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#3 of werewolf love

here is the next part of the series complications.

I decided to continue this series, but it might take a while since i don't have the plot thought out completely.

I was running it was natural to run. I was covered in bruises and scratches since I keep running into things. My body was exhausted from all the running I have been doing. Looking back I saw nothing, but I knew he was there, hiding was his strong point. He was enjoying this.

A howl echoed through the woods. Shit he found me. I thought the howl came from my left so I went right, but it was a trick. Before I knew it, I was pinned to the ground. The beast tricked me with the howl. The beast glared at me with his blue eyes and a wolfish grin. He sat on my chest, keeping my arm away from my body. I try struggling, but I knew it was pointless. The wolf leaned closer, his breath caressing my face. In a swift motion, he connected our lips.

I wake up after that point, back in my bed, away from the wolf. It has been about a month since my encounter with the wolf. Fredrick went back to college with the others, leaving me alone again. Ever since the encounter, most of my dreams involve the wolf in some way, the one I described being the most common. Part of me wanted to see the wolf again, a primitive part who love the sexual nature.

I already came to the conclusion I was gay for a while now, but now add a wolf in it and you get a huge bowl of WTF is wrong with me. I grabbed my phone of the night stand; it said 5:23 a.m., I wouldn't get much sleep anymore, so might as well prepare for the new day.

The first thing was turn on my PC. The monitor light the room with it bright display. I squinted in response turning on my desk lamp. The first place I went was that website. After the encounter, I received an email with a link, usernameand a password. I clicked the link and got sent to some website called the Werewolf network. On it was info about werewolves and not the kind you can just look up. History, culture, events, and trivia were on it. If it was some prank, they are going all out.

I looked to see if any new info was posted up before heading to the forums. I posted some threads looking for any info to the wolf's identity, but so far I got nothing. Some have given me photos in wolf forms, but none of them are the one. I don't have enough info on this to single them out.

My phone's alarm went off. I spent much more time than I should on there. I head towards the kitchen to make breakfast, I am here by myself while my parents are off to my sister's wedding. The apartment was quiet, I didn't mind the quietness, but I keep thinking back about the wolf.

Why did he do those things? Was he just horny and I was at the wrong place at the time? Did he even knowme? All these things are so complicated. Then there was the email. It didn't look like it was sent randomly. There was a usernameand password as well. Is someone telling me something?

I just need to eat some cereal and watch the news till I needed to pick up William. William was Fredrick's younger brother; he doesn't have a driver's license so I give him a ride to and from school. I still have time till I pick him up, so I might as well take a shower.

I placed clothes I am wearing by the sink and turned on the shower. Warm water fell upon me; I usually don't take showers in the morning, but the change in pace felt nice.

My body started to feel warm and I don't think it was because of the water. Images flashed in my head in rapid fire, all random things unrelated to one another. They flowed though my head, and then just as suddenly stopped.

I slumped against the shower wall, recovering from whatever the hell that was. Whatever that was, it sure was odd. I tried to think of everything I know; maybe this was a side effect of having sex with a werewolf. But that would not explain why I have a clear idea of how Fredrick's body looked naked. The body of Fredrick completely naked is in my mind, like some photo graph on a HD camera. I knew every inch of it, the dick, the ass, everything so clearly. I wanted to worship every part of that gorgeous body of his. My body craved it, crying to be close to it, I didn't realize I started to jerk off.

"Fredrick" I called out, "Fredrick I need you." I almost started crying, I needed his touch, his voice, everything to be with me. Even when I came, the feeling was hollow, empty. "Damn it, why is this happening?" the rest of the shower was cold to avoid doing that again.

I had to pick up William soon so I throw on clothes and headed to my car. It was a graduation present from my grandparents. Even when they learned I wasn't going to graduate, they let me keep it. The drive to Fredrick's house takes ten minutes and from there to the school takes thirty minutes, so the trip takes forty minutes.

I pulled up the road to Fredrick's house, though road may not be the exact word for it. There was no line or concrete on it, just a dirt road that formed with all the travel on it. I pulled in front of the house to see William on the front porch.

"Hey Val," Will said climbing in my car.

"Hey, sorry if I am late."

"No prob, just odd really." I contemplated to tell him I was late because I was jacking off to his brother. "Anyway," he continued, "the new game I preorderedcomes in today can you take me to the store after school?"

"Sure, I don't see a problem." Will's parents are usually busy with work to do this kind of thing and Fredrick is away at college, so I became William's personal driver.

On the way to school, Will was telling me about this knew game he preordered, but I was distracted by Will himself. Almost 16 in three months and he is already starting to take on more of Fredrick's appearance. I started to think about how he looks naked, while I was driving. There has to be a special place in hell for me.

I managed to get to school without hitting anything. I parked in my parking space, the one I paid money to use for the whole year, and I am going to park it in their every day of this year.

"Remember we go to the mall afterwards," Will said speeding towards his first class.

"All right, all right." I called back. I needed to get to my first class too. The school runs on a block period, 4 classes a day, each an hour and fifteen minutes. We are stuck in a room for over an hour, but fewer classes to keep track of. Most of the day was fine, nothing stood out till the last class, Psychology.

"Alright class, we are going to work on a project today." The whole class groined. "It is not that bad, finish early and you can do whatever in class afterwards. You just need to fill this sheet."

She passed the sheet around; it was nothing serious, just fill what word can be used to describe something in the mind. Most of them were fine till I got to 'wolf'. For some reason my body got hot again. Thoughts were filling my head and I had no idea what they mean.

I need to escape, I seem to tell myself. "Excuse me I need to go to the bathroom." I left the room and sprinted down the hall to the bathroom. Why was this happening? My vision was getting hazy, every breath took more effort.

I managed to get in a stall and lock myself in. I was terrified, there was the incident this morning and now this. Did what happen last month with the werewolf have anything to do with this? Was this some STD for werewolves or something?

I pulled out my phone and went online. I went to that werewolf site and search health. If it was werewolf related they might have info here, another sudden surge of heat covers my body, it was causing pain all over me. The pain brought me to my knees. I just want it to end.

The felling subsided and I felt light headed. That was very unpleasant, I really need to get home to look up on my computer. I unlocked the stall to head back to the classroom. When I got back people were already getting prepared to leave, the teacher made me take the assignment back as homework.

The final bell rung for release, the hallways filled with people trying to get their stuff together to leave. It was more unpleasant than what it was usually. Every part of my body screamed for release, so I just started shoving past the crowd of people.

Away, away, must get away. That was what my body was saying as I struggled to get though the hallways. I manage to reach my car, but I was having another flash moment. This one worse than the one from before, I was on my knees again, hoping for it to pass. "Hey you alright?" I turn around to see Fredrick behind me. Thank goodness. Without hesitation I kissed him on the lips, but he pushed me back. "What the hell is your problem Valrez?" "William, shit I thought..." another flash hit me. The pain was unbearable. My mind started to shut down. Fredrick, help me. I am scared.

The first time. WWV

I couldn't find him. I have been looking for the past few hours, but I still can't find him. Isighed, why did I think this was a good idea? My name is Fredrick I am 19, 20 in about a month, and a werewolf. I wasn't bitten by one, I was born this way....

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The first time.

_Why do I get talked into these situations?_ Walking though these dark woods, in the middle of the night, ALONE, I keep repeating the same thing over and over again. I thought of how I got to this point. My name is Valrez, odd name really, blamed my...

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The Actor

The curtain closes again on my act. The audiences roaring applause still present in the air. I care not for their sound or their cheers, only the distance towards my sanctuary. I pass the threshold and seal myself in, dreading the thought of leaving...

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