Doctor's Orders

Story by DeamonPrince on SoFurry

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#21 of Hospital Hijinks

After a few mishaps, Frank is no longer able to have sex for six whole months. Lucky for his wife, Marcus can ensure she will be satisfied just like a nympho should be.

Marcus entered the room with a gentle smile plastered on his face as his head ached from the second sleepless night in a row. "Good day, Frank." he said as he looked at the young coyote in the bed. Beside him stood a petite golden furred mouse,her bright forest green eyes enticing Marcus for a moment as his eyes glanced down to appreciate her sizable bust. She smiled at him and turned away slightly.

"Good day, doc." He grinned and looked at his wife. "Ain't she a beauty?" he said referring to his wife. "This is my wonderful wife Regina."

"Hello." she said shyly.

Marcus waved and turned back to Frank, "I have been looking over your test results. Good news is you are not going to keel over. Bad news is that for the next six months no physical activity. No running, no swimming, no dancing, and especially no sex. The activity could cause a heart attack and you might not recover."

"What!" shouted Regina.

Marcus looked at her in slight shock, "Doc, I need to fuck my wife. She has a mental issue involving sexual satisfaction."

"I understand, sir."

"No you don't." Frank barked at Marcus. "You are just some high and mighty doctor with a fancy piece of paper. You think just because you say no sex that she will listen? She needs it and I give it."

"Frank. You just had coronary artery bypass surgery. If you have sex once in the next six months, your smoking hot wife, as you put it, will be a widow nymphomaniac with a body that hundreds of men will gladly pound until she can't walk for weeks, and then they will continue while you sit in your grave."

"So what am I suppose to do?" Regina asked in nervous fear.

"Find a substitute cock until he is better." Marcus joked with a snickering grin.

"Like a guy who I can trust to fuck my wife?"

"Yes." Marcus said nodding.

"Um no. I'll find some other way to please her."

"I wouldn't advise that. Anything exciting can also cause another attack. You will not survive. I'm sorry." Marcus lowers his head and turns around and begins leaving.

Regina turns to Frank and lays her hand on his arm, "Get off me!" He hissed.

"You know I love you. " She said sweetly.

"Sure. And I am also sure you will love any cock you suck and fuck as well." He barked in an insensitive tone.

"You don't need to be such a prick!" Regina hissed and quickly marched away.

Frank sighed and leaned back into his bed, covering his face with his hands as he regretted his outburst. "Women... so fucking irritating but so fucking wonderful." He chuckled and rolled over. "Unless you got anything else for me doc, get the fuck out."

"Sure." Marcus said, holding his tongue and gripping his fist tighter as he resisted exploding on his disrespectful patient. He headed out of the room and into the hall where he exhaled and felt a sense of relief as he moved further and further away from the coyote. He turned the corner and saw Regina resting against a vending machine. "Are you ok?" Marcus asked with a yawn following.

"He's right. I am a filthy slut." She whimpered, drawing the attention of dozens of people around them. Marcus took her hand and led her into the bunking room, where she collapsed onto a bed and cried into the pillow.

"Can I help, some how?" Marcus asked as he sat next to her on the bed.

"Can we just cuddle for a bit?" She smiled kindly up at him, "I need to feel love right now, even if it's not real, I just need... love."

Marcus nodded and laid next to the mouse, wrapping his arms around her and spooning her sweetly as the darkness of the room enshrouded them and tempered his exhaustion. Slowly the jackal drifted to sleep, the sleeplessness of late nights on call finally affecting him and sending him into the tender embrace of sleep.

Gently he awoke, the soft gentle feeling of a woman's soft gentle hand on his cock. His eyes opened slowly and he saw the beautiful mouse slowly stroking his cock. "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you. I felt it pushing into my back and I moved a little... and I'm sorry." She quickly said before pulling her hand away. "I'll leave." She began to sit up, when Marcus pulled her down and pulled her close.

"Shh. just cuddle me." He said as he pulled her into a soft kiss, her lips locking with his and they begin kissing passionately, as he pulls her closer to him, their hips pressing into each other.

"Are you sure?" She asks, answered with a nod. "Can I get comfortable." She asked with a sly grin.

"Do you mean naked?" Marcus asked as he pulled his pants down and revealed his entire massive cock and lower half.

"Oh god yes." She said smiling and stripping faster than a rabbit with a date. She pulled her body against his and they continued to kiss. "Do you want me to wrap my legs around you?"

"No." He whispered, grinning as his hand rested on her damp cunt and began slowly massaging her clit over and over, making the nymphomaniac mouse whimper in lewd pleasure.

"I- I like your reason for not w-want my legs around you." She said, opening her legs wider for him as he slid his middle finger into her slit and gently rubbed the front wall of her cunt.

"Lift this leg." He commanded as he lifted the leg closest to him, she obeyed and slowly he slid her other leg between his and suddenly with no hesitation, slid his thick meat into her.

"Oh god. Fuck yes." She moaned, her eyes widening, her breath quickening, her legs twitching. "Thank you." She moaned, resting her back as she felt his thick cock pounding into her over and over.

"Thank you too." Marcus said, "I've needed a good lay and my wife hates coming to the hospital for a booty call."

"You are married?" She said, in shock, her face a contorted expression of lust and confusion.

"Yes. Long story. Just enjoy this now." Marcus said with a grin.

"But-" She started, interrupted by Marcus pulling her into a deep kiss, their tongues twirling as he slid his cock even deeper into her.

"My wife and I have an agreement, we can have sex with who ever when ever, just as long as we stay in love with each other." Marcus explained quickly as his hips continued pumping into her, her gasping arousing him more and more, driving him closer and closer to release.

"That is so beautiful, kinky as all fucking hell, but beautiful." Regina said moaning slightly.

"Of course a nympho like yourself, would think it beautiful." He chuckled as he thrusted into her harder.

"Oh. Gah." She gasped, "Please tell me this can happen again."

"As often as you like." Marcus said as he mounted her and began drilling her harder and harder.

"Please. Tomorrow. And the day after." She begged, her voice cracking as each thrust penetrated her perfectly.

"Oh?" Marcus asked as he continued, groaning as his load began to get closer.

"Can I ask you to do something for me?" She moaned, her head arching back again, her legs shaking violently. "Cum in my pussy and stay inside me." She begged, "I want that knot to stuff my cunt and hold that spunk in me." She said, wincing as he pushed in deeper.

"You want all nine inches?" She nodded as two more inches pushed into her slowly. She began breathing heavier, the damp heat of her cunt soaking Marcus' thick fur. "I got one more inch then the knot." He warned, are you sure?"

Regina smiled, "I fuck myself with a twelve incher in the ass every night while my husband drills my tight tight pussy."

"Twelve inches in the ass is not nine in the pussy." Marcus said as he thrust the last inch and his knot into her and growled low and hard, his cock quivering rapidly as the sensation and euphoria flooded his mind.

"God it feels better than I imagined." Regina screamed, waking up the nurse lying in the bed next to them.

"Marcus?" The curvy asked, as she sat up.

"Yes, Heather?" He said turning to look at her as she turned on the flashlight function on her cell phone.

"Hi." Moaned Regina as she took pummeling thrust after thrust. "Wanna join in?" She asked with a lewd grin and hungry eyes.

"No. I'd prefer to feel his cock in me."

"I'll get to you after this." Marcus said as a savage side began to emerge as each thrust made the golden mouse squeal with delight and lewd anxiety for his cum. He then lowered his head and whispered into Regina's ear, "By the way, I know why you want my knot to stay inside you." He said with a grin.

"I want one, he doesn't. This way I get what I want and he doesn't need to worry his asshole self about helping with it."

"I'm glad I can help then." Marcus said with a sweet smile. "Now prepare." He said in his savage voice and began thrusting into her hard and fast again, making her moan and more and more.

"I am prepared! Good fucking love of fuck!" the nympho mouse squealed, her mind fading into blank.

"Damn." Heather moaned as she plunged three fingers into her loose horse cunt and pounded her own pussy harder and harder.

"Regina." Marcus moaned, the feeling of his cum flowing into her pussy pulled his mind further into the lust, losing him in the blank space of euphoria. "REGINA!" He growled, and barked over and over.

"Yes Marcus. Fill me with your sperm. I want it all. Give me what I want. PLEASE!" She begged.

Marcus slammed his massive cock into her one last time, forcing his entire knot into her, making it swell and fill her cunt to force the cum into her womb. He rested his head on the pillow beside hers, "Take all my cum."

"Give me all your cum. I'm your dirty slut now." She said, completely intoxicated, and addicted to the feeling of Marcus' enormous Jackal cock.

"You are my cum dumpster?" He asked, grinning as he felt the last drops of cum from his sack drool into her cunt.

"I'm anything you want. My husband comes second to you." She moaned as they rolled onto their sides.

Marcus watched as Heather finished herself and collapsed onto the bed, drooling into her bed from her mouth and her pussy. He chuckled and then turned to Regina. "I want your husband to be third. Tomorrow, I'll bring my son in. Let him fuck you and fill your cunt as well

"But I want your child." Regina moaned as she felt his knot reduce and slide out of her.

"I know. And you do." He said grinning, "But I want you to fuck him, and his two girlfriends. You will be his toy as well. "

"The family cum dumpster?" She asked with a chuckle.

"Yes." Marcus said in the same tone as her.

"As long as you hold to your end of the deal, then sure." Regina said, rubbing her belly gently.

"I already have." Marcus said sweetly, kissing her lovingly.

"Will your wife be ok with this?" She asked, suddenly concerned.

"Honestly, yes. She loves it when I impregnate other women." Marcus said as he began fingering her, "She loves the fact that I'm spreading my seed, honestly, I have about ten children." Marcus said with a smile.

"Ah." Regina moaned, her breathing beginning to grow erratic as his thick fingers. "Marcus." She moaned, "Fuck me... fuck." She squealed.

"Do you want to be my permanent slut?" He asked, the wet sound of her cunt, "I'll give you whatever you want. and so will my wife."

"Please, just make me yours. Fuck me." She said as he continued, her legs shaking as his finger plunged into her again and again. Her pussy growing wetter and wetter, her own white cream seeping out onto his finger.

"Good. Now sleep my slut. Tomorrow you meet my wife and son." Marcus said his hands caressing his new cumslut.

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