Soft Surrender - YCH story for Baffels

Story by White66 on SoFurry

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My first and hopefully not my last YCH fiction commission, won by my very good friend Baffles, involving his fusona and OC Baffs and Rosa. This was a bit of a challenge to write, but it was a lot of fun too. I'm hoping to open some more like this soon enough so if anyone has an idea of one they would like to see, then feel free to drop me a note.

I'm also open for general story commissions if anyone wants to grab one of the two slots I have open. Or both of them. That's cool too. Feel free to note me for that or make a comment on my commission journal.

Story by White66

Icon by fenfenftw

Baffles is:

Rosa is:

All characters are owned by Baffels and cannot be used without permission from him.

Rosa twisted and tugged on her bonds, struggling as much as she could. Which wasn't that much, with her arms extended up over her head, rippling muscles bunched under her soft blue fur. That didn't mean she had stopped struggling though. She alway enjoyed the moment of bondage, of the warm feeling that tingled through her body as the bonds were closed around her wrists. That warm feeling had grown to a powerful heat as her bondage had continued, helped on by the sounds behind her.

It was one sound that quickly drew her attention back to now. And heightened her pleasure. She didn't even have to look to see her master standing in the doorway, to see the look of cool anticipation in his face. Unlike the needy, almost longing, look on her face. Her face flushed, she was trying to keep her soft pants inside her mouth. If she could have rubbed her legs together, she would have. But with the way she was tied, that was beyond her. As her arms were extended, so we're her legs. Spread apart to leave her cunny on display, moisture clinging to her lips and matting her soft fur.

It was sign of her pure arousal, arousal strong as anything she had ever felt. And he had done nothing but tie her up. Not even a single touch. He had just left her waiting, knowing the effect that would have on her. She didn't have to wait long for that touch that she craved though. Suddenly Baffs was behind her, his slightly bigger frame pressed into her lithe body.

Any chance she had a controlling her breathy mews failed, her body dropping in her bonds, pressing back against him. Never mind the punishment she might get for it, she needed to feel touched, to be touched by him.

Baffs only response was a soft chuckle. A long drawn out sound full of control and power. Power he had over her. Right here in his clutches, she was in his power right enough. With nothing to do but submit to his will. She really had no choice, the simple but cunning bondage holding her completely helpless.

Rosa squirmed against the paw that brushed her cunny, running right along the cleft to tease her clit, drawing the tip of that finger along her lips, not quite penetrating her but letting her feel it., The warm blush that filled her cheeks mirrored the rising pleasure inside her, her body enjoying the teasing touch. Even if her mind didn't exactly agree. Her body had been risen up to that plateaux but not allowed to cross it.

Baffs chuckled again, hearing her frustrated moan and letting his paw drop down to caress along her thigh, stroking the firm flesh slowly. Building both her frustration and need with that one moment, her legs trembling as he fingered her clit skilfully.

When they had first met, Rosa had been surprised how dominant Baffs could be. But right now, she had no doubts about that. The shorter feline was as naked as she was, more so really since he wasn't wearing the collar Rosa clasped around Rosa's neck. But Rosa couldn't deny that Baffs was in charge here.

But she knew that his sweet exterior hid a dominant side. A side that was no less sweet for being so dominant. With his tall white ears, round nose and bright friendly eyes, Baffs looked every inch the sweet kitten she knew him to be. But she knew the other side of him too.

The side of him that was in control tonight, in control of her. That was something she couldn't ignore. Her cunny throbbed with need, her hips rocking in a futile guesture to reach his paw. Even in that Baffs teased her, pressing close then tugging his touch away before she could really feel it.

'awww...did you think it would be that easy?' Baffs chuckled, drawing his tongue over her ear right up to her top Rosa shivered, the sensual warmth in his voice only serving to stoke her desire to even greater heights. As if she wasn't turned on enough already. If his paw stayed in contact with her cunny she might just cum here and now. Rosa grunted hoarsely, her hips rocking forward, her orgasm nearly on her. But the shaking pleasure stayed just out of reach. The soft contact was immediately removed with a tut from Baffs.

'no, you aren't going to come yet.' Baffs smirked, his paw hovering just out of reach of her cunny. It was very kind of you to agree to be my toy tonight. And I'm certainly going to get the most out of you before you cum.' He made his point on that, flicking her clit again, that soft touch frustratingly like a tongue on her clit. Hoe she would love that. To have his mouth on her sex, sucking and kissing her cunny, eating her out softly as she came from his sweet attention. But right now she was so far away from that.

Her eyes were wide with apprension, her tongue lolling from her mouth. What did he mean? She couldn't help thinking what else he had in mind, her head filled with ideas that made her blush.

'oh..don't worry. You will cum. But not yet. I want to let you hang for a bit.' He chuckled again. 'Think of how good it will feel when you do come. How it will feel to have my fingers deep in you. Even as we know that's not what you really want.

He rubbed his crotch against hers, his hard cock pressed right against her butt. She couldn't hell noticing his hardness. ''d like this wouldn't you? To have me take you now. But where is the fun in that.'

Rosa whined, biting her lip. The shivers grew more powerful, her legs tensing up, pushing her hips forward urgently. Baffs read her perfectly, keeping his fingers away from her.

'We all know this doesn't happen that often huh?' Baffs purred, her needy cunny ignored for the moment. But Rosa couldn't ignore the soft touch on her tummy, running over the super soft area of white fur that ran down from between her breasts, topped with a heart that sat nestled between her cleavage. 'But maybe it should huh? I get to take you to your limits and beyond them, doing anything I like to you. I think you'd like that too. Right my little pet?'

Rosa just nodded, squirming each time that wonderful paw brushed her cunny torturously slowly, biting down on her lip again. This was so unlike how they usually play. Her cunny ached to have something filling her, a dildo, vibrator. Or her masters cock. Especially her masters cock. If she could feel that, she would cum, she is sure. But this soft teasing touch just held her back, helplessly unable to cum. She craved her release so badly, her body thrumming with pleasure. She pressed her tongue against the ball gag, hoping she might be able to shift it. But it was too firmly locked in her mouth.

She might not be able to use her mouth, but Baffs could, nipping her ear softly. 'you've been getting just a bit too spoiled for your own good haven't you? Getting what you want all the time? Well, now it's my turn. So, if you want to cum, you are going to have to earn it.' Baffs smirked softly. 'I bet you'd do anything to cum right now huh? Maybe put that sweet mouth to good use and suck me off? That might even make you cum without me having to do anything. I think it would. Of course, if you did, that would be very naughty. Worth a little punishment hmmm?'

Rosa struggled, thinking about what that might mean, twisting between excitement and worry about what he could mean.

'Maybe I could get Sai to have her way with you while I enjoy Bubbles? I bet you'd like to watch that while Sai made you eat her out yes? If you could see anything with your head between her legs. But that would be the point. It wouldn't be about your pleasure but ours.'

Sai fought back a shiver, those words hitting all the right buttons. Her eyes closed again, a ripple and shudder stealing her breath. Her arms tugged on the chains with a frustrating clink,her whole body trying to move with the pleasurable touch that had started to flick her clit.

'oh no..not yet.' The paw was tugged away teasingly as Baffs felt her jump, his mouth biting her neck softly, meeting with the soft squeezes on her breasts, giving her soft globes the same treatment.. The soft caress drew the second real moan from the bound victim, her body sagging down. Her cunny dripped down her legs, running juices through her fur. 'Not yet. I know you are so close that it would just take one little touch to finish you off. Well, that's too bad. You agreed to be my toy for the night. And I haven't even given my new toy a good work out yet.'

Rosa strained against the gag in her mouth, fighting it against the smooth ball with his tongue, futilely trying to push it out of his mouth. The strap made that impossible, the buckle and tight clasp holding it firmly in place. Just like her bonds, the fur lined cuffs inescapably tight and secure around her wrists. She was just at the whims of whatever he wanted, helplessly bound to his desires. And under her frustration and need, she couldn't deny she liked the idea of that.

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