Mission O.R.C.A - Second Chances

Story by DocCoyote on SoFurry

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#2 of Mission O.R.C.A.

Woo, so getting the art done for the Orca got me to write part two! Excited! Things are starting to change for our pilot, Andrew.

See Part 1 at https://www.sofurry.com/view/837450

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Andrew had been worrying about everything that had happened to him for the last week, dreading the meeting with Tony that he had been teased with all week. Getting texts of the Orca's cock and pervy comments about exactly he was going to do to Andrew in his Latex Orca suit. And what he was going to do if the human didn't show up in the prototype, wearing nothing but speedos himself.

The days passed all too quickly until Andrew got the text, a time and a place, with the final threat about if he didn't show up exactly how he should. But Andrew had at least spent the time wisely, fixing some of the bugs that lead to problems the first time, including removing the automatic sample extractor... otherwise know as the part that sensed a cock right in front of his latex mouth and forced him to deep throat that Orca without any chance of objecting. His jaw /still/ hurt! He had also tightened up the controls and put a little dampening around the groin region, to try and protect himself from feeling too much.

He had also gotten a package with extra research equipment that was to be mounted in the suit for the next company showing. A sonar that could pick up details in the surrounding water, and a software package for it that would instantly translate it into something meaningful for the pilot, a sort of mental synapse that enabled those without the innate talent of sonar to 'get' it. Andrew had just recently got it working; the sonar before had been pulling too much energy from the suit when things got too 'busy' and the micro fusion engine that provided for the suit simply shut down and restarted to protect itself. Since the life support had a battery backup, at least he wouldn't suffocate, but that could be a minute or two where he simply couldn't move or see.

As the evening approached, the human opened the package he had gotten earlier that evening. It had Tony's name on it, and inside was a pink thong, not exactly the speedo he had been promised! Still, it was better than going out nude, as the clothing options hadn't worked out quite yet.

Getting the mounting rig up and the suit in place, Andrew locked the door to the lab so that no one walked in on him getting nude again. It was almost like before, slipping himself feet first into the suit. He had added that cross current heat exchanger for the internal lubricant, so while the suit was starting up, the excess heat it was making would simply bring that gel to a much nicer warm shower temperature. The human wasn't watching the external readouts on the neck though, where the OS failed to compile from a corrupted system file, causing it to go back to the latest good boot.

None of that showed as the human slunk into place, getting his hands into the arms and testing the fingers before the rig moved the head up and over himself and let the liquid latex seal it shut. The darkness was still there, but when the bio neural connectors jacked in, everything came to life and he /was/ the Latex Orca. Striking a pose for a moment, he called out with his external speaker, getting his voice command to release the suit from the rig, freeing him to move. His first order of business being to get that thong on and made sure it hid everything it should.

Satisfied that everything was right, Andrew activated the built in phone system to give Tony a call to pick him up, right outside the lab. He sealed it up behind him, making sure that it would only open up for him and no one else when he came back. A useful lock he had been able to acquire when the janitor had ruined a goo tentacle control rig by 'cleaning' the bio-organic control. He claimed it looked like mold, but that didn't save the time spent getting that rig built!

Stepping out into the parking lot, Tony was already waiting in the back of a limo. Andrew frowned at that, thinking it was just going to be a simple ride, but as he was pulled on in, he noticed that not only Tony was there, but his older brother too, Martin. Both of the orcas were dressed up in Tuxedos, classed up for something as Andrew suddenly felt nervous. Where was his tuxedo? Why were they not wearing something more street? Before he could put words to it, Martin spoke out.

"Three hours to get to the bay, to our favorite nightclub. Don't worry, we'll take the back." He said with a grin before reaching a hand out and groping Andrew's latex clad ass. "Damn bro, that's /hot/." He said with that wide grin, knowing who exactly was holding all the cards right now. Andrew jumped with a start as he said 'Hey! Tony! Get your brother to keep his hands off!"

Tony just laughed before saying "This is part of the payment. It's a long three hours, but we're gonna enjoy each other to pass the time. Remember, just this fun tonight, or the whole school knows what you do, and that sponsor will back out in a heartbeat." Andrew gave a small gulp, as his inner workings were so expertly exposed by the two orcas. "Don't worry, we'll all have fun." He said, trying to help Andrew with accepting tonight.

"Come over here." Martin said, pulling Andrew into his lap. He had already undone his pants just enough as his cock was pushing out of his internal slit. "I was told you come pre-lubed?" Andrew could only nod at that, having had done it himself to make sure if anything happened, that he could at least walk tomorrow! Pushing and pulling the latex orca about, Martin's cock dragged against Andrew's rear before the tip caught up against the opening to his anal vent. Martin moaned as his length slid in easily, the latex being ribbed to help it with other functions before that cocktip found a second tighter barrier a few inches in.

"Careful!" Andrew begged, blushing at the feelings that the suit was already giving him. His thong had already been pulled off and his own cock was slowly pressing out, matching the growth of Tony who was watching the pair and jerking himself off. Firmly pushing deeper, Martin spread the humans tight ring and buried his last few inches inside that needy hole, his length throbbing as hot pre splattered deep within Andrew's rear. "Don't just watch, get over here!" Martin told Tony before putting his hands against the suit's back and pushing the Orca forward, almost bumping into that cock as he did.

The orca behind finally caught onto that control panel on the back of the suits neck. He knew his computers and was curious even as he was buried to the hilt within the suit. He started tapping the buttons there as he flicked off the built in safeties and instead reset the suit to be a cunt boy option. The system accepted without a single extra sound as systems inside geared up for the changes.

Andrew was busy getting a cock pressed against his lips to notice his own length being pulled back in against his body. As if melting into the latex, his length slowly sunk and disappeared, leaving the Orca without a single thing between his legs. When Tony started pressing his length on in, thankfully the vacuum pump didn't turn on, but Tony grabbed the back to the suits head and thrust hard into it, blowing his own load of pre right into Andrew's mouth. He remembered the taste, just like from the pool as he only blushed brighter inside the latex.

The male couldn't see, couldn't focus on the change between his own legs as Martin rolled his hips and started thrusting his cock in and out of that hole. There we slick ribs hugging the base of Martin's cock, a tight ring near the tip, and the orca was in his own personal heaven as little blasts of hot pre sprayed out. Andrew's mouth was being used as another cock sleeve as he just blushed, the suit injecting his body with what he thought were things to help him relax and ease up so he didn't hurt himself, but the fabricator started pumping in extra hormones as a new slit appeared between his latex legs.

While there was some of the new pussy between the latex legs, the suit had used the numb and sterile environment and had removed the male parts, and converted them into a fully functioning pussy. One that had been pre-loaded with Orca egg cells for a long and 'prosperous' life. Information the suit had grabbed from the previous cum collections from the Orca, adding genetic traits and drift to prevent possible inbreeding problems.

It was Martin who found the new slit first. He hadn't really thought it would do anything, much less so quickly, and he was going to give Andrew a helping hand to get off too, but when his fingers brushed over that warm vent he pulled Andrew back and off Tony's cock. A quick chirp, a 'Look!', while pointing, Tony was clued into the change without the latex orca knowing what was going on. Andrew seemed confused for the moment, looking at Tony's cock before the Orca readjusted himself and got down so that he lined up his length with Andrew's new addition.

With a quick push and an even quicker stop, Tony found the new hymen the suit had even thought to put on in. Still, the Orca needed to get off, and he wasn't taking that for an answer, so he pushed on through that new fleshy barrier and thrust in. After slipping past the latex, his cock found the warm flesh inside, one that was new and ripe for him as his length gushed with more pre. Andrew cried out in the sudden pleasure, the dampers he had made were never designed for this! He felt everything, and it was enhanced by the suit as his pussy gave its first new clenches around that thick invading cock, though it had been built to size for an Orca and no pain was felt after the initial penetration.

Lost in his own world at the new found feelings of pleasure, Andrew was seeing stars as the two Orca brothers took him between them. When Martin pushed in, Tony was pulling out, only to push back in while Martin pulled back. Rocking between them, Andrew could only hold onto Tony as his body responded like his own personal fourth of July. Clenching again and again around the pair, it only took a few minutes before the trio cried out in pleasure. Hot bursts of cum flooded into Andrew from the front and the back, as he felt that new heavy warmth sitting deep inside, somewhere he had never felt before.

"I think something is wrong..." he managed out to the pair buried in him. "That's not wrong, that's exactly right." Tony mentioned with a shit eating grin, Martin giving a nod behind him. " Blushing, Andrew remembered that his sonar could even see a little bit past the surface at times, and he pointed it down at himself and fired. His world exploded with the view, as he saw his manhood gone, and instead his body, his human body, was sporting a brand new Orca slit. It had changed him! And all that cum reflected back, showing that it had been pumped right into his womb.

He was about to protest when everything in the suit went dark. The old version of the software had caused the power to spike again, and his mind was left with that ghost image of his new internals as the suit went through the restart sequence. He could vaguely felt being moved, but nothing else as the bioneurals reconnected once more and they scanned the pilot to adjust to him.

The suit found the cboy pilot and logged them as the pilot. Hard coding in the new genetic structure like it had been what Andrew had always had. Lights and all came rushing on back as he suddenly sat up in his seat. The other two looked a little concerned for the suit suddenly shutting off, but with cocks still hard and pointing they said "Mmm, you ready for round two?" None of the three knowing just how much the suit had changed Andrew.

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