Best Seat in the House

Story by Jeeves on SoFurry

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There's few things more relaxing than sitting back and watching a movie. Sigma thinks she knows a few ways to improve the experience, though.

This commission was written for Sigma117. It includes public masturbation, watersports and diaper-play involving a consenting adult female. If you aren't a fan of this content, please consider checking out one of my many other stories. :3

Best Seat in the House

For most people, the need to use the restroom while out watching a movie was a bad thing. The need to use the restroom just as the movie had started, even more aggravating. To Sigma however, this situation in which she found herself was nothing short of perfect.

The movie theatre was dark, the faded colour palette of the action movie playing on the screen adding little illumination. Nevertheless, from where she sat in her front row seat Sigma could still hear the rustling and movement of other movie-goers behind her. The occasion crunch of popcorn, the slurping of drinks and slushies through straws, and an occasional sniff or clearing of the throat during quieter moments of this early portion of the film. She however kept her own noise to a minimum, sucking her own soda up as quietly as possible, shivering in delight as she felt the cool, iced liquid running down her throat and into her stomach, causing her bladder to send yet another reminder that it was full, and required emptying before any further liquids were added.

It couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes into the movie by the time the grey furred cheetah found herself completely losing focus. The call of her bladder had been lingering at the back of her mind for the last hour or two, but now it was encroaching into the forefront of each and every conscious thought she had. Sigma bit her bottom lip, holding back a bashful giggle of glee as she squeezed her legs together, feeling the padded softness of her diaper, its dry, absorbent inner surface ready and waiting to deal with the situation into which she had so willingly and purposefully placed herself.

The feline female closed her eyes, half focused on holding back her achingly full bladder and half thinking about far more adult matters. She recalled looking at herself in the mirror that morning, before she'd put on either her deep blue tube top or the black skirt which was keeping her padded underclothes hidden for the time being. Observing her own body, from her bare, ample breasts to what then had been a freshly applied diaper; adorably patterned with stars, balloons and flowers despite its adult size. Her cheeks flushed. Sigma didn't consider herself a particularly narcissistic person, but thinking about her own body, naked except for a diaper, every inch of her flesh and fur all clean and neat and perfectly prepared for what was to come, made her undeniably aroused.

After reaching down and picking up her large soda once more, taking another few gulps and relishing the now stronger, more insistent complaints from her bladder, Sigma settled back into her seat and waited patiently for the current, rather calm scene to conclude. Sure enough just a few minutes later the screen was filled with gunfire and violence once more, the sounds echoing around the sizeable theatre and more than drowning out any of the shuffling and eating of the other movie-goers. It was here that the cheetah put her plan into motion, carefully sliding both hands down by her side, and oh so slowly beginning to tug at the lower edges of her black skirt. Ever so slightly the feline female lifted herself off her seat, not wishing to do so to any degree for fear of alerting the individuals seated in the row just behind hers, but just enough to allow her to begin to tug her skirt loose from around her waist.

It took perhaps five minutes of slow, meticulous wiggling and tugging before Sigma was able to sit back down upon her chair with all her weight, squirming happily at the sensation of her diaper's soft and yet simultaneously crumpled texture beneath her rump, between her legs and bound around her most intimate regions. At last she was able to push her skirt free from around her thighs, and felt her cheeks flush as it fell to the floor, pooling first around both her bare feet, then just one as she tugged her left paw free, allowing herself to spread her legs almost as wide apart as they would go.

Again Sigma took a long, deep draught from her soda. Her whole body shuddered, and her thighs, though now parted, tried involuntarily to clench once more. A glazed expression of simultaneous delight and horror overtook the cheetah's face for just a split-second, before she relaxed once more, having just managed to hold onto control of herself and her bladder.

Holding her soda in one hand, not even considering that she might have had enough for the time being and already preparing to go back for another sip, the big cat allowed her other hand to fall down between her legs. She caressed the front of her cushioned, patterned diaper with the tips of her fingers, its make-up far too thick for any of the sensation to transfer through to the flesh beneath, but still sending little shocks of arousal running through the cheetah at the mere knowledge of what she was emulating. Soon enough though those mock masturbatory gestures weren't enough, and with great care, not wishing to actively unfasten any portion of her well sealed diaper, Sigma began to slide that paw down in between the barrier of the diaper and her own soft furred flesh.

Whimpering under her breath, the sound disguised by a particularly loud cry of anger from some villainous character on the screen whose name Sigma didn't even recognise, the cheetah felt her fingertips brush up against the downy fluff of her pubic region. She raised her fingers slightly and applied a slight pressure to the upper portion of her crotch, and once again very nearly lost control as her bladder silently begged for mercy and release. Before long though the female's digits were sliding lower than ever, with the entirety of her paw now stuffed down the front of the diaper. Her paw's presence tested both its elasticated waistline and firm tab fastenings to the limits, but it held valiantly as Sigma's fingers finally curled down around the base of her crotch and met with the warm, already incredibly moist flesh of her pussy.

Stifling any potential cries of pleasure with another mouthful of soda, Sigma gently rubbed at the outermost reaches of her pussy. She teased a couple of digits carefully between the tender folds of flesh, and tensed joyously, curling and pointing her toes against the cinema's carpeted floor, as her fingertips ever so briefly passed over the tiny opening from which she peed while moving towards the much more prominent, welcoming opening of her nether regions. Another gulp of soda surged down her throat, and another, and another. The large plastic cup must have been half empty by now, and she was barely thirty minutes into the movie.

Sigma felt herself beginning to tremble, to shudder involuntarily from head to toe as a thought crossed her mind. A thought which she had known, which she had fully planned on from the very beginning, but which ran through her mind with such instinctual panic that it set every nerve of her body ablaze with activity.

She wasn't going to make it.

She wasn't going to last the duration of this film without relieving her bladder.

Her legs twitched, a portion of the cheetah's mind begging her to stand up. To swiftly slip her skirt back on and head for the nearest restroom, fast. Sigma fought that urge, she fought it with all her might, and instead spread open the lips of her pussy within the confines of her diaper. With index and ring finger holding her lips apart, her middle digit oh so delicately stroked at her moist pink flesh. Tickling and caressing herself so lightly and with such intimate tenderness that under normal circumstances it barely would have registered, but now, with her finger sliding back and forth over that tiny hole with its direct line to her swollen, desperately saturated bladder, seemed to be the most tender and over-sensitive spot in Sigma's entire body.

Breathing heavily, shivering and fighting not to shift around too desperately in her seat, the big cat finally set down her cup and let her now free hand rest, lying it flat upon the armrest of her chair. She closed her eyes, the booming of gunfire and explosions from the movie playing before her fading into almost complete obscurity when held up against the intensity of what she was feeling. She needed to go. Every fraction of her brain dedicated to normality and following the rules of social ettiquette told her that this was her last chance. That if she leapt up from her seat now, skirt be damned, and ran as fast as she could, she might be able to get her rump seated upon a toilet before the flood-gates opened. Her bladder was silently screaming, and practically every ounce of her willpower was now stretched between keeping her silent, and keeping her from wetting her diaper right there in the midst of the theatre.

Just a few seconds later, Sigma's finger quite accidentally brushed against the now swollen, protruding nub of her clitoris. In that instant, she had to choose. Either hold onto her bladder, and let loose a moan that would risk not only her public masturbation being discovered, but her exposed padding too. Or use every last drop of her strength to hold back the cry that was threatening to burst forth, and allow something else to run free instead.

Making her choice, the cheetah shuddered violently, but silently, as she restrained her pleasure stricken gasp. Seconds later, she sagged with relief, temporarily ceasing all motion of her fingers as she felt her clit continuing to throb hungrily, though with less and less savage intensity. Her calm didn't last long though, for within the next few moments Sigma felt a new pressure building within her. A pressure which started off as the very same desire to go which had plagued her for the past few hours, but now began to grow, to blossom into something more.

This was it. It was happening.

Sigma tried to hold out. She tried to restrain herself with everything she had. Her free hand clutched at the arm of her seat, and as the seemingly endless array of explosions rocked the theatre with deafening booms, the cheetah couldn't hold back the slightest of desperate, frantic whimpers. She couldn't do it. Couldn't hold back. She could feel herself losing control.

Letting go.

Her eyes bulged, and her whole face burned crimson with gleeful shame as she began to wet herself right there in the midst of the cinema.

Toes curling and with her whole body in a state of confusion, simultaneously tense and suddenly relaxed all at once, Sigma felt her bladder emptying. She felt herself beginning to flood her diaper with a powerful, heavy stream of her pee, the wetness soaking into her fur even as it began to be absorbed by the diaper's thick, cushioned padding. The fingers which had been teasing her couldn't resist getting involved, pushing themselves into the stream, breaking it up and sending the free flowing, rather intense torrent of urine splashing back against the outer lips of her pussy and its surrounding fur, not to mention all over the paw itself.

Panting and blushing as she revelled in the lewd naughtiness of her 'accident', Sigma marvelled at just how full her bladder must have been. She was still going, still flooding her diaper, and no matter how strong or absorbent it may have been, the cheetah knew that it had to be reaching close to its maximum capacity.

Sure enough, Sigma soon felt a telltale wetness on the underside of her legs, the seemingly endless flow of her pee now beginning to leak through the sodden diaper and into the fabric of her seat. That feeling, and the knowledge that came with it of just how dramatic and severe this public wetting was, provoked Sigma into losing what little control she had retained over her senses. Once more her eyes widened as she strained, actively seeking to intensify her urination, to expel what remained of her bladder's content as swiftly and powerfully as possible. She ran her already sodden fingers back and forth through the newly re-intensified stream, and as the final few seconds of her flow sent a fresh river of wetness pooling and puddling upon the seat, brought her urine stained digits to bear upon her clit with renewed purpose.

Staring ahead with gleefully glazed eyes, looking at the screen but not seeing it as anything more than a haze of whirling shapes and flashes of light, Sigma went to town on the stiffened nub of her clitoris. Keeping her wrist almost perfectly still, minimising movement to all but the digits stroking rapidly back and forth across that sweet, sensitive little button, the feline female focused all her energy on feeling her sodden crotch. Her heavy, soaked-through diaper. The pee-stained chair beneath her, droplets of her accident flooding down to the cinema floor below even now. She was soaked. So wet, and so wet not only from the satisfaction of what she'd done, but where she'd done it.

Careful and secretive as she may have been, there was no getting around the fact that Sigma had just wet herself in the middle of a public theatre, and that even now she was jilling off, teasing herself rapidly towards a wild climax, with dozens of people in the same darkened room. If she was to be caught, to be identified doing what she'd done, god only knew what would happen to her. But as much as the thought terrified Sigma, it was that same heart-pounding sense of anticipation that made every touch of her pussy so much more overwhelmingly pleasurable. She could be caught at any second. All that was required was one person in the row behind to glance down from the screen and pay attention to her for more than a moment, or for the slight scent of her urine to cut through the buttered popcorn and candy-sweet smell of the theatre overall.

Rubbing at herself with fevered determination, Sigma took it all in. The place. The people. All of it making her situation so much more impossibly naughty and shameful. It was true, too. She was! She was such a naughty girl. Such a bad cheetah. So rude. So lewd. So... so very...

Barely a minute after her urine had ceased to flow and her hand had started its fevered masturbation, Sigma came. She let loose a shuddering exhalation of air, her fingers freezing but applying pressure hungrily down against her perfect ruby red nub as the entirety of her crotch began to convulse and clench. Fresh liquid, thicker than pee and far less in volume but still every bit as wet, gushed from her pussy. Four hot streaks of ejaculate flooding out into her already saturated diaper, each one accompanied by a surge of ecstasy so intense the cheetah was stunned by her own ability to remain quiet. Only the softest of gasps and grunts of bliss escaped her, more than muffled by the continued high-octane action of the movie.

With her muzzle hanging open ever so slightly and her toes still twitching and wriggling in glee, Sigma rode out the remainder of her peak in a state of total satisfaction. She shivered and panted her way through the aftershocks, allowing her fingers to tease at her now overly sensitive flesh until she could bear it no longer. Her hand fell still, lingering, cupped against her now multiple fluid stained crotch as she caught her breath. She sank back into her chair, wiggling her rump and feeling her wet fur brush against her wet skin within the wet confines of her diaper. So very warm, and oddly comfortable to her mind, not to mention comfort_ing_.

Glancing up at the theatre's screen, Sigma smirked. She didn't have a goddamn clue where in the movie they were, or what was going on, or anything really. More importantly though, she didn't care. All the entertainment she had required was right there between her legs.

Calmly, the cheetah sat there amidst the soaked padding and the pooled overflow of her pee, still not paying any attention to the movie, but now thinking of different things. Of the sort of post-orgasmic, light-headed nothings that filled the mind following a really satisfying climax.

Amongst those myriad thoughts, one of many, Sigma considered whether she should slip her skirt back on. After all, she didn't know if this action scene was the climax, or if there was still another half hour or an hour to go. She decided against it, for now at least, not wishing to risk getting the rear of her lower garment so wet that it might soak through and give the game away even after she re-dressed.

After all, wetting herself in public and enjoying the result was only half the fun.

The rest would come later, after the movie. Walking home... walking all the way home in her sodden diaper, without succumbing to the desire to bury her paw between her legs and get off again.

Squirming happily in her seat, Sigma felt herself idly rubbing at her still rather delicate pussy once again. Her cheeks flushed, and in an effort to settle herself she picked up her half-empty soda and took another sip. Then another. Then another.

The cheetah's face burned brighter still, as a deliciously naughty thought ran through her mind.

With her cup still half full, and the seal of her bladder now broken... what if she drank all the rest of that soda? And what if, before she could walk all the way home, she had to go again?

Sigma bit down gently upon her bottom lip, holding back a hopefully, happy murmur, before slurping thirstily at her soda once more.

By Jeeves

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