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#1 of Tail and side stories

A story about making mistakes and fucking a hot husky.

He bobs his tail back and forth like a metronome guiding me silently towards the door. Not that sound would help anyway, not past the thumping music, so just the tock and tick of his swishing tail guides me, oh, and that single flick which started it off which just oozed with the words: "follow me." So, gullible me, I do just that, right out into a hallway leading to the back end of the building and the rear exit. The door to the main hallway swings shut behind me, cutting off the highs and leaving me with only the bass and a fast retreating tight-jeaned bubble butt to follow.

His hard soled shoes clack and click against the firm wood floor in the near-empty hallway. The night is only just getting started for most and we are the only two leaving. I continue my pursuit stepping lightly in the sudden quietness, my excitement growing. The tail wagging husky hasn't looked back or given any indication that he knows I'm here. I'm not sure if he's just playing the fool or if the signs I thought I saw weren't really there. I'd prefer to believe option A. I go on.

He turns a corner a little way ahead and vanishes from my vision. There's a gruff voice saying: "no coming back in if you leave." Then there's a creaking and the slam of a closed door. For a moment I hesitate, do I want to gamble on this? Ruin my night out if I'm wrong and the signs weren't really there? Then I remember that puffy, raised, softly swaying tail and I press on. The bouncer utters the exact same words to me as he did to the husky. I tell him I know, he shrugs. I step out into the dark alleyway outside.

The husky is there, leaning against the cold stone wall of the club maybe sixty feet away with a phone to his ear. Now I can see his face I can tell I got the wrong idea. That come-hither tail flick and his hypnotic wag seem more like a twitch of anger and a repetitious self calming movement now. His expression rests between sadness and rage and by a tiny sweep of his eyes I see him notice and dismiss me in a moment. Fuck.

Yet... somehow all I can help thinking about is how much I would like to try and cheer him up. But now I'm out here with him and I don't want to seem like a creep or walk on and leave everything behind, so I walk about half way up to him and lean against the wall, take out a lighter and pre rolled cigarette from my pockets and combine them in the way they were begging for. After a couple of calming drags I swivel my ears towards the dog and listen in on his angered mutterings.

"-so fucking angry at Marty... yeah... well he said I was acting 'irresponsible', he called me some things I really don't want to repeat... I know... yeah, but it's not fair... he's a hypocritical fuck is what he is... I know he will... I know, but I don't think it will be enough forever... maybe this is it... okay, bye... bye."

That couldn't be anything other than boyfriend trouble. I afford myself a guilty smile and snuff out the end of my cigarette on the ground. Maybe I can at least start something off here, say something comforting, give him my number and see where it leads to. He's shoving his phone in a tight jean pocket and grimacing at nothing in particular. I take a moment to question myself on whether this is a good idea or not, before deciding ultimately that I don't care and walking towards him. He looks up to me, gives me a questioning look and I open my mouth, ready to say something suave, brilliant and understanding. Somehow though, the next words that come out are from his mouth.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"I, uh, what?" I take a half step back and now I'm the one looking dumbfounded. If I've learned something tonight it's that I'm not a very good judge of character. The husky asked the question without a hint of judgement or sarcasm. Straight up and without warning I just got offered sex by the guy I've been chasing. "I mean, uhm, yes, definitely!"

I nod my head and grin in a manner that I can only assume makes me look like the biggest idiot in the world, but I can't help myself. I only hope it makes me look cute too. The husky laughs ruefully.

"Well, for the sake of my integrity I would at least like to be on a first name basis before I let you at me." His confidence emanates out of him like an aura and I'm drawn straight into it. He sees right through me. "My name is Ryan, how about you?"

"I'm, uh, I'm, uh, Kale." My tongue fights its very hardest to not co-operate with me but I force it to make words. I can't lose this opportunity.

"Well, Kale, It's nice to meet you. I saw you in there eyeing me up a few minutes ago so I don't suppose it was a coincidence you ended up out here with me." He laughs a little more cheerily now.

Was he leading me on the whole time? Was this all a show to get me sympathetic and needy? Do I care whether it was or not? I know the answer to at least that last one. Fuck no. I take a moment to straighten up and tell off my vocal chords for slipping up before talking again.

"I'm not sure if any sane, non-straight, single man could resist that tail and ass of yours," I settle on saying, my confidence starting to return. The husky, Ryan, isn't exactly being shy about anything, so why should I? "Probably not many in relationships could either. I'm just the one who started following first. To be fair, your sexy, swishing tail didn't make me think you didn't know what was happening. When I got out here though I got the picture... but I suppose it worked out anyway, right?"

"I suppose so." He says and pauses, his eyes scan me up and down then wander off to the opposite end of the alleyway. "Well Kale, you seem nice enough, how about you walk me back to my place? It's only a pawful of blocks away, and then we can see where this ends up."

"In bed I hope." I say. He smiles, but says nothing.

I suddenly get a mental image of my knot buried deep inside this sexy thing's ass before I shake it off and return to reality. Okay so I may just be the 'nice enough' rebound sex guy, but that is certainly enough for me and the ever tightening crotch region of my pants right now. And hey, this guy's boyfriend sounds like a real bastard so maybe I can show him a little niceness, shove a mobile number his way, and wait and see.

I spend most of the time on the walk to his apartment in a quiet haze of excitement. He walks ahead of me, seductively swishing his tail and butt to and fro with each step, driving me crazy to the point where I almost want to rip off his clothes right here and now and fuck him in the streets, but I just about resist the temptation.

My mind is such a mess by the time he lets me in to his apartment and closes the door behind us that I barely register my surroundings and the only thing I see clearly is his outstretched paw and his mouth making the words: "that's my bedroom."

With a butt like that he's not the thinnest husky in the world and I'm not the strongest wolf out there, but in my state of absolute anticipation I lift him bodily off the ground and into my arms and carry him through to the bedroom. He laughs as I walk him through and smiles up at me from in my arms. I place him as softly as I can down on the bed when I reach it and lean down, opening my mouth into a kiss as I work off my restrictive belt, unbutton my full-to-bursting pants and shove my underwear down far enough to let my hard cock spring into the open air.

I let my tongue twist together with the husky's and move my paws over to his jeans, clumsily freeing him from the restrictions of clothing and lending a few strokes to his quickly hardening member. By the time we pull out of the kiss we're both panting. I pull my pants and underwear off completely after shaking off my shoes and throw my shirt to the ground, the husky does the same and then I'm flipping him over so he's face down on the bed, pulling his legs and ass off it and positioning myself behind him.

"The lube's on the bedside table." He says, and it's half full right there as he says and before I know what's happening I'm rubbing a lube slicked fingers over and around his tailhole. For a second I stick a finger inside a little way and he lets out a gasp, which does nothing but make me want to fuck him that little bit more.

"Oh, one last thing," my head prevails in saying before my dick takes over completely. "How do you feel about knotting?"

"Do whatever you want." He tells the duvet, his tail now swishing faster than I've ever seen it before. "Now get to fucking me wolfy."

"Yes sir."

His ass somehow looks even better uncovered: full, round, soft and so very sexy. For a moment I rub the tip of my cock over each cheek and then between them, lightly over his hole then down and back up again. He lets out these cute little yips of excitement and I decide I can't hold back any more.

I shove my cock, hard, into his tight hole. He yelps at the same time as I let out a sigh of total relief. I start thrusting rhythmically in and out of him, slowly at first, not incredibly deep, just to let us both catch our breath for a few moments. I move a paw down to his uselessly bobbing, hard member and stroke it in time with my movements.

I start thrusting faster and deeper. My balls smack lightly against his buttcheeks with each thrust now, giving me a small tingle of satisfaction every time. I take hold of his wide, curvy hips with both paws, unable to concentrate on pleasing both of us in this ongoing ecstasy. He picks up the pawing where I left off and in no time at all we're both moaning like bitches. Oh, to any and all of the gods that may be listening, this feels amazing.

It's obvious to me that I won't be able to last long if I keep going on like this, and after all the effort it took to get here I want to savor it for a little longer, so after a few more strokes I pull myself entirely out of him and and give his cushiony ass a firm smack. Ryan yelps in surprise and pain and asks me what I'm doing.

"Good dogs don't ask questions. Turn around." I order with a click of my fingers and he does. He stares at me with wide eyes and a look that seems to say please-come-inside-of-me-I-need-this, but I direct his eyes down to my cock with a pointing finger. He looks down and instinctively knows what he has to do. He gets off the bed and onto his knees and takes almost my whole length inside of his muzzle like the well trained dog he clearly is. At least his ex (or at least soon to be ex) boyfriend did one good thing, if it was him that taught this husky how to be a good dog that is. "Oh yeah, very, very, good."

His head bobs back and forth across my member, his tongue lapping at every part of it he can reach as he does so. Damn, he's amazing. I take hold of his head with both hands and just let the dog do his job, my mouth and eyes wide open, probably looking goofy as all hell but not giving a fuck, I mean, it's not like anybody can see me. The only person with any chance of it is busy sucking my cock right now. That's a nice thought.

It isn't long until I can feel myself coming close to finishing all over again, so I shove myself deep into the husky's muzzle, and when he doesn't show any signs of being uncomfortable I go so deep that my knot is in that warm, wet muzzle with the rest of my cock. I let out a deep hum of relief, let the feeling of warmth and pleasure spread throughout me for a little while, then pull out. He looks up at me with innocent eyes and licks around his mouth. Fuck, he's sexy. I smile, put my arms under his and help lift him back onto the bed, this time he's on his back looking up at me, legs in the air, his own hard cock resting against his chest. Mine pushing back against his tailhole and slowly pressing in. There's absolutely no way I'm going to hold out for long at this stage. My body is begging me for release and I'm all too happy to give it.

I fuck the slutty husky's butt harder and faster than before, slamming into him, making his cock bounce up and down on his chest. After a few bounces Ryan catches it in mid air and starts pawing himself off with fast, measured motions, he shuts his eyes and loses himself to the feelings. I hold his legs while I thrust faster and faster, using them to steady myself and keep control of the good dog. His tight ass works me off with every movement and then I know it's time. My hard knot bashes against his hole with each thrust and I make the choice and thrust in a few more times before shoving my knot deep into the husky and covering his insides with spurt after spurt of my seed. I let out a bestial, alpha howl and stare down at my bitch, who only takes a few more seconds to finish himself and make his bellyfur sticky with a few jets of his own cum.

When the post-sex adrenaline wears out I collapse on top of him, not caring that I'm covering my own fur with his cum, and hug him close to me. He lets out a sigh filled with satisfaction and then a small giggle.

"That was... absolutely amazing." I manage to say between breathy, worn out panting.

"Yeah. I needed that so much. You were-" he cuts himself off and his ears perk up,

"I was...? Ry-"

"Shut up for a second." He snaps at me. I do as he says and listen out. There's nothing but soft wind past the windows, our beating hearts, breathing and some steps outside the apartment in the hallway. Steps...

For the first time since I entered the place I tear my focus away from the husky and look around the room. The large bed, well big enough for two, the lube on the bedside table (I mean how likely is it he just leaves that out and ready to use if he lived here alone, he had a boyfriend until recently, hell he still has one). Then I find the nail in the coffin, my conscience is the hammer. There, on a wardrobe across the room is a framed photograph showing a smiling Ryan next to a dark furred otter staring at the husky with a look of total devotion, the fact that the wardrobe would be an excessive size for only one person barely even registers over that. This isn't Ryan's apartment. This is Ryan and Marty's apartment.

There's a jingling sound from the hallway and then that unmistakable sound of a key going into a lock. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.

"You just had to knot me didn't you." Ryan whispers, a snarl taking over his face.

"You said I could."

"Shut up and take me over to the door, I need to lock us in here. Then keep the fuck quiet no matter what happen."

I nod and force my sex-tired body to lift up the hefty husky and take him over to the bedroom door. The lock in the front door clicks and I'm sure we won't make it in time, the handle turns and... nothing. There's a cursing from outside the door, then the key goes back into the lock. Of course, Ryan never locked the door after we came in. Marty must somehow have ended up locking the thing rather than unlocking it.

We're at the bedroom door and I'm trying to keep my heart from beating so fast it rattles itself free from my insides while the husky wrapped around my body and filled to the knot with my cock pulls the door to and locks it up. I don't know whether I should be incredibly aroused, feel guilty, or scared right now, so I'm just feeling all three instead.

"I'm gonna need to put you back on the bed I can't hold you forever." I say.

"I said shut up. But fine, do it."

The door to the apartment creaks open to the sounds of a long and dissatisfied exhalation from the new entrant as I sit down on the bed, inside of Ryan, who has no choice but to be staring right at me. I'm wondering how he is going to play this off when he shouts the answer right at my face.

"Get the fuck out Marty!"

Normally people don't scream in my face straight after sex and by normally I mean it's never happened to me until now. This is so surreal. When I had that mental image of knotting Ryan I didn't think this was what was going to happen next. The door to the apartment clicks back to a close and footsteps approach the bedroom.

"Fuck off Marty!"

The handle to the bedroom rattles, but the door doesn't budge.

"Ryan, please." A voice that could only be Marty says. His tone is meek, light and airy. It's brittle, ready to break. Nothing like I imagined it. I thought he was going to be a rude hypocritical bastard, now he sounds too emotional, too complex, too real. Damn it. What am I doing fucking a guy with a boyfriend? That's not like me. "Please, just open the door."

"Why should I Marty? I thought I was an irresponsible cunt. That's what you said isn't it? You don't treat me with respect. I'm not standing for it." Ryan talks rather than shouts now, but with each word the venom in his voice grows deadlier. What's worse is he's staring at me as he speaks, using me as a vessel to unleash his anger on.

"Look, I know, I... fuck, Ryan... I'm sorry okay? I was wrong. I was pissed off, I didn't mean any of it. I shouldn't have done any of that."

I'm so out of my depth. I barely know what's going on, I've got my cock buried deep in some husky I just met and he's raging at me about some feud I don't understand while his boyfriend is just outside of the room with no clue that I'm even here. This is NOT where I thought this day was leading. Fuck, I just want Marty to go away so I can wait out this knotting and get the hell out of here.

"Marty..." Suddenly Ryan's voice is quiet and cold, he turns his head as best as he can towards the door, but from where I'm sitting it's directly behind us so the gesture is a little pointless. Maybe he just doesn't want to look at me for this. "I've had enough of your shit. You keep doing this shit and I keep forgiving you, I've had enough of it. So why don't you go fuck off for a while, and we can figure out what to do with this place and our things later. We're over."

There's a silence so awkward I almost start speaking just to end it, but I keep my stupid muzzle shut knowing I can only make things worse.

"Ryan could you please open the door." Marty's voice is meeker than ever. "Could we at the very least talk this through face to face." His words wobble to and fro as his emotions seem to have a hard time restraining themselves.

Each second I'm thinking more and more that coming here might not have been the best idea after all. Hell I feel like such a jerk right now, storming into some guys place and fucking his boyfriend. Eh... too late for any of that now. My knot is inside the boyfriend in question so it's way too late to change anything.

"Don't do this to me Marty," Ryan looks anywhere but at me now. For a moment he tries looking down but the sight of our cum covered chest fur, I can only guess, makes him feel guilty. He turns away from me and towards the wardrobe with the framed picture on it, he doesn't deal well with that either and he turns aside to examine a patch of bare wall. He's talking louder again conversely to Marty, it's clear to see that absolutely everything that is happening right now is stressing him the hell out. "Don't make me watch you walk out. Just find somewhere to stay for at least tonight. We'll settle this fairly, fuck, I'll pay for your hotel if you go to one, just get the fuck out of here tonight okay? Just... just-"

His words catch in his throat, his eyes are clearly watering now. He gives up on whatever he was about to say and instead buries his face into my shoulder fur, using me like a pillow to muffle out his sobs.

"Ryan... Ryan, let's, can we, just, I'll go, okay? I'll go. I don't want to hurt you." Marty's words all sound like they are barely reaching the air. He lets out a single sob then starts taking deep breaths for a few seconds before speaking again. "Can you just promise me you'll talk to me about this before, before... before..." He starts crying openly. "Call me okay?"

"Yeah." Ryan just about says with a sound that feels closer to a moan than a word.

Then the footsteps resume, this time slow, erratic and most importantly away from the door. After the three million years it feels like it takes him to reach the exit and the multitude of tears my shoulder fur absorbs from the crying husky there's the sound of a creaking door. Slowly, slowly closing, closing, closed.

Even now it will be a few minutes until I can slide out of the husky. I'm trapped. Oh fuck, what have I done? My whole night flashes before my eyes. Mistake after mistake after...

First I took a bad signal, then I went too far with it, then when I realized what was up I didn't back off, then when I was offered the obvious revenge sex I took it, then I didn't even notice that this place obviously isn't owned exclusively by Ryan, then, just to top the idiocy off, I knotted him. I give myself a well deserved facepaw.

Ryan is still crying into my fur, at this rate I'm going to look like I've been out in the rain for hours, but an oddly specific burst of rain that only hit my neck, shoulder and chest... yeah nobody is buying that. Hell I need to stop procrastinating. I don't want to be the bad guy here. I need to say something.

"I'm sorry Ryan." He doesn't react, he just keeps on crying and with every passing moment I feel that little bit worse. All this time I assumed that, at the least, these two were through with each other. Now, I'm not so sure. "Do you love him?"

He slacks his shoulders, pulls his face away from my fur and looks up at me, sniffling.

"I don't know. I mean, I thought I was done with him, but when he started talking to me, I..." His face goes straight back into my shoulder and he starts to cry again.

I want to comfort him, tell him it's all going to be fine, but I don't want to make a mistake like that. I can't lie to him. I've already helped cause enough havoc. I sigh and gently stroke Ryan's head with one paw and wrap the other arm around him.

He springs his arms out around me and holds me so close I need to focus to breathe properly. His crying dies down and he makes a little hum of thanks. He shifts his weight around to bring himself into a more comfortable position, in the process his ass ends up massaging my cock once again and I fail to restrain a shudder of pleasure. Once again his head shoots up to look at me.

"Sorry! Sorry. I couldn't help it, I know this isn't appropriate, sorry." I run a paw down the back of my own head now and frown. "I'll be able to slide out soon. Sorry."

He smirks at me, I swear it's a smirk, and rests his muzzle on my shoulder. He isn't crying any more. Again he shifts his weight around my cock and I only just barely manage to suppress my reaction.

"Are you just going to leave me here alone tonight, in this big empty apartment with only thoughts of my failing relationship to keep me company?" He asks in the sweetest, most angelic voice I think I have ever heard. This husky is full of surprises. Suddenly his whole broken down boyfriend thing seems suspicious. Maybe he had already given up on Marty and was just playing along with it. Or maybe, I'm just reading signals wrong all over again. Whatever it is I sure as hell don't know what's happening. I should pull out and get out as soon as I can.

Yet, my words don't reflect that thought at all. Somehow my stupid mouth opens up and says: "All I meant was I'll have to slide it out to slide it back in again, won't I?"

"That's a good wolf."

Maybe one more mistake won't be such a bad thing.

I Can Tell

I can tell he wants to fuck. It's in the way his eyes zone in on me whenever I'm speaking, tracing across my body and then lingering on my face long after I've stopped. It's in the way that after the meal, and most of our respective friends have...

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