Cats Do Like Water!

Story by Picklessauce69 on SoFurry

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Finally! I got some time to write! I've been drafting this one up while at work, scribbling down the ideas and all until I hammered them together! I hope you like it, just a fun little diddy! If you want to support more writing, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Even for $1 there's benefits (including for this story some behind-the-scenes glimpses at my notes and writing process and inspiration, etc.).

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Thunk! The door slammed sharply and broke the silence that had settled over the house since the clock had flashed "10:00" in it's pixelated, red letters. The door's tormentor gasped sharply at the sound, as though just realizing that anyone else would be sleeping. Her eyes darted to either side of the door, doing a sweep of the entryway for any signs of life. Only darkness met her glowing yellow eyes back, giving them a dim shimmer in the verified, sleeping house.

"Whew, I'd hate to wake her..." The leopardess muttered to herself as her long, speckled tail swished once before her. Bending at the waist, she plopped a bundle of bags down onto the tiled entryway with a little grunt as the weight lifted off from her shoulders and finally gave them a brief sensation of relief. Then, straightening, she rolled her neck slowly around as the faintest crackling of the kinks echoed out into the air. Reaching her arms up, the feline arched her back into a deep stretch towards the ceiling, aligning her spine and releasing the quietest feline whine. In front of the window, inset beside the door, the girl's fur caught on the moonlight so that the dark amber glinted in the light, sparkling the spots speckled throughout like the stars high above.

"Long day..." She grumbled softly, as though explaining to her sore muscles why she'd abused them so. With a little shake of her head, clearing away the numbers still swirling through a jumble of lingering Excel sheets and emails, she headed down the half flight of steps to slip into the bathroom before flicking on the light.

In front of the mirror she paused, the glare of the lightbulb above catching her off guard for a moment before, eyes adjusting, she fixed a steady stare onto herself. Her hair, a deeper shade of auburn that seemed to offset itself from her fur with just the faintest hint of red rippling the outward appearance of mere brown was secured tightly to her head with a twisted bun, held with a decorative chopstick set. At her temple, a few wispy tendrils were already escaping and curled on their own accord towards her head. Sliding a hand up, she massaged it over her face, trying to wake herself up enough to prepare for bed. Then, with a fluid movement, she tugged the pin out and let down her hair. It's cascaded in a perfect plunge down her back, each strand faintly curled with a gentle, sloppy wave from being twisted up all day that let it looked tumultuous when it landed against her back, still dancing faintly. All curled the hair caught the light at different angles, giving it a metallic, sharp coppered glow in some spots before it melded into the rich, strawberry hued auburn that lightened it to a dusky red. A thick chunk, overgrown bangs, fell over her face, just showing a hint of her full-lipped pout before she dipped her chin and began to work on the buttons of her top. The simple white button-up hugged to her top portion before it tucked briskly into a tight-fitting, smoothed pencil skirt that zipped up the back and cut off precisely, with a miniature slit, at her knees. One-by-one, the buttons began to come undone from the collar at her throat until the fabric yawned away, each side lazily drooping from it's brother on the opposite till the lace, scalloped edging of her bra began to show. A silken, shiny black shade cupped around her full breasts as they began to peek from the top, giving a glimpse of the smooth, downy fur that coated each orb. The shirt buttoned most of the way, showing only the inner edges of her clothed breasts, letting the nipple sit well-hidden behind the edge of the shirt and the dipping side of the bra while the girl paused to stretch her arms back.

A soft, relaxing moan escaped her lips as the ache of her arms, fixated all day in a typing position, worked out the stiffness. Simultaneously, her breasts jutted forward, forcing them to spill further from the straining bra. The lace seemed to be buckling, letting more of the soft flesh push forward to the very edge while her fingertips found their mark on back.

Swiftly, she tugged down the small zipper, sending its zzzt! into the air once before her skirt spilled away. It glided down her thighs, dropping off of her hips once it'd been freed to show the tight, pert curvature of her ass, now bare with a strap of lace showing at her hips of a dainty, matching thong in the same, supple lacing as the top counterpart. Sliding the skirt over her arm, the leopard finished with the top, rolling her shoulders back to let it slip down her arms and off before she stood, unabashed in the teensy bra and panties, to fold each article and lay it over the counter in a tidy pile and a deep sigh, finally starting to feel an escape from the work day with the uniform now discarded.

Stretching up once again, her breasts hefted up to her chest, reaching the height of the bouncy, perky shape while her neck tipped back. The long, smooth arc of her throat showed as her legs tightened, rippling the strength beneath their toned shape once before she started to bend back over, reversing her stretching just to catch her eye on something else.

On the counter, hovering now at the corner, was a single slip of pink paper, jagged at the edges where someone tore off a sheet of notepaper: "Take a peek behind the curtain."

For a second, her eyebrow lifted into a single, curved look of confusion. "The curtain?" Then, she turned enough to see the shower with it's curtain pulled tightly closed over the entire thing. "Ah ha.."

Stepping over, she pulled back the curtain only to have steam pour out from behind it. The heat seemed to wash over her feet, instantly sending a shiver of anticipation down her spine at the sight of the bath, filled over halfway with water still steaming at the top in wisps. Around the edges of the tub, sitting on top of the porcelain edges sat varying sizes of candles to tiny tealights in a range of pink and orange. The larger candles, housing three wicks with their naked tips waiting to be lit, smelled deeply of rich roses and lighter, underlying assorted floral. A box of matches sat at the rim of a basket, amongst an assortment: an large, squat jar with coarse bath salts, crumbly bath bombs, and vials of sloshing oils. She just groaned faintly, anticipating the feel of the hot water against her sore, stiff frame and already breathing in the faintest scent of the bath accesories just waiting to be added into the prepared bath.

She leaned over the tub, letting her tail whisk through the air behind while she lit a match with a soft whoosh to set flame to each awaiting wick. As they came to life, flicking light started to dance against the backdrop of the tub's frame. Reaching back up, she flicked off the overhead light completely, letting just the warm glow of the candles light up the bath in a dim, sparkling shade of yellow. Then, the salts started to soak in the water, sending a layer of eucalyptus and spearmint into the air, a relaxing, menthol type of smell that seemed to sear the leopard's mind clear of the day's events. The oils followed, enriching the hot water with their mixtures and concoctions for shinier coats, softer nails, more gloss, and overall healthier skin beneath.

The leopardess breathed out a long sigh, shaking her head once as though still surprised before she reached back to unhook her bra. The cups fell away, revealing twin orbs, perky despite their faint heft. A pert nipple sat atop each of the downy boobs, topping them with a little tufts of white where the pink of the teat showed. Tossing the lace garment aside, she bent just enough to peel the thong down her thighs till it puddled onto the rug. Her toes bounced up over the edge of the tub, easing into the hot water before the rest of her following into the perfectly cooled water.

Her nostrils flared slightly, drinking in the scents of the roses spread over the room, with the tinge of her favorite relaxation triggers that seemed to soak right into her mind. She felt her breath slowing, coming deep and easy now with the scents guiding long, drawn out inhalations. Moments later, bath bombs began to fizzle. The bubbles kissed against her skin, giving the fur a silken sensation from the oils doing their work already, softening and soothing. Her entire body just melted into the heat. Her shoulders released their constant clench, finally giving the muscles a break to just sit against the sides of the tub, letting water lap over her shoulders when she shifted. Both eyes sunk closed, just breathing deeply and basking in the hot comfort of the tub's hug.

Distantly, as though she was just imagining it, music started to strain out in a twanging way, as though coming from a tin-y old radio. The notes jumbled for a second before settling, playing the crooning voice of Sinatra: "Fly me to the moon. Let me dance among the stars... Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars...."

She smiled slightly, humming along and mumbling the words: "Baby, kiss me... in other words..." Then, hearing the quietest creak in her otherwise peaceful realm, her eyes crept open to see her housemate and girlfriend, a petite housecat, standing in the doorway. Framed by the door's wood edges and backed with the darkness of the sleeping house, just the girl's shilouette met full lighting, just giving a shadow of her frayed flannel top, hanging low to the top of her thighs and open at the front so her perky, small breasts peeked out, nipples seeming to play chicken with the very border of the top as they darted in and out just away from sight. Her legs, bare under the top, were lean and strong with her faint orange stripes criss-crossing over otherwise very pale fur, contrasting to the leopardess's deep copper hued coat. She smirked slightly, running one hand up through her thick, shoulder length locks- kinked from laying in bed waiting for her lover to return home. "Can I join you?"

The other girl just smiled, shaking her head once before she nodded. "Always."

The shirt quickly slide down her shoulders, dropping onto the floor in a rush before the cat crept forward, leg lifting enough to give a glimpse of her soft, velvet lips before the leopard's- Willow's eyes lifted to her face. Her gaze fell onto Melanie's eyes, drinking up the sight of her in the dim lighting before two hands found their way to either cheek, pulling the girl down until their whiskers lightly tickled into one another's and lips eagerly sought each other in a long, slow kiss. Silently, Willow thanked the girl for the bath, kissing her with the deep earnesty of someone coming home to the only thing that kept them going. She kissed her with a deepness past love, but to yearning. A romantic level of love that mixed friendship with equal parts lust and dependance. Sneakily, her hands snuck down, caressing the length of the cat's throat, and coaxing out a rich purr from her chest, before they sunk to her lower back.

The smaller girl settled overtop of the leopard, straddling her lap with both legs spread to fit over her hips. The water lapped up over her butt, wetting the base of her tail and tickling the little waves against the lips of her sex while their rough tongues started to lap out, tasting one another. The cat still had the mint of toothpaste clinging to her teeth and tang while the leopardess tasted of the dark chocolate she snuck after work, an indulgent flavor swapped between a hungry kiss.

Finally pulling back, Willow just sighed as a hand petted along Melanie's cheek, tucking hair behind her ear. "How did I get so lucky?"

A grin pulled the other girl's lips apart, showing the point of fangs with a saucy grin: "I needed a working woman to support me."

"Oh hush, you." A hand circled to the back of her neck, yanking her back into another kiss. This time, a growl bloomed from the back of her throat, hands diving down to her ass and pinning her forward to her chest with a rough, possessive grind of her hips forward. Their breasts mashed into one another, nipples playfully grazing when their motion lined up perfectly, sending teasingly darting bursts of pleasure through into their spine where shivers were building despite the heat. Steam wafted off from their fur, hot water only seeming to bring their skin to a higher temperature, amping up the sensation of hands groping and tugging on a pert rump, spreading her apart.

The hot water lapped to Mel's sex, especially with Willow's hands keeping her exposed and spreading, grinding slightly to the other's clit where it peeked out from between her lower lips. Melanie growled back, breaking the kiss with a playful hiss before starting to nip and bite down the length of her partner's neck, instantly sending her head leaning back into the edge of the tub, exposing her neck obediently as the dominance shifted.

Sharp teeth tugged at the other's scruff, teasing at her until all the skin seemed to be buzzing with life. Willow writhed, making the water ripple. The candles seemed to fizzle with them, sending hitters even into their lighting as Willow's first little moan went up into the air.

"A-ah...stop teasing me..." She muttered, almost biting on her tongue as a sudden, open-mouthed bite spread over the tendons in her neck, gripping around her perfectly so that she felt her blood rush beneath the squeeze of her girlfriend's both. Fingers, at the same time, suddenly found their way to her breasts. They teased at first, merely sliding down the length of her stomach, petting over her silken fur while it danced with the motion of the water. Then, they inched higher till they traced the very edge, only a ghost of a touch making Willow wiggle her chest up higher, and puff it out in hopes of catching the illusive touch.

Finally, they cupped her fully, giving a both-handed squeeze on either side that sent a gasp into the air. Thumbs sought out her nipples, already hard and begging for attention while the opposite side of her neck was assaulted with the same rough mixture of kisses and nips, meticulously placed over every inch so nothing felt ignore, but everything brought to life, simmering at the edge of excitement. Then, the kisses suddenly dipped lower. Her nose hovered at the water line when her lips nudged to the girl's belly button, kissing down her fuzzy tummy until both hands scooped beneath her butt, keeping her sex peeking half out of the water before her tongue, roughly textured, lapped up her entire slit like an ice cream cone.

Instantly, her little whimpers bloomed into a voice chested moan that bounced off the walls of the tub and echoed back to them. Her hips bucked, but Melanie held fast while she repeated the movement- no faster, no slower. Just the same, steady slurp up the length of her sex. Then, the water would lap over her sensitive flesh, exposed as one hand crossed over her thigh to let her thumb spread Willow open wide. Rosy, wet folds winked up to her as the water acted like a second attack, spreading heat and tickling at her with a soft, liquid caress.

Then, the tongue would come again. Over and over, the licking started to work at her. She felt her hips started to twitch harder. She writhed in the tub, finding the walls seemed to hold her in place, trapping her until the relentless tongue. Her fingers tangled into the other's hair, tugging lightly even when her clit rode beneath the motion of the steady, slurping tongue. The textured nubs of the sandpapery appendage rubbed over every inch, only teasing her dripping sex further.

Willow gasped into the air, finding her breath hitching as her tunnel clenched around nothing, begging for something inside her, something else besides this steady tease.

"S-s-stop teasing me!" She yelped, bucking up beneath Melanie's lips for a second, grinding her tongue for one mere moment to her clit before it just fell back into its rhythm, eliciting a groan of true torment.

"Awwh..." Melanie giggled, muffling the sound into a soft kiss on her leopard's thigh before her mouth shifted a bit, dipping even a bit under the bath water's edge so that she could seal her lips overtop of the girl's needy slit. Her tongue sought out the throbbing pink of her clit before the tip began to go to town. Holding her inside the hot, wet suction of her mouth, her tongue started to flick rapidly over the already edging, throbbing- pulsating clit. The little bud seemed to buzz to life with this sudden increase. Both of Willow's eyes went wide, flashing bright before her knuckles whitened, clutching to her lover's shoulder and hair, trying not to pull on her too hard as her entire body stiffened. Her back rolled, curling her forward as a muffled moan quickly escalated into a hoarse cry as a hard orgasm ripped through her, fueled with pent up tension finally escaping with a squirt of female juices, splattering over the housecat's lips just as she started to ease back.

Panting, Willow relaxed quickly, slumping back into the tub's wall. This time with a dazed, content tone, she mumbled: "How did I get so lucky?"

Not missing a beat. Melanie shot back, "Just gotta secure my welfare." Then, she shot over a pure, shit-eating grin with those fangs glinting again.

"Oh no, you didn't." The larger feline flung herself forward, sending a spray of water against the curtain, over the floor, and into some candle cups so that they fizzled and smoked up towards the ceiling. Her fingers dove down, rasping over the housecat's stomach before finding their mark, curling right up into the girl and pressing to her g-spot with a rubbing, but unwavering pressure.

The girl bucked once, moaning sharply with the first touch before Willow's lips went flush to her ear. Hot, thick breaths washed down into her hearing before raspy whispers started to go right into her ear: "You think you can just tease me? You naughty little minx you... You thought you'd get away with that? Hah! What do you think I do in my cube all day, hmm? Think I marvel over the beauty of Excel sheets or wonder why my cube neighbor's chair manages to squeak SO much? No- no. I think about you. I think about everything I'd like to do to you. I think of coming home, finding you strewn out over the bed, half-naked as you always are. I think of catching you distracted, watching Netflix with those big headphones of yours on and just, tackling you, tying you up all helpless with both hands pulled up, tied to that nice, ornamental hole in the head board with both legs to a post. You know the fun I'd have with you there? All exposed... helplesss..." She growl, deep in her throat as her fingers continued, rubbing, teasing as the thumb covered over the clit to double the stimulation.

"I'd just leave you there at first too. I'd just marvel at you. I'd take my time, spreading those pussy lips of yours, having a good long look at what is mine. I'd maybe take a taste, only one, little lick before it's just my eyes having you. I've touch each breast, massaging, tweaking those cute nipples of yours, but not for your benefit, just for me... memorizing you. Then, the fun would start! I'd get out your favorite toy... the noisy, ole Hitachi.... Oh how you squirm! Just the mention of it, huh?" Melanie was gasping, panting hard against her lower's shoulders, just quivering over her fingers, but Willow wasn't upping the anty at all, wasn't helping her to the edge. She was relishing in keeping her right there.

"I'd just hold that an inch above you, buzzing like mad. You'd almost feel it just before of the air movements around the attachment's tip. I'd hold it there, watching you squirm and writhe, let you feel how the ropes are holding. Let it sink in that there's no escape. Then, I'd settle it right onto your clit. It'd buzz, vibrate against that little clitty, just driving you right to orgasm and I'd just watch. I'd lean back, watching you clench around nothing, milking around nothing." A broad grin spread over Willow's face, hearing Melanie starting to whimper at her, pleading wit her name for help. "I'm so close, baby... Please." But, the leopard just ignored her, kept going, kept building.

"You'd ride through orgasm after orgasm, just having them rip through you when you couldn't hold on any longer until you were just seconds between, sitting on a hair trigger. Then, I'd untie you. I'd take you out. Maybe we'd go get dinner, re-fill your energy, but at the table... my hand would creep over. A single finger would rub you, knowing that your are already riding that edge, so sensitive, so needy...I'd get you to orgasm on every seat I can, leak you juices out onto my fingers so everyone knows you are mine."

Her voice cut off, broken when her teeth sunk down into the girl's shoulder, finally giving her pussy a hard squeeze, pressing right into the spongey cushion of her g-spot as her orgasm tore through her. Her entire body shook, hugged tight to the leopard so she didn't thrash in the tub. Ripples of water shot away from them, but Willow didn't release the girl until her breathing became a mere huff, tired and drained. Then, they both relaxed together, sinking into the water in a tangled, happy hug.

Willow smiled, giggling once softly with the thickness in her voice that only comes after a hard orgasm when the words slurr sleepily with a tinge of telltale lust still curling up the edges until Melanie looked over, one eyebrow raised: "And people say cats don't like water!"

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