5-Year-Old-Fievel In, Exploring The Ship. (On The Way To America.)

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#5 of Denny Mouse And Fievel Stories

It is a part of a possible series, but I guess I am uploading them in the wrong order. Denny isn't in this one, but belongs to the same series.

5-Year-Old-Fievel In, Exploring The Ship. (On The Way To America.)

Story Warnings; Scat. Scat Consumption. Watersports. Urine Consumption. These stories are intended for entertainment purposes only, and are NOT intended for child grooming. There are no Human characters in this story. If my stories are misused in anyway, I will surrender them to authorities. Be responsible for your own actions. Please Note, I do not consume poop myself.

Fievel got up, he couldn't sleep for some reason. He snuck out of the main mouse room, and then began to roam the hallway. Denny was sleeping deeply, so Fievel would be exploring alone. This suited little Fievel well, as he liked exploring things alone. He came to the room where he met Tom, and saw he was in there, sleeping on a bail of hay. He walked past that room, and past several rooms, before coming to one with the door ajar. Most rooms the doors were shut. He roamed into the room, and found another mouse, sleeping alone. He appeared to be no older then Fievel himself. There were stuffed animals in the room, as Fievel explored a little further.

"Do you always barge in on others while they sleep?" asked Ryan suddenly.

"Sorry I was just, trying to." Fievel was at a lose of words.

"Did you want something?" asked Ryan.

"I was just exploring, and wondered in here. The door is open." said Fievel.

"So is there anything you need?" asked Ryan.

"Well, can we hang out for awhile." asked Fievel.

"Wanna play with me then?" asked Ryan.

"Would I?"

"Is that a yes?" asked Ryan.

"Oh yeah. So what is it we are doing?" asked Fievel.

"Well, what would you like to do?" asked Ryan.

"Haven't you ever played before?" asked Fievel.

"Yeah I have played, but not like how you are wanting to play." said Ryan.

"And how is it you think I want to play?" asked Fievel.

"Well there's only stuffed toys in here." said Ryan.

"I know that, we could play with some of those." said Fievel.

"Are we going to take out our penises?" asked Ryan.

"We could strip completely." suggested Fievel.

"I'm not sure what it is I am doing." said Ryan.

"Well then just follow my lead." said Fievel, who was experienced because of all the stuff which Denny had done to him, through the years. Fievel and Ryan were standing close, as Fievel placed a paw onto Ryan's front, where his penis is. Fievel moved his paw about some. He could here a crinkle sound, as he could tell Ryan was wearing a diaper underneath.

"So what do we do next?" asked Ryan.

"Just follow my lead." said Fievel.

"So I touch you, like this?" asked Ryan. Ryan reached out, and then rubbed at Fievel, where his crotch is. There was a crinkle with Fievel too, as Fievel blushed.

"I guess we're both wearing diapers." said Fievel.

"So now that we're rubbing each other, what do we do next?" asked Ryan.

"Well, we can take off our clothes. Didn't you ever peepee slimy fluid?" asked Fievel.


"Well then, you'd better just learn it from me then." said Fievel.

"Will it hurt?" asked Ryan.

"That all depends on your definition of pain." said Fievel.

"I don't know what you mean." said Ryan.

"Well at first, when you peepee that stuff, it seems a little like pain." said Fievel.

"Is it enjoyable?" asked Ryan.

"It usually is. And it's usually only on the first time, that it sometimes feels a little like pain." said Fievel.

"So what do we do next?" asked Ryan.

"Well, Denny always takes his clothes off." said Fievel.

"But then we'll see each others penises." said Ryan.

"That is the point of it though." said Fievel.

"The other thing is, I believe I must poop." said Ryan.

"To Denny, that is always a good thing." said Fievel.


"Cause it makes us something more to play with." said Fievel.

"How do you play with pooping?" asked Ryan.

"Well there's a lot I am going to have to teach you then." said Fievel.

"Could we go on a plushie?" asked Ryan.

"Well I've never thought of that before. I usually eat it for Denny."

"That sounds kind of gross, but in a way, arousing." said Ryan.

"And how do we do that?" asked Ryan.

"Well there's more then one way we could." said Fievel.

"Oh I see."

"Well what would you like to try?" asked Fievel.

"I just don't know." said Ryan.

"Well how bout I lay down, and then we'll go from there." suggested Fievel. Fievel did a little dance, and then began stripping in front of Ryan. He took off his shirt first, and then proceeded to take off his pants.

"Hey wait Fievel, stop at your diaper." said Ryan.

"Okay." answered Fievel I a single word. Ryan himself took off his clothes, and then stopped at his diaper. And then the two mice reached down each others diapers, feeling at each other's penises.

"So what do we do next?" asked Ryan.

"Well, we could take off our diapers." suggested Fievel.

"Should we take them off each other?" asked Ryan.

"Well that won't be too hard, we're both wearing pull-ups." said Fievel.

Fievel reached out, and then pulled on Ryan's diaper. Ryan felt a bit nervous, as someone else besides him would now see his penis. Fievel managed to pull Ryan's diaper to his feet, as now Ryan's young penis was hanging out. Ryan giggled, as he then pulled on Fievel's diaper. He managed to pull down Fievel's diaper to his feet too. Now both of them had their penises exposed. Fievel giggled some now too, as he got to see Ryan's penis.

"Why are you giggling at it?" asked Ryan.

"I don't know, touch me." said Fievel. Ryan didn't say anything, as he reached out a paw, and then touched Fievel's penis. Fievel reached out, and then touched Ryan's penis. Now for some dumb reason, they both giggled.

"So do we poop on each other now?" asked Ryan.

"That depends on you, I think." said Fievel.

"But I though you had done this before?" asked Ryan.

"Sure I have, but not with someone closer to my age." said Fievel.

"So this is bad?"

"Oh hell no it's not bad. Actually, it'll be nice to play with someone my age." said Fievel.

"What do we do next?" asked Ryan.

"Want to try that other thing?" asked Fievel, as they both toyed with each others penises.

"Yeah I would, it shouldn't be much different as when I do it for myself." said Ryan.

Fievel got into a laying position, stepping out of his diaper. Ryan got out of his diaper too. They were now completely naked. Fievel grabbed his feet, and then Ryan got down on all fours. He approached Fievel, and then got between his legs. He began licking Fievel's anus, as Fievel quivered some. It felt good, on the other paw though, it tickled some. Fievel liked it though, as Ryan brought his tongue across Fievel's ass. Ryan also brought it across his balls, and part of his penis too. And then returned to his anus again. Fievel only began to press, when it felt like his mouth was over his anus. Ryan lapped and licked Fievel's anus, as Fievel began pushing to poop. Ryan could taste it, but didn't seem to mind, as Fievel pressed his poop out further.

Ryan just continued doing the same thing. He seemed to not mind, as Fievel pressed out more. Ryan swallowed as Fievel pooped. Ryan also found his penis getting erect, as something within him was liking this.

Fievel began panting, as he finished pooping out everything he had in him. Ryan swallowed it for Fievel, as Fievel felt orgasm go through his body.

"Oh Fievel, now I guess it is your turn?" asked Ryan.

"Yeah it is. Just get into the position which I was in." said Fievel.

"Yeah okay, I'll lay down like you. You're not going to fuck my ass, are you?" asked Ryan.

"How do you even know about that?" asked Fievel.

"Because I watched my dad and some other guy do it once." replied Ryan.

"Well, only if you want to try that." said Fievel.

"I might want to try that." said Ryan.

"Well okay then, just let me know when." said Fievel. Ryan got into Fievel's position, and then grabbed his feet too. Fievel got down on the floor just like Ryan had. Ryan was holding his foot-paws, as Fievel got between his legs. Fievel grabbed at Ryan's cheeks, and then pressed them apart. He began licking at Ryan's anus, as Ryan quivered some.

Ryan began pressing some, trying to poop. Ryan knew as he pressed, that his poop would be going into Fievel's mouth. Even still, Ryan continued pushing to poop, as he also continued to quiver some. Fievel's tongue felt amazing on his anus, as he continued pressing to poop.

Fievel didn't mind as he lapped and licked at Ryan's poo. His penis came up, getting erect, as this actually excited Fievel quite a bit. Fievel began masturbating some, as he munched on Ryan's poop.

Ryan felt his poop begin sliding from his body, as Fievel just swallowed it for him. Ryan himself had an erection, as he pressed more of his poop out into Fievel's mouth. It really felt good pooping with someone, in this way. His poop disappearing into Fievel's mouth.

Fievel swallowed as fast as he could, tasting the pungent flavor. This was actually a turn on, as Fievel masturbated faster. He didn't however want to lose his cum load just yet. Fievel was thinking, that maybe it might be fun to fuck Ryan.

"Oh Fievel, want to fuck my anus then?" asked Ryan. Fievel finished what was in his mouth.

"Well Ryan, I don't mind if you want to try it." said Fievel.

"Could you rim me a little more first?" asked Ryan.

"Well of course Ryan." said Fievel. Fievel licked and lapped at Ryan's anus, sticking his tongue into his anus as best he could. Ryan moaned as Fievel did his best to rim Ryan's anus. He soon got up, and then laid his penis on Ryan's penis. Their penises were close to the same size, as Fievel worked his at Ryan's anus. Ryan grunted some, as Fievel had placed some Vaseline on his penis, to penetrate Ryan easier. Fievel moaned in orgasm, as his penis penetrated Ryan's anus. Ryan's penis at first went back down, but soon after Fievel began the pumping action, his penis came back up. Fievel felt orgasm throughout his body, as he moved pretty fast in and out of Ryan's anus.

Ryan felt Fievel's penis deep in his anus, as he reached over his own body, and then grabbed his penis. Fievel's penis had caused him some pain at first, but the pain was going away, and pleasure was replacing the pain. Ryan groaned as he moved his paw over his penis, his anus felt funny, but good with Fievel's penis in it.

Fievel felt great, as he moved his penis in and out of Ryan's anus. Fievel's orgasms were stacking up one on top of another. Fievel was moaning constantly, as he moved almost like some sort of rhythm. Fievel's body was giving him peak signs, as he moved his penis in and out of Ryan's body.

Ryan felt good about this, even though he was being fucked. For something that was so discomforting at first, it felt so well now.

"Oh Fievel this is making my body do something I am not sure what is." said Ryan.

"Almost a feeling of soon having to peepee in a way?" asked Fievel.

"Something like that." answered Ryan.

"That means your body is going to soon peak." said Fievel.

"It feels pretty damn good." said Ryan.

"Well that is part of the point." said Fievel.

"Well it also feels really good." said Ryan. Ryan groaned long, more like a moan actually, as droplets were hanging on Ryan's tip... the tip of his penis that is.

Fievel was really sure the same was happening to him, even though he couldn't exactly just look down and then see it. Fievel could however tell that Ryan was dribbling precum, as he panted.

"I am going to pee." said Ryan. Only he didn't pee. He squirted seminal fluid almost like getting rid of a normal load of cum. Fievel feeling this on his penis, also spat his seminal fluid, right up Ryan's anus.

Fievel and Ryan both panted, as they squirted once, then twice. And then three times, they both spat about eighteen times, before their bodies finally were done. Seminal fluid was leaking everywhere, as they both spat quite a lot of it.

"So you wanna switch and then try out my anus?" asked Fievel, as he pulled out of Ryan's anus.

"You mean you don't mind?" asked Ryan.

"No I don't mind taking on your penis." said Fievel.

"What is it like?" asked Ryan, as he got up, to let Fievel lay where he was. Fievel gladly laid down, and then spread his legs wide. Ryan got into a position, where's he could get his penis into Fievel.

Ryan placed some Vaseline on his penis.

"Are you sure Fievel?"

"Just do it Ryan." said Fievel, holding his legs, waiting for the pain, which always goes away, followed by a feeling of pleasure. Ryan pressed his shaft at Fievel's anus, Fievel grunted as Ryan penetrated his anus.

"Are you okay?" asked Ryan.

"Just fine, just continue." said Fievel. Ryan pressed himself as far into Fievel's anus as he could, and then pulled out some. Fievel groaned as Ryan began pumping his anus.

"That's it, you are doing well." said Fievel. Fievel moaned as Ryan moved his penis in and out of Fievel's anus. The pain for Fievel was subsiding as the pleasure replaced it. It was in a way, like Ryan was tickling something deep inside him.

Fievel felt his paws over his own body, as he teased his penis. It needed little persuasion to get erect, as he gripped his right paw around his penis and then began stroking it some.

"Here Fievel, have some of the Vaseline." said Ryan, who managed to stay in Fievel the whole time. Fievel accepted the Vaseline.

Fievel moved some into his paw, and then rubbed some into his already erect penis. This caused Fievel to moan, as he brought his paw across his shaft. He could feel Ryan's penis filling his hole pretty well with his penis. Fievel's body was quivering in orgasm, as he moaned.

"I'm going to pee on myself." said Fievel.

"Are you sure it's not just a strong, what's it called?"

"It would be the peak, of your orgasm. But this is really actually pee." said Fievel. Fievel peed all over himself, in an almost peak in orgasm. It felt almost as good as spitting semen. (Seminal Fluids) but Fievel did have some idea. He felt nice and warm all over where he peed, and then cooler and wet. It felt kinda good, given the warm heather. Actually, it felt good from that too. It was probably enhancing the feeling going through Fievel's body, as he didn't really try to hold any of it back. It squirted in spurts at times though, as his body neared another kind of peak. The pee soon cut off completely.

Ryan was going through what almost felt like the same thing as what Fievel had been doing, but then it didn't at the same time. He teased his body, realizing he could pee a little bit. Fievel seemed not to mind. Ryan continued pumping Fievel's anus. His piss dribbled from Fievel's anus, as he felt near what Fievel had felt. The pleasure of release, as you empty at least something within your bladder. But the feeling was even better somehow, a whole body orgasm, he'd not known, or just didn't remember. Either way, this Fievel did show him something, that he was enjoying. He even peed in his ass, and Fievel seemed to actually enjoy it some. A urine enema, loosening up what ever might still be in there. It wasn't long until this stopped, and even more pleasure was building inside of Ryan someplace.

Fievel could feel Ryan's penis unload a bit of pee, he could feel it in his anus, as some came back out. It seemed to give him an almost cum from the wrong place kind of sensation. It felt good when some would dribble back out. Fievel moved his paw over his shaft even faster, panting some as he did. His penis, the tip of it that is, had a droplet of something kinda slimy on it, he felt it on his fingers. Fievel moaned some, dribbling precum onto his belly.

Ryan was feeling the first vibes of full orgasm, as his body gave it to him... but no seminal fluids just yet. He felt orgasms stacking up on top of orgasms. It felt like he'd already spit, but then he felt that feeling again, it felt great, but he could tell, there was more to come.

Fievel felt his body quivering, as his orgasms were stacking a lot like Ryan's was. His body was still just dribbling a little bit.

Ryan knew his load, his full load was nearly on him, his body was tingling all over in a new kind of way, which he really was sure now, he'd never felt before.

Fievel's body was also tingling all over, his penis couldn't make up it's mind, in a way. It somehow managed to squirt with pee some, as his orgasm spread. It squirted about eight or maybe twelve times, before it stopped. His next peak was upon him, as he now squirted again, but this time it wasn't pee. Fievel moaned as his penis squirted. His penis felt like it peed, a long squirt, and then stopped, and then a long squirt like peeing again. Fievel panted feeling really good with orgasm, as it squirted again. He felt the seminal fluids landing all over his front, hitting his mouth with some of it. His penis squirted seminal fluids about eighteen times, as Fievel loved each and every squirt.

Ryan felt his body squirt into Fievel's body, as he moaned. He spat again, also feeling Fievel's body going off too. It in a way felt as though Fievel's body got his body started. Ryan pressed and pulled his penis in and out of Fievel's body, as his own body squirted seminal fluid hard. He felt in many ways, like peeing into Fievel again, but this wasn't pee. Slimy seminal fluid leaked from Fievel's anus, as Ryan continued pumping Fievel's anus.

Both boys were panting, as they tried to catch their breath. Ryan laid down on Fievel, as Fievel relaxed his legs. The boys held onto each other, kissing each other on the lips.

They smiled at each other, still holding each other as best they could.

"Well Ryan, so glad to meet you." said Fievel.

"Me too. I am glad we didn't do no waiting time." said Ryan.

"Well I just like meeting people. And of course, sex." said Fievel.

"You horny little thing." said Ryan.

"Why do you say that?" asked Fievel.

"I don't know." said Ryan.

"We're the same age." said Fievel.

"Oh. Well I am 4 months older then you." said Ryan.

"Well la de da." Fievel tilted his head. Ryan smirked, it wasn't really funny. "That was sure something you taught me." said Ryan.

"You did already masturbate by yourself, didn't you?" asked Fievel.

"Yeah I have. Thanks Fievel for showing me this." said Ryan.

"No problem, anytime." said Fievel.

"So where are you going Fievel?" asked Ryan.

"I must go, or momma and poppa are going to worry." said Fievel. Ryan had to get up. Ryan watched Fievel walk out of his door, but then he followed after Fievel. Fievel looked back, but made no effort to get away from him. He lead him, not minding if he slept with his tonight. Fievel moved quickly to his makeshift bed. Him or his age, made him forget about his clothes, which he'd pulled off on his own.

"Fievel!, didn't you hear me?" asked momma.

"What?" asked Fievel.

"Where is, "she looked around." where are both your clothes?" Ryan had actually grabbed something, but only his diaper.

"I forgot Maam." said Ryan, at the same time as, "I forgot my clothes." both answering at the same time.

"Well we have clothes which will fir you both. And why do you have Fievel's diaper?"

"We was playing naked sort of, when Fievel suggested heading home." said Ryan.

"How old are you Ryan, and where's mommy and daddy?" asked Audrey.

"I am five." answered Ryan.

"Why don't you stay here for the evening." suggested Audrey.

"Nah, I am going home." he sniffed and cried slightly.

"What is wrong?" asked momma Mousekewitz.

"A cat got my momma and poppa. I am all alone." said Ryan.

"Good, for now, sleep with us." said Audrey.

"Okay maam." The boys got fully dressed for bed. One piece pajamas. Fievel happened to have more then one set, so Ryan got to wear the other one.

"Well boys, off to bed." said Audrey.

"Together?" asked Ryan.


"So you're not mad?" asked Ryan.

"That doesn't matter just now, there's only one place for you two to sleep."

"Sorry Maam." said Ryan.

"That is okay, now off to bed both of you." said Audrey. The boys didn't argue. "Yes momma." said Fievel, as he somewhat excitedly went to his spot to sleep. Ryan and Fievel held each other for awhile, as they fell asleep that way.

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