Crystals Hell.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#10 of Her Escape

I think either one or two more parts and Crystal will have her happy ending. Just have to get it typed up see how it goes.

Crystal was given time off of work once more after the attack from Dale that left the store a mess and the door cracked. Crystal bit her bottom lip, spending the day at the cabin feeling nervous and jumpy as could be which only topped off the fact she had been throwing up that morning. She eventually ended up spending the day with Scott after he stopped by to check on her after Jason had sent him a message asking him to. Scott took Crystal to the towns mall and walked around with her, listening to her tale of her marriage with Dale and how she met Jason. Scott looked to Crystal with a small smile. "Jason is a good man Crystal...anyone that knows him can see it in his eyes when he really cares. But never before have I seen him so...into a girl before....Your lucky to have met him because he will fight till the end to make sure your safe." Crystal looked back to him and blushed lightly as she smiled and nodded some. "Thank you Scott...for dealing with me for a while...just feel paranoid without someone with me." Scott gently patted her shoulder and directed her to the food court with a soft chuckle coming from him.

Scott got Crystal to sit down at a table then headed off to one of the booths that were in the food court to get some food and drinks for them. While she sat there leaned back in her seat with her tail curled around her legs she looked around for a moment only to see Dale standing against one of the walls watching her intently with a stone cold expression on his face. Crystal went stiff and got up from her seat, quickly moving to Scott and standing beside him with her ears flat against her head. Scott was waiting on the food he had ordered when he felt her coming up to him. He stood his ears up and looked at her with a confused look on his face. "Scott...Dale is here." Scott folded his ears back and glanced around, spotting Dale slowly moving through the food court with his eyes on Crystal. Scott cursed softly and looked back to Crystal. "We can't attack him Crystal...but we are in the way he would do something with this many people around...try to relax and I will keep my eyes on him alright?" Crystal nodded a bit as she took a deep breathe. Scott gently patted her on the back before handing her the food he bought for her and her drink then grabbed his own before returning to the table with her.

Crystal thanked Scott softly and tried her best to relax as she ate with him. Scott kept glancing to where he saw dale who moved around the food court slowly as if he was stalking his prey and waiting to go in for the kill. Scott felt more worried then before and wondered just how far this man would go to get what he wanted. Scott shifted as they ate. Crystal finished after almost half an hour, trying to drag it out in hopes Dale would get bored but Scott shook his head to her that he wasn't going to let up. Crystal sighed and finished the rest of her drink before dumping the trash into the can near by.

Scott done the same and stood close to Crystal, taking on a protective look as he walked with her out of the food court. A few minutes after they left the food court a few cops came up to the two of them and stopped them. One of the cops was a raccoon who looked between the two of them before looking at Crystal. "Your to come with us...we had a report that you were taken from your home in another town...your family is at the station to pick you up...while the man that kidnapped you is being arrested right now." Scott folded his ears back and was about to yell when the other cop, a large lion stopped him while the raccoon grabbed Crystals shoulder and led her out of the mall with Scott yelling it was all a false story.

Crystal tried more then once to get free from the cop but was forced into the back of a black car. She hissed and started to try and get out but the child safety lock of the door was enabled. A few seconds later Dale was getting in the car with her. When she turned to look at him he slapped her across the face as hard as he could before grabbing her hair roughly, hissing as he looked at her. "We...are going..home." Crystal teared up from the slap and tried to get him to let go of her but the raccoon who had gotten into the drivers seat handed Dale a small piece of cloth that was damp. Dale covered Crystal's mouth and nose with it, forcing her to breathe in the drug until she blacked out, slumping back into the seat. As they were driving off Scott ran out of the mall and got into his own car before heading to the police station and calling Jason on the way.

Jason bolted out of the store as soon as he hung up the phone after Scott's call. Jason was calling Bonnie letting her know what was happening and to find someone that could help before heading after Crystal and Dale. By that evening Dale had Crystal back home and this time locked her in the basement, a heavy leather collar around her neck with a small padlock holding a chain end to it. Crystal let out a groan an hour or so later as she began to stir from her drug induced sleep. She shifted and slowly sat up, holding her head in her hands. She felt awful and sore. When she opened her eyes she looked around to see she was in her basement. She growled and moved to get up only to fall back after the chain yanked her back. She let out a grunt when she fell back, her hands grabbing at the collar around her neck and pulling on it a few times while Dale stepped out of the shadows near the door way, flipping on a light and looking at her with his eyes narrowed.

"You son of a bitch!! Why can't you just leave me alone?!" Crystal was furious with him, pulling her shoe off and throwing it at him as hard as she could only for him to dodge it. Dale grinned a bit and shook his head some. "Your so stupid married me..not that fucking mutt...that means your mine until I say other wise...get used to it because your not leaving this basement anytime soon nor will you be seeing him again...ever. I will have that little problem fixed soon enough." Crystal had tears flowing down her cheeks as she glared at him, taking a few deep breathes as she shook her head. "You are heartless screwed me out of my own family...killed my child...all on top of raping and beating me every chance you got while at work fucked around behind my back. Why do you this to me?!"

Dale frowned as he stared down at her with his arms crossed, his tail twitching around behind him with annoyance. He had no real good answer to give her. He took a deep breathe and growled softly. "I do not have to answer that wouldn't have come to this if you had just remembered your place...It was here as my wife and care taker of my house..." Dale turned and headed up the basement stairs as Crystal yelled at him with her tears streaming down her cheeks. Once she was alone she covered her face with her hands, sobbing and wishing she had a way of getting a hold of Jason.

At that time Jason got back into town and arrived at Bonnie's apartment. He walked in with her and paced around with a snarl coming from him while Bonnie was fiddling with her fingers. " I got into contact with my older brothers...they are both cops and they know who I was talking about. They said they would try to help but they need proof...a reason to in and search the house." Jason stood his ears up and went still, looking over at her for a moment before grinning which made Bonnie look worried. "Oh we have boss at the store has video of Dale attacking Crystal the other night when she was cleaning the store after closing!" Bonnie looked stunned and yelled at him to call his boss and get the video as fast as he possibly could.

An unexpected twist.

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Becoming his pet.

Dean stood his ears up and stared at Celeste who was still straddling his lap with a bright blush and small grin on her face. The wolf was floored by what she had said to him and couldn't hide nor deny the fact he was hard as a rock now. He blinked...

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There is no safe place.

A few days passed since Crystal had gone into heat at work. They made up for the missed day of work by going over time which Crystal didn't seem to mind and she seemed to enjoy having an actual job. She was sitting in the break room at the store...

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