Attack in the Library.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#5 of Friends to lovers.

I'm still kinda stuck on what to do with it. I will figure it out eventually.

A few days passed since Belle and Andy had been on the school roof together. It was now Monday morning and Andy was rushing to get ready. He and Belle had been up with each other studying for tests until they passed out cold against each other. Andy almost choked on his toothpaste while Belle was scrambling to get a shower in. She almost slipped and fell as she got out when she finished, cursing a few times as she dried off before running to his closet for some clothing she had put in it. Andy pulled on his pants and shoes then pulled on a shirt. "Fucking hell. I didn't think we stayed up that damn late!" Belle glanced to him as she brushed her hair before pulling it back in a low pony tail. She pulled on some jeans and a hoodie before hopping around to get her boots on then pulling on the bracelet he gave her. "Come on! We are going to be lucky to make it." She grabbed her back pack and along with Andy hauled ass out of the house. The two ran the entire way until they hit the front doors of the school, both panting as they walked in. Andy gave Belle a quick kiss on the cheek before running off to his frist class. Belle smiled and left for her own.

Belle took her usual seat and didn't notice the looks she was getting from the 'bad boys' of the school. Tehy were lustful looks and huge grins. As the class went on Belle began feeling off with them constantly watching her and grinning. Belle finished her test right before the bell rang for class to let out. The rest of the day seemed to get more uncomfortable for Belle. She tried more then once to get time with Andy during their breaks between classes but he was almost always being pulled away by the sports teams or others. Belle finally gave up knowing she would get him after school. By the end of the day she was in the school library towards the back of the library going through books for the project, taking notes and such. She didn't notice that the library was rather empty excpet for a small group of the boys from her classes. These boys were usually the ones that skipped class or smoked pot in the bathroom while drinking vodka from flasks they smuggled into the school.

Belle had no idea that over the weekend. Selene and her tabby friend had sent that video the male had taken from the school roof to these guys and played it off as Belle being a willing slut for those that wanted it. It was what Selene wanted. She wanted Belle to suffer and this was just the start of the week. The boys all watched her from a distance while whispering to each other in hushed tones until they heard Andy coming. They all scattered and were out of sight as the fox sat down beside Belle with a sigh coming from him. "Fuck...the school wrestling team wants me to join...they have been crowding around me all damn day." Belle stood her ears up and looked at him with a raised brow. "Are you going to?" Andy looked to her then gave a bit of a shrug. He smiled and gently pulled her close, kissing her lips softly a few times. "I don't know yet...but come on I want food and I am sick of this school." Belle returned the kiss and giggled, hugging him tightly. He helped her back the books away before taking her back pack from her, carrying hers as well as his own as they walked out of the school then headed home.

When they got there Selene was sitting on the front porch waiting on them. Belle folded her ears back and glared at the feline who just ignored her and gave a sweet smile to Andy that was enough for him to want gag. Selene purred softly as she stood in front of Andy, looking up at him. " I have more for the project...but I need to see what you have done with your part of it Andy." The fox folded his ears back and glanced to Belle who growled softly and rolled her eyes before huffing. " We have is a part of the grade for this year...."Belle sighed and walked inside the house with Andy. Selene grinned to herself and turned, following the two of them inside. Belle kept her distance from Selene growling faintly as she watched her. Selene stayed by Andys side, purring to him as she looked to what he had done of the group project, constantly trying to press her body to his while she was standing beside him. After a while Belle closed her laptop, almost smashing Selene's fingers. "That is enough...we have work to do...leave what you have so I can work it into the presentation and get out of here." Selene hissed and narrowed her eyes at Belle, the two glaring at each other before Selene huffed and turned to leave. After he heard the front door close Andy grinned to Belle. "Damn that was rather sexy of you." Belle smiled and shook her head some as she moved to sit down at the table to start their homework.

The two of them worked till dinner before calling it quits. They ate and headed to his room where Belle laid across the bed. Andy grinned and looked at her laying there before joining her. She cuddled into his side and smiled as she looked him in the eyes before murring as he kissed her forehead. "I want to make you moan but fuck all I am tired..." Belle nodded in agreement with a small laugh coming from her as she nuzzled into him so her face was against his neck. "We can tomorrow at lunch..." Andy laughed himself and gently rubbed along her back until she fell asleep. He laid there, playing with her hair in his fingers before he fell asleep as well.

The next day neither had any idea of what would happen. The morning went as normal, each going to class and hanging out with their friends. The two tried to meet for lunch but the wrestling team had gotten ahold of Andy and pulled him away. He gave her a apologetic look before he disappeared. Belle sighed and shook her head a bit as she ate. The last class was canceled due to the teacher coming down with the stomach flu and no temp was avalible. So Belle used the time to go back to the library and get the rest of the project in order. Time ticked by until she decided to try and find Andy. As she stood up a large hand covered her mouth while the other gripped the back of her hair. The sound of a males voice hit her ears. "Make a sound and I will slam your head against this table..." The male was a large dobermen. Sadly he wasn't alone. Two others were with him, a large tiger and a husky, both grinning and snickering. They grabbed her back pack and books, moving them out of the way before pulling out some strips of cloth that used to be a bath towel. The Dobermen bound her hands behind her back tightly and bent her over the table roughly before gagging her with another strip of the towel before pulling out his cell phone. "See little boys and I here got a interesting message over the weekend..." He brought up the video, holding the phone in front of her face as the sounds of her moans hit her ears as well as Andy's. Her eyes widened as she looked at the phone before she began struggling hard. The male gripped her hair hard and pulled. "Don't will be the message attached said you like it rough....that your basically a slut for the school and have been servicing the football team before games...well now you have three new men to service and you have no choice in the matter."

Belle whined and wiggled around as he pulled her skirt down around her ankles. He used a switch blade he had in his pocket and cut her panties off of her with a chuckle. Belle growled and slammed her foot down on top of his own making him growl and pull back from her. Belle moved to stand up only for the tiger to grab her by the neck and push her back down on the table again. He held her down while the doberman moved back up to her, slapping her ass hard a few times before digging his nails into her slowly while the tigher moved to the other side of the table with a grin. The doberman pushed Belle so her head was closer to that edge while his hand moved down between her legs, pushing two of his fingers into her pussy and beginning to finger her roughly.

Belle winced and let out a muffled cry trying to kick at the male again only for the Husky to grab her leg and bend it up onto the table to pin it down. The tiger undone his pants and pulled them open, freeing his thick nine inch cock before pulling the gag from her mouth. "Open up bitch." Belle kept her mouth shut as she closed her eyes tightly. The tiger growled and grabbed her nose, holding it closed so she would be forced to open her mouth to breathe. When she did he stuffed his cock into her mouth, thrusting his hips so his cock moved into her over and over while his claws grazed against her muzzle while he was gripping it. The doberman snickered and fingers her harder before pulling his fingers free. He soon undone his own pants, freeing his ten inch cock. He didn't wait or try to get her wet. He stuffed the entire length of his cock into her while gripping her hip in one hand, the other pulling hard on her tail. Belle winced and stiffened her body up as he did. She folded her ears back and bit down on the tigers cock as he stuffed it into her mouth again. The tiger let out a cry of pain and moved to pull back only to find her still biting down. He growled and dug his claws into her muzzle, making her let go before he slapped her across the face hard. "You little cunt!" The husky stood his ears up and watched the tiger move back with a snarl before snickering and moving to take his place.

The husky didn't take part in raping her. He just held her muzzle shut while the Doberman was pounding into her as hard as he could, his nails digging into her hip from his tight grip on her. Belle had tears rolling down her cheeks as she opened her eyes to look at the husky, seeing a look of guilt in his eyes. He folded his ears back as he stared at her but kept her held down. The Doberman pulled his cock from her and let the tiger take his place. The tiger rubbed his fingers along her pussy before rubbing her juices and the doberman pre against her rear before pressing the tip of his cock to it, slowly sinking into her. Belle went wide eyed and let out a muffled cry of pain as she folded her ears back. The husky was moved by the Doberman. Belle would have cried out for help but didn't get the chance since the dobermans cock was stuffed into her mouth shortly after the husky moved.

The tiger soon had her ass stuffed and began thrusting into her while gripping her ass cheeks in his hands, his claws sinking into her skin as he pulled her ass cheeks apart while he sped his thrusting up with a growl coming from him. The Doberman was thrusting into her mouth while pulling on her hair hard a few times. The husky stood off to the side, keeping watch now in case Andy or someone else came upon what was going on. Belle had tears streaming down her cheeks as she finally gave up on trying to cry out for help or struggle. Soon enough though the Doberman released into her throat and mouth with his cock throbbing hard with each release. He pulled his cock from her mouth and covered it as well as her nose with his hand, forcing her to swallow his cum. When he let go she coughed a few times. The tiger buried his cock into her ass before releasing with a groan. He pulled out of her ass, dragging his claws along her ass cheeks as he did. The three stood there looking at her. The only one not grinning now was the husky.

The tiger and Doberman left her like that, bleeding from her muzzle and the claw marks on her hips as well as her ass. The husky bit his bottom lip and moved to her, undoing the binds on her arms and pulling out his phone, calling for help for her before he whispered. "I'm sorry...I tried to talk them out of it Belle...but they had their minds made up after the messages we got this morning..." The husky left quickly as Belle sunk down to the floor sobbing. A few minutes later she was being escorted out of the school and taken to the hospital. Andy had no idea what had happened since he had been in the gym being put through the wrestling try outs. One of his friends came into the gym and stopped everything, looking at Andy with his ears low, the cheetah biting his bottom lip before he spoke. "Andy dude we gotta go...Belle is being taken to the hospital." Andy stared at him in silence for a moment before growling and running out of the gym. The cheetah turned and left with him. "What happened Matt?! Why is she being taken to the hospital?!" Matt kept his ears low as he ran down the street with him. " I don't know. Word spread through the school that the cops came rushing into the library. The cheerleaders were the ones who saw Belle being brought out. They said there was blood coming from her muzzle and she was sobbing but wasn't telling what happened."

When Andy reached the hospital he hunted down the room Belle was in but a cop stopped him from going in, struggling to get him to calm down. " HEY! Settle down kid she is being treated for her wounds and examined! When they are done you can see her but settle down before I cuff you." Andy growled and pulled back, pacing around the hall. By the time the nurses and Doctors finished treating her and examining her his mother had arrived after getting a call from him. She folded her ears back as she looked at how upset Andy was as he stared into the room she was in. Belle soon asked the nurse to let him into the room to which Andy almost knocked the poor woman over to get to Belle. When he saw the claw marks on her muzzle he folded his ears back, moving to her and sitting on the edge of the bed, taking her hands into his own as he growled. "Belle what the hell happened?" Belle lowered her ears as she looked at him while his mother was speaking with the cops outside the room. " I was attacked in the library Andy...the leader of the three...showed me video of us on the roof of the school." Andy felt his heart drop as he gently squeezed her hands into his own before leaning in and pressing his forehead to hers. "Belle...I am so sorry..." He was at a loss of what to do. Belle soon felt tears rolling down her cheeks as she laced her fingers with his, taking a few deep breathes before pulling back and looking him in the eyes. "Not your fault Andy...I know who done it...and I told the cops after I first got here...But I don't know who took the video and sent it...they never mentioned it. They just said it had been sent to them over the weekend." Andy bit his bottom lip and nodded some before moving to lay down in the bed with her, gently holding her close to him. His mother leaned against the doorway, watching the two of them with her ears low against her head knowing she was the one who had to tell Belle's aunt of the attack when she got home that night.

While Belle was recovering in the hospital cuddled up to Andy and sleeping Selene was at her house with the tabby cat, grinning huge while he was thrusting his fingers into her pussy, looking over her shoulder at her cell phone where the story of Belle's attack was being shared among the student social media boards. Selene purred and shivered a bit, cumming on the males fingers before relaxing as she looked to him. "Well now...I think my day ended rather nicely...Now I just need to break the relationship up a bit more and Andy will be mine." The tabby yawned and shook his head some as he laid back in the bed they were resting in. "Little sis...your evil...Setting that girl up for rape wasn't what I thought would happen when I agreed to take that damn video for you." Selene kicked him lightly before sitting up and looking at him. "Oh please Darren...I didn't actually plan it...until she tried smashing my fingers in the laptop the other day." Darren rolled his eyes before laying his head back to sleep while Selene went to shower.

A shy fox changes.

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The night she met him.

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From the streets.

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