The Start of Revenge

Story by Doods on SoFurry

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Chase was laying on his bed, his boyfriend was rubbing up and down his stomach. But even with Will rubbing him and sucking on his neck, Chase just couldn't get into it. His mind was elsewhere.

"Are you okay?" Will asked.

"Yeah," Chase lied.

"Do you not want to fool around?"

"No, I'm not really feeling like it."

"Okay. That's fine." Will had been a little pent up, they hadn't done anything since Saturday.

"Thanks." Chase put his head onto Will's and the two laid together in silence as Chase's mind wandered to the day before.

Chase had met Marie as she had demanded. They were at the gate to the football field, as Chase walked up a shiver went down his spine as he saw the zebra.

"Alright, I'm here," Chase said. "What do you want?"

"Oh, I want a lot. But we are going to start with something that I've wanted from you for a while."


She didn't say anything just used her finger to say follow her. Marie led Chase to under the benches. Just last Friday he and Will had had sex and the evidence of it was on Marie's phone.

"Getting excited? Remembering what you and Will did here."

"What do you want?" Chase asked, coming off much more whiney than what he meant.

She smiled and got up close to Chase, pushing her tits against his chest. She started to nibble on Chase's neck and worked her way over his jawbone and up to his ear, where she whispered. "You are going to fuck me until I cum."


"Tut tut tut," she said putting a finger up to his lips. "You have to do what I want. Otherwise everyone is going to see you being the little bottom bitch you are."

Chase sighed. "Fine."

Marie reached her hands under Chase's shirt and rubbed along his stomach up to his chest. Chase lifted his arms and she flipped his shirt over his head. She rubbed her fingers across his nipples and they became hard, leaning down she latched her lips around the nub of flesh. She started to suckle. After a couple seconds she realized he wasn't enjoying himself. So, she opened his pants and slipped her hands down into the denim. She found his sheath and even though he wasn't showing it, the swelling of his sheath proved he was lying at least a little bit. Touching the sides of his sheath opening she pulled it back as the head of his dick came forth. Pulling her hands out she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down along with his boxer shorts. The pink and black member was slowly showing itself more and more, becoming wider and wider. Giving it some jerks she gave a smile as it became the longest dick she'd ever seen.

"Oh, I see why Will likes you."

"This isn't why..."

"I don't care." Marie leaned against one of the posts. "Come here. I want you to eat my cunt out. Then you can fuck me.

Chase sighed. He walked over pulling Marie's skirt and panties down. She bent down more showing off her swollen and already aroused lower lips. Chase brought his mouth close and the smell of her arousal filled his nostrils. The smell made his dick jump without his thinking, pre formed on the tip. Damn instincts, Chase thought. Even though he was in love with Will his biology to reproduce was still strong. He stuck his tongue out and ran the flat muscle along her lips before he rolled it and shoved it into her body.

She let out a long moan. This was the first time she was ever with an equine. And if this is what his tongue felt like she couldn't wait for the main course. Chase licked her insides leaving spit everywhere the tongue could touch. Pulling out his muscle he stood up. "Are you ready?" He asked.

"I've been ready."

He lined the head of his dick with her opening. When the head of his cock touched her lips they both felt a shock of pleasure shooting through them. He slowly pushed his member into her body. Both let out a moan, Marie's was in pleasure, Chase's was involuntary. The wet warmth that surrounded his dick had just felt too good. As he sunk his dick all the way in until his pubic bone touched her ass cheeks.

"Now fuck me like you mean it."

Chase pulled back and then slammed his cock back into Marie's body. Humping and fucking her a wet slapping sound emanating from her pussy. Even though he was fucking her he wasn't feeling much of anything in the way of his climax coming up.

"Oh, fuck me," Marie called. "Fuck me like your boyfriend fucked you."

This got to Chase. He kept pumping into her but it went from a quick pounding it became hard and deep, each time he bottomed out into her with a loud wet slap. Marie would lurch forward each time he went in. But she kept moaning like she was enjoying it, which just made Chase even more and more angry. He reached up and wrapped her mane hair in his fist. He pulled it making her head look straight up. He wanted to yell and scream at her but he just grunted as he fucked her. Veins bulged from his arms and neck as his anger kept growing.

"Fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she called. Her pussy spasmed around Chase's dick. Followed by a rush of liquid from her cunt that sprayed all over Chase's dick, balls, and legs. But Chase wasn't done and he kept pounding her body. Marie only moaned, her tongue out the side of her mouth her eyes rolling to whites. Chase continued to pull her hair. But he still wasn't anywhere near cumming, he was more focused on punishing her, at least punishing her vagina. After another ten minutes of Chase fucking her she was spraying all over Chase again.

"I'm done, pull out," Marie said. Chase pulled his cock out, it was still throbbing with his heartbeat which was rapid right now. He was breathing heavily and was staring her down. "So, were you just going to keep going until I said stop."

Chase didn't answer.

She scooted close to him. Wrapping her hands around his dick and rubbing her cheek against the flared head. She started to jerk him and nibble on his head. Even though when he was fucking her he didn't feel like cumming he was close, very close. He grunted. She knew what it meant. She took the flare into her mouth just as his member started to jerk and he shot his cum out of his dick. Thick streams shot from him, one, two, up to seven thick jets shot into her mouth. She only let some dribble from her mouth. Swallowing the load down, she looked up at Chase. "See, it wasn't too bad."

"Stop, can you delete that now?"

"Oh, no no no. You have to do a lot more for me. Including fucking me again. Because that was probably the best I've had in quite some time."

"Come on, Marie, just stop this now."

"Nope. Now no telling your boyfriend about any of this. The fuck, the video, anything got it?"

"Yeah, fine."

"Good. Now one last thing follow me. And don't put any of your clothes on."

She led him over to the locker room. He thought at least I can go into the locker room and grab my gym clothes. But she stood in front of the boys locker room. "What do you want me to do?" He asked. She grabbed his arm and pushed him into the girls room. It was followed by a load of girls screaming and running from the locker room.

Back in his room with his boyfriend laying on his chest he was remembering all this he realized he was getting excited.

"So, you are ready to fool around?" Will said.

Even though he wasn't he said, "Yeah."

After the two had sex, Chase basically laid still the whole time while Will humped his asshole. Will finished inside of Chase.

"So, I was thinking," Will said.


"You know, you haven't ever fucked me."

"Yeah, I guess I haven't."

"Do you want to try?"

"I'm kind of big don't you think?"

"I'm willing to try if you are. Chase, just roll onto your back."

Chase did as he was told. His cock sticking straight up like a mast. Reaching into Chase's night stand he found a bottle of lube. Most of the time Will just ate Chase out to get him wet, but he was pretty sure it wouldn't work this time. He squeezed a large dollop onto Chase's flare. He then rubbed his hands up and down the shaft. "You ready?" Will asked.

"Yeah," Chase said, getting really excited.

Will hadn't ever thought of doing this, Chase was a giant compared to his opening. But something had been bothering Chase and he was hoping this would get the horse out of his funk. Will got some more lube on two of his fingers and pushed them into his tight hole. He let out a moan as his fingers stretched his hole, the pleasure made his dick jump back to life. Pulling his fingers out he hovered over Chase. Slowly he sat down, when the head touched Will the human jumped a bit. Sitting down slowly, the rod touched the opening. Then he went down a little more the head pushing its way into the hole. Will moaned louder than he should have as he was stretched to the point of breaking but he kept going anyway. The head made it past the sphincter and he was letting the rest of the member stretch him as he let it invade him. But he couldn't take it all in. About halfway down the pain became too much.

"Get off if you have to," Chase said.

"No, I can do this," Will said.

"Just get off, I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Tears were forming in Will's eyes. "You sure." Chase nodded. "Okay." Will got off of Chase. His hole hurt from being stretched. When his sister used her strap-on it didn't hurt some much. So, he thought he could take it, but obviously not. Will lay next to Chase, his hole hurt and abused.

"I'm sorry. I thought I could do it."

"It's okay." Chase leaned up and looked at his boyfriend's hole. Nothing looked damaged, but he could barely see it. He hoped Will was okay and not lying.

In another ten minutes Chase got a text. Will was pretending to be asleep so Chase checked his phone. It was from Marie.

"Meet me now, at the school." It read.


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