Tales in Taboo: Jenna and Gilly 2

Story by minatek616 on SoFurry

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If the title confused you, this is a sequel of Gilly and Jenna's story :p

I really ended up liking these two so I decided to continue their little tail. At the time of this upload, the 3rd and 4th parts are done and just need to be edited. Writing these really made me think about trying to write longer deeper stories, which might happen, at some point, when I feel like it. Anyway, this piece is told from Gilly's perspective as the two reach a wonderful new stage in their relationship. Hope you enjoy it.

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Your friendship with Jenna has reached an entirely new yet somewhat uncomfortable level ever since you revealed yourself to her. Your dear friend has always been an inquisitive sort but ever since she saw you, she has been asking none stop about your unusual endowment at every chance. The two of you haven't been intimate with each other since the first time under the waterfall, though she has shown interest in more of such meetings. Since then you feel embarrassed broaching the subject even in idle chatter with her for some nagging reason.

Jenna has been nothing but a wonderfully sweet and playful girl ever since you met some years ago while foraging in the mountain forest, much as you are now. She can be a bit rambunctious at times, but that's all part of what makes her such a pleasure to be around. You know she means no harm with her little tricks and teases, but perhaps because of them, you feel it would be difficult to talk seriously with her about... well, everything. She is so lively and spirited, managing to make the daily routine of collecting nuts and berries a joy with her random little songs and games, and yet you still feel the need to keep some distance from her.

Since your last intimate encounter, you've made various excuses to avoid going to your secret little waterfall and indulging in a cool shower with your friend. Instead you'd say you're supposed to head straight home or that you have some other chore that simply can't wait. You could see the disappointment in Jenna's eyes when you gave one of these poor reasons to part, but she would always wish you a safe journey home and be ever joyous the next time you saw one another.

You consider the fact that you've consistently had some difficulty expressing your true thoughts and feelings to others. Perhaps it's the way Jenna manages to bring them out of you that makes you feel so enamored when she is around, but also, somehow, uncomfortable. You can't be yourself with anyone else but Jenna, and still you've kept such a secret from her for so long. You trust her of course, but there are limits. You like her, a lot, more than she knows, but you're not quite ready to admit it. You are pondering these and other thoughts when you spot a familiar red tail tipped in white poking out from behind a thick tree's trunk just ahead.

It vanishes the moment you see it and suddenly your troubled thoughts drift away. You jog toward the tree, but circling it you find nothing. Then further on, behind another tree, the same fluffy tail waves a little before vanishing again. You drop your forage bag and dash at a full run, determined not to let her go this time. But again as you approach the tree and circle it, you find no one. You gaze around but find no sign of her or her thick full tail. As you turn to retrieve your dropped sack a sudden cry of "Gilly!" perks up your ears just as Jenna wraps her arms around your waist in her usual backward hug.

Jenna's red furred and pointy eared head only comes up to your shoulders as she snuggles against you affectionately. "I'm so glad I found you today." She muffles into your sky blue blouse. "Oh, Jenna, you always are." you reply to your beloved friend stroking her arms. "I always am." She agrees, rubbing her furry face into your back. You don't tell her, but you love the way she hugs, always so genuine and warm. After a moment more she lets you go telling you of a new patch of berry bushes she'd found the day prior.

"And they're so good, mom made a pie last night that was just fantastic. She said we simply have to get more." Jenna goes on as you retrieve your forage sack. "Sounds great, are there still any berries left?" you inquire, straightening back up. "Tons! Come on, I'll show you!" she bubbles, tail waving excitedly. She grabs your forearm and practically drags you along with her up a shallow slopping trail. Even though you're quite a bit larger than Jenna, you let her take you to her berry bushes without resisting.

She talks the entire way, as she usually does, and you are more than happy to let her. She knows you're not much for small talk but she chatters well enough for the both of you. "Oh you're going to love this spot Gilly, I found it just yesterday. The woods are a bit thick near it, but there is this one spot where the sun light breaks through the trees and bingo, all around are the berries, different kinds too. There were definitely black berries, I loaded up on those, and raspberries, and I think there were some kind of cherries but I wasn't sure about them..." "Ok ok, let's go get'em." You say good-naturedly, still being led by the arm. She smiles back at you over one shoulder as she continues pulling you along.

While you walk you look at your companion and marvel at how lovely she is. Jenna is a red fox, a head and a bit shorter than you. Her fur is thick and very soft, fiery red with a beautiful smooth counter shading of white that starts at her chin, strolls down her long slim neck and spreads across her chest. You know from past experiences that her modest but palm-able breasts are white with small pink nipples perched atop each. The white countershading thins at her waist and V's to her public region. Her two pointed ears are tipped with black, a color that reappears on her nose, lips, hands, and feet.

She wears a pink sundress, her usual foraging attire. It is worn and the color faded. Old tears stitched and re-stiched along with various stains almost resemble decorations on what is otherwise a very simple garment. The old dress doesn't blemish her beauty in the least, but rather gives her a carefree and innocent sort of appeal. A slit in the back lets Jenna's full furry red tail poke through. It currently waves happily along her back as she leads you through this dense and unfamiliar part of the mountain forest.

You've longed for ages to know what that soft fluffy tail would feel like on your bare skin but have never had the nerve to ask. And there it is, that feeling. You know it now. The reason you've always held back. The reason you can't ask even seemingly innocent questions. You're afraid. You're afraid of her rejection, of how it will hurt, and what it might mean for your friendship. You're afraid that the time at the waterfall was just a pity fuck, or worse it was just to let off some steam and didn't mean anything special to her at all. You love Jenna, and dearly. What started as friendship has been aching to become something more, but your own uncertainty has kept it from blossoming. You wish you knew how she felt, if she had similar feelings, but are terrified of what might happen if she says no.

You analyze the information the same way you have hundreds of times before now. Jenna is very attractive, and fun, and kind, and wonderful... You try to refocus, considering that she is always talking about how the boys in her village boast, brag, strut, and flex in the hopes of catching her eye. But these where always in passing and she'd laugh them off when talking about them with you. She had never spoken about anyone special with you, no boyfriends or serious interests. She could at times go on about how cute some guy is or how clever another might be but she'd always shot them down, telling you that they might have looks or brains but are bone heads, or aren't nice, or point out some other flaw that counters their good attributes.

You tell yourself over and over to just spit it out, just ask, just one little question, what could it hurt? Jenna is going on about how she helped her mother make a delicious blackberry pie yesterday when you blurt, "Hey, Jenna? Do...do you have a boyfriend?" She stops and you nearly bump into her. She turns, her tapered ears standing straight up as she looks you in the eyes, her's amber, "What? A boyfriend? No, not really, why?" she asks a bit surprised and curious. "Just... just wondering." You mumble. She smiles, reaffirming her grip on your arm as she turns and resumes leading you on a barely visible trail. She starts going down her list of boys while commenting about their various pros and cons.

You smile as a choking weight lifts away from you, proud that you went for it. So she is single at least. You let her drag you along for a bit more before she stops mid criticism, "But he is just so overly macho. I almost feel bad, it's like give it a re... oh we're here!" She lets go of your forearm for the first time and dashes towards a patch of sunlight maybe eight feet wide. Jenna spreads her arms wide as she enters the spot of sun and spins gleefully a few times before coming to a stop, smiling widely at you, "Well, what do you think? Not bad huh?"

Looking around, you're surprised to see several berry bushes. They hid just outside the circle of light and many are heavy with ripe brightly colored fruit just waiting to be picked. It's quite a find. You're about to tell your friend so but when you look back to her you see something even more amazing. Jenna spins slowly, reveling in the sunlight and the bounty you have around you in her usual jubilant way. Beams of light reflect from her beautiful fiery fur coat giving the vixen an enchanting glow. Her dress is brightened by the light allowing you to see the silhouette of her slim body through it as is flows about her like some magical afterimage. In that moment you feel as if you are looking at some wonderous force of nature, like the joyous spirit of spring itself, "...Wow..." you feel yourself murmur. "I know right?!" she gleefully replies as she waves you over, "Come on Gilly, get over here, the sun feels great!"

You join her and have to agree, after venturing through the moist shade of the forest, the sun does feel quite nice. The moment you're in reach the smaller woman hugs you again and you watch lovingly as she buries her face between your large breasts. "I'm so happy I could share this with you." She muffles into your chest as you hug her back, "Thanks for bringing me, Jenna." She is wonderfully soft and warm and you let the hug linger as long as you can. But after a moment, Jenna's head pops free of your bosom and she smiles, "Let's pick some berries."

You start picking and placing blackberries into your forage bag upon Jenna's insistence. You pop a few into your mouth and find that she is absolutely right; they are perfectly ripe and delicious. Jenna meanwhile is squatting by another bush gobbling what appear to be raspberries with audible relish. "Mmmmm, these are soo good, you have to try some Gilly." "I'll get to them." you reply focusing on stripping the lush bush before you of its small delicate fruit. After a time you feel something small and soft bounce off your shoulder. You look to find a raspberry at your hooves. Looking to Jenna, who doesn't seem to notice as she is busily tosses raspberries into her mouth, only a few seem to reach her gathering basket, you then look skyward thinking that perhaps a bird had dropped it. Paying it no mind you continue striping a particularly abundant branch.

A few moments later, another berry bounces off your neck and rolls down your back. You glance up at a lush pine canopy, then to Jenna who has red juice visible on her white chin but seems to be studiously picking fruit and little else. Refocusing on your task you wait a moment before turning swiftly back, to catch Jenna facing you, mid underhand toss with another red berry in her fingers. She jumps slightly and then gives you an innocent smile, and you toss a handful of blackberries at her face. She yelps, giggling and falling back as the berries hit their mark, small black and purple juice stains doting her fur and dress wherever they hit.

You toss another hand full and she tries to catch some in her mouth, though most go on to add spots all over her. You throw another and she raises her hands over her face crying, "Ok, ok, I give, truce!" With a smirk you give her mercy and resume your task as does she, still giggling. You move on to the next bush, popping a few more of the tender sweet fruits into your mouth. After a few minutes you notice Jenna has become unusually silent, then a light foot falls behind you. You turn to see the red fox girl flying toward you. She presses a hand full of raspberries on your cheek, smearing the juicy little berries across your face and neck as she tackles you, taking you both to the ground.

"Ugh" you gasp, feeling the sweet smelling juices run as the smaller woman's weight falls on your chest. "Got you!" Jenna laughs merrily shaking your shoulder with both hands. You look to the beautiful young fox and she looks back, your noses only an inch apart. You haven't been this close to each other since the time at the falls and as you gaze into her large amber eyes, you feel an exciting, tingling, warmth throughout your body. Her expression changes from the joy of a prankster to something more demure. Her ears turn back uncertainly, as her eye lids seem to become heavier, and her mouth drops from a wide grin to a shy smile. She then gently licks the smeared berry juice from your cheek.

An electric current races through you and you jump to your hooves, Jenna sliding off of you. "I... I have to go... my dad... he... he wanted me to help him work on the... ah... roof, repairs." You stammer as you turn away from the shocked fox with your half full forage bag. You curse yourself for being so gutless, wanting more than anything to stay with Jenna but fearing horribly the seeming mountain of negative consequences of what might happen if you ruin it by letting yourself get too emotionally invested. "Gilly?" Jenna calls behind you, "Gilly! Don't go, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you, please, don't go." You hear her rise as real hurt creeps into her voice, and hearing that more than anything makes you stop. You've never known Jenna to be sad. "Please don't go." She almost cries.

You keep your back to her, not wanting her to see the tears welling in your eyes as she starts to talk in a low hush, "Something happened that day, at the waterfall. I... I thought it was something marvelous, like we shared something so wonderful between us. But ever since then you seem distant, and... and I feel like we lost something instead. I want it back, Gilly. I want us back. ...I love you... you know? Like... more than a friend." A tingle runs up your spin and your body starts to feel numb. You turn back to her, tears mixing with the smeared berry on your face. The fox girl is looking down, scrunching up her skirt in both hands. "Oh Jenna..." you breath out sadly, then run back to her scooping her up in your arms in a hug, "I'm sorry I've been so stupid, I love you too... so very much."

She doesn't seem to mind you squishing her a bit as she looks up at you in amazement and wonder, "Really?" "Truly." You assure her while nuzzling her cheek on yours, unaware that you're smearing berry juice all over her face. She manages to get her arms free from between your bodies and wraps them under and over your shoulders. The troubled thoughts that had been plaguing you for ages drift away as you hold her wonderfully warm furry body close, never wanting to let go. You hold each other for a long while in a silent loving embrace, both too joyous to want to move for fear of spoiling so perfect a moment. That is until Jenna jerks in surprise, "Oh!"

You let her go as she does you and she backs away a step, her eyes wide. Immediately you fear something has gone terribly wrong, but then Jenna kneels down in front of you watching your crotch intently. The front of your skirt tents a bit as your equine cock begins to emerge from its sheath, excited by the close contact. Jenna looks up at you, unreserved elation on her face, it's infectious. "I wanna see it Gilly, can I, please?" she asks with the innocents of a child. "I guess." You reply starting to pull your skirt up a bit. Jenna beats you to it, eagerly lifting the hem of your light blue garment to reveal your growing erection.

You've abandoned under garments ever since puberty. Any you wore tended to tear off whenever you found yourself getting excited. Jenna watches you twitch and swell in wide eyed amazement, face so close you can feel her warm moist breath on your steadily pulsing length. You look skyward, breathing hard as you grow for her. "Can I touch it?" Jenna asks politely. "Uh, go ahead," you breathe. You look back down as you feel her soft fingers gently gliding along your tensing flesh.

She then wraps both hands around the base of your swelling cock, feeling it pulse in her grasp. She looks up at you as if she's discovered something terribly naughty, "I can feel your heart beat." To your surprise, she begins to rub her furred cheek against your growing length. Her warm soft fur tickles wonderfully and your still thickening equine cock jerks hard with a glob of precum spurting free. It lands on the legs of Jenna's dress and she giggles, utterly delighted, "Oh, you must really like that." You only moan, "Mmmm..." She brushes her soft furry face along your length some more, running her muzzle under you and her cheeks across you until you're at full mast.

She had her eyes closed, only now pulling away in astonishment of your size, "Oh Gilly, you're amazing." She places an elbow at your base and puts her forearm parallel to your cock and gasps, "It is bigger than my arm!" She then grasps you in both hands, holding you up at an acute angle with your stomach and snuggles her cheek lovingly from your base to your flared head. Her soft warm fur brushing against your full length feels absolutely marvelous and you feel another spurt of precum force its way out of you.

It lands on the bridge of Jenna's nose, right between her eyes and she looks at it, cross eyed for a moment. She then brushes a finger through the thick semitransparent goo and brings it to her nose. She smells it in a deep inhale, smiling as if it were a freshly bloomed rose before slipping it into her mouth. "Mmmmm, I love how you taste, Gilly." she moans around her finger. You watch flabbergasted seeing her cheeks poke out a bit as her tongue works over her goo stained finger. You reach down and caress her soft cheek, "You are so weird and wonderful Jenna."

She pops her finger out of her mouth and smiles brightly up at you. Then she grabs your length in both hands, only barely able to reach around your girth as she begins to jerk you off, "I have a great idea Gilly, you're going to love..." "Hold on. Don't you think we should finish our work first." You say, stroking her cheek. Jenna's hands stop and she ponders, "Uh, oh, mmm, I suppose so... work before play and all." She lets you go and you already miss her soft warm hands. You hide your erection back under your skirt, though anyone watching could see it tenting out.

You both work to fill your forage quota for the day, but Jenna quickly gets bored and impatient as she often does. She wanders over and squats beside you as you strip another bush. She places her head on your shoulder and you smile without looking at her. Then she starts to lean into you, then more, and more, until she nearly topples you over. You catch yourself with a hand to the dirt and ram her back with your butt knocking her onto her side. She laughs merrily, dusting herself off before she resumes picking berries. All the while your cock stays wood stiff as you think of what your beautiful friend has in store for you both.

Sometime later, Jenna is singing one of her silly little tunes when you finally feel you have enough berries.

"We rise up in the morning,

And work the day away.

We pick off all the berries,

Until we finally say,

We have enough for pies,

But this is always lies,

We need to go out a new,

So we have some tomorrow too."

"I'm good on berries Jenna, how about you?" you ask looking to where she is stooping. She pirouette as she stand, "I have enough!" she announces musically. "Alright then, let's get going." You say smiling at the foxes antics. Jenna claps her hands together, "To the falls?" she asks hopefully. "To the falls." You confirm. Jenna practically bursts with joy, "Oh Gilly, I can't wait, come on, come on!" She hoists up her fully loaded forage basket and grasps your wrist again pulling you in the general direction of your secret little spot.

As you near the small water fall where the two of you often bathe off the day's labor, Jenna hesitantly asks, "Gilly, I was wondering... have you... have you ever, um... sucked, yourself?" A bit of saliva catches in your throat and you begin coughing. "Oh, are you alright?" she asks immediately at your side. "What?!" you blurt hoarsely. "Are you alright?" she asks again holding your arm in both hands. You cough a bit more before regaining control, "Do I suck myself?" "Oh, I was only asking, you know, because you're so big, I mean, you probably could... if you wanted to, anyway." You look at Jenna and the apology in her amber eyes, then at your massive endowment tenting your skirt out far in front of you. The thought never really occurred to you, but now that it did, you feel your erection pulse with interest.

You're nearing the falls as Jenna goes on about it, "I'm just saying... if I had a cock that big, I'd probably, you know, give it a try." "I haven't, Jenna." You reply as you role the idea around. "Really? I mean it _is_right there. All you'd have to do is you know... bend just a little and..." as she walks beside you she brings her head down to her chest and mimes licking a phantom penis. You laugh out loud, "You are sooo weird." She brightens at your laughter, "It just seems so natural," she shrugs, giggling.

The two of you reach your small waterfall. After setting your berries down you begin to strip. Normally you'd be some distance and turned away from Jenna, but now that she knows, you feel comfortable right beside her. First, you unbutton your blouse but stop mid-way, watching Jenna slide her pink sundress down over her slender body. She starts to unsnap her white bra and then pauses. "Gilly, you're staring." She chides, turning away from you. But then she looks back at you over a shoulder and winks as she undoes her front snaps and pops open her bra like a stripper. She extends her long slim arms down her back and lets it fall slowly to her tail, which catches it and flings the simple garment carelessly toward you. You try to undo a few more buttons but fail as you continue to stare at Jenna.

The sexy vixen then bends her knees a little and hooks her thumbs through the waist of her matching white panties. Her tail protrudes above them and hangs down to cover her firm little rump as she inches her panties down for you, her expression that of an innocent and shy little girl. Your cock pulses eagerly, demanding to have at her as you struggle with your top. Jenna pulls her undergarments down past her knees before letting them drop to her black furred feet. She then steps out of them and turns to you, her tail coming up between her thighs to conceal her modesty along with a forearm over her breasts to hide her little pink nipples. She continues looking innocent and vulnerable for a moment then changes back into Jenna blurting, "Ok, your turn."

You take a long moment to take in her naked body, slim, well curved, and perfect. "Well, come on, it's getting late." She playfully admonishes as you gawk at her. This is far from the first time you've seen Jenna naked, but you usually shied away from really looking, generally contenting yourself with quick covert glances from a ways off, and often through falling water. "Ugh, here let me," she says walking over and kneeling in front of you. She gently pushes away your clumsy hands and begins undoing your last few buttons. She must use her full arm's length because your massive erection, still hidden under your skirt, keeps her from getting closer.

You look down at your friend and her nimble fingers. She glances up at you for a second smiling. She brushes her cheek against the fabric of your skirt concealing your flaring head and you shudder at the touch. The last button of your blouse comes undone and Jenna stands up beside you, pulling the garment away. Your eyes meet and you kiss for the first time since the last time you were at the falls. She is as sweet as she was then, her delicate lips warm and soft on yours. You gaze into each other's eyes as you lower your arms and let her remove your blouse. She then reaches behind you and undoes the hooks in your bra and you let it fall never looking away from her.

She snuggles her face against your large left chocolate colored breast, "Mmmm, I've always been so jealous of these." Tingling warmth runs through you as she reaches around and fondles your chest. You feel yourself moistening as your cock spurts a bit of precum on the inside of your skirt. You close your eyes to enjoy the sensation as your furry love massages your chest while snuggling against you. Her soft warm fur tickles and delights. A not unpleasant shiver runs down your spine as you feel something new. You look to see Jenna licking your dark brown fully erect nipple. Electricity seems to run from her tongue into you, warming your body while fogging your mind. You hold Jenna close, rubbing her back and encouraging her on. A hand falls away from your breast and she slowly slips it under the waist of your skirt and grabs a handful of your butt. You gasp, as warm and cold shivers race up your back and you feel your legs getting numb.

Desperately you fiddle with the button of your skirt and by some miracle manage to undo it. The long garment flies open from the strain of keeping your penis held captive and falls away just as you cum.

"Ahhh!" Jenna cries in glee as a thick rope of pent up seed flies before you, she forgets your breasts, instead grabbing your cock, stroking it to spur you on more. You don't disappoint her. Another thick long stream fires free, splattering heavily against some rocks along the shore of the slow waters. She pulls back on your cock and squeezes your butt just as you let loose another shot. She seems delighted with her cum cannon and aims at rocks and bushes which you quickly splatter with thick warm batter. After several impressive blasts, you start to taper off and your legs suddenly become very weak. You crumble to your knees, breathing hard, and then fall back on your rump. Jenna follows you down, still jerking you off as a few weak spurts leaving trails just in front of you. "Already? We haven't even started yet." She laughs with unreserved joy.

Jenna tilts your still engorged cock towards you, pulling down on it to keep it stiff and looks to you expectantly, "Well?" You take deep rapid breathes and look questioningly at her, "What?" She sticks her tongue out through a wicked smile and mimes licking your cock. "Gross, no!" you huff, pushing away your own penis as another spurt leaks onto your hand. "Oh come on, please? I really want to see if you can, just a little lick." You look at your flare, globs of cum still dribbling from it. You _have_tasted yourself before at Jenna's insistence and it wasn't bad, but something about it seemed... You look to Jenna whose eyes have somehow grown, pupils dilating on command as she makes the cutest begging face you've ever seen.

She's used this secret weapon before and you can never deny her when she does. Her ears fold back and she somehow makes herself look tiny, pathetic, and incredibly precious. You sigh, "Fuck, fine." Immediately she bubbles back to her usual self, watching enraptured as you grasp your cock and crane your neck down. Still plenty hard despite your recent orgasm, it really doesn't take much for you to lick some of the cum off your wide flare. You taste your thick salty cream as Jenna looks on in awe, her nose only inches away. It really isn't bad at all, warm and thick with a somewhat sweet after taste. You lick you head free of your batter and just for Jenna, you stuff your flare into your mouth and suck on it.

Jenna moans as you do, "Oh my god, Gilly, this is so hot." She caresses her breast with one hand and sits up to rub her beautiful pink, glistening, womanhood with the other. Your erection finally starts to ebb and you suck hard to keep it in your mouth but it's a losing battle. Your cock falls free with a wet pop and Jenna moans, "Oh yes, oh Gilly! Touch me, please!" Before you can react, she grasps your closest hand and pulls it to her groin. You have to roll to your belly to reach her and you feel her twitch as she places your fingers on her damp vagina. She rubs your hand over her and you shift you fingers to run across her parted labia and on either side. Jenna's eyes role back as she cries, "Oh, Gilly, right there." She lets you work on her yourself as she massages both of her petite breasts. You're enthralled by her supple lower lips. They're surrounded by the finest pure white fur, and a perfect shade of lovely pink. The heat radiating from her is wonderfully pleasant as is her scent.

You belly crawl towards her still caressing the supple sensitive flesh of her womanhood. Her scent gets intense as you near, like Jenna but so much stronger. You inhale it, filling your lungs with her. Then you're between her warm furry thighs, unable to resist running your tongue over her. Jenna starts, "Oh! Gilly! Yes! YES!" You feel her slender fingers running through your long silver mane as you dip your tongue into her silky pink curtains. She tastes amazing. Her juices, warmed by her body, are a wonderful combination of sweet and tangy, like the berries she enjoys so much. Your tongue glides over her labia, taking in the smallest hints of her nectar and Jenna screams in pleasure, pushing your face into her groin as her thighs grip you on either side.

More of her love leaks out and you eagerly lap it up, pushing your tongue deeper into her in search of more. You feel her entire body jerk several times before she relaxes around you and falls on her back. She's breathing hard but you don't give her a chance to rest. Instead you push her thighs apart and extend your tongue as far into her depths as you can, wiggling it around to wipe her inner walls clean. Your nose rubs her sensitive little clitoris and Jenna moans incomprehensibly, her breathing becoming rapid. In moments, her entire body shudders again and again, as more of her wonderful honey delights your tongue.

After she comes down from another orgasm, Jenna puts her feet up on your shoulders and pushes gently or maybe just as much as she can manage. Huffing she tries to speak, "Ok... ok... let me... let me..." she can't finish and takes in quick gulps of air. You pull your tongue out of her and rub your cheek on her soft, warm, inner thigh, "Mmmmm, you taste so good." She is lying flat on her back, her arms spread at her sides and she laughs a little as she tries to catch her breath. You gently lift her right leg over your head and discover her tail lying out at her side.

Lightly, you brush a hand over the lush red fur of Jenna's tail, stroking it to the white tip. A bit sensitive it curls a little at your touch but it is as soft and wonderful as you imagined. "I've always wanted to feel your tail, Jenna." you admit looking over to her. She smiles, still breathing heavily and her tail rises an inch. You gently guide a hand under it and lift it to your cheek, brushing the exquisite soft fur along your face. It smells so pleasantly of her. As you pass it over your nose, Jenna wiggles the very tip, making it tickle. You close your eyes and enjoy the delightful sensation as you hear Jenna giggle though labored breathes.

After a moment, it's taken away and you open your eyes to find the beautiful fox laying on her side toward you, her head propped up on one arm with lithe nude body on display. Her tail waves at you over one slender arm as she makes a come hither gesture with one finger. You smile and crawl up to position yourself on a height with her. Your breasts touch as she leans in and kisses you on the nose. You kiss her back, her warm soft lips parting eagerly for your tongue. Jenna raises a leg and places it over yours as you put an arm around to her back and pull her in. You can't help but smile into Jenna's mouth as you feel her tail slip between her thighs and brush gently against your nether regions.

Jenna brushes back long locks of your silver mane, placing them behind you as she gently caresses your cheek and long jaw, her fingers sending warm tingles into you wherever they touch as your tongues mingle. Her eyes are closed and you stroke her head, between her ears. They slowly fold down to the sides, enjoying the contact. After a little while, she pulls slightly away from you looking into your eyes, "I love you Gilly." A wave of wondrous warmth and unrestricted glee flows over you and for a moment you can say nothing. Then you hold your beloved friend close and whisper into her delicate pointed ear, "I love you too Jenna." And for a long while you enjoy the embrace of true love.

An unknown time later, you find yourself peeking from your sheath once more. Jenna notices too, her eyes suddenly wide with joy. To some disappointment, she takes back her tongue from between your gently sucking lips and looks down between your bodies then back to you with a fiendish grin. She then shoves your arm making you roll to your back. With speed and grace she straddles your chest, her firm red butt cheeks brushing the undersides of your breasts as her tail wags happily before your face. "Ohhhh, I love this part!" she bubbles. You look past Jenna's lovely rear end to find her hands high on your thighs as she watches enraptured by the hardening and lengthening of your equine endowment. You let your head fall back and smile to yourself at her strange fascination with watching you grow, her wagging tail offering a pleasant breeze while it tickles your nipples.

You close your eyes to full enjoy the tactile sensations when you feel her lick your pulsing head. Looking down all you get is a face full of her furry butt and for the first time you notice her tiny little tail hole just below the base of her excitedly wagging tail. A V of pure white fur drifts down with smooth lines over her taint and rolls over her beautifully pink pucker, ending an inch below her tail. A shudder dashes through you as you feel Jenna running her moist warm tongue along the underside of your still growing head.

You can't let her have all the fun. You grab Jenna under both thighs and lift her backside, while pulling her toward you. You feel her chin flop against your groin and she cries in surprise, "Ugh, Gilly?" You position her thighs on either shoulder, her tummy resting on your large full breasts. Arms rounding her legs, your spread her womanhood and furry little cheeks with your fingers and begin to lick her soft warm nether lips. "Oh, oooohhhh..." Jenna moans as her legs, butt, and tail flex as you lick her. "Oh Gilly," she moans lustfully before returning to licking your rapidly growing erection.

Jenna places you inside her wonderfully warm mouth and you feel her lips tighten around your swelling shaft as she sucks you. You can feel her hold tighten as your girth increases with each pulse of your throbbing cock. Her tongue rolls under and around your shaft slickening it with her wonderfully warm saliva. She is nowhere near ready for you yet and as you begin to feel pressure building in her jaws she pulls you out, deciding it's best to stroke than choke. She licks you while tugging your base taunt with on hand and jerking you off from your head to your medial ring with the other.

As you lap at Jenna's supple perfect nether lips, your nose brushing her taint, you eye her tight little pink pucker. You suddenly feel a strange interest in the dark star, just thinking about her tail hole is making your cock even harder. With your right hand you casually place your thumb over her anus and feel the soft bare flesh. Jenna's hands sudden pull down hard on your shaft in a somewhat painful but also intensely pleasurable fashion as she gasps in surprise. Her furry butt cheeks flex as she look back at you, "Gilly! That's my ass!" "Ah mow." You muffle into her moist womanhood.

You rub your thumb over her anus, pushing the soft flesh around a little as you enjoy her mons. Jenna looks off to the side, mouth open, and head slowly turning back toward your massive cock as she lets her butt relax. The idea of how amazing is would feel to have Jenna's tight anus wrapped around the base of your cock pops into your head and it makes you pulse hard in her delicate hands, and you feel a spurt of precum dribble down your cock. You place your thumb along the rim of her pink little pucker, the very tip at her center where the delicate flesh converges. Experimentally you press in, with just the smallest amount of pressure and Jenna jerks, her entire body stiffening.

At the same time, her hands once again pull down hard around your cock and you can't handle it. A powerful pent up blast forces its way up through your urethra, and you can feel it forcing Jenna's tightly gripping fingers wider. You fire a thick rope of cum right into Jenna's shocked face. She was about to say something but it turns into a wet gargle as cum splatters heavily against her hard palate, teeth, nose and cheek. She tries to move back and away from the deluge of sperm only to force your thumb into her anus. Instantly you feel her contract around your intruding finger and the sudden thought of you ramming all two feet of your cock into that tiny little hole swallows all other thoughts. You thrust into the air, your legs and butt flexing hard, as Jenna redirects your next shot skyward, sputtering and coughing from the last.

In your orgasmic bliss you manage to hold on to the thought of penetrating Jenna's perfect little tail hole. As you ram your tongue deep into her honey pot, you shift your thumb around inside her, feeling the soft yielding hot flesh just beyond her clenching sphincter. The image of your cock pushing deep into her wonderfully warm body has you thrusting unconsciously into the air, each thrust letting loose a powerful stream as the previous showers down on your bodies. Warm thick drops rain all over the both of you and through it all Jenna makes the most unusual sounds.

Something like a mix of gasps and giggles escapes the beautiful red furred fox as fresh cum lands all over her. She still holds your cock tight around the base as her body twitches and shudders as you roam around in both her holes. You have to close your eyes to thick droplets of cum hitting your face and that's when you feel her cum. Her lower body flexes, her anus squeezing tight around your invading thumb and her vagina muscles constricting wonderfully around your wide flat tongue. The heat of her inners seems to double as her delicious honey spritzes your eagerly extended tongue.

Jenna collapses atop you after a moment, your still dribbling cock in the space between her shoulder and neck. You're both breathing hard, after orgasm fatigue making your thoughts slow and vision spotty. Your tongue falls out of Jenna's slippery slot, a mix of spittle and nectar still linking you to her and your thumb falls away from her wonderful little butt and joins the other under her thighs. You're forcing yourself to take deep slow breathes when Jenna stirs and sluggishly begins turning herself clockwise until she is face to face with you. She is smiling even with globs of thick cum matting her fur and running down her face. She rolls herself to your side and you just look at each other for a while spent and enjoying it.

After you're both breathing normally again you start, raising and wiggling your thumb, "Jenna? I'm sorry I got a little excited with your..." "Oh, so that's what that was?" Jenna interrupts as she leans over in a 'just us girls' sort of way, "You know? I actually kind of liked it." she whispers into your ear, and then snuggles your cheek. Surprised and very pleased with the news, you hold Jenna close. A while later she perks up, "Oh gosh, we still need to bathe, we're going to be so late!"

You bathe each other quickly, one part to be sure to clean off any of your matted love from your fur and one part because it feels wonderful. You both try to rush but more than a few kisses and caresses are exchanged. By the time you get home it is extremely late and you have to endure a scolding by your respective parents. Even so, you both feel that it was well worth it.

Tales in Taboo: Jenna and Gilly 3

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Tales in Taboo: Jenna and Gilly

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