Invader S. Part 2

Story by FurryWolf on SoFurry

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The poor wolf continues his sentence as a slave.

Invader S. Part 2

If you haven't already, be sure to check out part one here.

Otherwise, let the dirty smut commence.

Zulf would wake up on the floor, not knowing how much time had passed since he was put under. He tried to move his arms and legs, but they were firmly held to the floor by the restraints. Whatever he was fed was starting to wear off as well, his cock softening up a bit, but his stomach fur was now matted with pre. Thankful for what little or much rest he was given, as feeling was returning to his rear, and it would burn a little from the use it had seen. Fidgeting in place as he tried to scratch an itch. Looking around he did not see the beast from earlier, even if he was still in the same damp room. Or was it the same room? There was no way to really tell, being moved around so much after being knocked out.

A sliding sound could be heard across the room, Zulf would lift his head to try and see what it was. A panel on the wall had opened up, revealing a dimly lit hallway, big enough for the beast to fit himself through. And sure enough, about five of the smaller ones would start sliding out. They made a slicking sound as they moved onward, creeping towards him. He knew struggling was useless, time and time again it was proven that he could do nothing to remove his restraints.

As they reached him, forming a circle around him, he would wonder what he was in for this time. "More jelly, more ... rape .. what else could they do." Closing his eyes and resigning to whatever fate would befall him. Feeling the familiar tails of the creatures start to stroke him, one prodding his muzzle, another under his tail, his chest, stomach, even one on his cock. And he would comply, opening his muzzle to suckle on the appendage, as it would leak more sweet purple slime into his mouth. Giving a groan as his hole was penetrated. Surprised that he no longer felt the one on his cock, opening his eyes to see it being slathered in a bright pink excretion, all the sensitivity on his cock was gone, he felt nothing as it was worked. Watching as his erection faded and disappeared into his sheath, only the tentacle going in after it, whimpering as he watched it slide into him. They started thrusting in unison, three tentacles sliding into his muzzle, ass, and sheath, while the other two made their way north and south, a second forcing its way into his ass stretching him wide. The other slipping into his muzzle, making his jaw ache to accommodate them. He felt a strange sensation in his loins, it felt like a light burning, tingling feeling like when your leg falls asleep. Slowly but surely as he was used, sensation returned to his loins, except the only thing he felt was the tentacle sliding into him, and it felt good, really good. He started moaning and groaning as it fucked his sheath at a steady pace, the bright pink excretion now leaking out from it. He looked down in shock as he realized it wasn't really a sheath anymore, since his cock had shrank down to nearly nothing, probably just a tiny nub at the bottom, which the tentacle put pressure on each time it rammed inside.

His efforts were soon rewarded as he felt fluid begin to pump into his ass, it was so warm inside of him, and there was so much of it as well. He hated himself for it, but he loved the feeling, it made his now tiny cock throb in pleasure. Letting out a little moan of relief as it slid out of his ass, the remaining tentacle going even harder now, shoving itself in like a piston. He tensed his legs as it finally happened, he could feel his own peak about to be reached, after such a long time of waiting he was finally about to cum. He humped against the tentacle in his sheath, trying his hardest to get himself off, and he was rewarded when it started to pump more of the pink stuff into his sheath, as it gushed out he came, thrashing his hips up and down, side to side. It was an intense orgasm as his mouth was still full, he sucked on the tentacles as hard as he could, his loins in the throes of carnal pleasure. Feeling the two tentacles in his mouth tense up, and a moment later he found himself swallowing down their creamy white load. Gulping it down along with the purple slime. Thankful that they then left his sore jaw, taking a closer look at the ones still thrusting into his sheath and ass, hoping that they too would finish soon. After a minute of waiting the tentacle in his ass released its load inside him, his belly distending ever so slightly, his lower half full of alien cum. And a moment later, the one thrusting into his sheath burst forth its load as well, pink and white streaks of fluids leaking out, leaving him after it deposited his load.

Zulf watched as they all left from whence they had came, reaching down to inspect his now altered genitals. He let out a whine as he saw how stretched his sheath was now, sticking a finger in and not finding his cock, until he hit the very bottom, where he felt a little nub, what he assumed was his cock now. His balls were still as hefty as ever, although he noticed they were unusually full, he was sure he had cum. But there was no more time for examination, as a five foot circle opened up in the center of the floor. He knew what this meant, and hated it. He made his way over to the opening, cum leaking from his used ass as he peered down into it, seeing nothing but pitch black. Knowing that if he didn't go down willingly, whatever was down there would be giving him an even harder time. Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself and jumped, landing in a pool of ... something, he couldn't tell exactly what since it was so dark. Sloshing around in it, he felt that it was thick, and didn't go very deep, only about seven feet deep. Thankful that it was here to break his fall, he moved in one direction, feeling for an exit, hoping that it was only a little pool of the stuff, but whimpered as he reached the side of the chamber. The whole floor was covered in the stuff.

He felt something in his head again, and the voice returned. "This will be the hardest thing we will make you do. Survive this and you will one day return home." And the lights began to turn on in the room, he shivered at what he saw. At the opposite end of the room there lay a giant white creature. When the lights hit it, the thing sprung awake, standing at 10feet tall, it was a humanoid creature, its long arms spanning out wide, ending in hands with five fingers, and sharp looking claws at the end. The thing was covered in pale rough skin, not an ounce of fat on it, the body was covered in muscle mass, toned like the world's greatest runner. The legs seemed rather beastly, it was digitigrade like Zulf, the massive feet supporting its large mass. He would look at its head, two black beady eyes that seemed to instantly fixiate on him, two menacing horns curved back on its head, almost like a ram. He saw it open its maw, noticing that all its teeth were missing, but it stuck its tongue out at him, it was long, rough, and pink. It had no nose, but simply two small triangular holes where one should be. The ears it had adorned the side of its head, pointing out at least six inches, they looked like obtuse triangles. Looking down, he saw that it had a slit where genitals should be, as it didn't have a tail like most other creatures he encountered. Cowering in fear at his end of the chamber, he watched it slowly make its way over to him. Zulf simply faced the wall and kept his head above the thick fluid, hearing it approach.

As soon as the creature reached him, he felt its large hand wrap around his torso, he whimpered, fearful for his life rather than his ass at this point. It lifted him up and turned him around, sniffing his front. It growled a deep menacing tone when it smelled his manhood, taking him back to the other end of the room. Zulf had all but resigned at this point, there was no running away or fighting this thing. There was a small pile of pink egg shaped objects at the other end, the creature picked one up and rammed it into his sheath. Zulf yipped in pain as the thing stretched him even further, and the creature held it inside him. Zulf started to squirm as his loins felt like they were on fire, the egg dissolving and changing him. Struggling to break free but the creature had a firm grip, there was no escape. He cried out as he felt his balls pull up, and into his body. He felt his lower portion rearrange itself. His sheath shrank as well, but his balls split down the middle to reveal his brand new opening, his dick had turned into a little nub that now rested at the top of his brand new cunt. The creature removed its hand, smiling at his new plaything. It reached up and turned Zulf's muzzle upward, sticking out its tongue, forcing it past his lips and into his maw. Zulf knew better than to bite down or resist, so he simply let it do what it wanted, feeling the tongue hit the back of his throat, then pull back and thrust back in. It did this for several minutes before removing its tongue, tilting Zulf's head down. He whined as he saw what the creature had for a dick. It was a total of four bright red tentacles, covered in little bumps, their tips nicely rounded, all writhing between his legs, he did not know how long they were, but they just seemed to keep growing as the creature got more aroused. He watched the first one rise up to his cunt, it would tease him, rubbing along the opening and wiggling against his clit. Such sensations were new to the poor wolf, and he drew in a sharp hiss, the pleasure was like nothing he had ever felt before.

He felt his skin start to tingle under his fur as well, in fact his whole body was extra sensitive. He figured it was something in the strange liquid that filled the room making him feel this way. He watched the tentacle go down, scoop up some of the stuff and smear it across his opening, making him squirm in delight. It would poke and prod gently at his new hole, never hard enough to penetrate, just to make him squeal. The creature lowered one of its large hands on his front, placing a rough finger on his little nub, rubbing it gently as the tentacle continued to tease him. It got the better of him and a minute later he found himself cumming, his new pussy clamped down and his legs convulsed he opened his maw and let out a slutty moan. It was then the tentacle rammed itself inside of him, digging deep into his pussy until it hit the end of the tunnel, forcing its way past the spasming walls inside of him, the little bumps bringing his orgasm to new heights. He threw his head back in a mixture of pain and pleasure, feeling himself leaking from his new hole as the creature let out a deep growl, of what he assumed was pleasure. It stated hard and fast, using his hole for its own pleasure, pulling out all the way and ramming back inside. He watched as the other tentacles dipped themselves into the liquid, and dripping it on top of his pussy and the tentacle thrusting into him, lubing it up. A second one started to poke and prod at his pussy that was already stretched and filled by one, he would squirm but knew that it was going to happen whether he liked it or not. He felt his hole stretch as it pushed hard, gritting his teeth and whimpering as it forced itself inside as well. He watched inch by inch slide deep into him, forcefully stretching his pussy, it hurt like hell but at least the strange liquid made the entrance easier, numbing the pain and lubing him up. It started just as hard as the first, using his hole.

After several minutes he would get used to the abuse, and the liquid's effect became clear, it was another aphrodisiac. His whole body was hot, he was panting as his tongue lolled out of his muzzle, his pussy started to feel good taking the hard fucking. He squirmed in the creature's grasp as he felt another orgasm approaching, just as it let out a deep growl and one of the tentacles started to deposit something into him, it felt like tiny soft pebbles being crammed into his depths. But as soon as it was finished the third tentacle replaced it, fucking him even harder and faster than the first. It threw him over the edge and he started to cum again, his pussy clamping down on the two tentacles ravaging his hole, making it too much for the creature as well, as the second tentacle started pumping him full of thick viscous white fluid. Of what he assumed was semen.

The process repeated itself, the final tentacle rammed its way in, the third one pumped more soft pebbles into him, and the fourth filled him with another load of cum. All the tentacles pulled out, his pussy was gaping wide from the rough fuck. So the creature picked up what looked like a rounded smooth black rock from the bottom of the chamber, and plugged up his abused hole. Trapping its load inside of him.

A familiar feeling washed over him, and he watched the creature topple over unconscious, just as he did a moment later.

Zulf would wake up in an unfamiliar room, he looked down to see that the rock was gone, but his pussy was still there. Gaping wide, but free of the load the creature gave him. His body seemed like it had been cleaned, his fur was dry and it wasn't matted with various fluids. Checking his surroundings there was a screen on the wall that had something written on it, walking over it read "Valued slave, you did well harvesting genetic data from a valued species. Take this time to rest, your services are required again soon." Sighing a little, but thankful for the reprieve, he walked around the room, about the size of an average apartment. There was a soft bed, a fridge looking contraption, and he couldn't believe it. There was a TV remote, perhaps finally something to stimulate his brain after all this time. Pressing the button the screen flickered, and changed channels, Netflix popped up. "Dirty aliens must be stealing our broadcasts" simply shrugging and flipping through, he wasn't complaining, taking a seat on the bed and watching some movies. Rummaging through the fridge it was fully stocked with fruits, vegetables, and chicken. His mouth watered. It had been so long since he had eaten something real, other than jelly or other fluids that were used to sustain him. He cared not how it got here, he simply sank his teeth into it and ate greedily. Taking a seat on the bed and watched some movies while he feasted.


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