Anthropomorphic Biology

The science & philosophy of fantasy anthropomorphic biology introduction how can anthropomorphic creatures be? some of it just doesn't make sense to me, like how can their be both anthropomorphic animals, yet still feral ones?


Hgjysews's anthropomorphic canine history 1 Emergence of anthropomorphic canines(1143-1165)

From here, canines began to form an anthropomorphic tribal society anthropomorphic tribal canine life after the anthropomorphic canine appeared, there was a conflict with the original canine, and the anthropomorphic canine decided to slaughter all the original

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Anthropomorphic GeneSplice Subject X-203

This is my first story upload, just kinda like a warm-up before I try any serious stuff. Its about a very unfortunate man who the government gets ahold of. Its not about furries directly per say, but it could be interpreted that way....

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Hgjysews's anthropomorphic canine history 3 The appearance of the anthropomorphic jackal and the internal struggle for power(1185-1193)

**emergence of anthropomorphic jackals** while foxes and wolves were doing their own preparations, other canines were also evolving. in 1185, the anthropomorphic jackal appeared.

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SHK 10: Round 2A: Battle of the Anthropomorphs

"you know," she cooed, "i saw that you really liked my anthro. wanna see it again?" she quickly transformed into her beautiful anthro form. "now i want to see yours." yin backed away from her and told her to wait for him.

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A.W.E (Anthropomorphic Wrestling Entertainment) Chapter 2

anthropomorphic wrestling entertainment** **by marcus noble** **chapter 2** as i went through the curtain i was hit with a wall of sound. the combination of my entrance music and the cheers of the crowd filled my ears.

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A.W.E (Anthropomorphic Wrestling Entertainment) Chapter 1

anthropomorphic wrestling entertainment by marcus noble chapter 1 why do i feel so nervous? i did backflips off stone fountains in mexico city when i was a kid.

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I am the only human on a planet of anthropomorphic beings.

I am the only human on a planet of anthropomorphic beings by raven fox: a young human male who worked on an interstellar cruise liner gets ejected from his ship. he ends up on a strange world like 1950's earth.

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Hgjysews's anthropomorphic canine history 4 The Eurasian War(1206-1231)

#4 of hgjysews's anthropomorphic canine history ## eurasian war broke out in 1203, the situation in the canine world became more and more tense.

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Hgjysews's anthropomorphic canine history 2 Fox civil war(1176-1181)

#2 of hgjysews's anthropomorphic canine history in 1176, the fox civil war broke out. how did the fox kingdom treat the fox tribe. how did he fight this war?

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Anthro Majorum Chapter 2

anthro majorum chapter 2 the next morning, benjamin is the first to wake. stretching, his foot thumps the ground, waking the rest of the group.


Anthro Majorum Chapter 1

"to anthro major!" the others follow his lead and salute together, "anthro major!"