Welcome to Campus!

Story by LaVojeto on SoFurry

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Lots of gay sex and blowjobs, so...yeah

Feels good to write again :3

Welcome to Campus

I checked my phone again for the umpteenth time since I'd come outside, decked in basketball shorts and a black t-shirt and nothing else, my feet bouncing on the pavement as I waited. No new messages had arrived my phone, and I flicked open the text message box and clicked open the latest messages.

b there 15 minutes Lukas had said 16 minutes ago. I growled softly to myself and tapped my foot; HE wasn't late, the cabby bringing him certainly was. What a stupid cabby.

There was a flash of yellow reflective light, and my tail started wagging as a taxi turned around a corner, my glasses-aided eyes picking up a familiar otter in the backseat. I grinned and bounced a bit more before managing to calm myself down as the cabby pulled around and to a stop, the otter opening his door and stepping out.

"Hey!" I smiled, stepping forward and enveloping the otter in a hug, my tail wagging behind us incessantly. I broke the hug with a blush, coughing a bit as I stepped back. "Uhh...s-sorry! Just excited to see you again." I muttered, scratching the back of my head even as the otter smiled at me. He looked a bit taller than the last time I'd seen him before leaving town to come to university, though that could just my shitty memory.

"You're taller." He noted, to which I looked him up and down.

"You too." I replied. "So...you ready for university?" I asked the otter, suddenly feeling myself out of anything to say and merely grasping for straws.

"Think so. Got all my stuff." He smiled, motioning to the back before we stepped over, the cabby popping the back for us. We lugged Lukas's stuff from the back and tipped the cabby, who proceeded to mumble in Russian (Ukrainian?), hop in his taxi and skid off, peeling away with great haste.

"What a swell fellow." I muttered, hefting the otter's bags and smiling at him. "So we should probably get you to your room before the O-team, the orientation team, takes off work for the day."

† † † † †

"What do you mean the orientation team took today off?" I asked the receptionist, arching an eyebrow as she shrugged non-chalantly and continued chewing her gum. If she'd been an ACTUAL receptionist I might've been a bit more relaxed and open to the situation being out of my control. But she was a student (one who'd been in one of my classes and pulled this crap before!), so I was more willing to try and find a way to get to what I wanted.

"They decided to take today off. It's Monday afternoon, nobody thought it'd be a problem."

"You know, except for the people who wanted to get into their dorms." I muttered as I massaged my temples. University might be a place for higher learning, but the people in charge of paperwork were all morons.

"Alright, alright..." I muttered, turning away to head over to Lukas. The otter sat patiently on one of the couches in the student dorm waiting area. He perked up a bit as I headed back over, but my heart fell when I shook my head, as his whiskers and ears fell down in visible disappointment. "Sorry..."

" 's OK." He muttered with a heavy sigh. "I guess...I'll have to get a hotel room?"

"No, that's stupid." I responded, grabbing one of his suitcases and beckoning with a jerk of my head towards the elevator. "If they wanna break rules, so will I."

He gave me a surprised look and I felt myself blushing and looking down at the ground, scuffing my feet. "You can stay in my room for the night...i-if you want."

"Umm...I-I mean..."

"There's two beds. I didn't get a roommate this year so they just threw me in my room and said to hell with it." I shrugged. The otter seemed to mull it over for a second before nodding, and I dragged his stuff to the elevators, stepping inside and letting him follow before pushing the elevator to the second floor.

"It's a pretty nice campus...not the best in terms of getting bureaucratic things done, but most of the professors are awesome." I told the otter as the elevator climbed up the shaft (OH JEEZ). "Front office kind of sucks to, but you're nice...they'll probably like you. Just be polite, you'll get far with them."

"You're making me start to rethink my choice in coming here..." The otter joked with a light chuckle, to which I grimaced.

"It's not a BAD school...every school's got a bad system when it comes to dealing with things." I quickly rectified as the elevator came to a shuddering halt. We stood in relative silence for a few seconds before the doors opened up and we stepped out, the otter stepping in front of me. I felt myself redden as I found myself staring at his rear and the way his tail whipped back and forth as he walked.

"What room?" He asked again, and I shook my head as I readjusted my shorts a bit. God dammit.

"221." I told him, pulling out the card key to my room as we stopped outside my door. Brown and peeling paint, it definitely betrayed how comfy the interior was. "Here's hoping my roommates aren't home..." I muttered, unlocking the door and throwing it open.

No one called out a greeting as I stepped inside, Lukas following shortly thereafter, so I assumed they were all out doing something. With a shrug I stepped into my room (room B) and let Lukas follow me in, shutting the door behind us.

"So you get that bed for tonight." I said after a moment, pointing lamely at the bed and wishing I'd thought of something cooler to say.

"Alright...thanks." He responded, smiling at me as he sat down on the bed, bouncing a bit. "They're not THAT bad."

"Well obviously when I told you they were I was over-exaggerating for comedic affect." I laughed, falling onto my own bed and pulling my legs up to my chest, tail thwapping the bed as I watched the otter examine the bed more closely. My mind started to wonder to how I could get him to break in his own bed, make sure it felt just like home. Pants grew tight again, and I fidgeted about as he wiggled his butt, looking down the side of the bed at the ground beneath it.

"S-so...remember that dance back in high school?" I laughed nervously, heart pounding in my chest. Lukas's head shot up and I felt my face heat up like a furnace as he looked at me, his own cheeks red beneath his fur.

"Y-yeah...end of year one, right?" He muttered, looking at the floor, suddenly very interested in the varnished wood. "F-fun night, wasn't it?"

"Y-yeah it was." I cleared my throat, suddenly very thirsty.

Well that could be taken out of context, couldn't it?

"It's been awhile since then..." The otter coughed and shifted about on his bed.

"Well...I moved here, you had to finish..." I scratched the underside of my muzzle. "I mean, we're here now, so...like...if we wanted to..."

"I do."

"Oh good." I grinned as I leapt over and lead the otter down onto the bed, pressing my hardness against his crotch and biting back a little moan. He felt just as firm as I, and his warmth radiated through our pants as I ground up against him, leaning in to bury my muzzle in his neck and nibble on his flesh in that way I'd found he liked, Lukas letting out soft moans as we pressed and rubbed.

I reached down and snuck a hand into his pants, feeling his warmth underneath my fingertips as I gently stroked him up and down in his pants, the material squeezing down on my wrists. The otter let out a soft moan as I released him, hand snaking out of his pants to quickly unbutton them and pull them down, bringing his boxers down with him to expose his throbbing member.

"H-heh...reminds me of the dance..." I muttered, slipping down and letting my tongue dart out to flick against his flesh, my own member throbbing as I tasted him. He gasped and I felt emboldened, my hands cupping his balls as I took him into my mouth, tongue swirling under his foreskin as I slowly bobbed myself up and down.

"W-wait..." The otter muttered suddenly, and I looked up at him (cock still in my mouth) as he blushed. "I...wanted to..." He whispered, looking down at my tented shorts.

"O-oh...ok." I grinned, popping off his erection and standing up, stripping out of my clothes (not sensuality or slow tease to it, just ripped out of them) and dropped them to the side as the otter removed the vestiges of his clothes and similarly let them fall to the floor.

"S-so...69 sound fun?" I tried to laugh, playing it cool. The otter nodded and I settled down on my side, cock throbbing and drooling onto the bed as I nuzzled up the otter's thigh, breathing onto his cock before taking it into my mouth. Maneuvering my arm into a weird position proved difficult, but I was able to stroke what part of his shaft I didn't take into my mouth, and the otter's moans increased loudly before he engulfed me in his maw.

My legs shuddered. I knew I was a bit thicker than most, but Lukas seemed to take this in stride, his tongue dancing and swirling around my length as his hand squeezed and stroked where his lips couldn't reach. I groaned and let my tongue rub up and down the bottom side of his shaft, trying to keep my mind focused on moving my muzzle and lips up and down his shaft, my nose bumping his balls occasionally as I took him as deep down as I could.

Everyone says 69'ing is supposed to be fun, and while thrusting my hips slightly whilst suckling on an otter cock is fun, it's also hard work. I groaned as I felt my balls twitch, and I worked my tongue and lips around his shaft, the otter's breathing coming in deeper, slower counts.

He fired off first, letting out a loud groan as he sprayed the inside of his mouth with his load, the first volley hitting the inside of my cheek with surprising force (which I'd forgotten he had!), the following ropes of cum splattering across the bed and my muzzle as I pulled off with a cough. In his orgasmic fervor, he worked my own shaft harder, and I moaned out mid-cough as I came into his muzzle, thrusting my hips and twitching as he managed to skillfully stay on me even as I finished.

"F-fuck..." I muttered with a heavy pant, rolling onto my side and instantly sitting up as I accidentally rested my head in a small patch of semen. "Oh boy..."

"Y-yeah..." Lukas muttered, laying down comfortably. I flipped about on the bed to lay down next to him, grinning.

"So...tomorrow I can give you the grand tour tomorrow." I told the otter, who nodded as we basked in the afterglow.

"Great...!" He said with a pant.

"How about we...just relax for now?"

† † †

"S-so this is the chemistry lab!" I moaned, leaning back against one of the stations as the otter's tongue worked over my shaft, my hand resting on his head as he bobbed up and down. I let out another soft groan as I gently thrust forward into his muzzle, my knees wobbling beneath me as I felt my orgasm approaching.

"N-nice!" Lukas said to me, popping off my cock for a second before taking it back into his mouth, his hand fondling my balls as his lips squeezed my shaft, tongue rubbing up against the bottom of my cock.

"F-fuuuuuck!" I shouted, thrusting forward as I loosed my load into his mouth, the otter locking his lips around me and swallowing, lightly squeezing my sac as if to get as much out of it as possible.

"D-damn..." I huffed as Lukas stood up, grinning at me, cheeks lit up with a light blush.

"What's next?"

† † †

"N-nice theater b-building!" The otter whined, bent over a chair as I spread his cheeks, leaning in and letting my tongue glide up his rear to the base of his tail, my other hand traveling to his front to stroke his length as I pressed my tongue against his flesh.

"Got a good theater program." I informed him between licks, quickly stroking his member, enjoying the feeling of his foreskin gliding over his glans (a new sensation for me!) as I flicked my tongue over his ring. The otter moaned and huffed, his tail wiggling above my head as I alternated between fast, small strokes and slow long ones, my other hand still prying his cheek apart.

Suddenly Lukas stiffened, and he let out a low groan before splattering his seed on one of the leather seats of the theater, biting into his knuckle to keep his whines and pants of pleasure down.

"Shit...gotta clean that before we go..." I muttered, the otter panting and holding onto the chair as I went to look for some paper towels.

† † †

I grinned as the otter slid his foreskin over my member, flashing back to when we first had an encounter, the two of us standing close enough that we could feel the other's heat.

"Where are we now...?"

"No fucking clue." I shook my head with a wild grin, stroking the base of his length as he glided his skin over our glans. "But it's a nice b-building...!" I grunted, giving my hips a little thrust as a surge of pleasure charged up my spine.

"Y-yeah...n-nice campus!" The otter agreed with a small hiccup of his own, biting his lower lip as he thrust forward himself.

I tore myself away (gently!) with a soft growl, stroking my member before letting out a low grunt, firing my load onto the otter's member, pubic fur and the ground. Lukas moaned out as my cum spread over his length, the otter using it as a lubricant for a few seconds before he shot his load onto me, not losing any force despite it being his umpteenth orgasm of the day.

I panted and looked at the otter, feeling some soreness in my junk. I think we might've been going at it a bit much.

"S-so...like the campus?" I asked with a grin. He returned the smile.

"I think I'll like studying here."