[SotO] Chapter 1: A new home

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#1 of Shadow of the Oasis

I promised you a new original story and I will now fulfil this promise.

I hope you will like this story as much as my last one. The setting is much different now and this is not a fan story of any movie or game but this time it is an original story in its own universe.

As announced (https://www.sofurry.com/view/905650) this story will follow the life of a male lion and his new pride.


All characters in this story as well as the story are copyright by me (Imya). Please do not repost or use characters without permission. You may do fan art of the characters (this is very welcome) but please link the story to the fan art.

This story is pure fictional and meant for entertainment only. All actions and characters in the story are pure fantasy and in a fantasy world.

The age circle in this story does not follow human standards but the standards for each respective animal that was used as reference for the characters. For legal reasons all actors of this story are adults (in this fantasy world).

This story does contain sexual and erotic content of feral big cats also involving cubs and adolescent big cats of different species with an adult lion.

If you are under the legal age for your country (normally 18),feel offended by this or do not like this kind of content please do not read any further. For the rest: Please enjoy.

Shadow of the Oasis - Chapter 1: A new home

Chuma sat on top of his favorite rock next to the waterfall and watched the cubs play near the water. Behind him the small path at the cliff went up and behind the waterfall where their cave was located. It was around 30 feet over the sea where the cubs where playing and there was another 30 feet to the top of the waterfall. The rock he now lay on while basking in the sun was only 10 feet tall but he loved this place. It was high enough to see a large area even through the first trees of the jungle around and flat so that he could even take a nap. He just needed to lay here to make the cubs feel safe. There was no real danger in this part of the jungle that could endanger the cubs. The only animals around were small and prey for them. The humans did never come this far into the jungle, not even the hunters. And if they were to come by chance he would hear them from miles away and could bring the cubs into the den. Humans would not be able to run along the small path at the cliff.

The bundles of fur below him were very different and it was also a very strange story how they all ended up here. Chuma was the oldest of all of them and an adult lion of 4 years. He also was the only male cat in this part of the jungle but how had he ended up in a situation to babysit 5 cubs and adolescent and all females on top of it? He closed his eyes and remembered all that happened.

3 months ago he still was a rogue lion that left his pride like a lot of young male lions did. He went through the savanna to find a place for himself. He did not have any vision on what he was searching for. He had lived this live for over a year already because he left his pride shortly after becoming an adult at the age of nearly 2 years. He was not as lazy as most of the other male lions and very good at hunting and so he became strong and big because he never went hungry.

Then there was the fated encounter that changed his life for the first time. One night he hid from humans that pierced more and more into the savanna with their guns and stinking metal wagons. By coincidence they decided to camp near the hideout that he found for the night and he peeked on them while making sure to stay in the bushes. He was very smart and knew that these humans were hunters who wanted to kill all the animals. One animal though was caught alive by them. Chuma smelled it before seeing it. A young lion cub, a month old at most, was laying around in a box. It was too small to climb the high walls of the box and too weak to jump out. While Chuma observed the humans he noticed that they had a few freshly killed lions, a few female and a male, with them and started to skin them. He was sure that the mother and the father of the cub was one of the dead lions. He waited until they went to sleep and then he sneaked towards the box with the cub. It began to cry for help when he closed in and it picked up his scent and steps but he rushed to the box and slipped a paw over its muzzle. He managed to pick the cub up with his muzzle and silently carry it away. By the time the sun was up and the humans most likely noticed the missing cub they were already a few miles away and Chuma hid for a few days together with the cub until he was sure the humans were not around anymore.

The first weeks had been very hard for him suddenly caring for a cub. The small little girl, it was a lioness, was not used to anything else than the milk of her mother and it took him a long time to cut small pieces of meat for the cub and make it comfortable with eating solid food. Because the cub was so small he called it "Sanura" which is Swahili for Kitten. Sanura had a very light fur and in her face there were a lot of dots like freckles.

Two more months Chuma traveled with Sanura and he had to carry her a lot of times in the first month because the cub was still too weak to travel long distances. He tried to find a pride that would take the cub in because it was very troublesome for him as a rogue to travel with a cub. But he also did not want to leave the cub out in the savannah to die. After two months Chuma smelled a few lions and went into the direction of the scent until he found 3 older cubs hidden in a cave, one of them bleeding on her leg. From them he heard that their pride just was attacked by hunters and that none of the adults survived. They had tried to fight the hunters but even though they might have killed one or two of them they had no chance to fight against their rifles. Only these three cubs survived from their big pride. There was a white cub that turned out to be 7 months at that time but was nearly as big as the others with the name "Kamaria" which meant moonlight. She got a crescent formed marking on her forehead and was the youngest of them even though it did not look like it. The other two, a black panther cub with the age of 9 that was black from head to toe without any markings with the name "Bina" which meant dancer and a nearly black dark furred 11 months old cub, the one with the deep scratch from a shot on her left leg, with the name" Kani" which meant sound.

Chuma decided to take them with him because it was too dangerous with the hunters around and he was too soft to leave them to die as well. Shortly before they arrived at the oasis, a place said to have hidden places where the humans would not go, they came across an adolescent cheetah called "Aisha" which meant life. She had a funny marking on her forehead. The dots on her light fur formed a figure that looked like a tree. She had just parted with her family, something that was normal for cheetahs her age, but with the hunters around was looking for protection and a place to hide. Chuma offered her to travel with them and after he told her where he was going she agreed directly. They avoided the city of humans on the one side of the Oasis and went deep into the jungle where no human ever went until they found this little utopia for themselves.

Chuma yawned and looked back to the cubs that were still playing. In the last months they did not change much. Kamaria was still as big as the others even though all of them grew a few centimeters. Only Sanura still seemed very small even though she was much bigger than 4 months ago when he rescued her. He yawned again and laid his head on his fore legs. When he imagined finding a pride with females he never had envisioned it to be like this. Instead of a leader of a pride he was now a babysitter. The only difference to his old pride where he had the duty to watch the small ones was that there were no older lions nagging towards him. Chuma noticed Aisha, the cheetah, leaving the others and going for the bushes. She went to release the pressure of her bladder behind the bushes but from his position Chuma was able to see the head of the cheetah while she relieved herself. Instead of going back to the others the spotted cat moved towards the path towards their den and soon crossed Chuma.

"Enough from playing with the other girls?" he asked and lifted when the girls passed him. "I am just taking a short break and grab something to eat." Aisha replied. Just this morning Chuma had been very lucky. He caught a small okapi which he brought into the den and there was still much left for a snack. "That is a good idea. I felt a bit hungry as well. Mind if I come with you?" he asked and Aisha just shrugged her shoulders and went on. "Sure. I don't think you need to sit there all day long." She answered.

Chuma followed Aisha up the path and behind the waterfall into the den. In here the rushing water erased all sounds from outside but Chuma was not afraid. He knew by now that there were no dangerous animals or humans around here and if the cubs would hear something dangerous they knew how to get here. A slight sour scent made him look up to Aisha who was just arriving at the leftovers of this morning. Her tail went back and forth like she often did when she was preparing to eat and under it Chuma saw a glistening under her tail. He noticed directly that she did not clean her nether region after going into the bushes. With a sigh he closed in to her and moved his muzzle under her tail.

"You really should clean up after relieving yourself Aisha. You are a lady after all." He scolded her and ran his long tongue a few times over her sensitive pink flesh to clean up the remains. He had washed Sanura many times and so he did not think anything by doing it. Aisha yipped from the touch of his tongue in surprise. "What are you..." she started but then his explanation seemed to have gotten through to her and she seemed a bit embarrassed about it. "... you are right, excuse me." She added shyly and turned her head towards the meat again and started to eat.

It was nothing new that she held her tail high while eating, a habit he had chuckled over before already. But this time his reaction to it seemed different. He could not tell why but he was unable to draw his eyes away from her saliva coated snatch. The taste of the remains of her urine still was on his tongue but in addition there was another taste. He sniffed the air and there was a very faint and innocent scent around. She was sure not in heat, else it would have been stronger, but his tongue had most likely made her pussy juice up a little bit as a reaction. She was still too young with being just 14 months old to have any thoughts about mating but her body slowly seemed to at least understand arousal. From her reaction he was sure that she did not notice anything and her mind was not connecting it but the innocent taste on his tongue and this scent made him aroused without him wanting to. He felt his penis slowly creeping out of his sheath and soon he smelled his own musk. Aisha did not notice any of that. She was occupied with the meal in front of her and with her nose in the bloody flank she did not pick up any scent. Chuma went a bit closer and took in the innocent scent of Aisha. It was not strong but refreshing. Close up he saw a single drop of fluid on her lips. Her flesh was of a pink, nearly white color. She was young, not even physically fully grown. Her body was more slender than that of the lionesses but attractive. In Chuma's mind he began to marvel in the beautiful body of the cheetah. He did not want to admit it to himself. She was not a lioness but a cheetah and a cub... well an adolescent on top of it. The more he stared at her nether lips the more he got lost in the arousal and his member went hard. His mind pushed the responsibility for the wellbeing of this adolescent cheetah back and also that he took over something like a father role for the girls. It pushed aside that she was not in heat and her body was a lot of months or even a year before going into adulthood and sexual maturity. The past years of abstinence where he either was traveling around alone or with the cubs made it so much harder for his mind to fight the urges. He left the pride without ever having a mate and he was as much a virgin as Aisha even though he was a few years older. He moved next to the cheetah and watched her eat. He looked at her curves and the small neck that was unprotected next to him. He tried to fight the instincts. He tried to call back his responsibility to protect them and make sure no harm comes upon them but after a few minutes of him just standing there a waft of air with the slight innocent scent of Aisha had the instinct win over his conscious.

Even though he moved fast it all was like slow motion for him. He did not leave any chance for a reaction to the female. His jaw closed around her neck piercing the points in her neck that made her immobile and hormones rushing through her body. His bigger body moved over her and he felt the fur on her back caress against the fur at his belly when he let his weight slowly fall upon her and pin her in place in addition. By instinct the legs of Aisha had moved to a wider stance to support the weight even though her face did not show any reaction yet. She sure was still caught in the surprise when his member slowly drew closer to the virgin slit under her tail. The tail already was brushed to the side by his legs and now he felt the small wet lips touch the tip of his member. He felt his tapered tip slipping between her libido and the wonderful warm wetness and tight grip around it. His first push ended at a small barrier inside. He had not pushed hard but by instinct he pulled back an inch and took momentum. His legs grabbed her flank to hold her and have more power for the push. He heard a surprised yip that was half a moan and then when he pushed in the second time it turned into a painful shriek. He felt the barrier bursting and his rod pushing deep inside her deflowered tunnel. The strong pressure, the hot flesh around his member and the wetness made his mind swim in arousal and pleasure. He did not hear the cries and groans of Aisha. He did not notice that tears started to run down her cheeks. He just drew back scratching her sensitive flesh with his barbs and then pushed even deeper into her. Once, twice, numerous times lost in pleasure he pushed inside her. A second barrier, her cervix, blocked his pushes for a while until his frenzy hammering overpowered it and he finally hilted inside her pushing his tip through her cervix and invaded her sacred chamber. He pulled back three more time and then felt his balls contracting. With the last push he smashed his hilt against her nether lips with a wet smack and started to inseminate the infertile chamber of his young female. He felt her girl fluid drip down from his balls. With every squirt inside her his mind slowly came back to reality. Suddenly he noticed that she was crying and let loose of her neck.

"I am sorry Aisha. I don't... know what came over me..." he carefully pulled out when his last squirt entered her. She groaned weakly and he started to lick her neck, ears and face. The girl was exhausted from crying and screaming and his eager actions. She did not even swipe him or move away after he finished pulling out even though he knew from observations that females often did this. "I am very sorry. I am sure this was a bit sudden for you." He tried to explain himself. "You are a bit too young for it too so... well yes I am sorry. Wait I will help you to clean up at least." He ensured her and started to lick her sore nether region. At the start she winced when his tongue went over her sore flesh but soon she just let him wash her. Her mind seemed to not have taken in all that happened. He tasted the blood from her defloration and the sore tunnel, his own semen and very faint her innocent taste. Cum kept tickling out of her snatch and so he bathed her cunny with his tongue. Soon he noticed that she even let out very silent moans. Her sensitive flesh seemed to get used to the pleasure. To make it up to her he decided that he would make her cum with his tongue. Not that he thought this would wash away his guilt but at least he would make it a bit pleasurable for her.

Aisha did not know what happened. She had been relieving herself and then went to a lunch when Chuma suddenly had licked over her slit. It had felt quite well in a strange way but also bewildered her. It felt a bit different than the baths her mother had given her when she was younger. She had been embarrassed when he mentioned that she forgot to clean herself and tried to hide her embarrassment in eating the okapi. The next thing she knew was a strong pain that made her shriek and something heavy on her. Then her pussy burned from something pushing in and out of it. A heavy pain shot through her lower body when a barrier inside her broke and let the intruder even further. What happened after this she did not know clearly anymore. She just remembered pain and something gripping her neck and that she cried and screamed on the top of her lungs. Then something warm filled a chamber deep inside her pussy and the intruder was removed. She heard Chuma say something but could not fully understand it because the pain still occupied her mind. Then she felt his tongue at her cunny and at first the hot and wet organ burned but soon the pain subsided slowly and a strange feeling filled her nether region and made her moan softly.

Her mind slowly came back and at the same time started to blur in the new pleasurable feeling. A scent tickled her nose. It was a strong musky scent and made her stomach tingle like she ate ants and her pussy quiver under the tongue. While she panted heavily and still moaned at every lick she turned her head a bit to the side and saw Chuma. He was standing next to her with his head under her tail and showing his backside to her. She noticed that his member was crawling out more and more and it was dripping in a fluid. She only had seen a males member once when her brother went in the bushes. But it had not been this far out and this hard. The swaying orbs of him had her eyes captured and she watched a fluid dripping down from them now and then. The musk was intoxicating in a strange way and Aisha did not know why. Her full body tingled now and she felt something dwelling up inside her. Her body began to tense up as if it was preparing for something big. It came so suddenly that she could only moan and let her body do the rest. She felt her pussy clench around his tongue that slipped inside and her body tremble. It was a nice feeling as if a shiver went through her body in waves. She never felt something like this before and her mind went a bit in a daze again. Very faint she heard the voice of Chuma. He was saying sorry but why? He apologized for something but Aisha could not connect for what he was sorry. Making her feel so good was nothing he needed to apologize for.

Then she felt the bit in the neck again and endorphins traveled through her body. She felt the heavy body atop of her and the intruder being pushed inside her pussy again. She felt her lips grip the intruder as if they were welcoming it. Her tunnel clenched around it in her orgasm and this time it did not hurt as much as before. She only groaned a bit but there were also moans between her heavy pants. She felt more than pain this time. Arousal and pleasure accompanied the fading pain and she closed her eyes when he pushed in to the hilt and she felt her womb being filled with his seed again. Her body milked his member and the splashes in her sensitive chamber filled her belly with electrical tickles. She did not know why but it felt good in a strange way. She felt him lick her neck while more and more spurts entered her innermost sanctuary. Her mind still could not take in all and was overwhelmed by the pleasure and arousal. She emitted a constant purr which vibrated through her whole body between her huffs and moans. She felt his barbs scratching her tunnel painfully when he pulled out again. She groaned but stood still like before. She felt his tongue wash over her leaking pussy again and the musk in her nose increased once more. She turned her head and saw his hind direct next to her head. Because he was bigger and longer his wet member dangled directly in front of her nose. Still consumed in the wonderful pleasure she wanted to return some to him. Her body reacted by instinct and she started to lick over his half erect member bringing it back to action. The taste was new but not too bad. It tasted like the strong musk smelled. Aisha's tongue ran across the barbs and the base of his member, along his balls and cleaned all remains of their combined fluids. With the licks at her over sensitive libido she began to chirp in pleasure.

Again he washed her nether lips with his tongue. He had not been able to calm down his arousal and jumped her again. His mind had just pulled back and let his instincts run wild with the young female. This time he did not even feel guilty but proud to have taken this beautiful and young girl. Her moans and purr had verified to Chuma that she felt the same pleasure even though she might not understand it yet. He felt a tongue lapping over his limb member and directly it jumped and went hard again. Surprised he looked back and saw that Aisha started to lick over his nether. The musk and arousal seemed to have kicked in instincts the cheetah never knew before. Chuma did not complain. He was past the point of no return with her already. He had taken a far too young female on a ride to the adult world because he had been unable to suppress his urges. After a few minutes his member was rock hard again and without a second thought he mounted her again. She did not groan like before but emit chirping and moaning noises between comfortable purrs. In his mind Chuma knew that she was far too young to have cubs and on top she was not a lioness but it all did not matter for him at this moment. He tried his best to impregnate the girl even though he had no chance to do it. The tight flesh around his member was like a drug pulling him in and never wanting to stop it. He swam in pleasure as much as his young mate. He moaned and roared together with her and soon he came to his third orgasm within her making her come a second time as well.

Aisha held up well and he was lost in a never ending circle of humping her, inseminating her infertile womb and then pulling out to lick her until he was ready to go again. He did not know how many times he mated her but the cream filling in her snatch never went dry. Finally he tired her out and after he came together with her third or fourth orgasm, he did not count them, her legs began to wobble and he let her lay down before cleaning her one last time. She was clearly tired but still she returned his favor and cleaned his nethers as well. He moaned and let her go on until he spurted inside her surprised muzzle with his last climax. While his member slowly retreated into its sheath and she closed her eyes in exhaustion he bathed her face and neck and her whole body with a purr.

"Sleep well Aisha. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did even though I am sorry to have forced it upon you like this." There was no guilt left in him. It may have started with him forcing her but in the end he felt that she longed for him to enter her as much as he did. Maybe he broke her mind or she was just crazy from the pleasure but thinking this way made him push away the guilt and just enjoy the afterglow of his first time with a female. He stayed by her side until she was completely asleep and licked over her body and her face. She may not have been a lioness but for him she was a beautiful female and he already wished for her to reach her first heat so he could really impregnate her. The cold air from the waterfall weaved over to him and he remembered the other cubs. He needed to look for them and make sure they were safe and sound. With a last lick over the cheeks of Aisha he left the den and returned to his observation rock. The cubs were still at their play and seemed to not have noticed and cared about them being gone for some time. From the position of the sun Chuma guessed that they were in the den for over an hour even though it did not feel like such a long time. With a purr in memory of his beautiful female he lay down and continued to watch the game of the cubs. He closed his eyes for a few minutes and imagined the wonderful body of the cheetah. He wondered if she would allow him to mate with her again but they would need to be careful to not do it in front of the younger cubs. He caught himself thinking about a time when all of them would be in heat in the far future. He found it as a nuisance to watch over a bunch of cubs but these girls were more than that already. They were family; they were his pride and his future.

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