Returning to semi-normal life.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#7 of Friends to lovers.

I do believe Selene is mental and may need to be locked up in a loony bin.

The end of Belles time off from school after her attack had finally come to an end. And just in time to since she was about to go bat shit crazy from being in the house all day. Andy had been doing everything for her that he could think of ever since finding out she was pregnant. He wanted to make sure she was comfortable and relaxed. He even brought home her favorite foods or baked goods from the bakery. Belle always grinned as she watched him coming home from school and would giggle to him if he brought her small things like flowers or candy. At one point his mother had watched him while whispering to belle. "His father done the same thing when I found out I was pregnant with him." Belle giggled more and nodded some. Belle adored Andy even more after seeing how he was reacting which was a bit surprising for her. He was all for the fact he would be a father and seemed just as excited as she was.

The morning she went back to school with him their friends all ran to her and hugged her with smiles and welcomes while Belle blushed and twitched her ears. The only one who didn't welcome Belle back was Selene who was watching from a distance with her ears folded back. The feline wasn't going to give up anytime soon and wouldn't let Belle's day be happy. Andy walked Belle to their first class with her and relaxed at the table with her, his tail curled around her own as he smiled to her. A few of her female friends ran up to her asking if she really was pregnant only to get even more excited when she nodded that she was.

The class soon started after the teacher welcomed Belle back. The class went rather well until they were reaching the last few minutes when the teacher told them to go ahead and start packing up their books. As Belle and Andy were getting their books put away Selene walked up to him and smiled as she looked at him while Belle glared at her. Selene completely ignored Belle while handing Andy a slip of paper. "Belle isn't the only girl you knocked up Andy...I expect you to act accordingly." Selene turned and walked out of the class room with her back pack. Belle and Andy looked to each other with a confused look on each of their faces before Andy unfolded the slip of paper, looking at it. It was from the hospital and was a positive pregnancy test for Selene. "Andy?!" Belle stood her ears looked at him with wide eyes. Andy looked back at her and shook his head. "Oh no no no I didn't do a damn thing! The last time I saw that psycho was in the hospital while you were being treated after the attack! I have been avoiding her before and since then." Belle folded her ears back and bit her bottom lip before sighing then looking down at her back pack while Andy gently pet her head. "You know I wouldn't do that to you Belle....I would be a moron and cold to do that to someone like you." Belle blushed and turned her head to look at him again before nodding some.

As they left the class her friends surrounded her, throwing questions to her before one of them pulled her and Andy off to the side, walking with them away from the others as she sighed. The girl was shorter then the two of them, being a small squirrel anthro with bright grey fur. She looked to Belle and smiled some. " You know my mom works as a lawyer...she can dig around and find out if that paper is real...I mean it might take a while since she is out of town with my dad but I figured I could offer...after everything that has happened." Belle stood her ears up as she looked at her friend before looking at Andy who was already handing her the paper. "Don't let anyone know Kimper...alright?" Kimper took the paper and slipped it into her wallet with a smile and a nod. "No problem...oh and the girls are already talking about a baby shower for you Belle so be prepared when they start hitting you with off the wall questions." Belle chuckled a bit and nodded some as she watched her friend head off to her next class.

Andy made it a point to stay by Belles side. He had asked the teachers and principal about getting their classes fixed so he could be with her which they agreed to in order ot make sure she would be safe. This alone ticked off Selene who made sure she would see her in every class she took even if it was just for a few seconds. Belle was getting annoyed with Selene and wanted nothing more then to slam her head into a locker and shut the door on her. Andy often gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze to keep her calm and let her know he was right there with her. Belle let out a sigh by the end of their last class and looked at Andy. "I am ready to get home...I am tired...and annoyed and pretty sure I am going throw up." Andy smiled and nodded as he got his back pack in order then helped her with her own. She stood up to take her bag only for him to grab it and carry it while gently leading her out of the class room.

As they left the school Selene walked up to him and gently hugged his arm for a few seconds with a grin and a purr. Andy had to grab Belle's shoulder to stop her from jumping Selene while he pulled his arm from the feline while she looked up to him with her head tilted to the side. "You better get used to me foxy...after all...your the one that jumped me in the locket room while I was in heat." Andy snarled softly and glared at her while holding Belle back who was ready to slap her across the face. Andy was about to respond when Belle spoke up. "Fuck off you slut cat!! You have done nothing but annoy and harass us! Enough is enough! You come near me or Andy again and I will turn you int oa fucking throw rug!" Selene looked from Andy to Belle with a hiss coming from her before slowly moving a bit closer as she growled. "Try it bitch...I will put you on the floor before you get a chance to sink your claws into me." Selene glared at Belle for a few seconds before turning and heading off to her brothers car where he was waiting for her.

Belle growled and tried to kick at Selene as she walked away but Andy held her back, his ears flat against his head as he watched the feline as she got into her brothers car and headed off. Andy then looked at Belle who was huffing a bit. "Stupid little cunt.." Andy stood his ears up and raised a brow before grinning some. "You know if you weren't really pregnant I would have so let you whoop her ass.." Belle blinked and looked to him before grinning and rolling her eyes some. "Come on lets get out of here." She finally relaxed and took his hand into hers while he grabbed the back packs once more and walked with her to his home for them to relax.

Once they got home they found a pizza on the counter with a note from his mother letting them know she was going to be in the next city a few hours away until the next night along with her hotel number and room number. Belle smiled and looked at Andy who nuzzled her softly before giving a few slices of the pizza before getting his own along with some drinks. The two sat down at the table to eat and get their homework done. Belle was the first to finish with both. She sat there waiting on him and as soon as he was done she smiled and stood up, taking his hand into hers before pulling him with her. She grabbed a blanket off the couch and headed out of the house with him. Andy looked a bit curious as he followed her with a small smile on her face. Andy let her lead him along the walk he took her on the night they talked about loving each other as well as when he took her virginity. She led him into that same clearing before turning to him and kissing him deeply.

Andy returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close to him as his tail swayed around behind him. When he broke the kiss he nuzzled his muzzle against her own gently. "Belle...are you sure your ready for..?" Belle blushed as she nodded a bit, kissing his cheek softly a few times before pulling back and looking him in the eyes. "Yes...I can't let what happened stop me can't be afraid of sex...or anything like that." Andy stared back at her for a moment before nodding and kissing her again with a soft growl coming from the both of them. Andy pulled back and took the blanket from her, laying it out in the grass before looking to her as she moved to get on her knees on the blanket, looking up at him before he moved to her and slowly got her to lay back as he moved over her, kissing her again with his tongue pushing into her mouth.

Belle groaned softly as she returned the kiss, her tongue rubbing against his own while his hands moved up under her shirt with his fingers running through her fur gently before reaching her breasts. He gripped her bra and pushed it up so it would be resting above her breasts. He cupped her breasts and began kneading his fingers into them as she deepened the kiss a bit more with her hands moving down to his pants to undo them while a soft moan came from her when he gently pinched her nipples and gave a soft tug on them before pulling back from the kiss to get his breathe. He moved his head down, taking one of her nipples into his mouth. He began suckling softly on her nipple, his tongue rolling against it while his hand toyed with the other. Belle bit her bottom lip and let out a soft moan as she laid her head back against the blanket while her hands gripped at his sides only to hold onto his shirt. Andy toyed with her breasts for a moment before pulling back and lifting her skirt up around her hips, pulling her panties off of her body then setting them off to the side while he looked at her.

Andy had to fight from just jumping her. It had been sometime since he last fucked her, afraid of causing her more harm after what had happened he had been ignoring the fact he wanted it from her. Belle locked her eyes onto his as he pulled his pants down enough to free his already erect cock that was already leaking precum. Andy leaned down to press his lips to hers softly a few times, nuzzling his nose against her own as he began rubbing her pussy slowly. He was surprised to feel she was already wet with arousal. He smiled to her while gently pushing two of his fingers into her, thrusting them into her hard but slow while a shiver ran down his spine when he heard her moan softly and spread her legs a bit more for him. He curled his fingers up and just barely brushed them against her G-spot, teasing her a few times until she let out a soft growl while biting at his ear. "Andy...don't tease me!" She blushed when she heard him chuckle a bit before pulling his fingers from her.

Belle let out a soft moan when he did and almost pouted but he kissed her to stop her. He shifted and pressed his cock against her pussy, the fur on his tail fluffing up a bit as his cock throbbed hard a few times. Belle returned the kiss while wrapping her arms around him lightly. Andy was hesitating and Belle could feel it as she held onto him. She pulled back from the kiss and nuzzled her cheek along his softly before whispering in his ear. "Andy...fuck" Andy blushed darkly knowing he wouldn't have to be told twice. He gripped her hips and pushed his entire cock into her until his hips pressed into her own. Belle gasped softly and wrapped her legs around him, her head nuzzling into his as she murred softly.

Andy let out a groan against her neck as he bit into her softly. He held himself like that with her for several minutes before beginning to slowly thrust into her while his hands gripped the blanket on either side of her with his claws digging into it and the ground under him. Belle began pushing her hips against his own slowly, her tongue running up along his neck slowly a few times before she nipped at his lips gently then giving him a small bite to his ear. Andy shuddered a bit before beginning to thrust into her a bit harder into her. Belle let out another moan, this one being a bit louder then the last one. Belle soon flipped them over and sat up on him, looking down at him with a bright blush on her cheeks. He smiled and looked up at her, gently taking her hands into his own with her fingers lacing together with his.

Belle gripped his hands into hers with a murr coming from her instead of a moan. She could feel her heart skipping a beat when he squeezed her hands gently while she began moving her hips, pulling herself up along his cock before dropping back down and quickly getting into a steady but gentle pace with him. It felt more intimate then the last time she rode him and it made her smile a bit more. She leaned down, slowly letting go of his hands as she kissed him softly while picking up the speed of her movements on him, her ears twitching to the little groans he let out while returning the kiss with his hands resting on her hips and kneading into her flesh slowly.

Belle pulled back from the kiss with a moan coming from her, her nose gently brushing against his as she looked him in the eyes before smiling to him. "A..Andy...I love you." She blushed darkly as she felt him nuzzling his muzzle against her own before suddenly sitting up with her still on his cock. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his head against her own, gently coaxing her to move her hips on him more while she gripped his shoulders. "I love you too Belle." He grinned and gently gave her neck a small love bite while she began moving her hips on him harder and faster then before now, panting softly as she buried her head against his shoulder. She took in a deep breathe as she slowed her speed to the point she was just grinding on him hard, making him let out a moan and buck up into her with a growl coming from him soon after. He could feel his cock throbbing harder then before as his knot began forming and hitting against her pussy lips anytime she rode him. Andy closed his eyes tightly as he gripped her hip harder in one hand, the other reaching up to run through her hair gently as she began riding him faster then before with her pussy clenching him tightly with each of her movements on him.

Belle was getting closer to cumming and let out a moan against his shoulder as she moved on him harder. Andy bit down on his bottom lip before finally gripping her hips in both hands and pulling her down on him hard enough that his knot stretched her open and popped into her. He shuddered when he felt his knot locking them together. She began grinding hard on his cock soon after while he lifted her head and kissed her deeply, his cock throbbing hard as he released in her. He let out a muffled grunt when she bounced her hips on him hard once or twice before she orgasmed, her pussy clamping down on his cock and knot hard while her juices washed over him. Andy deepened the kiss with her when she went still, her hands gripping the back of his shirt while she began murring into the kiss before finally having to pull back with heavy panting from the both of them as they caught their breathe. Belle murred between her pants and nuzzled her face into his neck. She took in a deep breathe, taking in his scent and relaxing with her tail curling around his leg softly. Andy grinned and nuzzled his head against hers lightly before reaching up to rub her ears gently.

Andy sat there with Belle for sometime, pulling his cock from her when he was able to and grinning to the sound of her soft moan from it. He helped her get her panties back on before fixing his own pants while she fixed her bra and shirt. He laid back on the blanket and put his arm around her as she laid down beside him, their tails wrapped around each other and slowly swaying as she laid her head down on his shoulder with a soft sigh coming from her. He reached up with his fingers toying with her hair slowly while he spoke softly. "Only a few more weeks and we will be done with school..." Belle nodded some as she bit her bottom lip before she sighed. "Yeah the time we get into college...the baby will either be on the way or here...what are we going to do Andy?" She lifted her head and looked at him while he smiled some and sighed. "We will survive and do what we need to do...I can take classes during the day...if you want to try taking some during the night or even online we can have it happen...we don't have to halt things because of this little surprise." Belle stood her ears up and stared at him before she smiled and nodded then nuzzled her head into his shoulder some as he squeezed her gently. "Besides mom has already demanded we stay there...she wants to be with that baby as much as possible...even said something about cutting her work back to help...which is amazing." Belle smiled more and nodded some as she took another deep breathe.

While they laid there talking softly and cuddling in the cool night air Selene was watching from the bushes at the edge of the clearing. She folded her ears back and had to stop herself from growling or hissing so they wouldn't hear her. She Wanted nothing more then to get Belle out of the way. She huffed and slowly backed away before heading off to her house deciding Belle needed to have a miscarriage. Selene was reaching the end of her own rope with the situation. She wanted Andy to herself and would be willing to do whatever she thought would work to make it happen.

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