The Box - Dbear and Dogbruin Commission

Story by saintajax33 on SoFurry

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Sometimes in life you just need to trade up from a boyfriend to an obedient pig.

Commission for dbear and Dogbruin

The Box

I've learned there is no such thing as 'too much cheap beer' when I'm around the Donavan brothers. Those two will find a reason to bicker about anything. Oh god, like the time they had the hour long fight over the difference between a cantaloupe and a musk melon. Tonight was no different, they'd looked over the menu and instantly started bitching about something that I needed to tune out as quickly as possible.

So I started to drink.

My partner, Lance, tried to get me to stop after my third mug, but at that point I had tuned him out along with the Donovan brothers. Though, I made the mistake of forgetting that Lance was "Sir" as well as my partner... and if I had been paying attention, it would have worried me more than a little when I saw how calm he remained when I ignored his request. I never blatantly ignored him when he told me to do something, but by now I was on sixth mug, and just after our entrees arrived I managed to say something I really... really shouldn't have.

"You guys just need to fuck again and release some of that tension." I said calmly as I cut into my steak.

The two otters across from me went completely silent, and their faces turned beet red.


That was something Lance had told me in confidence, and something I wasn't supposed to know. The two brothers had fucked years ago on one drunken lonely night, and both of them secretly wanted to do it again, but neither one had the balls to bring it up. I watched as the two of them glanced at each other awkwardly, before they deflated in their seats.

I smirked softly as I finally had some peace and quiet enter my ears, and I happily went back to eating my meat. I am a bear, and we do need a lot of meat shoved inside our guts.


The rest of the night was lovely, the two otters barely said a word as we enjoyed the remainder of our meal... but from the way their scents changed as time went on I realized that the two of them might be considering my advice.

We said our goodbyes after I sobered up some, before Lance and I got in our car. The big boar didn't mention anything on the car ride back, or even when I got home and took my place as his sub. I stripped off my clothes, placed my collar back on, and popped my septum ring back in, swapping out the retainer I had for work. I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, and prepared for Sir's nightly routine when I heard something that made my spine tingle and caused every muscle in my body to cease.

"Pigpen," my Sir's voice said calmly as he walked up behind me. Instantly my arms fell to my sides, and my mind began to fog. The room seemed fuzzy as that boar's hands grabbed my belly and he pressed into my back.

"What you did tonight was really out of line, pet." My Master said.

"What did I do, Sir?" I asked, my fuzzy brain replayed the evening, struggling to grasp just what I had done.

"You let those otters know I shared their secret, if I hadn't seen them fucking in the back of their car before I left, I'd have a feeling their trust in me would be pretty compromised." Sir said calmly as the boar reached around and took my white orbs into his hand, before he started to slowly squeeze down on them.

"But that means I did well, right Sir?" I asked, starting to panic as those fingers squeezed tighter and tighter, that soft pleasure slowly turning to pain.

"No. You spoke out of turn, and you didn't listen to me when I told you to stop drinking. Maybe you need some more time in The Box..." The boar said as he leaned in and let his tusk gently tease the back of my white furred neck.

"Sir! No... please... I didn't mean to... please not The Box!" I cried out as I heard those words.

I'd only been in there three times before, and each time was more horrifying than the last. It'd started out simple enough, just a night of some kinky bondage or so I thought anyway. I remember stepping inside of it that first time, and then everything went black. I remember some things like something vibrating in my ass, the feel of rubber against my fur, and the taste of cum on my tongue, but not remembering isn't the scary part, it's what Lance could do to me after I'd gone in the first time.

All he'd need to do is say the word "Pigpen" and suddenly my body would lock up, and I couldn't move unless he gave me permission to again. There was also something weird about this state, when I'd come out of it I'd forget everything that happened while I was in it and that I'd even been in this trance at all. It was like being compelled by a vampire.

The second time I'd gone in The Box I came out with this septum ring, and I went from a portion-weighing muscle bear to a potbellied carnivore, all memories of my former clean eating ways having faded away. I couldn't get enough meat or processed food, and my waistline was starting to show it. Every day I grew closer to being as thick as my Sir.

The third and last time was by far the strangest. I went in, and when I came out I'd somehow gotten shorter than Sir, I went from towering over him to at least a foot shorter. And when I looked down at my balls I noticed they were much bigger, and permanently stretched down a few inches. They hung lower than I'd ever thought they could. The next day when I went to work, I found out I'd been in The Box for an entire week. Sir had called in for me, and told them I had the flu.

I felt a squeeze on my balls again, and I yelped, "Are you listening?" He asked sternly.

"Yes, Sir!" I answered without hesitation.

"Than what did I say?" He asked, his hand starting to tug on the balls that sagged half way down my thighs, painfully stretching them.

"You said you were gonna put me back in The Box!" I said, wishing I could sag down a bit to relieve the pressure between my legs.

"No, after that. When I explained what you could do to get out of it." He said as his dick pressed between my cheeks as if he was trying to remind me.

I paused, trying to rack my brain for what he was talking about, but I must have zoned out. I folded my ears back and finally said, "I didn't hear you."

He clicked his tongue is disappointment. "Oh well, I guess it's about time you go back into The Box... and I think, this will be the last time too."

"What do you mean 'last time', Sir?!" I asked with panic in my voice.

"Don't worry about it, you won't even remember asking the question..." He said calmly as he walked over to a corner of our room, my eyes tried to follow him, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to look in his direction. I heard him speak again, "You may see it now."

My eyes finally moved as I was commanded and they looked in the corner, and I grimaced as I saw The Box. I don't know how I'd missed it, the thing was like a long black coffin that ate up half of our entire room. The walls behind it were covered with sex toys that I didn't even know we owned, and my brain was having a hard time making them out.

I watched as my Sir undid the brass locks on the outside of the large leather box. He opened it, the black rubber inside calling to me, my cock already starting to get hard as I looked at that cavity that would soon embrace me.

I looked at my Sir, that big boar was grinning from tusk to tusk as he stroked his cock. "Now be a good toy, and get ready to go back in your box."

My body was on autopilot as I walked over to the walls and started to grab things off the walls. A rubber pig tail butt plug, a leather pig hood, a set of mitts, kneepads, and finally a bag with medical gear. I started by sliding that plug in, popping it right under my stubby bear tail and into my hole.

I looked at the pig hood in my hand's next. It felt heavy. That leather seemed to feel a lot heavier than it should as I looked over it. It seemed so familiar, like I'd worn it before, and who knows, maybe I had. I brought it up close to my face, taking a deep breath inhaling that rich leathery scent. And I shuddered as I finally pulled it over my face, and to my surprise it locked with my collar, like they were made to go together. I gave it a tug, and I gulped as I realized it was not going to come off.

I felt so strange looking out of those holes for the eyes, the tip of my new snout just at the end of my muzzle as my every breath was filled with that leathery scent, the smell of sweat and something else that I couldn't quite place. I set the bag down at my Sir's feet, the boar grinning as he started to sort through it.

I put the knee pads on next, and then finally the mitts. I looked over them for a moment, they were different from mitts I'd seen in the past. These were designed to look like the feet of a feral pig, and the locking strap had a padlock on it. I shuddered as I slipped it on, and mentally the weight increased tenfold. It felt like my entire body was screaming at me to put my new foot on the ground. A voice tickled at the back of my head. It began to whisper that's where a pet belongs, on the ground on his knees and trotters, his back arched to show off his pigtail.

The thought terrified me, because I had no idea where it'd come from. I'd never been into any of this before, and for some reason each passing second was making my arousal grow, and need rise inside of me. Though, I could not tell what this need was for. I just knew I needed something. I managed to put the other mitt on, but I couldn't lock it in place. Between how insanely heavy they suddenly felt, and my lack of fingers, it was impossible.

I heard my Sir chuckle and then he walked over to me, before saying "What's the matter pork chop? Can't get everything on by yourself?"

I nodded, and he said "Here let me help you." He reached up and he locked it in place. Then, something strange happened as he ran his fingers over my rubber mitt, I swore I could feel the sensation, it was like something running their fingers over my skin. I went to say something, but for some reason my mind turned it into a grunt on the way out.

He took a step back and just seemed to take me in for a moment. He held up one of his fingers and made a spinning motion, and like the puppet I was, I spun around for him, which was followed by a grunt of approval.

"There. You look so much better like that." He said with a grin that made me shudder, before continuing. "Now go stand in The Box."

My body moved as I tried to think of some way out of this, something I could say or do, but I was trapped in my own mind. I had to watch through those eye holes as I stepped into the box, turned around and rested my back against the bottom. I could feel the rubber against my fur as I started to sweat. I watched as Lance held up a sterile bag and let me see what was inside, I didn't know what it was at first, but my eyes soon found the tag that read 'Catheter'.

I squealed with panic as I watched him tear open the plastic wrap get to work. He got down on his knees in front of me, and I tilted my muzzle down to watch him. He took the tube from the plastic, lubed up the end, and then he reached up and grabbed my cock. He stroked it softly, even leaning in to give it a soft kiss, before he took the end of the tube and teased my piss slit with it. I whined with worry as he held my shaft still and pressed that tube inside of me. I whined as I felt that pressure start to slide down the slit of my shaft, inch after inch of that tube sliding down the wrong way of a one way street.

I wanted to squirm. I wanted to kick him away. But I just laid there and took it. I gritted my teeth as the last few inches slid in. He scooted a cup of ice water over to him he'd gotten from somewhere, did he know this was going to happen? He took a clear syringe and filled it with the water, and grabbed an extra tube that was attached to the one inside of me. He injected the tube with that cold water, and I yowled as that ice cold liquid rushed through the tube chilling my dick and my insides as I felt something inflate inside of me. It must have been something to keep the tube from slipping out easy.

I shuddered when he gave it a testing tug. He nodded in satisfaction and he reached over to grab something from the medical bag. It was another sterile bag with a tube in it, he lubed it up again, and he walked over to my, he grabbed my snout, and I shudder as that same sensation that the mitts had washed over me. He lubed up the end of the tube, and he pressed it through the hole in the snout that connected to my nose. I'd seen one of these before on one of those doctor shows I used to watch, it was a feeding tube. I could feel it as it pushed out the back of my nose and began to slither down my esophagus into my stomach.

When he was done he let the tube dangle from my nose, gently swinging back and forth, gently teasing my belly as he walked over to the wall of toys and grabbed a set of leather disks. He walked back over to me, and I soon found out what those bits of leather were for. He placed one over my eye hole and something like magnets caused it to snap into place, he repeated the process with my other eye and I was cast into darkness.

I felt my Sir take a hold of my tubes and hold them out straight as I heard him close me in, locking The Box's heavy brass clasps shut, trapping me inside. I heard a soft hum come from inside, and I felt the walls of that trunk start to inflate, sandwiching me between that hot rubber, squeezing me, encasing me in that rubber chamber. Even if I could control myself I wouldn't be able, the pressure now holding me in only allowed me enough room to squirm and not much else.

I thrashed a bit, my movement making the rubber squeak around me. I panted inside that hot rubber box, whimpering as I began to wonder how long I'd be in here this time, and what might be different about me next. I was trapped there in complete silence, left with nothing but my own thoughts. I wondered how I got into this mess, how I'd let my boyfriend control me this much, and if I'd actually asked for this or if it was forced upon me.

I couldn't remember.

I don't know how long I was in the silence, without a clock or light it was impossible to tell. But after a long while I heard something click on in my hood, and then speakers inside it began to play.

"I'm a good piggy", I heard myself say in my own voice. I racked my brain trying to remember when I recorded this, but like with so many things I just drew a blank.

"I'm an obedient piggy," my voice said again, "I will do anything my Master says." My voice would pause between sentences as if it was trying to let the message sink in. "My job is to make sure my Master is always happy."

"My Master is my world," I continued, "My Master is the only cock I need."

"I am just a mindless, happy pet piggy," I said softly.

"I love everything my Master does, like pipe smoke, rubber, leather, and getting myself milked."

The message started to repeat on endless cycle. I kept having to hear myself telling me what I was supposed to be, the only sound in my ears was my own, the words repeating over and over again, reinforcing the message within me. I tried to ignore it, and think of anything else, but those words would always worm their way back into my mind.

I felt the tube in my noise shift, and then I felt something cold sliding through it and into my stomach, filling me up. It was almost pleasant at first to have that full feeling again, but then I felt wrong. It was in a way that I hadn't felt since college when I tried those LSD tabs, I felt as if my whole body was starting to float in that rubber cocoon, colors shifting like a kaleidoscopes behind my closed eyes, and finally the words in my ears began to take shape like a vision.

I watched as I debased myself for my master, my fuzzy bear body doing everything I could to make him happy. I would let myself be used as a footstool-- his muddy boots resting on my back as he puffed on his pipe. I watched as that smoke became tendrils, slithering down to my muzzle, those smoking fingers tickling my chin before they forced their way up my nose, forcing me to inhale that deep rich scent.

My mind flashed to an x-rayed version of myself, like the kind I'd seen in cartoons. I could see my cartoon skeleton, and I could see my brain. It was divided into colored sections labeled as obedience, freewill, intelligence, submissiveness. I watched as those smoky tendrils worked their way into my brain and began to wrap around the parts that read as freewill and intelligence, and they began to constrict those parts of my brain, the tendrils turning into heavy chains, and locking themselves firmly in place.

It felt... good.

No! It was wrong! My mind was my own... even if my words sounded so good in my ears. It'd would have been so nice to just let go.

Give in.

Be a good piggy for... Sir.

My skin felt like it was on fire and frozen at the same time, like something was happening to me that I couldn't control. My bones ached, my face hurt like I'd been beaten to a pulp, and I felt wrong... like my skin wasn't my own.

I tried to sleep... or at least I think I did, when your world is a lucid dream you cannot tell when you're awake or if slumber has taken its place. Every time I felt myself coming down off my trip, he'd feed me again and the whole process would start over again.

Though at some point something did change, I felt the box open between one of my trips, and something slide down on my cock, before a tube was shoved into my muzzle. I felt two similar pumps put on my nipples, and then I felt the suction start on all of them, before I got another dose of the drug causing me to trip, and The Box was closed again.

I groaned as I felt that rhythmic squeezing on my cock, teasing my shaft as my balls churned. I wanted to thrust into it, but I couldn't because of the inflated rubber around me. I felt my body tense up, and I came into that sucking tube around my dick, shot after shot of hot jizz seeped inside of it. I panted around that tube in my muzzle, before I tasted what that tube was for, it was connected right to my dick and every last drop of cum shot into my muzzle. I could taste that sticky salt, taking note of how thick it was, normally it didn't get that thick until I'd gone a week without.

How long had I been in here? It was at least a week... maybe, maybe more... maybe less. I just.... I don't know.

Oh god, I wanted out.

Someone let me out. Please, can you help me? I can't it in here anymore.

I felt the drugs kicking in again, and I became a void within the space, my mind cascading me with images and thoughts, and somehow in my drug induced state I took note of a new voice playing along with my repeating mantra of being a good pig.

"Almost there piggy. You're almost a good boy for your Sir. Just a few more cycles, and you'll be everything you didn't know you could be. You'll be mine, and mine alone, my obedient piggy. My Piggy that loves his nipples played with. My piggy that can't think with his cock because he can't feel it. My piggy that only gets off when I play with those big sensitive nipples that are being milked just like that useless piggy cock. Give in piggy. Give in to Master. Master is all a good piggy needs. Piggy is Master's nice fat pipe piggy."

Lance's... no Master's voice kept repeating over and over again, interlacing with mine.

That milker never stopped, it teased my sensitive flesh of master's good Piggy... I.... no The piggy whined and squirmed as it's nipples were teased and played with, they were its favorite place to be teased.

I... me... Piggy.

Master..... good, what was it talking about?

Where is Master?

The piggy need to make master happy....

The piggy wants to be good for Master.

Want to suck on Master's pipe...

What where... why so dark. I... the piggy...

Head hurt... Piggy go to sleep now.


Lance glanced down at the reminder on his phone, and the words "Pipe Pig's Release" were scrawled across it. He grinned softly, stroking his cock and thinking about how he couldn't wait to see what he'd done. He puffed on his pipe, letting the smoke roll from his muzzle. Ever since he'd gotten that experimental drug from his friend Ervin, he could not wait to try it out. Could he really break someone down and form them into his image?

It'd worked in small doses, but this was the first time he'd tried to do such a major change to Sam, his boyfriend... well pet. He was a sweet kid, but he wasn't what the boar was looking for, in fact he'd almost broke up with the bear before Ervin had suggested that serum, and so far it's worked pretty well. He'd already been so much better, ready to serve him at the drop of a code word. The bear had even started eating real portions of meat again without thinking about it, and his body was slowly becoming what he wanted. But it was time to see if that boy could be the pet he always wanted.

He ran a paw along the leather trunk that held Sam, his fingers sliding to the clasps and unlocking them. The pressure in the trunk began to dissipate with a soft hiss, and he took a step back from it. He watched as the door slowly swung open, and he looked at what was inside. The bear's soft white fur had turned into a coarse brown, the pig hood and blinders were still in place as well as the three fingered pig hooves on his hands.

The large boar let out a soft wolf whistle, before he said, "Step forward."

Without hesitation the hooded creature stepped out of The Box, his legs shaking a bit as he used them for the first time in a month. The boar walked around Sam, his eyes going up and down that creature, his eyes tracing down the boy's back, to where the bear's stub tail had once been, and grinned as he saw how that pig tail plug had shifted, replacing that stub and leaving a curled pig tail in its place.

He reached forward and gave it a tug, the bear in front of him oinking as he did. He gave that bubble butt a quick squeeze, before he walked around to the creature's front. He held his pipe firmly between his teeth and reached down and tugged on Sam's new PA piercing, before reaching forward to stroke the bear's flaccid shaft.

Why can't feel it, why is it numb? Sam thought, before he heard a voice in the back of his head whisper, [i]"Piggies don't need to feel their dicks." Sam's worries melted away as he heard that, and instead he just straightened up, showing off his useless dick to his master. He took in a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of that pipe smoke, his cock starting to rise as it filled him. His mouth watered, and he could think of was having the taste of that smoke rolling over his tongue.

Lance slid his hands over the creature's belly, licking his lips as he looked at those new larger nipples, which were topped with barbell piercings. The boar reached forward and touched them, and instantly a deep pleasure filled squeal escaped the blinded bear's muzzle.

"Oh? Does piggy like what I've done to his nipples? Does he like how good it feels?" He asked.

What Sir has done? What did Sir do? Sam managed to think before the sensation began to overwhelm him, and his knees began to shake.

"YES! YES!" He squealed, "It feels amazing, Sir!"

Lance just smirked, and kept rubbing. Sam squirmed, squealed, and panted, until finally his knees gave out and he fell to the floor. The sensation was just too much, his cock raged between his thighs, and that numb appendage pulsing underneath his heavy gut as pre-cum dripped off of his PA.

"Up," Lance commanded as he walked over to a full length mirror and wheeled it over to the blinded pig.

"Do you know what I've done to you piggy?" He asked as he guided that bear in front of the mirror.

Sir has made me... piggy... into... what has Sir done? He thought, before saying "No Sir."

Lance leaned forward to one of the pig's leather bound ears, and whispered. "I've made you better. I've made you the slutty pipe pig that I knew you could always be." He put his finger on the clasps of the hooded creature's collar, and said "Let me show you."

He undid latches that held the hood in place, and he pulled it off, before tossing it to the floor. Sam looked at his reflection in confusion, his eyes were the same bright green they'd always been, but his face wasn't what he remembered. It was like it'd been molded to the inside of the mask he'd worn while he was in the box. He glanced at the small white tusks sticking from his face and he reached up to testingly touched them with one of his three fingered gloves. He wiggled them, making sure they were real, before touching the flat pink pig nose that now capped his muzzle, and then sliding those fingers up to play with his flippy notched pig ears.

"Well, what do you think, piggy?" The boar asked. He reached down with a set of keys and started to unlock the binds that held the new pig's mitts in place.

That can't be... piggy, piggy is bear, not... no piggy is pig. Piggy is supposed to look like pig. Piggy is better this way. He thought before saying, "piggy loves it Sir. It is what piggy should look like."

"Oh? And what do you think about these?" Lance asked as he yanked those mitts off, and let Sam see his new hands for the first time.

"I like them", he said as he looked down at those new pigish trotters, testingly touching his fingers together as if trying to determine if they were real or not. He looked at himself in the mirror at what he'd become, tracing over his new features, the image of his former self seeming to fade as he looked at it deeper. He was finding it hard to even remember what he'd looked like before this.

The pipe smoke hit his nose again, and he turned his head back towards Lance, sniffing the air as he looked needily at the pipe in his muzzle.

The boar grinned, "Want this piggy? Then bend over and let master try out your new ass."

Sam did as he was told, bending over and reaching back to spread his cheeks, showing off that puckered pink hole under his curly tail. He wiggled his ass, and Lance laid his thick cock between those spread cheeks, before he took his pipe and placed it in Sam's muzzle. Sam took a large puff, and that new pig shuddered as he tasted it for the first time. A soft pleasure filled groan escaped his lips and he felt his balls churn as a need grew in him, the need to be filled by his master.

He let the smoke roll from his mouth, before he arched his back and let out a needy oink. The boar behind him chuckled softly. He lined himself up with that new pig hole, gave that curly tail a teasing tug, and trust in burying himself in that new pig.

"You're just the slutty pipe piggy I always wanted," he said with a soft grunt as he bred his new pig, "well... almost. I just need to do one last thing."

He bent over that pigs back, letting his gut rest on Sam's back. He reached under him and started to stroke the pigs nipples, "Cum for me, pig. Cum for your Master and let every single one of those naughty non-piggy thoughts drift away. The only memories you'll have left are being my good pig, and nothing else, understood?"

No... I... piggy am more than this... piggy is... ah thinking too much. Head hurt... just want to be master's good piggy. Sam thought as he squealed around his master's dick, feeling that hot thick pole slide in and out of his hole as his nipples were rubbed. He felt his big fat balls start to churn, his body start to weaken, and his mind cloud. That boar knew how to tease those nipples to make sure the pig was brought to the edge, but he wasn't so overwhelmed he fell to the floor again. He tried to hold back as some part of him didn't want to follow his master's request. Some part deep down inside wanted to stay, but the sensations grew too much, and finally that numb boar cock flexed and what was left of Sam shot out with his cum, spewing across the bedroom floor.

Lance squealed in satisfaction and he thrust forward, his hips meeting that former bear's ass, and he came deep in his pig's ass, knowing he'd finally got what he'd always wanted.

A mindless obedient pipe pig.

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