Restless Night

Story by DeamonPrince on SoFurry

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Hex awakens one night needing some 'attention' but with her father out of town she must rely on her brother Ghost for some nice hard love.

Hex stirred awake, her grey hair covering her eyes as she rubbed the sleep from them. She felt her heart racing and her sheets were torn from the bed. "Another night." She muttered to herself, commenting on her restlessness. Soon she was standing up, her beautiful body completely bare. She stumbled through her dark room to her window and saw her father's car was still out, "Damn." She muttered again, lifting her hands above her head to stretch and yawn. She began pacing back and forth, trying to calm herself. "I do but I don't." She repeated to herself, over and over and over and over.

Finally after twenty minutes of pacing and muttering, Hex slaps her cheeks and grunts, "Fine. I'll do it."

Quietly she tip toed out of her room and down the hall. She hesitated at her parents door, listening for her mother's heavy sleeping breathing. Three endless seconds pass before she finally heard the deep exhale, and Hex sighed. She stepped out from the corner and as she began crossing in front of the doorway, "Don't fuck him too hard." Nyx muttered, still partially conscious and aware of Hex's intentions.

"Ok." Hex whispered as she continued down the hall, amazed by her mother's lack of restraint.

Finally she arrived at her brother's room, opening the door silently, creeping in as quiet as a shadow. She listened to hear his breathing and heard something entirely different.

Hex gasped as she listened and heard her little brother masturbating, grunting lightly with each stroke of his moderate cock, moaning a name under his breath. She crept closer, listening harder, trying to hear the name. Getting nearly next to him with out his attention as his head was under the blanket, as he watched himself jacking off. "Hex." She finally heard him moan.

Grinning from ear to ear she tore his blanket off him, the flashlight he was using flying up in the air, shining light everywhere, she grabbed his cock and immediately began sucking it, making the poor young wolf yelp in both fear and pleasure. "Sis!" he moaned, surprised and embarrassed.

She climbed into his bed and continued sucking his light blue glowing cock, feeling his pulsing knot at the edge of her lips with each long motion. She placed her hands on his eyes to stop him from watching as she sucked his hard dick. She pulled him out and continued stroking him, her soft hands lewdly massaging his boyhood. "So how long have you been jacking off to me?"

"I never-" He began before she gripped his knot tight and grinned, "a few years!" He howled in embarrassed pain and shame. "I saw you naked when you were fifteen, I've been jacking off since!"

She smiled sweetly, "Aww, Glowstick. You should have said something." She giggled. "We could have been having more sex than we already do." She kissed his tip before mounting him and forcing his cock into her dripping tight ass. "I mean I've wanted to fuck you a few times today alone. If I knew you wanted this ass. I'd of given it." She said as she bounced on her brother harder and harder, making him moan.

"No." He groaned. "You would of just taken it." He said feeling his sister tensing her walls around his shaft

"True. You are so easy to just take." She teased as she dug her claws into his chest and slammed her hips down. She began gyrating her hips, moaning as his five inch dick rubbed all the right spots. "Geez." She moaned, the pleasure overwhelming her as she inched closer and closer to an orgasm. "I'm close." She said, warning him as she slid two fingers into her cunt.

"I am too." He grunted feeling her tightening more and more.

"Shut up." She barked as she began fingering herself, moaning as she imagined her father's massive cock. Suddenly she began moaning louder and louder, her cunt tightening on her fingers, her juices spilling out onto Ghost's crotch, "Yes daddy." She moaned as she continued up and down, riding her brother harder and harder.

"Hex. I'm cumming." The young blue wolf moaned, his cock shooting his load into her ass, thick white lust filling her up.

"Oh my fucking shit." She moaned, the feeling of her little brother's cum in her rump. She dismounted and stood up, the cream dripping onto his floor.

Suddenly the door opened and in the door stood the young incestuous wolves mother. "I said fuck him quietly. I just had to answer the door and tell the neighbors that nothing is wrong."

"Dressed like that?" Hex asked, her snarky voice seeming condescending.

"Yes." She said, proud of her completely naked body, "now Hex be nice to Ghost. Just because you are bigger doesn't make you older." She barked.

"But it does make fucking him that much easier." She said with a grin.

"True. Ghost, when you are finished, mommy needs attention since daddy is at work." Nyx said with a grin. "Hex, leave me some cum." She said, pointing to the massive pool under her and the stream flowing from her ass down her legs.

"Fine." Hex said, turning to Ghost, "Sit." She commanded as her mother left. She Then tied his hands to his bed using a pair of her panties he had stashed in his pillowcase.

"What are you planning?" He asked timidly, worried she might abuse him too much.

"Just shut it and let me play." She smiled as she pressed her cunt into his forehead, the smell of her intoxicating aroma flooding his nose as she wiped her remaining juices in his fur. "You want my pussy don't you?" She asked in a condescending and teasing voice.

"Of course." He moaned, the smell arousing him, his cock hardening more and more as she rubbed it into his snout, eyes, and then simply walked away.

"Well you don't get it. Daddy is the Alpha, you are just a little runt. His dick is as big as my forearm, as thick as my fist, and sex with him is as perfect as you will never get." She smiled. "But you can have my ass, Daddy says you can. He says you can fuck my cum coated rump when ever I want." She said as she turned her back to him and bent over, lifting her fluffed tail to expose her ass and cunt. "Now spread your legs and prepare to fuck my sloppy ass again.

"Please stop teasing." Moaned Ghost as she sat down on her knees and took his entire cock into her ass. "Yes Hex." He moaned quietly as she bounced up and down harder and harder.

"Just cum fast and warn me before you do." She moaned as she felt his cock hitting the the perfect spot over and over and over.

"OK. Well I'm getting close." He said, ashamed of his lack of stamina.

"Ugh. Fine." She dismounted him, She quickly grabbed a rag from the floor and used a bit of hand sanitizer to scrub his cock clean before jerking him off again. She then smiles as she feels his knot swelling. She immediately drops down and takes his cock into her mouth, sucking on the tip, twirling her tongue around his precum coated cock head until finally he began to shake slightly and moan loudly as his cum shot out into his sister's mouth and onto her chest as she pulled away licking her lips. "Geez. Do you always cum so much?" She asked wiping the cum up and licking it off her fingers.

"Yes." He said. She bent down to untie him and he kissed her cheek, "Thanks." He said as he got up and began walking out of the room.

Hex stood dazed as he walked past her and into her mother's room. She walked out and began heading for her room, the sound of her mother's shrill moans and cries. She peeked in and watched as Ghost took Nyx from behind, her half sleep body dazed yet accepting of his vicious yet gentle thrusting. She walked in and sat down, watching as her older brother pounded her mother over and over, her own fingers plunging into her wet cunt again and again.

"Enjoying the view?" Moaned Nyx as Ghost thrust his thick meat into her over and over, slamming his hips into her harder and harder. "Holy... fucking... shit." She grunted as she felt his cock pulse inside her.

"I am actually." Hex moaned, opening her legs wider, to allow better access to her cunt.

Ghost moaned as he continued pumping into his mother, his cock slamming into her cunt hard yet his hips maintained a gentle thumping against her rump. "Why don't you join." Moaned the beautiful mother.

"I might." Hex yawned, moaning as her finger grazed her g-spot.

"Fine." Moaned their sweet mother. She looked back at Ghost with sleepy eyes. "Don't be too gentle. I like it rough." She said, rolling her body on its side and lifting her upper legs onto his shoulder. He nodded and suddenly began pounding her harder and harder, making the blue wolf moan in lewd euphoria, her mind flashing with lustful thoughts before going blank.

"Damn." Moaned Ghost as he felt Nyx's cunt tightening around him, the pleasure overwhelming him with bliss. He felt the rough yet silky texture of his mother's deepest parts, intoxicating him sexually, flooding his mind with elated delight.

"Are you gonna pump mommy full of cum?" She asked, moaning as her son pounded her, her cunt tightening around his cock over and over as his passionate and loving yet inexperienced youthfulness teased and pleased her in ways she didn't understand. "Please Ghosty, fill mommy with your love." She said moaning louder and louder as he thrust harder and faster and deeper, pounding her perfectly.

"Mommy." Hex moaned as she slid her pussy tasting fingers into her mouth and sucked her own cream off them. She began rubbing her clit faster and faster as she watched her brother pound Nyx harder and harder. "Yes glowstick. Fill her pussy with your cum." She begged as she quickly moved near them, her eyes focused on her brother's sack before lingering over to his cock sliding in and out of her mother.

"Oh Ghost. Yes baby. Fill mommy now." She commanded as she felt her son's cock throb and pulse with life and need of release. She felt his sack slam into her leg again and again as her slammed into her.

"Mom." He moaned before releasing his load. "Yes... Mommy." he gasped, his eyes wide, his mind a flash of nudity and sex, his body trembling as his third load was dumped deep into his mother's hungry wanting cunt.

"Yes baby. I feel it. So much cum in me. God it is warm. I love it." She moaned, her hands massaging her tits as she felt the lustful juices sloshing inside her, as he kept pumping at the same speed and strength.

"Holy fuck." Hex moaned, seeing the white cream seeping out between his cock and Nyx's sweet cunt.

Moments later Ghost found himself on his back, his mother riding his cock as his sister forced her mother to eat her out. "You really love fucking mom. Don't you, you little pervert." moaned Hex as she felt her mother's tongue around her clit.

Ghost opened his mouth to respond when Nyx nipped Hex's clit and made her yelp. "Leave your brother alone. He is just satisfying mommy's needs." She said before returning to her daughter's luscious cum dumpster.

"Atleast I have the decency to only let him fuck my ass. You gave him your pussy. That is daddy's property." Hex barked as she felt Nyx's lips sucking on her clit.

"No part of me is your father's property. I am a person, I am not a toy." She said asserting herself over her daughter. "Now i don't let your brother suck my tits, because I have certain things about my tits that I need done right." She said before returning to Hex's clit, her tongue twirling around it as her hips bounced up and down on Ghost's long glowing cock.

"I should tell daddy." moaned Hex as she felt her mother's fingers inside her rapidly assaulting her g-spot.

"Go ahead. He told me as long as I don't get knocked up, fuck Ghost all I want or need." She smiled, "So go ahead and tell daddy you are just a tattletale."

"I am not a tattletale!" moaned Hex as she felt her cunt tightening and her orgasm rushing her. "Mommy. I'm close." She gasped, her eyes closing as Nyx sped up her fingering.

"Me too." Moaned Ghost." He suddenly sat up and repositioned himself into doggy position, giving him access to his mother again, allowing him the fierce and wild thrusting his body was craving.

"Mommy." Hex moaned as Nyx licked and sucked her daughter's sensitive clit harder and harder, moaning as she felt her son's cock slamming into her womb's entrance, kissing it over and over.

"Yes babies. Fill your mother with your desire." Nyx moaned, her eyes flashing with a burning lustful flame.

Suddenly Hex and Ghost began crying out in overwhelming passionate love and lust, their bodies trembling as they released. Hex coating Nyx's snout in her cream juices, as Ghost once again filled his mother's precious cunt with his thick hot lust.

Moments pass and Nyx was on bed, her body trembling and shivering from the sensational and extraordinary love her son and daughter gave her. She looked down to see both children snuggling her tightly, Ghost's face buried into her soft and cum filled cunt. Hex was burying her face into her mother's tight hard stomach as she nuzzled the underside of her breasts. Nyx smiled and stared up at the ceiling, satisfied and happy.

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