The end to her hell.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#11 of Her Escape

I'm on a roll I know...I go into work in the morning and want to try and get the end of this written XD

Jason was pacing around in Bonnie's kitchen while he was on the phone with his boss, explaining what was going on and how badly he needed the video from Dale's attack. Within 20 minutes the email on his phone sounded and he downloaded the video before he and Bonnie hauled ass to the car then headed to the police station to meet up with her brothers. Crystal was digging her claws into the collar trying in vain to get it off of her while pulling on the chain some with curses flying from her mouth. Dale came back down about an hour or so later and dropped a bottle of water down on the bit of blanket he had put her on when she was knocked out. He didn't say anything as he turned to leave only to yell out when Crystal grabbed a hold of his tail, her claws digging in as she yanked on it as hard as she could with a hiss coming from her. Dale fell back beside her only to slap her hard to make her let go. Crystal began slapping him back as hard as she could, her claws digging into his skin on his face, tugging on his fur as he shoved her back hard enough that she hit her head against the wall. She winced and folded her ears back as she shifted and pulled away from the wall while Dale got up and glared at her, kicking the bottle of water out of her reach before leaving the basement.

Jason and Bonnie ran into the police station and found her brothers, one a tall white mouse with bright blue eyes and a brown patch over one of his eyes, the other a bit shorter with black fur and bright green eyes. They both gently patted Bonnie's shoulder and smiled as the white one spoke. "Relax. We care about Crystal to just give us the video and we will get what we need as fast as we can and get her back." Bonnie hugged him tightly while Jason handed over his phone with the video on it. "Thank you Mark and Jake! Thank you! Don't let him hurt her more!" Mark and Jake looked to each other and nodded before gently pulling back from her hugs and headed off while Jason sat down in a near by chair, biting his bottom lip while staring down at the floor with a worried look on his face. Bonnie sat down beside him and gently rubbed his back as she looked at him. "They will get the warrant as fast as possible Jason...we can't break in there again to get her out it will only make it worse." Jason took in a deep breathe as he nodded some before looking to Bonnie with a look of worry and fear. "I hope so Bonnie...I will flip if she end up.." Bonnie stopped him and gently hugged him tightly.

At the time Crystal was shaking her head some as she shifted around on the blankets. She was feeling sick and her head was throbbing from the hit against the wall. She twitched her tail a bit and whimpered some as she looked around her for something she could use on the collar. She found a shard of glass from an old mirror that had broke a while back when she was moving some things around. She grabbed the blanket out from under her and bit into the side of it, ripping it some with her teeth before pulling it apart with her hands. She used a decent sized piece of the blanket to handle the shard of glass. She knew this alone was risky but she wasn't going to sit there and let Dale torment her. she took a few deep breathes as she began to cut at the collar, nicking her own skin a few times in the process. She didn't stop until she finally got the collar pulled off after cutting it enough. she kept that shard of glass and moved into the shadows of the basement after cutting the light out. By then Mark and Jake had gotten the warrant to get into the house. With Jason and Bonnie they headed to the house.

As they made their way to the house Dale was going down the basement stairs with some food and a new bottle of water. He stopped when he realized the light in the basement was off when he remembered he had left it on after the small fight they had. He folded his ears back and moved to turn the light on. As soon as he flipped the switched Crystal lunged at him from the left of him, slashing at him with the shard of glass. Dale jumped back only to trip over an old curtain rod that was laying across the floor of the basement. Crystal took the chance and headed up the basement stairs as fast as she could. AS she reached the top of the stairs Dale was coming after her with a hiss. He reached out and grabbed a hold of her ankle making her fall onto her face. She growled and twisted her body, kicking at him as hard as she could. Dale growled and yanked her towards him with his claws sinking into her ankle making her cry out in pain.

Right as he was wrestling with her to get the glass shard from her Mark slammed his shoulder into the front door, busting it open. Crystal let out a cry as Dale was pulling her down the basement stairs by her ankle. Jason bolted by Mark with Jake following behind him. Jason came running down the basement stairs, catching Dale off guard and slamming his fist into his face as hard as he could with a snarl coming from him. Jake moved to Crystal and quickly lifted her up, getting her up the stairs while Mark moved to pull Jason away from Dale before the fight between the two of them got out of hand. Jason by then had some scratches over his eye from Dale fighting back against him. Mark was cuffing Dale tightly while Jason moved back up the basement stairs and outside to the car where Bonnie was sitting with Crystal holding a hand full of napkins against the cuts on her neck from where she cut the collar off of herself. Dale was put into the back of Jake's car and taken to the station while Jason jumped into the drivers seat of Bonnie's car and took Crystal to the hospital.

At the hospital Crystal is cleaned up. A few investigators come by and take pictures of her injuries from the fight with Dale before she is given medicine then bandaged up. Jason never once left her side, staring down at the floor while he listened to the Doctors. When she was released Jason walked with her, holding her to him to help her walk after she refused to be pushed out in a wheel chair. He helped her get into the car then headed off to a hotel for the night. He got them a room before helping her inside. He made her sit down on the bed and gave her some medicine the doctors had given her before moving to lay down in the bed with her, holding her close to him and whispering softly. "Crystal...I am so sorry." She stood her ears up and looked to him for a moment before she shook her head before kissing him softly as she slowly cuddled into him. "Jason don't...Dale set that up with the men taking me...Scott tried to stop them. Neither you or Scott are at fault...if anyone is me." Jason blinked and looked at her with a confused look on his face as Crystal looked back at him. "I should have listened years ago and not married him...I should have left when I had the chance but I was a stupid fool and thought it would all be fine...that it was the stress from our classes at the college...But it wasn't. It is just the way he is."

Jason lowered his ears and stared her in the eyes before pressing his forehead against hers and gently rubbing along her sides as he took a deep breathe. "Crystal...the only one to blame is him...not you. You didn't ask for a husband that beats you..mistreats you or anything like that. He isn't right in the head and hopefully after tonight..with the video from the shop when he attacked you...your divorce will go a bit faster and smoother...then you will be free of him and be able to do whatever you want to do." Crystal blushed and nodded as she listened to him. She purred softly to him as she kissed him once more before he hugged her closer to him as she shut her eyes to sleep, whispering softly. "When that divorce is done...I want to stay with you..." Jason stood his ears up as he looked at her while she dozed off thanks to her medicine. Jason took another deep breathe and gently rubbed her back slowly as he kissed the top of her head a few times as he began wagging his tail slowly.

Crystals Hell.

Crystal was given time off of work once more after the attack from Dale that left the store a mess and the door cracked. Crystal bit her bottom lip, spending the day at the cabin feeling nervous and jumpy as could be which only topped off the fact...

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An unexpected twist.

It had been a few days since Belle had been attacked at the school library. She had been given two or three weeks to recover and heal from the attack, the school and most of the students sending her cards and flowers. Even with being sore and...

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Becoming his pet.

Dean stood his ears up and stared at Celeste who was still straddling his lap with a bright blush and small grin on her face. The wolf was floored by what she had said to him and couldn't hide nor deny the fact he was hard as a rock now. He blinked...

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