More Cowbell

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Finally, I have completed it. After many roadblocks I finally got this commission done for jlove2425 over on FA and I think it turned out pretty well. This is a sequel to and if all goes well there will be one more part in the series to finish it off. Hope you guys enjoy!

More Cowbell


_ _ It's been many years since Ruby and Jackson discovered that they would finally be parents. They were elated when Ruby gave birth to a healthy girl, whom they named Jasmine and even happier when they when they had their second child, James.

Despite the odd events that had occurred before their birth, neither of the children had been told of the bell that Ruby had been given all those years ago. She and Jackson always kept it hidden deep in the closet, although, on occasion she and Jackson would take it out, when the kids weren't around.

Both of the kids had a normal and very similar upbringing, but as fate would have it, they turned out to be two very different people.

Jasmine is a forward young woman known for speaking her mind and has little tolerance for bullshit. Being fond of the grungy look she's commonly found sporting long hair that would look much like her mother's if it weren't always dyed blue. She did, however, share her mother's lithe body type and pale, soft complexion.

James is your typical jock-type, only with better grades. Unfortunately, his good school ethic doesn't necessarily make him an easy person to get along with, he's got that stubborn, tough-guy attitude that stuck even after high school.

The diversity in the household caused some heated disagreements which was pretty exhausting for Ruby and Jackson, especially considering the kids had graduated and were now living at home full time. As a result, the summer following James's graduation, Ruby and Jackson decided to go on vacation.

"Okay, so you guys have the list of jobs we need done right?" Ruby asked.

"Yes, for the hundredth time. I'm telling you, you don't need to worry about anything, I've got it all handled," Jasmine said, trying to coral her mother out of the house.

"Yeah, that's what worries me!" Ruby exclaimed, grabbing her luggage from the living room. "I'm not exactly keen on leaving you two here alone. Together."

"Oh c'mon, it's not me you have to worry about, it's your bullheaded son," Jasmine said, smirking at James.

James had been sitting on the stairs eating breakfast and had little to contribute to the conversation other than giving his sibling the finger.

"I saw that," Jackson said as he stepped into the house. "Do you two think you could get along just this once? It'd be nice if we didn't have to stress about what's going on here the entire week we're gone."

Neither of them were keen on agreeing to that and just scowled at each other.

Jackson grumbled something incoherent under his breath and shook his head in disapproval. He shrugged it off quickly and turned to Ruby. "Are you ready?"

"Umm yes, yes let's go!" She called back from the living room as she hurried in to exchange goodbyes. "See you in a week," she said, hugging Jasmine.

Jackson exchanged affectionate goodbyes as well, but only with Jasmine. James was much too macho to accept even a hug from his parents so he just waved and muttered a "bye" in-between a spoonful of cereal.

"Love you too son," Jackson said, sighing.

A moment later, they were out of the door.

After she heard the car door shut, Jasmine turned to James.

"Why do you insist on acting like a douche to everyone?" She asked in annoyance.

"Why do you insist on bitching at me like you're my mother?" James said flatly, standing up and heading toward the kitchen.

"Not that you ever listen to her anyway," Jasmine continued, her voice rising.

"Whatever you say, you done? Because I am," James scoffed before stomping out of the room.

"What a dickhead..." Jasmine said to herself as she picked up the list of chores from the counter and glanced at the massive list. "Shit, they sure gave us plenty to do while they were gone. I suppose I should start with going to the store..."

Jasmine sighed and reluctantly shuffled to the stairs. She had to show the list to James before she went anywhere, which required her to talk to him again unfortunately. She ascended and stood outside of James's door, which was open. His shirt was off and he was standing in front of the mirror, just staring at himself.

"What in the- you know what, never mind, I don't want to know," She said in annoyed tone.

James jumped and turned to glare at his sister.

"What do you want?" He said flatly.

Jasmine wanted nothing more than to punch him in the face, but she had things to do. Instead of taking the violent approach she just threw the list onto his bed.

"You choose what you want to start on, I'm going to pick up some things at the store," She said giving him a disgusted glance, before turning to leave.

"Bitch," James muttered under his breath as he picked up the list.

He groaned at the sheer amount of work the paper set out for him, but he knew it had to be done.

Grumbling, James got off his bed and walked down the hall toward the bathroom, but a thud from his parents' room made him stop in his tracks.

"Hello?" He asked, creeping to the closed door.

He turned the doorknob and slowly pushed open the door, ready for someone to jump out at him, but when the door swung open, no one and nothing was there.

A little more at ease, James stepped into the room and looked for the source of the noise, nothing was on the floor, but he noticed their closet was slightly cracked open. He walked over and peeked his head inside. There was a shoebox on the carpet.

"Must have fallen," He mumbled, picking it up.

He heard a muffled jingling sound coming from inside the box, like some sort of bell. With no respect for privacy, James threw the lid off and found the source of the sound. It was a cowbell, its brass was dazzlingly bright and he couldn't take his eyes off of it.

James was still for several minutes, just staring, like he was in some kind of trance.

A series of moos from outside brought James back to reality and like someone flipped a switch in his head, he suddenly remembered that he had things to do. He couldn't bring himself to put the bell back in the box though and ultimately hid it in is room before heading outside.

2 Hours Later...

James had stepped inside for a bit of a break and was standing in the kitchen when he heard a faint, but familiar clinking coming from upstairs.

"Hello?!" James called through the empty house.

He obviously received no answer, but the unexplained sound seemed like it was coming from his room and that put him on edge. Not one to be frightened by just a sound, Jackson crept up the stairs to his room, ready to fend off an intruder.

At the peak of the stairs, Jackson didn't find an intruder, but what he saw was far more unsettling. "What the..." He said, slowly approaching his bed.

The bell, which he had hidden in his closet was resting neatly on his pillow. He did not like to be messed with, so he definitely didn't find this amusing. He scooped the thing up and threw it back into the closet in a fit of anger. Just then he heard the front door open, signaling Jasmine's arrival.

James, unsure of how to explain these events, decided to keep it to himself and he hurried down the stairs, passed Jasmine, and exited the house without a word.

A Few Hours Later

James had finished up just before dusk and was now dozing off on his bed. Full sleep had been unsuccessful up to this point because he couldn't stop thinking about the bell in his closet. He felt this undying urge to just hold it and stare at it.

Eventually, the torment became too much to bear and James sat up, grumbling, scooted to the end of his bed and stared silently at his closet door. He half-expected it to open on its own, but no such thing happened. After a few moments, he inched the door open and flipped on the closet light.

There it was, the bell, lying on the floor right where he had left it. He continued to gaze at it for a few moments, waiting for something to happen, but nothing did. Slowly, carefully, he bent down to pick it up.

"Why are you so special?" James queried, stroking the collar.

Suddenly, an idea leaped into his brain, one that sounded strange, but oh so good. He looked at the gleaming brass and brought it up to his neck, then as by some invisible force, the strap opened and wrapped itself about his neck. Fear settled in the pit of his stomach, but a feeling of serenity was keeping it from taking complete control. _ _

Other strange thoughts were seeding deep within his consciousness. Despite how temperate it was in the room, he felt hot, sweaty and incredibly uncomfortable in his own clothes. Before he could stop himself, he was shucking off clothing left and right, until he was standing in his room, completely nude.

Like a puppet under someone's control, he then shuffled into the hallway, descended the stairs and opened the front door, leaving it wide open as he embraced the cool night air. He walked a good way into the field and stopped, staring into the distance with a blank expression.

It was oddly exhilarating to be standing in the open with nothing on, granted there were no prying eyes, except maybe for a few curious cows. His eyes focused on a form several yards away, he was able to make out its shape in the pale moonlight as that of one of the dairy cows.

Ah, look at her, that full udder and swollen sex, wet and ready, James felt the thought flow through his head, completely uninhibited.

James was trying to rebel against such thoughts, but it turned out his body was rebelling against him and his raging erection was evidence of that.

Maybe I should help her out, she looks lonely. _ _

"N-no, why can't I stop these thoughts?" James rambled nervously.

I wonder what it would feel like to be like her.

_ _As if in response to the rampant thoughts, the bell then vibrated and a jolt of pain coursed through James. He suddenly made a connection between the events and the bell.

"Oh god, I need to get this thing off!" James exclaimed angrily between clenched teeth.

As his hands wrapped around the collar, an unexpected tingle gathered in his rock-hard shaft and he gripped it in his hands with surprising ferocity. He stroked it roughly, against his will, at first. Suddenly it bulged in his hands, growing thicker and more sensitive.

"Augh, what is happening?" James cried, his breathing rapid and shallow.

Looking down, he removed his hands and his heart leapt into his throat. Although he was more turned on than ever, his dick had abruptly gone flaccid and appeared far plumper than it should have been at this state. His eyes widened when his normally tight stomach grew a slight paunch and ballooned outward, obscuring the view of his malformed genitals. Although he couldn't see them, he could feel them migrating upward, into the mass of flesh bubbling forth from his abdomen. The sensation of arousal spread throughout the strange growth as his maleness was abruptly absorbed with a wet pop.

James felt a warmth gather in the patch of skin between his legs, behind his testicles, that is, where they used to be. He put a finger on the area and felt the hot flesh puff up before suddenly splitting down the middle. His finger sunk into the shallow gash and he cried out in pleasure, collapsing to his hands and knees.

The feeling of the cool grass under his feet and hands sent shivers down his spine. He arched his back and his spine popped as it elongated, while his torso thickened to support his growing body.

James wanted to be angry at whatever was causing this nightmare, but all he had to accuse was the bell that clung tightly to his thickening neck.

This is what I wanted though, I should just enjoy it.

The words echoed through James's racing mind as the joints in his limbs popped and reformed. His arms and legs lengthened, his bones creaking, skin pulling tight across muscle as it shifted just under the surface.

He placed a hand on his belly and he could feel movement, his prided six-pack melting away as his stomach bulged to accommodate the growing organs, among them a womb to accompany his developing female sex. A hollow groan emitted from his stomach, a fierce hunger welling up within him, and he instinctively looked at the grass below his hands.

As much as James wanted to say it didn't look appealing, his resolve was weakening the longer he denied himself food. Finally and begrudgingly, he gave in and ravenously tore up mouthfuls of the moist grass. It became fuel for his transformation and the more he ate the less he worried about his impending fate as a member of the herd.

Although he failed to notice, the monotonous chewing was slowing and simplifying his thought pattern. He hardly skipped a beat when his mouth extended and widened into a broad muzzle to house enlarging teeth. His metabolism was slowing as well and his well-built body was soon hidden under layers of thick hide and protective mass, but it brought him comfort, not anxiety. Even as his nails, now thick and black started to absorb his gnarled fingers and toes, he chewed with content.

It's not so bad if I let myself enjoy it, his phantom subconscious teased.

James responded with a drawn out "MOOOOO" as the feminine slit between his legs slid backward and repositioned just below his anus. His netherlips quivered and swelled, dripping with new found arousal as his tight passage increased in depth and size and burned with need. Unfortunately for James, this was a need that he could not sate with food.

Maybe one of the bulls will help me scratch that itch.

"NnnnOOOOO!" James yelled, unable to form more than deep drawn-out noises through his bovine snout.

Just the mere suggestion of a bull "helping him" stirred something in James and his body. The incessant heat in his loins doubled as did the size of his udder. The empty sac of flesh quivered as milk flowed into it from an unknown source, audibly stretching the supple, pink skin. His fat, swollen teats brushed over the lush grass, eliciting a low bellow from James. A few drops of fluid leaked from his swollen udder and pulsating vulva, but he craved contact, the feeling of a bull thrusting himself deep inside and filling him with seed.

No, no more! If I can just... just find a bull, I'll feel better. James couldn't stop the thoughts from seeping in, they started to sound inexplicably more and more appealing.

It was difficult not to think of sex when his plumping ass was squeezing teasingly around his throbbing mound. Following suit, his tight anus bulged outward, growing larger and loosening slightly. Above it, the base of his spine extended with a few forceful snaps and flicked around anxiously as tufts of brown fur sprouted from its end, wafting feminine musk all around him. His altering body was finally beginning to settle, his changes and racing heart slowing to a halt.

Despite the fact that his mind was still muddied with thoughts of sex, he was too exhausted to entertain them. Searching for a nice place to settle down, he took a few uneasy steps toward the barn, still attempting to acclimate himself to walking on four legs. However, he was quickly becoming frustrated as his milk-laden udder swayed and slapped against the inside of his legs, while his puffy labia rubbed sensually across his broad rear-end. His slow mind couldn't make sense of all the stimulation and continue to walk at the same time so he eventually gave up and plopped down on the grass. Sleep came quickly for the new dairy cow, and with sleep came dreams, full of hulking, virile bulls, all eager to sire his first calves.

The Next Morning

Being the early-riser that she was, Jasmine woke up at six and made her rounds on the farm. It wasn't until she had nearly finished that she realized she hadn't seen James all morning.

"Where is that little shit?" Jasmine said, scanning her surroundings for any sign of him. She obviously didn't find him. "Ugh, screw it, I can do the rest by myself."

Jasmine had saved the milking for last because it always took the longest and there were only two machine milkers, which weren't used much as it is. James usually helped out but he clearly wasn't showing up anytime soon so she got to work alone.


James was roused from his slumber by the heat of the rising sun. He opened his eyes groggily and looked around confusedly. Despite having just woken up, his attention was entirely focused on the hunger pangs and fullness of his udder. As he pushed himself onto his hooves, sluggishness crept in as gravity acted on his large body; he felt heavy and just plain slow but that wouldn't stop him from eating.

As he chewed lazily, James heard a commotion in the barn. The sound was familiar, but the thick fog swirling around his head didn't make it easy to understand why it was familiar. However, his animal curiosity got the best of him and he went to investigate.

In the barn, Jasmine was milking one of the cows by hand whilst grumbling about this and that, mainly about how annoyed she was with James.

"Damn him, he's probably out with that dimwitted girlfriend of his again," She seethed, yanking one of the cow's teats a little too forcefully. A loud moo and some fidgeting from above her made her aware of that fact. "Oops, sorry..." Jasmine said, mostly to herself.

James lumbered into the barn and looked on at two happy looking cows. Each of them was hooked up to a milker secured to the side of the barn, letting out the occasional moo as the machine gyrated loudly, emptying their full udders into the transparent tanks. He stared longingly, reminded of his own groaning, overfull udder, which seemed to grow more extreme the longer he stared. He mooed instinctively, voicing his agony.

"Alright, alright just wait your turn," Jasmine called out from under the cow.

At the sound of Jasmine's voice, a bit of James's consciousness returned to him. Jasmine, help! It's me James! James tried to say, but all that came out was a drawn out "Mooo!"

"Okay, I'm done with this one, come over here," Jasmine said, standing up and pushing along the fussing bovine. Jasmine took note of the exceptional size of the cow, but maybe not in the way James would have liked. "Damn, look at that ass, what have you been eating?"

James stamped the ground angrily and continued to plead to Jasmine, but she only heard the cries of a distressed cow in need of milking. In all the rustling, Jasmine heard the bell around the cow's neck jingle loudly, but in her fatigued state, she paid little mind to it.

"Hey, stop your squirming!" Jasmine exclaimed, pulling an empty bucket over and placing it under James's gravid udder.

"MOO!" James retorted, but his pleas were of no avail.

She can't understand me. I n-need her to... give me a good milking. It was his own inner monologue again, using the power of suggestion to force his fragile mind into submission.

The thought of someone even touching his tight udder, made him squirm impatiently. Before he had a chance to retaliate against his own thoughts, Jasmine pulled on one of his sensitive teats, eliciting a contented moo from him.

Jasmine was just as involved in the milking as James was, she marveled at how much milk the cow was producing just from one simple squeeze. While James could only think about the pleasure each touch could bring. In only a few minutes, he had filled an entire pail.

"Damn, it must have been a while...But how could I have missed you, I'm always so thorough," Jasmine said, rubbing her chin thoughtfully before standing up to remove the milkers from the other cows. Afterwards, she stopped to examine the strange cow, something certainly seemed off about her. After a few moments, Jasmine realized that she wasn't even pregnant. "How is this even possible?" Jasmine asked herself, intrigued. "I can't imagine what you'll be like after Henry has had his fun with you."

James was so lost in the euphoria of his first milking that he hardly registered any of the words coming out of Jasmine's mouth. He was tending to favor, his body's simplistic needs and as such his thought process was becoming less complex. Soon he only thought about the relief the hands gripping his udder brought and, to his delight, Jasmine seemed happy to oblige, her deft hands making more comfortable with each stroke and squeeze.

After she had thoroughly exhausted the cow's seemingly endless supply, Jasmine stood up and shooed her away. "Alright girl, get!" She said, slapping James's ass and watching the cow trot away curiously.

Jasmine only allowed herself to dwell on it for a few seconds since she still had some work to do and a strong thirst suddenly hit her. She reached for her water bottle and groaned when she saw that it was empty. It was a long walk back to the house and not one that she was really in the mood to make. She eyed the bucket teeming with milk at her feet and pondered for a moment.

She didn't even give much mind to the possible health risks before she filled her water bottle to about half its capacity. She took a swig and was delighted at how satisfying it was, even warm. She polished off what was left in her bottle and set back to work with newly discovered energy.

Jasmine was so focused on how positively the drink had affected her that she failed to notice the other effects the milk was having on her. Her slender body thickened a bit, muscle twitching and flexing as it grew larger and stronger. Even her skin thickened slightly but again she took no notice of this. She felt a little uncomfortable in her clothes as a result, but she figured it was just the heat getting to her.

When she had finished, Jasmine was shocked by the amount of energy she had left even after doing double her usual workload throughout the morning. She felt like she could have taken on more work if there were more to do, but she had everything done and settled for just cleaning up.

While she tidied up in the barn she decided, against her better judgement, to bottle up more of the milk and bring it up to the house. She knew it probably wasn't the best idea, but she couldn't stop thinking about how tasty it was and how great it made her feel. Besides, who was going to miss it anyway?

30 minutes later...

After a quick shower, Jasmine gave her boyfriend, Max, a call and invited him over. He was more of a friend with benefits and so he knew what the call was about. Nevertheless, she wanted to look presentable so she looked for something casual and enticing. While she rifled through her closet, a sudden bout of hunger struck her.

"Augh, not now, damn it!" Jasmine groaned and hurriedly slipped on a tight black dress. She tried to ignore the hollow feeling, but it only grew more troublesome the longer she abstained from food.

Jasmine quickly caved and took a trip to the fridge to scavenge for some food and eyed the bottle of milk she had placed on the top shelf. It seemed to call to her and she salivated just thinking about it. Her stomach made another low, hollow sound before she finally grabbed the bottle and took a hearty gulp. Then that gulp turned into another and another until she had emptied every last drop into her gullet.

"What the gasp hell was that all about," she wheezed.

There was no time for questioning her rash behavior though, so while ignoring the uneasy feeling that welled in the pit of her stomach, Jasmine hurried upstairs to continue getting ready.

Meanwhile... _ _

James was lost in a grazing stupor. He was absentminded, but content, until an overwhelming scent attacked his senses which made him flushed and anxious.

The odor grew stronger and James felt a large presence approach him from behind followed by a sudden wave of hot air against his moist folds. Heart racing, James caught a peek of the nosy intruder and felt his stomach flutter at the sight of a hulking bull towering over him. It was Henry.

James knew what the bull wanted, and despite the parts of him that cried out in disapproval he couldn't fight the urges that the large beast was stirring within him. Even when Henry's warm snout brushed over his swollen lips, James couldn't find the will to fend him off. He wanted this, as much as he didn't want to admit it.

Henry grunted as if with impatience as his thick phallus slowly emerged from its sheath. While James couldn't see him, he sensed that the bull had become more restless and his throbbing pussy wept with anticipation. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, Henry reared up and slowly slid himself inside of his new mate.

James cried out, reveling in the intense mixture of pain and pleasure as the massive beast hilted himself at the back of his cervix. Despite his own size, Henry's member stretched James as wide as his body would allow and he could feel every ridge caress the deepest corners of his pulsating passage.

"Muhhhooo" James bellowed, nearly getting knocked off balance as Henry rocked back and thrust into him. James felt Henry's churning testicles slap forcefully into his sensitive udder, giving him a friendly reminder of his virility.

The thought of those swollen orbs filling him with seed made James shudder with delight. Visions of a belly bulging with calves and an udder overflowing with milk made his walls squeeze down on Henry's turgid shaft. Henry grunted in annoyance as it had become more difficult to withdraw from James's grip. The undulating passage was milking every last drop of pre Henry could muster and brought the bull ever closer to the breaking point.

James felt a change in Henry's rhythmic thrusting and his rapid, hot breaths beating down on his neck told him it wouldn't be much longer before they both got what they wanted. He knew what was coming and he felt a tingle of anticipation rise in his gut. A deep, rumbling moo escaped both bovines as Henry's rolling testicles jerked upward and ejected a hefty load of spunk into James's hungry womb. James clamped down with all his might, sucking out every last ounce of cum the bull had to give. After filling his prize to the brim, Henry climbed down from atop his perch, sliding his spunk coated rod out of James.

James was sated, at least for now. The fiery heat in his loins finally fading into a comforting warmth, which was mostly just a result of the bull semen pooling in his womb. What she failed to feel though, was his body absorbing Henry's pool of seed like a sponge in water. His belly bloated slightly and his udder swelled as new life already began growing within him.

Jasmine was sitting on her bed impatiently, still waiting for Max to arrive. She had grown restless and unusually aroused in the last few minutes. Although she wanted to wait for Max, she didn't think she had the willpower to keep her hands from roaming anymore. Just the light brush of the sheer fabric against her crotch elicited a whorish moan from her.

"I C-can't take it anymore..." Jasmine fumed, pulling up her dress and rubbing at the swollen clit tenting her panties ever so slightly.

Before she could become too involved Jasmine was startled by a hard knock at her door. Her head whipped toward the sound and she saw Max looking back at her.

"Couldn't wait for me?" He asked, smirking.

"Well, I, uh..." Jasmine stammered, unable to find the words or air to explain herself.

"Relax babe, it's not anything I haven't seen before," Max chuckled, walking into the room and closing the door behind him.

Jasmine's heart was still racing and her entire body was throbbing like her aroused cunt. Her focus was narrowing in on Max's crotch.

"So babe, what do you-" Max started, but the wind was knocked out of him when Jasmine suddenly jumped him and threw him on the bed.

"I need you inside of me NOW!" Jasmine demanded, pinning Max against the bed and staring him down with her crazed, lusty eyes.

Jasmine had surprised herself with the display of strength and she took pleasure in Max's helplessness as he was pinned beneath her. Despite the scare she had given him, it was clear from the bulge straining at his jeans that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him.

Without another word, Jasmine lifted herself off of Max and had his pants and boxers removed in one swift motion.

"Damn babe, where'd you learn tha- Oh Fuuuck..." Max exclaimed as Jasmine pushed her panties to the side and impaled herself on his rigid dick.

Jasmine felt an explosion of pleasure to every extremity of her body as she brought herself down on the base of Max's shaft. The uneasiness inside of her faded, and was replaced by a peculiar, yet pleasant tingle in her gut.

The warm buzz seeped into her muscles, which quivered and bulged, making Jasmine feel more powerful and dominant. Each time Jasmine brought herself down on Max's smothered shaft, her body widened and her muscle mass increased.

"You like my aggressive side, don't you?" Jasmine asked teasingly, between motions.

With the wind being knocked out of Max from Jasmine's burgeoning body, his response was limited to a strained groan. Max had yet to catch onto the bizarre transformation Jasmine was undergoing because of the darkness of the room, but her crazy behavior, while erotic, was very strange.

Despite the speed and ferocity of her lovemaking, Jasmine did not fall victim to fatigue, instead she continued to move like a well-oiled piston. Her stuffed pussy throbbed furiously in time with Max's rock-hard shaft as she neared a long awaited orgasm.

"I-I'm gooonna CUM!" Jasmine cried out, her voice becoming a bit more gruff and husky during her last words as her neck became thicker around.

Max wheezed as Jasmine came down hard , making breathing a difficult task. The lack of oxygen made his orgasm that much more intense and he shot a heady load into Jasmine. Max stopped wincing as Jasmine slowed her pace and for the first time the rays of light shining through the shades gave Max a clear view of Jasmine. Instead of the slender woman he saw only moments ago, she was now something more akin to a bodybuilder. He could see the clear outlines of Jasmine's muscled form through her tight dress, which was clearly straining to contain her, and her arms were ripped, bigger around than his own and topped with bulging, blue veins that pulsated with her every breath.

"J-Jasmine?! What the fuck!" Max croaked, trying his damnedest to push her off of him.

Fortunately, Jasmine was too busy drawing out as much from her climax as possible to stop him from escaping and she rolled off of him harmlessly.

Max scrambled off the bed toward the remnants of his clothes and tried to get at least partially decent, all while never taking his eyes off of Jasmine. He stared on in horror and intrigue as her swollen clit grew in her fingers, until it was about the size of her thumb. Instead of reacting with fear and revulsion she only moaned and pushed a few of her free fingers into her soaking pussy.

Max shook with fear as Jasmine cried out in orgasm and watched as her shoulders broadened with a series of sickening pops. It was then that he decided his only option was to get the hell out of the house. Still half dressed, he rushed down the stairs and escaped, with no intention of ever returning.

"Ungh, Max, w-wait..." Jasmine called after him weakly, but she was far too late to stop him now.

She couldn't recall what had happened in the last few minutes, everything ached, her vision was blurry and her head was pounding. She sluggishly rolled onto her stomach and tried to push herself off the bed. Her vision cleared for a moment and she jumped with fright when she saw a freakishly muscled arm under her.

"Wha-" She struggled to say, wiggling her fingers, which felt stiff and numb. Then, realization finally struck her.

"It's... my arm" She said before hanging her head to look at the rest of herself. She placed a hand on the bumps poking out from her under her dress, then poked at her large biceps. The muscles seemed entirely out of place on her, and she was surprised at how calmly she was taking all of this.

She climbed off the bed and stood on her feet for a moment, before removing her dress. "Holy shit, I'm huge!" She exclaimed, flexing her arms and taking a strange pride in the way each muscle flexed under the skin, stretching it taut.

Cupping one of her breasts, she noticed that they were neither as soft nor as full as they usually were but they did feel especially sensitive. She had no idea how any of this could be possible, but she couldn't help wondering what it would feel like to be even bigger and as her mind drifted, so did her hands.

Everything from head to toe felt extraordinarily sensitive and just a simple brush of her thumb against the moist skin of her breast made her knees tremble. She allowed her hands to wander further and her breathing became quick and ragged, her vulva pulsed and pushed aside her panties, becoming so swollen that her fingers could hardly fit inside.

Inside, organs swelled, shifted and in the case of her feminine parts were absorbed into newly forming ones to make more room. She found herself struggling for breath until her ribcage expanded with a startling crunch, freeing up some space for her enlarged lungs. She drew a deep breath and her nose was overwhelmed by scents from all over the house, the membranes in her nose becoming much more sensitive and its outward appearance growing bulbous and dark. Her exhale was followed by a violent change to her torso; expanding and thickening, making her feel heavy, sluggish and incapable of standing on her own two feet.

"Ughh, whas happning?" She sputtered, sprawling to the floor. Words were not coming to her easily as a result of her broadening neck and tongue.

Bones in her skull dislocated and reshaped, stretching her face until it resembled a muzzle in its earliest stages. The further her face progressed, the stronger her senses became and the odor of the farm began seeping into the bedroom. It seemed to beckon her and the thought of lush grass under her hooves and a horny cow bellowing in bliss as she pounded away at...

Jasmine's train of thought was cut off by an electric surge of pleasure coursing through her throbbing clit. "Oooo, nneed tooo..." she grunted, her words slowly devolving into a jumble of baritone sounds that grew deeper with every beat of her heart.

Her sexual tension was reaching new heights and no amount of touching or rubbing could seem to sate her. She continued to finger her fat netherlips furiously, but the feeling there was dull and all the touching was just making the skin raw.

COOOOm!" She demanded, sounding more bovine-like than ever.

In a moment of shocking clarity, Jasmine remembered the vibrator in the drawer just above her head. She struggled to reach it as the bones in her arms snapped into an orientation more suited for carrying her weight rather than for freedom of movement.

She fumbled in the drawer for a moment before she grasped the toy, she flipped the power on and slowly inserted it between her tight netherlips. There was no instant relief like she expected, instead she was met with a sharp pain that radiated from her gut and down her throbbing walls. Jasmine cried out, grabbing at her stomach when she felt something shift inside of her.

The unnerving movement was followed by a jarring muscle contraction that forced the vibrator out of her. A soft sucking sound could be heard as her labia sealed shut, meaning that her desperate attempts to shove the toy back inside were ultimately fruitless. Instead, her hand slipped and pushing the toy deep into her ass. She had never been much into anal, but the feeling of the toy vibrating against the prostrate, she didn't know she had, was making her regret that decision.

The stimulation brought further changes to the remnants of her female anatomy; her clit twitched and lengthened, its increasing girth and shape beginning to resemble its male counterpart. As strange as all of this was, Jasmine couldn't help but enjoy what was happening to her, each change only made her feel sexier and more powerful so fighting it felt wrong.

Jasmine couldn't stop her hands from caressing the developing penis between her thick thighs, all of the pleasure she could ever want was concentrated in one body part and it was just too good to resist. Pressure suddenly built behind the growing phallus, and a rounded lump pushed against the sexless patch of skin, giving her a clear reminder of her fleeting femininity. Small contractions rippled through her gut and moments later two inflating testicles fell into a stretching scrotum. Her balls squirmed and bulged larger, flooding her body with potent male hormones.

Jasmine grunted as her chest cracked and barreled out again. Layers of muscle and thickening skin stacked on top of the remainder of her human form, swallowing up what was left of her delicate curves in favor of more brutish features. A thin layer of black fur raced across her back, and down to her rear end, bringing with it a host of new changes. Sounds of popping bones and stretching skin filled the air as her hips grew wider apart and ass burgeoned into a strong set of flanks. Above it, a ropy tail sprouted from the end of her protruding spine and whipped around excitedly as a coarse tuft of fur spanned out at its end.

As the dark fur spread across her belly and covered her tightly packed scrotum, the rolling orbs inside swelled again, filling to the brim with potent semen until they had grown well past the size of apples. Her throbbing, underdeveloped phallus grew in tandem with the sloshing gonads, stretching forward from her crotch and slapping heavily into her furred belly, smearing sticky pre along its underside. Just the thought of all the sex she could have with her massive male-hood made her testicles visibly tremble and double in size, visibly straining the skin to its limit.

The incredible amount of male hormones was making her head spin with images of bestial sex until her thoughts were completely dominated by them. All the stimulation was proving too much for her to handle all at once, her vision swam and her surroundings darkened. It wasn't until she came to and found herself standing in the pasture that she realized she had blacked out. Now she was staring down at the swollen sex of a cow in heat, completely entranced. Her head was a mess of incoherent thoughts, all of which were fighting for control over her next action, but it was the intoxicating trail of pheromones dancing around her that finally made up her mind.

She approached the cow and in that same moment, every muscle and joint tensed in unison, and she let out a deep, drawn-out groan as her body unexpectedly doubled in size. She was now even larger than their biggest stud on the farm and she knew it. This fact gave her a rush of adrenaline as she reared up onto the heifer before her, more than ready to take what she wanted.

The moment her rigid cock penetrated the bovine's soaking, hot depths, Jasmine finally had a taste of true pleasure. Every inch of her aching cock was enveloped and massaged by the cow's warm, silk-like walls. A few spurts of pre marked her first taste of release and while small it was new and exotic and she had to have more.

Her thrusts went from clumsy to hard and aggressive as she became more attuned to the way her body moved. Each pivot forward buried her to the hilt and each time brought a few more spurts of release. It brought a brief reprieve from the excruciating pressure but it only made her crave more; it was a vicious cycle that could only be broken by one thing.

As if she willed it, Jasmine felt a wave of heat crash over her and shoot through her shaft. She knew what was coming and she slammed hard into her groaning mate, burying herself up to the hilt in preparation. Her dick tightened and her gravid testicles clenched before spewing ropes and ropes of hot, thick spunk deep into the bovine's womb.

It was like someone had released a flood gate and she was releasing months of pent up tension. The pleasure left her a twitching, drooling mess and she loved every moment of it. If she could have it her way, this feeling would never end, but her well of viscous ejaculate was starting to run dry. Despite her desperate pleas, the impressive flow waned and she started coming down from her orgasmic high.

Content with her thorough job, Jasmine slid out of her stuffed partner and basked in the afterglow of her orgasm until her gaze locked onto another grazing cow. She could already feel herself growing hard just from the sight and her pendulous balls even felt heavier, like they were already loaded for another round. Wasting no time, she lumbered over to the unsuspecting cow, gave it a few reaffirming licks and reared up onto her back.

Jasmine, now a rutting bull with a farm full of cows for her taking, could care less about her responsibilities, for now she would enjoy being the stud on the farm for as long as she could.

2 Days Later...

Holly sped down the back roads toward Ruby and Jackson's property. She had received a call from Ruby early this morning, because neither of the kids had been answering their phones for the past few days and she was worried. Being a long-time friend of the family, Holly was more than happy to oblige and pay them a visit. Although, she knew they could take care of themselves, she couldn't shake the negative thoughts that raced through her head. Fortunately, she wasn't allowed to dwell long since the drive was short and she was at her destination in no time at all.

After she parked the car and began investigating, nothing seemed to be too out of the ordinary, aside from their absence.

"Usually they're out here working about this time..." Holly said, continuing up the driveway toward the house until she heard a faint, but familiar ring of a bell. "Oh no..." She said to herself, whipping around in search of the source.

She squinted and held her hand up to her face to block out the bright sunlight, and although it was near impossible to see the animals in the distance she spotted a glint near the barn. Holly walked quickly, trying to keep a level head, although she was already fearing the worst.

Approaching as calmly as possible, Holly started calling the kids' names in hope that they would both appear in the doorway of the barn and this would all be some horrible misunderstanding. She had no such luck.

"James?" She said, looking at the cow in front of her.

James looked at the human quizzically for a moment. Human thoughts were of little use to him in the past few days, but he was still there mentally, if a little dimwitted. He recognized Holly's face though and he mooed at her, although it was mostly to voice the discomfort he was feeling as a result of his overflowing udder.

"At least I haven't completely lost you," She said, taking a good look at James. He would have looked like just another cow if it wasn't for the massive udder and incredibly pregnant belly. "Oh my, I see the magic didn't take pity on you... and neither did those bulls," She noted, referring to his oversized attributes.

Now that there was someone to witness his humility, James felt embarrassment and shame for the first time in days. He had actually grown accustomed to his body and the many bulls who indulged in his endless state of heat. It was difficult to maintain this thought however as there were some much more pressing matters at hand. Like being milked.

Holly was feeling a bit of shame as well since she felt somewhat responsible for this mess. She was the one who had given Ruby and Jackson that damned bell in the first place and she should have known it would have found its way to the kids at some point. She was just glad she was around to help them before the magic warped their minds too drastically.

"Damn it... okay, okay, I need to figure out how to fix this, but first I need to find Jasmine." Holly said looking around helplessly. "Alright, you just, uh, stay put," Holly said to James, who just looked at her and mooed.

Her search didn't last more than a minute before she heard some heavy breathing coming from inside the barn. She poked her head inside and saw a massive bull pounding away at a particularly satisfied looking cow. Considering the bell produced some incredibly potent magic, the unnaturally large size of the bull was already enough to make her suspicious, but the solitary streak of blue on its head was a dead giveaway to Holly.

"Jasmi-" Was all Holly was able to say before both of the bovines cried out in what Holly knew to be a rather intense set of orgasms. It seemed like an eternity before Jasmine was done and she wasted no time in continuing where she left off when she was sure it was over. "Jasmine, are you there?" She asked, trying to sound hopeful.

Jasmine's head was still swimming with thoughts of sex, so her answer was little more than a huff of air out of her nostrils and a hoarse grunt. She recognized Holly and acknowledged she was there, but the scent the other cows in the barn were emitting were the focal point of her attention.

Just then, James entered the barn, then Jasmine met his gaze and Holly watched as her flaccid bull phallus hardened and throbbed furiously.

Holly couldn't help but smirk as Jasmine unknowingly approached her brother with a very clear intent. "Oh no, I don't think so. You've had enough," She said, blocking her path to James and firmly planting the palm of her hand on Jasmine's broad head.

A dim pulse of light entered Jasmine's head, which seemed to pacify her, then Holly muttered a few unintelligible words. Jasmine felt woozy and her skin crawled as the words seeped into her brain. Her mind cleared and she felt a familiar heat in her muscles as they started to shrink. Her massive body was becoming more slender, her limbs starting to resemble their human form once more and her muzzle receding back into her increasingly human face. She had nearly reverted back to her human form, save for the pesky ballast between her legs, but that too was promptly absorbed into her. She was kind of sad to see it go, but she was happy that she could finally think of something other than sex again.

"Hey there, glad to have you back," Jasmine heard Holly's chipper voice say.

Jasmine blushed and responded with a comparably meek greeting.

Holly, seeing her uncomfortable state, sympathized. "Don't worry, it's nothing I haven't seen before. I'm just glad I stopped you before you committed a very strange form of incest," she said, gesturing at an oblivious James.

Jasmine's stomach turned at that statement. "You mean..."

"Yes, that's your brother, but hopefully not for long," Holly said, trying the same technique she had just successfully completed on Jasmine. After a few tense moments, Holly dropped her hand and let out a somber sigh, before she finally said, "Well, I've got good news and bad news."

"Which are?" Jasmine asked cautiously.

"The bad news is that James's body is too far along in its pregnancy to reverse it," Holly paused for a moment and looked at Jasmine with a half-frown, half-smile.

"Well what's the good news?" Jasmine asked impatiently.

Holly turned back to James and ever the optimist, she beamed and said, "You're going to be a mommy!"

To be continued...


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