I Took One Wrong Turn

Story by Serathin on SoFurry

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#1 of The Wrong Turn

This was actually the start of an adult furry novel that I had in my head probably a few years ago. Even though I never really worked on it after this point I thought I would post it up and see what the gallery thought of it. Who knows, maybe in the future I'll take up that storyline again.

"To George, and his last night as a free man!" The group of men all let out a cheer as they raised their shots in the air, then downed them all before slamming them down on the table. While most of the men had just joined them at the strip club, George and his best man Ryley had spent the first half of the evening drinking, gambling, and then enjoying the show before the rest of the party had come in to spend the rest of the night drinking and watching strippers. The two were already quite sloshed, but to them the night was still young and there was a lot of fine female entertainment in front of them. They had VIP seats that Ryley had secured ahead of time, and it amused him to no end to watch the groom continue to ask him for singles as the woman danced by.

"Ryley... this is the best..." George slurred after a particularly gorgeous dark-skinned woman with a g-string and a pair of angel wings finished pressing his face between her huge breasts. "You're the bestest!"

Ryley laughed as he got up, patting his best friend on the back. "I'm gonna... gonna get you a private dance with that one." He said as he staggered out of his chair, trying to discreetly adjust his erection before he showed it to the world. "I think she likes you."

It took Ryley nearly ten minutes to find his way to the bar, going up to the bartender and paying the sixty dollars needed to get a private dance. Once he had made sure that the right dancer was chosen he decided to go to the bathroom, still hearing the thrumming of strip club through the walls as he used the facilities. The walls were spinning slightly by the time he got out, and he resolved in his alcohol-addled mind that he would have to pull back if he was still going to be conscious by the time they got back to the hotel. It had only been the best for his best friend, especially since he was getting married to his sister.

As he ventured back through the outlet of the strip club the dark walls and being surrounded by the pounding music caused him to become slightly disoriented. The place they were in actually had two strip clubs, a tiny casino, and a dance floor all under one room. After about a minute he finally found some guys that had just come in from the outside, following them so that he could find his way back into the strip club. "Make this place so freaking hard to navigate..." he muttered as passed the velvet curtains into the club proper.

It took Ryley a few seconds to realize that the scene he had walked into was not the same as the one he had left. The most noticeable thing was that the ratios of men to women have changed, what was a male-dominated room had now gotten significantly more female-oriented. The décor had also changed slightly; the silhouettes of woman in provocative poses had become much more masculine. It became readily apparent what had happened, groaning as he realized that he had followed a bunch of gay men into the male stripper section of the strip club.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Black Forest proudly presents Kouga, the sexy wolf of the center stage!" The man in the sound booth announced, all the patrons in the club hollering and whooping as all the lights dimmed except for one on center stage. Ryley was just about to turn and leave when something slinked in from the shadows of the stage, the entire audience going quiet as the music began to play. There was an aura of mystery from what he assumed to be the next male dancer, which was the only reason that he stuck around the back of the club.

When the dancer finally stepped on stage Ryley had to blink several times to make sure it wasn't just the alcohol making him see things. The male that had stepped into the light was muscular, which is what he would expect from a male strip club dancer, with olive-hued skin and long black hair. What caused him to second guess himself was the costume that he wore; he wore a tattered shirt and jeans that bulged considerably in the front and that had a bushy black tail attached to the back. It seemed to move on its own accord as he sauntered up to the pole, every move deliberate as he grabbed the shiny brass pole. His fingers and toes were tipped with black fingernails that were slightly pointed, and as he began to smile and make his rounds around the stage he could also see that he had in false fangs and his ears were tipped.

Ryley took a seat at the bar as he watched the truly exotic dancer perform his moves to the music, strutting and swinging his body. The athleticism and flexibility of the man was astounding, gliding around the stage like he dominated it. The woman and the men were throwing not only singles, but also fives and even a few twenties in order to get the stripper's attention. As the music reached a particularly intense scene he tore away the shirt, causing the crowd to cheer and catcall as he tossed it aside and leaned down to let people stroke his hairless body and stuff money into his pants.

It took a while for the drunken male to realize that he had gotten beyond his genuine interest in the dancer's outfit. The way he moved was mesmerizing, more enticing than any woman he had seen on his side of the club. He wasn't gay, but for some reason he couldn't take his eyes off of the man as he swung his legs around and slid around the pole. The music was reaching its second high point, and Ryley could see a glint in the dancer's amber eyes as he strode right up to the edge and grabbed onto the inner seams of the ripped jeans.

The crowd went wild as he ripped the ratty fabric from his body, exposing a very skimpy black speedo lined in similar colored fur as he let out a loud howl. The bulge that Ryley had seen earlier was now a very clear outline of the man's package, which he unabashedly thrust forward as he shook his exposed butt and tail into the audience. They all apparently loved the werewolf theme, in short order his straps were filled with cash and by the time his song was over he almost had more than he could walk off with. Once the guy was off the stage it seemed that he had his faculties back once more, turning to the bartender who had asked him if he wanted another drink.

"Yeah, thanks, just a cola actually." Ryley said, feeling his veil of drunkenness become detrimental to what he just experienced. "So... that dancer..."

"Ah, I see that Kouga has sunk his hooks into another one." The bartender replied. "Ever since he started to dance here business has tripled... though strangely enough he seems to attract more men then woman, though they come flocking in droves to see him as well. Never thought that the whole werewolf shtick would work; lost twenty bucks to the DJ on that."

Ryley just nodded as he sipped on the soda, paying the man before walking out the door. The half-naked fireman that had appeared on stage next held very little interest to him as he wondered back to his own bachelor party. When he sat back down they hardly had even realized that they he had left, though with all the naked tits and ass in front of them he wasn't surprised. The rest of the night went on as normal, though even as he watched the female dancers perform the image of that male dancer continued to linger in the back of his mind.


Several hours and one nasty hangover later, George, Ryley, and the rest of the men that had passed out at their hotel room had left to their respective lives. Thankfully they had decided to go on a Friday night, which meant that as Ryley had the next two days to recover. As he laid there on his couch, an ice pack resting on his head and a glass of seltzer water in his hand, he mentally recounted the great time he had. One part, however, continued to stick out in particular that caused him great confusion.

"Why do I keep thinking about that stupid dancer..." he said to himself, wincing a bit as he shifted his position to turn on the television to distract himself. "I mean he danced well and he was in shape, but I don't even like to look at other guys and this shouldn't be a big deal for me. Yet here I am... talking to myself about him..."

As he looked over at what came on his television he realized that fate would add insult to injury, playing some sort of werewolf movie. He quickly changed the channels, causing himself even more pain as he wished for the last of his hangover to pass. While he sat there and watched a recap of the recent football game he started to formulate a plan of action. He was quite drunk when he saw the stripper, and he wondered if all the liquor had gone to his head and made him thing strange things. The strip club that they had gone to was only an hour away from his home, which meant that he could easily get up there and see him again.

After a nervous dinner and several more Tylenol later he made his drive up to the strip club that had caused this mental malfunction in the first place. When he got there he found the place to be packed, the Saturday crowd filling all aspects of the building as it took him ten minutes to find a single parking spot. He began to wonder if this was such a good idea as he finally pulled into a vacant stall, he was about to pay a cover charge to sit and watch guys take their clothes off. It wasn't his idea of a good time, but he had to be sure that he saw Kouga and put his mind to rest.

The male section of the strip club was packed when he finally got inside, a well-built man on stage with a police officer's shirt on and a bikini that had a badge stenciled on it. Already Ryley's hopes began to rise, he felt absolutely nothing while he watched the man and after only a few seconds turned his attention back to the same bartender from yesterday to order a rum and cola.

"Ah, back again I see." The tall, black man said with a smile as he handed him his drink and took his money. "Kouga will be on stage four dancers from now, try and enjoy yourself until then."

"How did you know I was here to see him?" Ryley asked, sipping on his beverage.

"Because that was the only act you saw when you came in here yesterday." "The bartender replied. "I tend to remember these things, makes me good at my job, plus it was very cute the way you tried to hide your interest in him as you slurred out your questions."

The bartender quickly moved on to another drink order, which left Ryley to his own thoughts as his eyes drifted once more back to the stage itself. The police officer had been replaced with two men who didn't even wear costumes as they danced with each other on stage, their skin glistening under the lights as they collected money from the crowd. He had thought about going up front when it was Kouga's turn to dance, just to make sure, but he didn't want to take up a seat since he wasn't going to be putting any money towards the other strippers.

Once the last dancer before Kouga started he slowly made his way towards the stage, though as he looked through the crowd he saw that he wasn't the only one. Thankfully the side he was on had a spot open up, the older lady getting a text message that caused her to stand up and leave. He quickly slunk his way in and sat down, on one side of him was a young woman that was part of the larger bachelorette party and on the other side was a man in his late thirties with a stack of ones in front of him that he eagerly put into the bright yellow g-string of the man dancing around the stage.

Ryley was almost grateful when the final male dancer got off the stage, the lights going dark for the main attraction. He was still immensely uncomfortable with being around the woman and gay men who were actually there for erotic entertainment, feeling like they somehow knew he wasn't there for watching. As the waitress came around he ordered a second drink, having already finished off his first one as he waited for Kouga to begin dancing. He didn't have to wait long, before his second glass even came to him he heard the DJ announce that Kouga was about to make the center stage.

Just like last night the dancer started in the shadows of the back of the stage, slinking around the night and masking his form. Ryley leaned forward in his seat as he strained to watch the lithe male slink and bend, seemingly dancing only for himself for a few seconds before he stepped into the light and began his striptease. It was the same as before, he was dressed in the same tattered clothing that he ripped off as he flaunted his body around the stage. Once more he was captivated by his body swaying with the rhythm of the music, and this time he didn't have the copious amounts of liquor in his system to impair his judgment.

Soon he was making his way around the stage, taking the money from the patrons and in return grinding his body against them. "Alright, this is it... moment of truth." Ryley said to himself as he put the dollar in his mouth like he had done with the female strippers before as Kouga got to his area of the stage. When the other male stood in front of him he locked eyes, an almost feral glint in those amber irises as he got on all fours and leaned in to take the dollar from his mouth.

As the exotic dancer proceeded to rub his hard pectorals against his face Ryley could smell the male musk of the other male's body, along with an almost earthy scent that he couldn't quite place. Before he knew it the whole thing was over, Kouga on all fours going towards the next man and doing the same thing. The impression he made on him, however, lingered behind as he struggled to come to grips with the fact that he had actually enjoyed a man's skin pressing against him.

He could feel his cock throb in his pants as he watched the rest of the show, the faux werewolf making a few more passes that Ryley quickly took advantage of. His eyes were glued especially to the large package that was thinly veiled behind the tight piece of lycra that almost seemed to accentuate it rather than hide it. He began to wonder what it would look like without the skimpy covering, swinging around with his movements. If it moved with the same harmony that the rest of his body had then he had no doubt that it would be just as beautiful.

When he finally saw that black-furred tail disappear behind the stage curtains, the realization of what had just happened fell upon him like a ton of bricks. He waited a little bit for his erection to subside before he got up, someone quickly taking his seat as he made his way once more to the back of the bar.

"So did you enjoy yourself?" The bartender asked with a wiry grin as he offered him another drink.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." Ryley replied, still trying to figure out just what kind of feelings he was having about Kouga and the perverse thoughts that had filled his mind. He decided that he needed more information, being with the stripper without the mob mentality of horny women and men trying to get a feel of his tight, muscular body. "Say... does Kouga happen to give private dances?"

"Certainly." The bartender explained. "Price is a hundred and fifty for one song, or three songs for four hundred."

"A hundred and fifty for one song?" Ryley said in shock. "I thought it was only sixty for a private dance!"

"Kouga is a premium dancer, so he gets a premium price for his dances." The bartender replied with a shrug. "Plus you couldn't even get him for one tonight; his schedule is booked solid since we opened today. The list resets every night though, so if you come early enough I'm sure we can get you a spot."

Ryley hardly heard what the bartender explained to him, his mind still reeling over the price that was quoted for him. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined he would pay that much for such a thing, and it wasn't until he had started to drive away that his brain started to try and figure out what he should do. Even as he focused on the road the image of that handsome man bending and flexing his body continued to play in the back of his mind.

How could this be happening... he thought to himself as he rubbed his face. Never once had he ever thought about the possibility of being with another man, yet he couldn't seem to get him out of my mind. He had even thought about his... thing, what it looked like...

He served slightly as he nearly crossed over the yellow line into the other lane, slapping himself lightly in order to reestablish his focus on the road. With the help of his radio, which he turned to blare out music to distract him, he managed to make it all the way home without another incident. The second he got into his apartment, however, the visions of the stripper returned with a vengeance as he sat down on the couch. Even with the television on he couldn't help but think of him, part of him could even still smell that particular aroma on him as he sat back on the couch.

That night he dreamed; he was at the Black Forest strip club, which was empty save for him sitting in the seat that was directly in front of the center stage. The music that had begun to play was Kouga's signature music, and almost right on queue the exotic dancer sauntered onto the stage. He wasn't wearing his usual costume he started with, instead starting in that skimpy fur g-string that outlined his cock so perfectly. As Ryley watched Kouga continued his slow, deliberate steps towards the front, swaying and flexing his perfect body in perfect timing. His body's movements were hypnotic, and as he got to the front he surprised him by hopping off of the stage and sitting down on his lap.

"Kouga..." Ryley gasped, feeling the other male's warm body press against him as one of those black, pointed fingertips trailed down his jawline. As he pressed his hands against those firm pecs he could feel his heart beating. Despite all of his physical exertion dancing for him his pulse was calm and steady, just like his body was as the dancer turned around on his lap until he was facing him. His rock-hard erection was straining against his jeans as Kouga pressed his body against him and rubbed his cheek his neck.

As Kouga's hands began to play with the button on his fly Ryley was overwhelmed with sensations. He knew this wasn't right, that if anything it should be some girl that he had seen playing with him like this and not some guy. But as he returned the stripper's nuzzle he smelt that same earthy musk that he had before, an almost intoxicating smell as he felt his jeans and then his underwear get pulled down to the ground. It felt more like he was an observer then in actual control of the scene in front of him, his hands moving up and down his silky smooth back as their lips hovered just inches from one another. He closed his eyes, waiting for that moment when they would finally touch...

A loud buzzing noise suddenly jostled Ryley awake, the young man bolting up in his bed from the sudden and rude awakening. Once he got his faculties back he looked around his room, still breathing hard from the intense dream. His body and sheets were covered in sweat, the boxers he slept in sticking to his legs as he removed the wet garment from his body. His erection popped into the air as soon as it escaped from its cloth prison, throbbing in front of him as though trying to grab his attention. He tried to flop onto the dry side of his bed and ignore it, but after nearly twenty minutes of tossing and turning he finally wiggled onto his back and grabbed the needy member with his hand.

While he started to stroke up and down he tried to think of the usual stuff in order to try and get himself off as quickly as possible, but the images of naked woman that Ryley had seen before did little to help this time. Even the strippers who had given him the private dances a few nights ago did nothing, imagining their naked bodies rubbing up against him hardly caused the usual tingles of excitement that accompanied his self-pleasure. As the minutes ticked by and relief still seemed out of sight he knew in the back of his mind that he would have to think about what got him in such an aroused state in the first place. Reluctantly he allowed in the thoughts that he had been actively blocked out from entering his mind's eye before, the nearly naked male once more dancing in his mental vision as his pace quickened.

It didn't take long after that, the young male's back arched slightly and his toes curled as he climaxed, shooting his load onto his chest and stomach where it mingled with the sweat caused by his sex dream. Once he was done he quickly got up and went into the shower, trying to wash away the memories of what had just happened as well as everything else. But as he continued to stand there, water pouring off his naked body, he knew that there were only two ways to go from here. He could either try to ignore it and go about his daily life, always wondering and thinking about some male he had only seen twice, or go there and confront it head on...

The next night he did something he never thought he would do in his entire life; he went down to the ATM, withdrew four hundred dollars, and made the drive up to the Black Forest strip club to blow the whole thing in a little less then fifteen minutes. If any of his friends had ever found he had done any of this he would never live it down, but he had to know the truth of his feelings if he ever wanted some peace in his life. He sat in his car for nearly fifteen minutes as he waited for the club to open, continuing to debate whether or not he was actually going to go in. As soon as the doors opened though, he found himself rushing in and heading straight towards the male section of the club.

"Back again I see." The bartender joked, Ryley frowning a bit as he realized it was the same bartender from the last two nights. "Here to watch again?"

"I... actually would prefer something a bit closer." Ryley replied, taking out the four hundred dollar bills and putting them down on the countertop. "Three private dances please."

"Well would you look at that." The bartender replied as he took the money, and then pulled out a pad of paper with times of the night on it. "I take it you're going to want them to be used consecutively... let's see... ah, here we go, something early on I think so that you can also enjoy his regular show. You'll have the private room reserved for you and Kouga in an hour from now. You can either wait here or come back, but if you aren't here when the time comes then your spot will be forfeited for one of those on the waiting list."

Ryley nodded, taking a look down at his watch to make sure he had the right time before he left. As much as he wanted to stay and make absolute sure he kept his time, but he couldn't stand to watch the other male strippers. He wandered over to the casino portion of the club, though with the exuberant amount of money he had just paid he didn't feel like spending any more. Nevertheless it was something that kept his mind off of things, kept him from thinking about what he was about to do.

The next hour seemed to go by agonizingly slow for him. He ordered a cocktail to try and settle his nerves, but it only ended up agitating his stomach even more. After a few more disagreeable sips he tossed the entire beverage in the trash, walking back towards the strip club. For a few minutes he walked over to the female side of the strip club, but even the sight of the nearly naked women couldn't hold his interest for very long.

Finally the hour rolled by and he went back to the male part of the strip club, the bartender seeing him and motioning him over towards the bar. "Alright, the last guy before you is in there right now finishing up. As soon as he walks out you're in, but not a second before that. You can wait in that chair right there, and your dancer will meet with you when you're in there."

Ryley nodded and sat down in the chair with a sigh, trying to let the music distract him more than the huge guy that was dancing on the stage. As he had time to reflect on his recent life choices he began to think that this was a really bad idea. He started to wonder whether or not he could plead with the bartender to get his money back when he saw the door to the private room open and an older gentleman walk out with a goofy grin on his face. He held his head in his hands as the man passed him by, then got up and walked towards the room. His heart was doing backflips as he put his hand on the warm brass knob of the door and opened it.

The room was empty as walked into the gaudily decorated room. Everything was extremely plush, everything from the carpet to the bed-like sofa that dominated one of the walls. It was opposite a small stage, which had a single shining gold pole in the middle of the stage. It smelled of orange and vanilla scented air freshener, something that disturbed him slightly as he sat down and sank into the overstuffed cushions. His body was shaking as he waited for the first song to start and with it the arrival of the mysterious dancer. He realized that up until that point that he hadn't even heard the man's voice, and have only seen him twice before. Was this possibly some sort of built up fantasy, and did he just blow four hundred dollars to be disappointed?

"Hey there stud." Ryley suddenly heard from the stage, his jaw dropping slightly as he saw Kouga walk out onto the stage. He was completely naked save for a collar around his neck; his eight inch cock completely exposed as he walked onto the stage and grabbed the bar. "You want a show first, or get right to it?"

"Uh..." It took a few seconds for Ryley to get over the sight, Kouga's words as smooth as his groin. "I guess just to start."

"Whatever you say, this puppy loves to play." Kouga replied, rubbing his body sensually against the pole. "We still have a few moments before the song starts, so ground rules. There will be no attempts at kissing. Your hands can be on my body, but you don't touch my inner thighs, my crotch, my ass, my lower back, or my head. Fail to follow these simple rules and you're out, also no refunds. Got it?"

Ryley nodded in understanding, hearing the sound of the first song starting up as the stripper swung his lithe body around the pole a few times. "Alright then sexy, enjoy the show." Kouga said as he danced around the stage, stretching and flexing his body for him. "You're in for a real treat."

All Ryley could do was nod once more he watched the olive-skinned beauty continue to sway and strut, just like in his dream. Also just like in his dream the stripper did a slow hop down on the stage, strutting over to him and running those pointed black fingernails over his jawline. He could feel his own cock in his pants begin to throb as the naked dancer wrapped his arms around his neck. "I see you really want to give the puppy a bone." Kouga said as he rubbed his hips against his crotch, a fanged smile on his face.

"Yeah..." Ryley breathed out, trying his best to contain his excitement as the dancer ground against him. He tried to say something else, something to help spice up the moment so that he could slip in some questions, but nothing came to mind as the male rubbed against his body. The costumed male's skin was so soft and warm he had trouble thinking about anything other than his gyrating body on top of him and that cock pressed against his chest and abs. As he suddenly heard the silence permeate the air he realized that the entire first song had just ended, which meant that he only had two more to go before his four hundred dollar time with the nude stripper was finished.

"So... Kouga..." Ryley managed to say, trying to focus as he put his hands on the stripper's back and felt his cock jump as he felt those tight muscles flexing under his grasp. "I've never really... ah... met anyone like you before... you're very... uh..."

"I believe unique is the word you are looking for." Kouga replied with a grin as he felt his customer start to get more active in touching his body, responding by running his hands down Ryley's sides and legs as he took a step back. "Thanks sexy, I strive to set myself apart from the others."

Ryley took a deep breath as he was thankful to gain a reprieve from the lustful embrace, giving him a chance to think clearly though he could still smell that exquisite musk lingering on his body. "It's not just that... ever since I saw you dance I can't seem to take my mind off of you." He confessed. "I've never even thought of another guy in that way before this..."

"Must be your primal animal instinct bubbling up." Kouga replied with a smirk as he ran those clawed hands down his shirt before turning around and rubbing his backside against him. "Seeing this little submissive wolfy all ready to pant and beg for you... drives even the straightest of men wild."

As Ryley put his hands on the wolf's hips while he gyrated against him he heard the music start to taper off, astounded that his second song was already about to end. He had gotten nearly nothing from the mysterious male except a hard-on and his scent all over him. The dancer was relentless in his movements, teasing and rubbing him in all the right spots to make his mind focus only on the pleasure given to him. Finally he had to make a choice, either succumb to the pleasure and spend the last song enjoying himself, or somehow persuade the stripper to stop his dancing so he could actually talk to him.

When the third song started to play Ryley decided that he was at least going to enjoy himself this one time, his hands stroking along the dancer's back as he once more straddled his lap. His heart pounded in his chest as he could feel Kouga's semi-hard cock press against his stomach, his own throbbing madly as he began to push his hips back up against him. "Looks like someone is finally starting to let go a bit." Kouga said with a grin as his hands moved fluidly up and down his neck and shoulders.

Ryley said nothing, content as their chests rubbed together, his hands careful to stay within the boundaries given to him as he rubbed his fingertips against the silky skin of his back. For a second he almost thought he felt a growl deep within the dancer's chest as he fell back against the bed, the stripper's weight on top of his chest as those black, clawed hands pushed underneath his shirt and scraped gently across his skin. He could feel the other male's muscles tense, a feral grin spreading across his face as he continued to grind and tease his body. The hard, thick cock that had been pressed against him was now almost right in front of his face as the werewolf costumed man crept up his body.

"Now you got this wolf all riled up." Kouga said lustfully, his naked body crouched down on top of him. Ryley could almost sense the hunger in the other male as he heard his final song get close to his conclusion, though at the moment he couldn't care less. Their eyes stared into one another as Ryley could feel the other breath of his entertainer right above him. he wasn't sure what was about to happen, all he knew was that tent in his pants ached with need and they were getting very close to one another as he continued to breathe in his rich, woodsy scent... though a small voice in his mind said that this may just be a rouse, a way for the panting male to waste the last bit of song time.

That voice was quickly silenced when Kouga darted forward and pressed his lips against him, his hands running through his hair as he broke his own rule and ravished his mouth. Ryley's eyes nearly rolled back into his head as the pleasure nearly overwhelmed him, his own tongue pushing back. He could feel the prosthetic fangs as they embraced, feeling extremely real as Kouga's body thrashed on top of him. Suddenly Ryley let out a gasp as the dancer quickly pushed away, hearing nothing but silence and their own labored breathing.

"I'm sorry, that was my fault." Kouga stammered in apology as he quickly dismounted him and slid onto the side of the bed. "Your time is up, please leave the room immediately."

"Kouga wait!" Ryley shouted, reaching out to stop the other man that had only moments ago ravished him. As he lunged forward he stumbled, falling onto the bed while trying to grab onto something for support. The only thing in range was the stripper's tail, though even as he held onto it he would only succeed in breaking it and causing him even more trouble.

"Ow!" Kouga shouted as he fell backwards, nearly on top of him. In his confusion Ryley reached up to the root of the tail and pressed against his lower back to steady both himself and Kouga. What he felt surprised him, the appendage flowed seamlessly into the flesh of the dancer's back, feeling the pulse of blood under the palm of his hand. He was stunned, his mind trying to comprehend what he was seeing even as the thick fur flowed out of his hands as he loosened his grip and the stripper looked at him in fury.

"How... how dare you!" Kouga screamed, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to his feet and towards the door with surprising strength. "You're done! Get out! GET OUT NOW!" The last words were followed by a sound so terrifying that Ryley nearly fell backwards, stumbling towards the door and quickly opening it. He could still hear him shouting as he ran out of the hallway and nearly ran into the next person who was waiting, who gave him a surprised look as he bolted for the main staging area.

Once he was back in the relative safety and comfort of the main bar, Ryley immediately went to one of the outer chairs in order to steady his nerves. His brain still struggled to comprehend what he felt in there, not only the fact that the tail and possibly other parts of Kouga's 'costume' may be real but the feelings he had during the entire dance. No woman had ever made him felt that way in his entire life, even during his sexual encounters with them they failed to give him the pleasure that the male stripper had given him with merely his touch. It just felt so... right, and even more so when he had his affections returned to him.

A little while after he had managed to steady himself to order a drink, he heard the now familiar voice of the DJ over the PA system. "We've had a slight change in our scheduling folks." He announced as the man got off the stage. "Kouga will not be dancing tonight, filling in for him will be En Fuego with his fiery dance of a thousand passions!"

Ryley felt his stomach drop as he heard that Kouga would not be dancing, especially since he had more than an inkling feeling that he was to blame for it. As quickly as he could he got up and left, trying to avoid the gaze of the bartender as he moved to his car as quickly as he could. Once he was in he sped out, leaving the night club and the horrible memory of what he had seen behind him.

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Remodeling the Garden

"Derek, wake up damnit!" Gryphon yelled as he pounded on the door to his roommate's door. "This whole photo shoot thing was your idea and if you're not up in five minutes I'm going without you!" Gryphon paused and put his ear to the door, and when he...

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Extinction Prevention Protocols

Jared could feel his entire body shake as he headed towards the back of the space station where all the new arrivals were quarantined until they could be cleared by an official customs agent, something that he regretted he had become the second he had...

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