Anyway, why don't you make a server?" I asked.

"Already done. Here"

Invitation popped up after he said that. After a few seconds I was again in the world of Minecraft. Soon after that I suddenly coughed.

"Dude, you alright?"

"Yea.. That's what you get for being in the rain for so long" I went to the nearest tree and started to chop it.

"What type of wood do we need mister 'I want my home pretty?'"

"Just.." Yet again, my throat felt like on fire "Normal one for now"

I muted my microphone, my cough becoming louder. It wasn't normal, it didn't feel normal. I felt like there was no air in the room, my limbs were begging for any. To make things worse, my vision was becoming dark. 'Is this how passing out feels like? This sucks..' The last thing I remembered was Will calling my name...

That's all for now! I have some things going on in my life so I'm not sure when I'm going to upload next chapter.. Anyway, have a nice day/night!