Cecilia was an orca, a very attractive one too. she wore a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts that had a hole in the back for her flexible tail, her body was slim and strong, a lifetime of swimming saw to that.

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For An Orca

Ino looked up as the orca who had his tongue out mmming at the request. the orca had also become hard as was apparent by something poking ino in the tum as the orca pulled close.

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The Orca

The orca himself didn't said a word and just continued to drag down the speedo. after the tight underwear cam free the orca simply through it away.

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From Orca To Orca With Love... PT1

\*\*NOTE\*\* Ive never done a story or anything like this before so, just letting you know \*\*/NOTE\*\* It was one of those nights that all must go thru whom live in the waters just off Vancouver island, and elsewhere for that matter. A night...

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The Orca's Experiments

The end summary: a rather mad scientist orca torments a shark superhero. tags: m/m, supers, shark, orca, lab, bondage, milking, rubber, potions, forced orgasm, ball growth, orgasm, cum, impending drone,

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The Orca Assist

Who wants to turn all humans into orcas too...

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Ash & Orca

Then he saw it, a mansion, so huge, it could easily hold an orca. as soon as the thought had filtered he ran to where the orca was said to be.

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Orca Life

Akei smiled slightly in thanks and began to inspect the orca. dundas was possibly an inch or so shorter than he was, but had the same familiar rounded orca melon and head.


An Orca's Day

I soon collapse as well, falling in a puddle of orca jizz. matt wraps his arm around me, shifting a little, as his cock continues to pump me full of his spunk. we soon drift off to sleep, feeling complete. wah, wah, wah! i reach over a turn my alarm off.

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Miscellanious: The Orca

The orca sighed with relief, sounding desperate to remove his suit.

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Orca Heat

The orca rolled off panting, the white rabbit had gone and he hadn't even noticed.

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