Parttime To Fulltime

Story by Exveemon lover on SoFurry

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My third story! Hope there will be some improvement, as always feel free to give comment :)

"Why it is so hard to find a proper job?" Max sighed. He had graduated from university in last week. Since then he had tried every way to find a proper job but it seem he had lost all his luck, otherwise it was taken or the salary was a bit low. Yes he knew a week wasn't long and it was a common situation for the graduates ,but it was frustrating walking around the house and doing nothing in whole day. He could only encouraged himself that he could made it in tomorrow.

However, fate sometimes is tricky, Max received a call from his uncle.

"Hey, boy! How are you doing?"Max's uncle sounded a bit cheerful.

"Hi! Uncle Calvin, I'm good and trying to find a job now."Max answered.

"Ha Ha! I taught so, finding a job nowaday is difficult. Speaking of job, I need your help."

"What it is?"

"You remember I have opened a gym club right? Lily's father had a car accident last night and we are going to fly back to Canada. She will go first and I will soon follow, but I need someone to keep my key of the club for at least a week, so you're in?"

"Sure! You had helped me many times, sometimes I thought I can never repay you, this is a great chance."

"You are my nephew, a member of my family and family members don't owe anything between each other! So don't mention that again,OK? "

"W-well...Guess you are right, sorry about that."

"Shh..Back to the topic, I need you to come here asap, how long will you take?"

"I will start packing now, and your place is outside the city, It may takes half a day to reach your town, so I will be there at night. I will call you when I arrive."

"Good! Meet me at the club, I will give you more details when you arrive."

"OK, see you soon, bye."



Max had arrived in front of the gym door at 8:30 p.m., he couldn't get in without a member or staff card, so he rang the bell and waited.

Few seconds later the door was opened, he saw a bulky husky stood in front of him, a huge grin occured when the husky spotted the blue dragon.

"Hi! you must be Max! The boss is waiting you, come in."The husky didn't wait for an answer and pulled Max inside.

"H-Hi, how do you know it's me? I don't remember we have met before."Max was a bit puzzled.

"Kids, you look similar to your uncle, and there is only one visitor tonight, so it's not hard to tell."

"Oh I see, and may I ask who are you?"

"Name is Amos, the coach in here, nice to meet you."

"You too and Amos? Not a common name here."

"Yup, my father is from Greenland so that's where it coming from."

As the conversation continue, they arrived the reception counter and Max's uncle Calvin was waiting there.

"Thanks Amos, Mr. Stone has some questions about lifting, so may you help him out? I will take care of Max here."

"Sure, see you guys later." Amos patted Max's shoulder lightly and walked back into the working area.

"So, thanks again for coming, you have no idea how many problems can be solved by your present."

"Not a problem, besides I am sick in sitting around the house, so where do we start?"

"Let's start from here..."

Calvin led Max around the club, showed him every detail and things he needed to know and greeted another staff here, a bull name Zack. He wasn't as buffed as Amos, but his muscles were still definable. He seems to be a nice guy, the rumor about bad temper in bull wasn't fit at all. Zack's duty were cleaning and tidying the gym, he also needed to laundry the used tower and refilled them to the reception counter. To Max, his job was simple, greeted the customer , registered some simple informations, gave a bottle of water and a clean tower to them and saved their valuable belongings.

Max took an hour to fully understand the gym and his responsibility, when they were finished, it was the closing time of the gym.

"We close in 9:30, it may take half an hour for the customers to shower and dress and Zack will do the cleaning. Normally you can closed the door in 10 and you can get to my house to rest. A group of morning staff will open the door at 9 o'clock in the morning, so you don't need to get up early. Your shift will start at 3 p.m. , so don't be late."

"Got it, anythings else?"

"Nope, now just wait for the customers and we can leave. I will bring you to my house and help you unpack, after that I need to catch my flight, I'm leaving tonight,"

"Isn't that a bit rush?"

"The situation isn't good, Lily is already on the sky and I need to catch up, we don't want to leave any regret."

"Sorry to hear about that, bring my blessing to them."

"Thank you, I will do it and please take care of my property."

"You can count on me."


A week had passed and most things went smoothly.Max had became friend with Amos and Zack, they brought him to a nearby bar in second day, that was a great night, Max had been introduce to everyone and they started a party there.Max hadn't been so relax since last month, he could feel his pressure blown away quickly.

Later on he discovered many people in the party were a regular customer of the gym, they would chat with Max when they were in the gym. Max found that he had made more friends than his whole life during this single week, he started to like this town and maybe found a job here wasn't a bad idea. He asked his new friends about vacant position in this town, they agreed to help him looking around and his chance arrived quickly.

It was a quiet night, it's half past eight now and only one customer was in the gym. Max felt a bit boring, so he watched some movie on the internet and suddenly he heard the door opened.

A white tiger walked in, Max hadn't seen this guy in the last week. He was taller than Max over a head, he only wore a gym short, showing his muscular body to the world. What got Max most attention were the pair of bright blue eyes, Max couldn't broke the eye contact even the tiger had approached the counter. The tiger had noticed the blue dragon's stared, he gave out a warm smile "Hello?"

"Oh! H-Hi! "Max finally came back to reality, a very visible blush occured.

"Hey relax, I'm not going to eat you. Haven't seen you before, where is Calvin?"The reaction of the cute dragon made the tiger's smile bigger.

"Calvin is my uncle, he gets some family issue and he flew back to Canada last week. I will replace his position until he is back, my name is Max, nice to meet you." The blue dragon regained himself and offer a paw out, the tiger gave a firm shake and replied. "Name's Kelvin, I'm sorry to hear the news, please transfer my blessing to Calvin when you meet him."

"Thanks, I will sure do. By the way, I haven't seen you until tonight, aren't you a regular here?"

"I am a regular, but I went to a trip last week, just back home an hour ago and I can't sleep without some exercises so here I am."

"Then I better not hold you here, you only get an hour before we are closed, here is your water and towel, get any important things need to save here?"

"Nah, I live a block away here so I just get my key and the membership card only, see you later cutie." The white tiger gave Max a wink and headed into the working area, leaving a stunned dragon on his own.

"D-did he just...? Am I being flirted? I..." His brain was short circuit.


45 minutes had passed, it's near the closing time. Zack pulled Max to a side. "Hey, buddy, I need you a favour. I just received a call from my sister, she broke the shower head. I need to get home asap, so may you help me finish the rest of the cleaning? I have done most of it, it will only take you 15 min, tommorow dinner is on me, ok?"

"Sure, not a problem. Hurry and go, help me to say hello to Lisa."

"Thanks buddy, see you tomorrow." and the bull ran off.

Max shook his head slightly and head into the working area and started to clean the equipment. Kelvin was raising a dumbbell and chatting with Amos, they seems are pretty close friend cause they would bump each other a fist during their conversation.

When Max's cleaning process reached half, Amos approached in front of him and Kelvin got into the locker room.

"Hi, you doing good here?"

"Yup, these are simple, I only need 15 more minutes to finish these and we can go when Kelvin is done."

"Sorry not today buddy, the football match will start in 15 minutes, so I need to hurry, I will see you tomorrow."

"Oh I forget today is the finale, you should go now and don't worry about this, I can handle this."

"Love you, bye."


Max watched Amos ran out like Zack "Seems everyone is in a rush today, alright only few more place to clean."

After Max cleaned everything, he got into the locker room and intended to dry the floor, but the image surprised him.

Standing before him was a naked white tiger, Kelvin was drying his fur before a bench, it took him a bit off-guard but a huge grin quickly appeared on his face. He put his towel down and showed his well build body to the shocked dragon completely. "Didn't expect you come in so soon."

"W-well, I...." Max felt his brain short circuit again.

"Like what you see?" the tiger flexed his muscle a bit and drew the now heavily blushed dragon's attention more.


"Want to give them a touch?"the tiger teased a bit more.

"Come on don't be shy, I know you want this."

Max felt there was a force pushing him forward, he couldn't control himself and his eyes were locked onto the white tiger's body. As he got closer, his right hand slowly lifted on his own and his eyes locked to the lower part of the tiger. There was a big package hanging down there, his balls were as big as an orange and his sheath was nearly a can of soda.

Kelvin had noticed the dragon's sight, he used his right hand to cup under his package. "Oh...looks like we get a naughty draggy here uh? Come closer. Yea that's it, feel their weight."

"They are...huge." Max slowly knelt in front of the big tiger, he slowly reached out, each of his hand held a black striped ball, he could felt the weight on his hands, they felt so full, ready to shared their goods to the world. Max rolled his fingers a bit and gave some light squeezed, made the big tiger purred. A pink tip emerged from the sheath and a big drop of pre formed at tip, pulled by the gravity and landed on top of the dragon's muzzle. Max blinked in confusion for a few seconds, puzzled by the unknown liquid and suddenly realised what was that. He blushed a bit more and looked upward, greeted by a semi hard shaft and a grinning tiger. "See something you like?"


"Go for it, I'm waiting."

Max's hands reached upward, gave the base a few squeezes , teasing out more tiger meat. The scent of the earlier drop woke his libido, when he spotted another drop of pre formed , his tongue quickly licked it off. The taste drove the dragon wild, he felt a long hidden switch had turned on, his body temperature raised and his tongue now licking rapidly, his body was crying for more.

" it easy kid, I'm not going anywhere." Kelvin quickly noticed the change under him, " No way..." Kelvin recognized what happened, the dragon under him was in heat now, when a dragon's in heat, only two ways to end. Either you drained him to exhaust or he fulfilled himself on your passed out body.

"Guess I won't be bored tonight." Kelvin put a hand behind Max's head, giving a few scratches and guided the dragon's to his package.

"Here first." Max didn't hesitated, he quickly engulfed one of the ball in his muzzle. Although the tiger had just shower a few minutes ago, he could still tasted a bit "Kelvin" on his tongue and he loved it. He rolled his tongue around to get more of the taste until the whole surface was covered by his saliva and the taste slowly faded, so he switched to another testicle for more. The eagerness of Max made Kelvin chuckled, he never met anyone attracted to him like this before, it's a bit new to him, he could bet the dragon will agreed anything now, maybe... a pet?

The thought made Kelvin excited, he couldn't wait to try it out.

Kelvin pulled himself out of the warm muzzle, a whimper escaped Max's muzzle and the dragon looked to Kelvin with a puppy eye. The cute sight almost made the tiger surrender, he tried his best to look dominate.

"You want more?"


"What should you say?"


"Please what?"

"Please give me your cock!" The dragon blushed by his own answer.

"Why should I ?"The smile of Kelvin was evil.

"C-cause I... I..."

"Because I am your?"

Max hesitated a few seconds, his sight kept travelling between Kelvin's face and the juicy cock before him and finally he answered quietly.

"Cause I'm your pet..."

"What? I can't hear."


"Good," Kelvin gave a few pets on Max head, " Now strip, let's see are you qualify to be my pet." Max got up slowly and pulled his red hoodie off, showing his athletic body to his master, "Not bad, you look much cuter now, move on to the next part, show me how gift down there." Max blushed by the compliment , he removed his shorts and his package now fully exposed to his master, waiting to be examined. Max's testicles were slightly smaller than Kelvin but they still reached the size of tennis ball, his shaft was half erect and a small stream of pre was leaking out from the tip, " Impressive, the scale between your package and body height had shown me you're really gifted, now knee back down and resume your work, pet."

Max quickly knelt down and opened his muzzle to engulf the hot rod before him, it filled his muzzle immediately. He didn't need an order and started to suck eagerly, he used his tongue to tease the underside of the shaft, made Kelvin gave out a moan. A drop of pre landed on his tongue, this increased the hunger of him, he wanted more. He sucked harder and started to bob his head, everytime he withdrew his muzzle, his tongue would circled around the head to give more pleasure to his master.

"Damn, you're good, pet. O-oh, there's the spot, Yeah..."

Kelvin never experienced anything like this before, this dragon was gifted, this's the best blowjob he had ever, he could felt his hip moved on his own, facefucking the talented dragon. He grabbed behind the dragon's head and increased the speed and pushed the remain length inside the dragon's muzzle. One third of his tip shoved down the throat and made Max gagged a little but the dragon quickly adjusted his breath and squeezed his throat tight to gave more pleasure for his master.

The tightness made Kelvin groaned out loudly, his pre leaked rapidly now and his orgasm built quickly. This went for 15 minutes and suddenly Kelvin felt something wet touching his toes, he looked down in confusion and surprised by the sight. Max's dragon shaft was fully hard, the shaft would throb in every few seconds and a small stream of pre had linked to a puddle on the floor, he could see the puddle got bigger every few second.

"You're a slut, aren't you? Look at the mess you made, you are not even being touch!" The blush on Max's face looked redder, he could felt the heat of his body increased and a sudden pleasure washed through him, made him moan loudly.

Kelvin's right foot paw stepped on top of the dragon's cock, pushed it downward and sandwiched the cock between his paw and the floor. Kelvin could feel the powerful pulse under his paw, he slowly rubbed his paw around and smeared his whole paw pad with the dragon's pre. He used the pre as lubricant and jerked the dragon hardly, the moan of the dragon and the increased volume of pre showed the tiger Max was closed, it increased Kelvin lust and the moaning pushed the tiger closer to the edge, " P-pet, I'm c-close, be ready..." But Max cut him off by a roar, the dragon reached his orgasm and shotted out his seed rapidly, coating the floor and the still jerking paw pad with his thick cum. The increase vibration also set Kelvin over the edge, he held the dragon's head tightly and shot his load directly down the throat, the locker room echoed their moans for 30 seconds and their orgasm finally died down.

Kelvin pulled out of the warm muzzle and gave the last few shot on the waiting tongue, the taste made Max purred slightly.

" That was my best blowjob ever, good job pet, guess you earn a reward," Kelvin sat on the bench, eyelevel with Max and gave him a passionate kiss, their tongues wrestled with each other, sharing the tiger's seed and moaned into each other. The kissed for a whole minute and separated in panted.

"Should known you are a good kisser by the performance of the blowjob."

"Thank you, master." Max blushed again.

"You are such a shy one, pet." Kelvin chuckled a bit "Nevermind, cause you get a talent muzzle, I guess I should use that more." He pulled his soaked foot paw in front of the dragon face, he ordered. "Clean up your mess."

Max leaned his tongue forward and started to clean his master's foot paw. He lapped at the toes first, they were coated in his own cum, the taste of his own made his cock raised again, this got his master attention. "You are such a pervert, but I like it." Kelvin watched the dragon cleaning his footpaw, enjoying the soft and skillful tongue running around his paw pad, suddenly an idea popped inside his head, an evil smile appeared on his face. He pushed his foot paw against the dragon face, forcing the kneeing dragon laid backward, this made the dragon's hip bucked up a bit, flapped the now hard member on the abdomen. The dragon yipped in surprise and it quickly turned into a moan, Kelvin's another foot paw stepped on his member, squeezed the head hardly on his abdomen, made his member oozing precum again.

"Return to cleaning pet, you are only halfway done."

Max resumed his licking and tried not to distract by the pleasure. The white tiger moved his foot paw again, jerked the length slowly, teasing more moan from the dragon. As time passed by, he slowly increased his moving speed, stimulated the dragon more, pre now flowing freely from the tip, soaking the dragon's abdomen shiny. Finally Max finished cleaning his master's footpaw, he turned his head aside, catching a breath and enjoyed his master treatment. As his footpaw was cleaned, Kelvin moved it on top of the dragon's package, he gave out an evil grin and dropped his footpaw onto the exposed testicles. The pain pleasure made the dragon groaned loudly, his body twisted and a huge group of pre shot onto his belly. "You like it,Uh?" Kelvin pushed his footpaw downward a bit, increased the preasure and made the dragon groaned again, shooting out more precum. "Yea, that's it, shoot, shoot more, your balls will be empty when the night end." He rolled the balls under his footpaw around, giving enough presaure on them, tried to make out a big orgasm from the dragon. Max couldn't help, his whole body was twisting and sweating, his head rolling around and his hand holding in a fist tightly now. The pain and pleasure were a bit much to him and his orgasm raised quickly.

It onlt took a minute for Max arched his back and howled loudly, he came onto his chest and abdomen, coating them in pure white. Max felt like he's in heaven, his mind was completely blank, the only thing he knew was pleasure. This took a whole minute for Max's orgasm ended, the dragon now laid on the floor helplessly and panting rapidly. Kelvin had already retracted his footpaws but Max's cock was still jumping and shooting small spurt of cum every few seconds.

"You know, seeing you twisting around and cumming were adorable and arousing."Kelvin chuckle lightly.

"T-Thanks, that was a great orgasm,master." Max finally caught his breath and answered.

"Good you like it, but we are not done yet." That got Max attention, he faced to his master and found his master was fully hard again.

"Can I have a break,please?" Max pleaded in a puppy eye.

"Haha, nice try but not gonna happen," The white tiger waited for an answer and pulled the dragon's legs on his shoulders. He gave a playful slap on the hip and spread them apart, showing the pinky tailhole to him.

"Let's make you ready." Kelvin slowly licked around the hole, teased a slight moan from Max. He played it for a while, enjoying the murmured moan from his adorable dragon and decided to push things forward. He took some cum from the dragon's belly as lubricant and pushed a finger inside the hole. He circled his finger around, teasing the dragon a bit and tried to find the dragon's prostate. It didn't take long and his finger found the button, he pushed another finger inside and tickled the prostate lightly. Max gave out a loud moan, he felt his body heated up again, sweat started to form and his cock was back to alive. He could felt his master fingering his hole and playing with his prostate, every time the button was pressed and his cock would throbbed and a small drop of precum would oozed out. A minute later, Max was panting and sweating heavily, his power was all faded and his body felt like a doll, completely at his master mercy.

After 5 minutes of fingering, Kelvin pulled himself up from the bench,dropped the legs from his shoulders and separated them apart.

"Let the fun begin." Kelvin poked his member around the hole a few times for teasing and finally pushed in slowly, "Damn, you're tight even I finger you." He stopped when it reached to one third and slowly pulled back out until the head remain. He waited for a second before pushed back in, this time pushed a inch more in the dragon. In and out, in and out, Kelvin stopped when all his length buried inside, he looked into the dragon's half closed eyes, waited for the dragon to adjust his size, afterall he didn't want to hurt the dragon.

Max could feel the careing from the white tiger's eyes, his heart felt warm and an adorable smile occurred on his face, he gave a slight nob to signal the tiger he's ready.

The smile made Kelvin's heart melted, he finally found the one he wanted to spend with the reset of the life and he swore he wouldn't gave up this adorable dragon from now on. He returned with a heartful smile and slowly pulled out from the dragon until his head remain, he pushed with more speed and force this time, hit the spot directly and made the dragon moaned like a bitch. Every time he pulled himself out, he would jammed his cock inside with more speed and force, soon Kelvin was fucking in full speed.

Max was now grunting and moaning and groaning, his cock was slapping on his abdomen and spilling precum everywhere, he didn't held long, the rapid pounding on his prostate pushed him into third climax, cum rushed out from the dragon's balls and spilled out in every directions. Kelvin didn't stop his fucking instead he rotated the dragon in 90 degrees left and continued the fuck. He knew dragons were quick cummer, but their amazing testicles afforded they could go many rounds in one night, they could increase the time between orgasms and stamina with suitable training and many sex experience, so many hot porn movie especially orgy would got at least one dragon participated. Luckily Max wasn't trained or well experienced, although he's in heat but Kelvin got confident to drain the dragon before he reached his own limit.

The wild fuck continued, everytime Max reached a climax, Kelvin would rotated the blue dragon another 90 degrees, stimulated a new area inside the dragon. When their face finally met again, Kelvin finally reached his second orgasm tonight, he picked the dragon up and bit lightly on his neck and filled the dragon with his warm cum, claimed him as his property. This sent the dragon to orgasm again, coated their belly with a mess, the whole locker room echoed by their howl, and a large puddle of mixed fluid , mostly from Max, were formed on the floor.

Their orgasm last for a few minutes and finally died down. Kelvin dropped both of them on the messy floor, made the lower half of himself and the back of Max covered in white. Kelvin leaned forward, hugged Max into him and kissed him deeply, they enjoyed the kiss and afterglow for a while, when Kelvin broke the kiss and pulled himself up, their front were linked with Max's cum, they both chuckled at the sight.

" I always feel amazed by the production rate of dragons." Kelvin shook his head a bit and tried to brake their "link" with his hand.

"Yeah, it feels great although the cleaning is time taken.Let me help you a bit." Max leaned forward and licked away his own cum on his master hand.

"You are such a horny slut but I like it."

"Thanks, master and I-Oh!" Max moaned slightly because his balls were in his master's hand again, the white tiger rolled them around and examined the content inside.

"Guess you get more loads inside, huh? I will not let you go until you're dry."

"O-Oh yea....Please...master...make me cum...I need it...Uh...squeeze them...milk me dry...Ah..."

"As you wish, draggy." And he started to jerk the dragon to another orgasm.

As the night continue, Kelvin fucked the blue dragon to orgasm after orgasm, they would change position when Max reach climax and a passionate kiss when Kelvin reached his. During the white tiger's afterglow, he would continue to stimulate his pet to orgasms until he was ready for another round. When the white tiger reached his five orgasm, Max finally closed to his limit, he had lost the count of his orgasms. His whole body felt sore and his mind was lost in the sea of pleasure, his no longer hard member laid on his abdomen, slowly oozing out his cum.

When he thought it's over, his master left hand grabbed the base of his member, squeezed it hard to prevent the blood flowed away and his right hand jerked the overworked and hypersensitive member to full hardness.

"AAAAAH!!! I'm done! P-please stop! M-master!" Max howled loudly.

"Nope, you are not, you are still oozing cum and I said before I will not stop until you are dry." Kelvin replied evilly and increased his jerking speed. It only took a minute for Max to reach his orgasm again, his member throbbed a few times and shot a weak and small group of cum.

"See? Still get something inside..." Kelvin quickly licked off the cum, he engulfed half of the poor member inside, sucked hardly and his right hand turned to attack the blue dragon's balls.

The great pleasure hit Max hardly, his eyes rolled into his head, he felt he was going to pass out. It only took 30 seconds for Max to reached the limit and with a hard squeezed on his balls he howled as loud as he could and he got a most potent orgasm in his life. His balls writhed in the grip, combined all the remain hidden seed and shot them out in one go, a big stream of cum shot directly into Kelvin's waiting muzzle, he rolled the load around his muzzle, treasured the taste and finally gulped it down. He spotted the dragon was passed out, he chuckled a bit and gave a kiss on his forehead. "Sleep well, my draggy."


Max awoke by the sound of water , he opened his eyes and found he was in Kelvin's embrace and the were sitting in the shower, the white tiger's left hand wrapped around him and his right hand was washing him clean.

"Oh you're awake? Do you sleep well?" Kelvin gave a warm smile to him and asked.

"Er...I guess so, how long am I out?" Max was still a bit puzzled.

Kelvin gave a few nibble on his nick and answered.

"One and a half hour, it took half an hour for me to get rid of the mess on my fur and a whole hour to clean the locker room. You awoke a few minutes later when I started to clean you up." He continued the cleaning.

"U-uh...still a bit sensitive and thanks for all that. M-master..."Max blushed again.

"Not a problem but you're still in that? I thought it was a one time thing."Kelvin was a bit surprised

"Y-you don't want me?" Max whimpered and tears started to fall.

"No! I...I meant the master and pet play, not the whole thing, I will not given you up to anyone, draggy. I was about to ask will you stay with me seconds ago and..." He was cut off by a kiss, Max had kissed him deeply, they shared the moment for a while, "Yes, I will, I will stay with you as your boyfriend or pet if you like, but you need to give me some times to find a job inside this town, afterall I'm just helping my uncle here and he will be back in a few days."

"Not a problem at all, I own a company and my secretary just quit a weak ago, are you in?"

"Sure! Boss and I guess I'm all yours, master."

"Good to know, pet."

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