No Questions (Re-Write)

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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A sweet romance story I rewrote. The original was only posted on my tumblr.

At the park a young girl stood between two lamp posts, tears stained on to her pale cheeks as she stared at her end of her life, and of her suffering. Laura had needed release that night, she was an emotional mess and worse than that, she was wishing for death. She knew it was dangerous in the park at night, she had expected something terrible to happen, for something to end her misery or scares her numb, but she had never expected what she saw before her. A mighty black furred beast stood before her, eyes gleaming red under the lamplight, as if hell itself had come to answer her death wish. It stared at her, strong chest rising up and down as it breathed in and out. Laura was witnessing the supernatural, perhaps the unholy. Even though she had been begging for some way out of her life, her mind told her to run, run far away, but her legs wouldn't move. It looked as though her prayers were answered by the devil itself, a werewolf was going to feast upon her. Falling to her knees she sobbed waiting for the end, the end that she had so stupidly asked for in her over emotional state. She was so scared the pain that had plagued her was only a dull buzz. As she began her desperate prayer to whatever deity she could think of, what greeted her next was not the cold embrace of death, or the pain just before the end, but a surprisingly soft digit brushing tears away, strong hand then cupping her cheek, claws pressing against her skin ever so slightly. Laura opened her eyes slowly to see the werewolf staring into her eyes. With his touch, his gaze, he gave her the support she needed and though he was a hellish creature, she wrapped her arms around his and buried her face into his fur, her emotions a mess again.

"Hey! H-hey. Take it easy...someone hurt you?" the werewolf asked, voice surprisingly soft for coming from a maw full of fangs. For a while Laura sobbed against this strange beast's arm, and for some reason he allowed it. Laura couldn't contain her tears, she had been swallowed by emotion yet again and needed something, someone to hold on to. Eventually her tear's stopped, but she stayed still for just a moment more, gathering her breath in an attempt compose herself and halt her constant sobbing.

The werewolf stayed still until finally she pulled back taking one last quick breath and wiping her own tears with both hands to speak, voice shaking just a bit, "I'm fine. Not hurt physically. I'm...I'm not hallucinating right? You're real? God I can't believe I'm here like this" she shuddered looking at the werewolf before her up and down, hands moving to pinch at her own sides just to make sure she wasn't dreaming, asleep at home.

Yet again the werewolf spoke in a tone too soft for its own gruff appearance, "I am a werewolf if that's what you mean...and I don't think you're dreaming" he said in a flat tone. The werewolf stared at the girl before him, analyzing her, taking her in, wondering if at any moment she would burst in to tears. Emotion was not the beast's strong suit.

Laura's lips curved into a small smile and she shook her head standing up on her own two feet, brushing her black blouse and denim shorts off resisting the urge to go into a giggling fit. A werewolf, a werewolf of all things was consoling her in the middle of the park at night, and one with a heart of gold. She could barely contain herself, it was absolutely ridiculous. The werewolf before he lifted a brow, unsure of how to really process her little smile and her occasional jitters, but he remained still. Laura took a breath once more and extended her petite hand to introduce herself, "I'm Laura...I...should probably start why I'm out here at night alone...and crying, shouldn't I?"

"Locke" the werewolf answered simply, and after a moment of watching her he decided it was best to stay quiet. She seemed like she was pretty unstable still. Bringing back any bad memories could either put her back to sobbing or worse, so he shrugged his shoulders, "No need to tell me if you don't want. I can just be on my way." Really he wanted to stay for just a bit more though, not only just to make sure she was ok, but because she was a curious case. No one had ever stared his form down and not either passed out or screamed in terror. He should be leaving soon though, he wanted to get back home before anyone saw him, but as he rose to leave a trembling hand touched his wrist and gripped on tight. Looking to the source, he saw Laura's deep blue eyes quivering yet again ready to break into tears. Locke gave a small snort and decided that his best option would be to stay for just a bit more, "Let's chat then"

Laura nodded at the invite, her small smile widening as she began walking, her hand holding onto the werewolf's. She spoke quietly as they walked, her voice perhaps the only noise in the night, "I was an idiot. I made a mistake and didn't tell a friend right from the start. Y'know ugh. I'm...I'm not usually so emotional, but the way he reacted at the fact that I'm a trans female just killed it. He was yelling, calling me a freak and telling me to never come near him again. Didn't think he was that heavily opposed to it, thought he was a kinder fault really for getting involved with that type of person without really knowing them a-and I just don't want to get surgery, that's scary and well I don't know." As she continued speaking further about her problems, her words began to muddle together and soon she wasn't making sense to herself. She realized that she was still emotional and so she clamped back shut, closing her eyes as they walked, trying to compose herself. It was made a little easier by the fact that she was in such a silly situation walking with a werewolf, but still she strained, still her eyes began feeling misty again.

Locke raised a brow, he really couldn't tell that Laura was a boy, or rather, had boy parts. He didn't care to be honest, he had never had a partner before, but he knew what he liked; Laura fit under the list of things he liked just fine, but he didn't utter a word. At the same time he saw the tears begin to well up again and so he acted quick, clearing his throat to interrupt, "You look and sound feminine enough to me. A regular pretty girl" he couldn't face her while speaking. His cheeks were heated. He was a werewolf, a creature of the night by most accounts, and he was flustered by a young girl's tears. Locke couldn't fathom being a social person, but here he was trying to console a stranger with his words, and probably failing miserably. As his ears fell back against his head he heard Laura beside him giggling her hand squeezing harder against his own. His ears perked when he heard her voice utter a simple word, "Thanks" and then there was silence between the two again. Locke wondering if perhaps he had done right just then a rising feeling of pride in his chest.

The two stopped after a moment. Neither spoke, Locke was waiting for Laura to say something to break the silence, but Locke had to break the silence, not yet pulling his hand away, "I should be leaving. Usually don't stay around here guard dogging too much, but uh." He stared into her eyes, eyes that looked up to him expecting something, something that he wasn't sure he could provide but he continued on unable to stop his words as they spilled from his maw, "Maybe I can carry you back to my place...getting pretty late after all"

Laura's small smile grew and she gripped on even tighter to his hand staying quiet for fear of ruining the moment, not even able to answer with a simple yes, her heart pumping hard against her chest. Luckily Locke caught wind of her silent answer, he hefted her up in his arms and began his sprint back home. Laura gasped at this, but her hands moved to grip on to his chest fur, her eyes closing shut. He was a sweetheart for sure, but he was still a giant hulking ball of fur and fangs, frightening and yet she found comfort in his hold, but a certain dread in being carried at high speeds through alleys and abandoned streets at night, yet again she would have to pinch herself when they stopped just to make sure she really wasn't in some sort of weird dream.

Locke's apartment was a small dot in the city. Living room and kitchen combination with a couch that doubled as a bed, a TV on the wall and a single bathroom in the entire apartment. As Laura laid upon the couch she observed the little things, for one, it was tidy for a single man's home, that and he had a dresser at the entrance of his apartment which doubled as a small place for books and a lamp. She snorted to herself, a reading werewolf. Still, she felt anxious, concerned that maybe she was overstepping her boundaries. He had said he was going to change and get dressed. She would be seeing him fully human when he came out of that bathroom. Maybe he was scarier as a human, or maybe he was planning on eating her or worse yet. Laura's patience was finally rewarded when out of the bathroom came a tan man in a long worn out t-shirt and jeans. He had a bit of scruff around his mouth and his left ear was pierced with a stud, a detail she didn't notice before. He had a bit of chub, but he looked healthy enough. She cupped her cheeks and leaned in to stare from the couch.

Locke blinked, a brow raised his hand moving to smooth back his scruffy black hair, "Uh. You're staring more than you did before...Somethin wrong?" Laura shook her head and she smiled, squeezing her cheeks watching Locke intently still. His stomach churned after about a minute or so of that silent odd gaze. He cleared his throat and sat upon the couch next to her as she sat up, still watching him. With a breath he began speaking again, "I uh, I'll take the floor. No other beds here really."

Laura shook her head again and grabbed on to his arm, "I don't mind sleeping in the same bed with a friend. Besides. I'm still so curious about you, I'd rather stay up a bit and hear more now that I'm actually sane and not about to ball out of control" she said with a smile, pushing her black hair aside before placing her chin on his arm to look up at him waiting for story time to begin.

Locke closed his eyes, unsure of what to say to the girl on his arm, unsure of how to even begin to say anything. He only had about three people he shared intimate details with, especially about the whole lycanthropy deal. With a grunt he shrugged his shoulders, "Well...I was born like this I guess, can't really remember not being this way, no family left after some stuff happened." Really he would rather not discuss his past, or his family. Those matters were best left deep inside, but they were still part of him, and part of this beast of his, if Laura wanted to know then he should talk about it, no matter how hard it was.

Laura's lips turned to frowning as she saw Locke fidget, unable to speak a single line without pause and a finger moved to silence his lips, she realized her mistake in asking such an open question without specifying what she really wanted to hear from him, "No goof. I like the big doggy part so I really don't have any questions about that. I meant, tell me about your interests." Really now she hoped that she hadn't insulted him with the question, but she had to admit, he was a bit cute when flustered and confused.

Locke turned his head to her for a moment. His cheeks flushed a moment upon feeling that soft finger upon his lips. Taking breath he leaned back and began to share. Likes and dislikes weren't something he was used to talking about, it was mostly questions about his origin that he was used to answering. He began speaking about his love of computers, not the software, but he loved tinkering around with the insides of one of his few friends computers. When his friend needed repairs or parts replaced, his friend would call him asking for help with the ordeal. Likewise he began asking Laura questions on what she enjoyed doing. Soon the two were smiling and chuckling, not full blown laughing certainly, but they were having a nice evening. He could tell that Laura was tired though, her ordeal that he hadn't pried too deeply into had been a drain. Carefully he began passing a hand through her hair, smoothing it back. Locke swore that Laura was purring after this, but soon enough she was drooling on his arm, out cold. Snorting to contain laughter, he leaned down to plant a soft kiss on her head and leaned back to close his own eyes. They were in the most uncomfortable position possible, but somehow he managed to doze off, a smile on his face, not a single worry on his mind.

The morning came via sunlight pouring through an open window hitting Laura's face. Laura grunted and rolled over on to her side. Her cheek pushed against something thick and warm, but she couldn't tell what. Opening an eye with a tired sigh she saw that she had nestled her face into the crotch of her werewolf guest. What she had felt during the first few seconds of being awake had turned out to be a massive bulge against her cheek, her cheek that was now burning red. Taking a breath she had to remind herself that it was simply morning wood, something that happened to all people born male. Still she couldn't help but push her nose against that thick bulge, nuzzling it before breathing out against it. If he was that large in his pants, she wondered how he was nude and as a werewolf as well. Slowly she moved to sit up, a single hand moving to fan at her cheek once she found her way up, she had to remain calm, she couldn't just jump the poor man in the morning, not yet at least. The movement seemed to be enough to awaken Locke. Her groggy new friend lifted his head from where it laid and moved a hand to grip at his neck while he moved his shoulders, yawning loud, showing off an impressive set of canines, "Good morning" he said in a tired husky voice that sent shivers down her spine.

In response Laura smiled, "Good morning...uh, so...what's on the agenda?" She genuinely wanted to know if he had anything planned. She was still feeling a bit sulky, so maybe a lunch date between friends or a breakfast date even would be fine.

Locke answered with a grunt as he fell on his side pressing his face into the arm of the couch "Saturday....sleep until night...hrm..maybe sleep night too." He couldn't really form sentences properly in the morning. He was more of a caveman than a beast if anything at all when he first woke up.

Laura chuckled and leaned over to touch his shoulder, he was like a big dog that didn't want to get up in the morning, something that would never stop being adorable to her if he continued to be this way, "C'mon...we can go out for bacon, and I can pay." She figured that meat and the offer of a free meal would be enough to get him out of bed.

Locke cracked open an eye and lifted his head with a huff, "...theres a deli up the road from my place that serves breakfast." Food was the magic word, especially anything having to do with meat, that was grounds to wake the hell up and follow the source.

Laura's smiled brightened further and she ruffled his hair, scratching behind the ears before stepping aside, "C'mon then, we can get it to go, well, I hope, and eat at my place. I'd rather not be out too long without a shower or some form of maintenance, but I'm starved."

Locke got off the couch with a grunt and began the process of looking for the keys to his car, occasionally bumping into the stray wall. He really hated mornings, but free food called, and there was no reason to ignore that. Finally the keys were found and they could be on their way. Upon leaving the old lady next door gave them a short greeting and yet again she asked the same question as usual, "Getting married yet?" this time with a little bit of a sing song since he was with Laura. With a yawn he waved her off and continued with Laura to the parking garage where his car was. An old brown car, basically a mystery as to what it was. It was a frame and an engine that could get him places, which was good enough for him, but he felt a little embarrassed in the presence of Laura who looked well, better than anything he owned, clothing or otherwise. She didn't seem to mind though.

The drive to the deli was a short one, really they could have walked there, but he needed to drive Laura back to her place. Once inside the deli they both felt their hunger grow just a bit more intense as the scent of freshly prepared meats and spices rolled through them. Although bacon was a beautiful idea, Locke decided that a sandwich packed full of random cured meat was better, much better. He looked to Laura after finishing his order feeling a bit embarrassed, he could get ravenous with the application of meat, but she didn't seem to mind, in fact she stepped up to the plate to order the same thing; either out of bravado, or curiosity. After they got their food in a bag to go, a grey haired man in a smock, the owner and close friend of Locke began asking questions, a bit too many for his tastes. Paul was a good man, if a bit loud, but today Locke didn't really want to put up with his noise, so instead of answering he chuckled and waved the old man off, leading Laura outside. Of course Paul couldn't let it go, the old man laughed and clapped whistling occasionally as well. Locke only smiled a bit as they stepped out and explained why he wasn't so angry at the cat-calling, "Paul sets me up with work on the weekdays and sometimes a free meal here and there. Guy's kind of like a uh...father-figure."

Laura smiled a bit. She didn't feel the need to say anything as they carried the bags back into the car for the drive back to her place. The general warmth of the people around Locke's home made her feel just a bit better, but really the main thing on her mind was the food. Her stomach gurgled as she sat in the passenger seat with the bag. It was a struggle to even give Locke the directions to her apartment complex. It wasn't a short drive either, but she was patient, oh so patient with that food in her lap. Finally they got to her apartment complex, the building was downtown and surrounded by little clothing shops and restaurants. By the time they were inside the building Laura was practically starving, it had gone from the morning to the afternoon.

The building itself wasn't too impressive, more mundane than anything else, but Locke looked around impressed. It was certainly more than anything he could afford. When they got to her apartment it was just the same, normal, but definitely more than anything he could afford. First of all she had an actual proper living room with a separated kitchen and small dining room in said kitchen where Laura took the bags eagerly. Besides compliments to Paul's deli, Laura decided to pose a question that had pecked at her mind ever since she met Locke, "Why were you out there that night?"

Locke blinked for a bit, mouthful of meat, swallowing hard before averting her gaze to answer, "Well...I like to run free once and a while. It got a little out of hand though when I kept on running into people getting mugged so I step in scare some jerks and go back to running through the park.."

Laura figured she had the goofiest smile on her face, because Locke's cheeks flushed a bit pink and he continued to eat in silence. With a small giggle she decided that no further questions were needed, she would perhaps tease him more about being a super hero werewolf another time.

Once it was over Locke got up to leave, it was time for him to go, "Well, uh. Thanks. I hope you feel better too by the way...but I should be leaving."

A certain desperation flowed through Laura when she heard this. Her stomach freshly filled with warm meat was tied into a knot now as she frantically thought of an excuse not to have him go away. Instead she only managed in a small voice, "Please don't go?" she was intent on having him around as long as possible, if he left she would probably never see him again, or so she thought and feared.

Locke bit at his lip and looked to her when she said that. He saw her eyes turn misty again and he cleared at his throat. He couldn't say no to that face, but at the same time he had to shower too, he had to get a change of clothes if he intended on staying, "I'll..uh...I'll be back tomorrow, is that ok?"

Laura moved, stepping towards him, feeling so desperate, so stupid for what she was about to do, but she leaned up to press her lips to his, very quickly, very softly, "...don't keep me waiting for too long. You're too sweet to let go."

Locke's eyes widened at the kiss. His gut response was to kiss back, but he froze in place, cheeks as red as they could go for his skin tone. He cleared his throat, struggling through his words, "...see you tonight?" to which Laura simply answered, "Tonight" and that was all. Laura watched as Locke left, a small smile on her lips still. She had been so worried that he would deny her, that he would find her desperate and petty. She had hoped for a bit more of a return on the kiss, but the way he stared at her with those wide eyes and the way his cheeks lit up upon impact gave her enough of an answer. Sighing happily she moved to her room, finding herself in her closet, searching desperately what she would be wearing to her date, hopefully something easily removable.

Locke had himself a date. Dear god he had himself a date that he never wanted. He had wanted to distance himself from Laura after making sure she was ok, but instead he found himself unable to detach himself from her, both from the fact that she would seem distraught any time he strayed away, and from the fact that he couldn't tear himself away from her. The way she treated him was utterly insane. Even though she knew what he was Laura seemed to revel in the fact rather than anything else. The urge to run was strong, only stopped by another urge that overpowered it. He wanted so badly to protect her, to keep her in his arms and never let go. Locke felt nearly disgusted by this urge, this feeling of a possessive nature.

These thoughts ran through his head as he prepared for that date, his mind still screaming for him to take a dive and run away. He then imagined what Laura would be like if he stood her up, such a thing would probably break the poor girl, something he couldn't imagine doing. Several calming breaths led him to believe that he was just getting cold feet. He hadn't been in a relationship period. No single person could handle what he was on the inside and to begin with he wasn't exactly the most social person, so finding a person able to deal with his odd personality was hard enough already. Laura was the perfect girl, no children to worry about either which was nice, and she was scared.

Stepping out of his apartment he closed his eyes, he was determined to see the date through, but he was scared that if got swallowed into a heated moment that he would harm her. Locke shivered for a moment thinking about his hands going over that smooth skin. With a sigh he shook that thought out of his head. It was only going to be a small date. They were probably going to watch a movie at her home, maybe eat something small and sleep together like they did at his place. She just needed an arm to lay on, she didn't need him for love. Locke took a deep breath as he got into his car, that was it. He shouldn't be expecting anything grandiose out of the evening. Now he could be calm and meet Laura with a smile and a clear conscience. Nothing would go wrong.

Laura had been the exact opposite of Locke. She fully expected something to happen and stuffed a condom into the back of her shorts. She had decided some cute striped thigh highs would keep his attention as well, if he was a leg person. She really didn't know what Locke would like so she just went with what she thought was cute. Laura breathed out, the entire point of the evening was just to hang out, but she wanted more out of it than just a little chat or a movie. No she wanted to secure a relationship and she wanted to be bold about it, direct, not like last time. She wouldn't be scorned. When she heard Locke knocking at the door she practically squealed, rushing over to the door to pop it open. Upon seeing Locke she jumped at him, arms around his neck, her eyes clamped shut. With all of her hurry to prepare, she had successfully pushed back a certain worry, a concern that he wouldn't have showed up. Squeezing tight until she heard him grunt, she pulled away and smiled happily looking up at him, "Well...come on in!"

Laura stepped aside allowing Locke to step inside. As he expected she had the movie set up to break the ice between the two. It was a simple romantic comedy, a date movie, nothing really for them to enjoy, just something to have in the background. Even though he had denied it so much before, it seemed the signs were pointing to Laura trying to pull him into a relationship, something he was still a bit nervous about. He was still a bit apprehensive about it, but he realized now that it was more of an excuse than anything else. Sharing himself with another person was frightening and he wasn't sure he could do it. He sat there while the movie played, while Laura cuddled against him and he closed his eyes.

Laura noticed that Locke was lost in thought. She figured he still wasn't comfortable, still wasn't ready for what she was putting out, but she wanted it so bad. One last push would see it through, or so she thought. Her hand moved to touch at his thigh, trailing up to his crotch. Locke's eyes opened and he looked her dead in the eye. Silence. There was only silence between the two as they stared at each other. Laura's cheeks flushed and she looked away for a moment, figuring that her attempt had failed. Locke leaned in instead to wrap his arms around her shoulders pulling her into a heavy embrace speaking in a low cracked voice, "I'm so scared...this is my first time ever being so close to someone...I'm not scared of hurting you or being inept, I just don't know how to to be a normal person." Laura raised her brow at this and her hands moved to rest at his sides. She hadn't expected him to be so sensitive, to be so concerned about being normal, and yet at the same time she could understand him. With a small smile she pulled back to give his lips a soft peck, separating their embrace, "Then try with me...We can take our time with it...just indulge me and be yourself wolf boy"

Locke leaned in to return that kiss finally, his lips quivering as they met hers. Their bodies shook at this electric contact, both of them unsure of how to react to Locke finally returning that love. Pulling away slowly Locke figured he would show her his real self like she asked. A small bit of color touched his cheek as he stood from the couch to remove his clothes, revealing his nude body. He could see Laura staring, biting her lip, but he didn't want her to see that, what he wanted her to see was himself. He breathed out and shifted to that form that she had seen during the first night. Her stare didn't change. She continued watching him with a certain heat in her eyes. Laura leaned in to touch at his strong hand, leading the werewolf back down on to the couch and over her.

Locke shivered as he was accepted, his dark furred form still attracting Laura. He felt so at ease, but at the same time so excited. His chest hurt as his heart thumped so quick, he could barely stop himself from pouncing upon her. Instead he decided to show off. He brought himself over her, one strong clawed foot on the leg of the couch, leg lifted so she could get the perfect view of his thick canine cock already free from his sheath. Laura's eyes were wide as she leaned in, staring at that beautiful thing, a soft hand moving to touch it, caressing that foreign shaft. Already pre dribbled from the tip, pre that she happily placed her tongue over to taste, her cheeks flaring up further as she found herself in love with that taste. It was so strange, and yet she was undoubtedly attracted to it, either because it was simply different, or because it was a bestial shaft that was meant for breeding, meant to be inside a fertile female. Laura then realized that the condom she had would definitely never fit.

Locke then pulled himself away, heat turning intense within his body, he couldn't take it anymore. Locke lowered himself to press his muzzle against her lips, his massive maw parting to push his tongue against Laura's. He loved the way she made such small noises as he worked his lips against hers. It stirred a heat in his lower body that he wanted so badly to quell. His hands shook as they worked to remove her clothes as carefully as possible. Shirt, shorts and finally those panties of hers revealing that cock and balls she was so ashamed of. Locke leaned down to press his nose just under those balls letting his tongue flick out against them before trailing down to her rear.

Laura gasped as her tight star was licked. When her body had been revealed she had felt so happy, so utterly happy that he did not run, did not find her disgusting in the least. She let out a groan remembering the condom, but she couldn't bring herself to stop that thick tongue from pushing up inside of her, lubing her up so nicely. When finally that tongue pulled free the cool air freshened her rear so nicely with that saliva upon it. She breathed out closing her eyes to relax when suddenly her legs were pulled apart and a large piece of meat was pushed between her legs. Laura nearly choked when she saw that thick thing between her legs, a dog's fat cock against her rear, now pushing in slowly causing her to groan out. She covered her face squealing as she was penetrated by Locke, unable to believe that they were really doing this, that she was really having sex with a werewolf! She panted and groaned as Locke gripped at her ankles tugging her closer to force more of that masculine cock inside of her. She groaned out and savored that beautiful man over her pumping and pushing, or rather, that beautiful beast! That lovely werewolf that began thrusting and shoving to her insides, stretching them wide, molding them to that bestial cock that speared her insides so nicely. Breathing out she shivered and shook, mewling just a bit as Locke leaned in to give her lips a soft lick, slowing down in his movements.

Laura's toes curled now as he took it slow, what little pain she felt shifting over to pleasure as she lovingly received that beautiful cock. Already she could feel her own cock twitching and bouncing, ready to burst if he continued to use her ass like was. Locke then pulled away slowly, only to thrust back in as hard as he could, doing this over and over again causing her to groan out and shiver. She arched and felt that thick thing drive further in, something bulbous kissing at her rear, begging for entrance. Again and again she was thrust against, her body jolting and being jostled her hands moving desperately to cling on to her lover's fur. She let out a loud moan as he thrust harder, feeling him grow more intense. She loved his little growls, his fangs occasionally brushing against her neck as he began becoming more feral, biting and clawing at her now. She could hear him whining occasionally to, his cock throbbing, that bulbous thing shoving inside of her as well! Laura cried out as that bulbous thing knotted the two together, she could move away even if she wanted to. Instead she rolled her hips again and again, panting as her own cock burst, cum drenching her stomach. With a snarl that beautiful beast over her thrust in one last time pouring hot liquid into her rear that nearly melted her. Laura cried out and nearly passed out. Biting her lip she breathed out panting, her chest heaving.

Both of them laid there on the couch panting, cuddled against one another. Locke had taken Laura as his mate, his love and his nose was pressed firmly against her neck, taking in her scent. He was happy to be around her, happy to have met her in that park, and now he would never leave her, no matter what his anxious mind told him. He would always be by her side to protect that little smile she had. Closing his own eyes he prepared for a long nap, peaceful, and with love.

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