Something Naughty

Story by Picklessauce69 on SoFurry

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Another commission for the always lovely PoesRaven! I've had this one on hold for months because of my crazy summer work schedule and finally just sat down and started hammering it out in chunks this week until tonight I just dove right in and finished 'er. I had the premise from a piece of art, the one inserted into the story (but if it doesn't work there I won't be surprised.) Link to it: Art commissioned by PoesRaven, done by Fydbac (

I always love working with these two. I thought this one gave me a little bit of a new twist or kink for them, but I tried to incorporate a lot of old favorites for the pair. I hope you like, please comment/vote/whatnot!

"Hello, Dove! I'm home! You won't believe what I saw coming back! A fresh peaches stand! So I bought a case and some fresh vanilla ice cream since I thought-" Kezhon's voice suddenly faltered and petered off into silence as the door clicked shut behind him. The large maned wolf glanced around, finding it odd that the room seemed so silent. More so, confusion formed at the lack of anyone, specifically O'Niece, running to greet him at the door.

His warm, caramel colored eyes skimmed through the entryway of the house before he gave a small shrug, boosting the case of fresh peaches higher in his grasp before he rounded into the kitchen while his forehead knit together, starting to wonder where the feline hybrid could be at this time of day. "O'Niece? You home?" He called, trying to remember if she'd had a teacher training class that day, though he thought that didn't start up again until next week. Setting the hefty box down onto the counter's study top, he ran a hand up through his wiry hair, pushing it back from his face before starting down the hall towards the office space, though really it was more of an eclectic hobby room where O'Niece stored her studio supplies for painting. "She might just be lost in a piece..."

Rounding into the doorway, Kezhon finally heard a little, "Honey?" come from just inside. He quickly rounded the room, expecting to see her splattered with paint and surprised at his sudden arrival- despite the fact that he'd been out for almost four hours- time flew when she painted.

However, when he centered in the door frame, looking into the room, he froze instead. The easel while cradling a canvas, held one without a single stroke of paint. No dishes of color were in sight. She hadn't been painting.

Instead, Kezhon looked down to see a ball of yarn, bright red against the dusty shade of yellow of the flooring. It was shrunken, unraveled leading up back to where O'Niece lay on her back. The string crossed over her ankle, lifted high up in the air as her legs flailed with a futile type of struggling. Her little toes curled and uncurled in the air as though grasping for something. The string dove down from her leg, looping in front of her bare, plump thighs with the skin creamy white, faintly freckled with little angel kisses. Then, it looped around her stomach, underlining her breasts, loose beneath a ratty t-shirt and hefted up by the string circling once, twice around her body. Then, it seemed to circled her arms indefinitely, following through her hair at the same time so the her elbows were raised up high, lifting above her head. The thick, black silk of her hair spilled around her face, almost hiding the perky black cat ears that stuck up from her head and just leaving one, brilliant blue eye shining up at him.

Well... this is embarrassing

The mess of string didn't even stop there, it connected from her hair, a piece of her bangs he guessed that'd been pulled up and secured to her other foot, hefting the heel up high in the air. Ultimately then, circling down the leg of her leg until it dropped beneath her tail and trapped that thick appendage into the bondage.

The string did more than just tangle around her though, Kezhon started noticing the position it'd put her in. With her legs all tied, flailing in the air, they were spread wide apart. With just a pair of tiny shorts, or panties, he couldn't tell which, he could see the outline of her pussy faintly through the fabric. The little crease of her slit showed until the fabric, just a shadow of what lay beneath, so close. Lower, he could see the faintest lines of her ass forming, showing before it hid behind her tail and beneath her.

Higher up, where the slender tie crossed beneath her breasts, it effectively highlighted them. Coupled with her hands being trapped above her head, the orbs were lifted up against her chest, looking heavy and perky just waiting there. Kezhon smirked, chuckling once before he started to shake her head as she gave a plaintive mewl at him, "Kezhon, help me!"

"What did you do, love?" He tried to muffle a building laugh, keeping it trapped beneath too clamped lips. Though his eyes still sparkled with amusement, unable to be hidden.

Her one visible eye glared, narrowing to a slit before she gave a soft hiss. "What do you think?"

"I think someone's feline gene got in the way of her knitting again..." Kezhon couldn't help but grin at her, unabashedly chuckling once again at the predicament she'd gotten herself into. The grin showed his teeth, fangs even poking out with a little glint while his eyes crinkled at the edges merrilly, still laughing at her.

"That's-That's not true!" She blurted, giving him a pouty lipped scowl while a piece of hair escaped from its place and fell onto her cheek, trapping her behind it's dark curtain since her hands were still stuck.

Kezhon just grinned. His tail swished, slow and patient, while he continued to chuckle softly at his mate. "What was that now?"

"I SAID that- Oh come on! Just help me!" She blurted, voice shrill and loud even all contorted. Kezhon laughed, deep from his gut at her exclamation before he leaned over her, tucking her hair back so she could see again before he smirked, nice and wide. "Why should I help you?"

"Because! I said so!" She demanded, trying to stomp her foot instinctively but instead just tugging her tangles into further twists. For a second, she tugged at the bonds while her hips wriggled and writhed on the floor, once again drawing Kezhon's eyes down. He couldn't seem to pull away from the sight of her hips, grinding side to side as she tried to break free from the string tangled around her. Her skin, so smooth and soft, only made his eyes wander from freckle to freckle with a sudden desire to kiss them and connect the dots with his tongue. His smirk deepened, widening into a full blown smile like the cheshire cat looking out from the darkness.

"What do I get out of it?" he asked, smoothly, almost coyly with that same, devious and boyish grin spread over his face.

"What do you want?" She hadn't seen past his smile yet, but when his only response was for his eyes to duck to where her nipple was pressing into the fabric of her thin t-shirt, making a perfect stiff little dot underneath it- she glared playfully.

"Seriously, what do you want? I'll give you anything, just get me out of this mess! I swear, I'm never knitting again!" She huffed again, hard enough that her generous chest bounced once before Kezhon was lowering himself to the floor. His long limbs, so much longer than her short legs, tucked beneath him as a hand gently stroked up her thigh. The soft, smooth skin just glided beneath his touch while his fingertips seemed to hover just off the skin, giving her a ghostly sensation of the touch wisping up the length of her leg. "What.... if... I don't want you out of this mess?" Kezhon murmured, eyes tracking their way up her body, pausing at the sight of her little stomach pudge, so cute before his gaze fell onto her breasts again, heaving a bit with her heavier breathing- brought on with all the thrashing about before. He stared at the way the flesh jiggled gently under her shirt, the clinging fabric catching every detail from the nipples pressing into the barrier to the way the orbs rolled on her chest with every movement.

"What if I think this is the perfect position for you to be in? All tied up? All exposed?" his eyes met hers, earnestly pausing for a response to this. In the forefront of his mind, no matter how appealing he found her tangled on the rug, he was treating this woman correctly, respecting her, and he wouldn't do anything to hurt that. "What would you think of me... receiving my thanks for releasing you before the fact?"

He blushed a bit, his confidence faltering the closer he got to truly proposing his ideas. The pink hues rushed over his cheeks, especially along his jawline till it glowed on his angular face. "What would you think if I wanted to start at your toes and kiss every little freckle till I hit the edge of your panties-" His finger, still running idly over her thigh as though fascinated by its texture, ran along the very rim of her panties till she shivered. "What if I wanted to measure your thighs' width and replace inches with kisses? What if I had to double-check my work..." He blushed darker, finding himself suddenly falling even deeper into this mounting fantasy while his words escaped him.

"What would you think if I drew an outline of those little panties with my tongue? Would you stop me if it... snuck beneath the border and ran just along your pussy, close enough to taste you with my nose, but not really with my tastebuds?" O'Niece's breathing had slowed to a soft heaving, so focused on Kezhon's words now, on the scene he was building that her entire body had fallen to a high alert, frozen but buzzing with energy. He continued even softer, voice rasping a bit as his throat went dry, only forcing her to focus harder to pick up the words. "What would you do if my fingers followed, caressing along the edges of your sex? Tracing around the soft skin where your thighs meet your torso? What if they went further, grazing over your sex, circling around the nub of your clit? Never touching, only hinting at the idea... What if they ran down your slit and gathered up your juices as they went."

Kezhon leaned over her, his size once again dramatically apparent as O'Niece stared up with her one visible eye as wide as a saucer. His lips traced against her jawline up until they nudged into her ear, then, he whispered right into the tuft of fur so that his breath tickled against her ear. "What do you think, Dove?"

"Kezhon..." she murmured, flushing herself now that one of his oversized palms cupped around the side of her face. His eyes met hers, tender and gentle for the moment as his lips brushed down her cheek in a half kiss. "I'd love that."

"Good. Then I'm not letting you free anytime soon..." His smirk flickered back onto his face, followed by a faint growl in the back of his throat as, now that she'd consented, his lust started mounting. His fingers continued to glide along her thigh, stroking over the soft, supple skin while one hand wandered over her little shorts and walked up her stomach. Gently, he traced the underside of her breasts, one and then the other. His touch sent a shudder down her spine and to the tip of her tail which flicked out madly. His fingers took their time gliding over top of the thin fabric of her t-shirt, easing up towards each nipple only to shrink back down, caressing beneath each breast and stroking down her stomach. Then, back up they'd go, sneaking close enough to circle once around one hard, erect nipple. O'Niece sighed, feeling a purr rumble once from deep in her throat at the touch, so close- but then, the hand snuck back away. Kezhon bent his fingers slightly, letting his nails rake down her breasts gently, sending a new sensation rushing across the flesh before finally just the very tip of his nail kissed over top of her throbbing nipple with a jolt of sensation.

For a minute, his fingers started to flick and rub at her over top of the fabric. The shirt acted as the perfect barrier, just enough between them that she felt his hand, but not enough that the nails tugged painfully. His fingertips started to tug and squeeze over the hard nubs, feeling the way O'Niece would twitch and whimper at the tightening grip and hearing her whine when he relaxed his hand, dropping it back down her stomach.

O'Niece was flushing, her cheeks pink wherever they were showing beneath her hair. Her lips were parted, letting her rasping breaths wash out while murmurings muffled between the small opening. "What are you thinking?" Kezhon murmured, whispering down, right against her ear again.

She just flushed deeper, stammering on her words. He smirked back, rubbing a nipple under one thumb now without pause. "Are you thinking of... me moving on? Are you thinking of me... freeing your t-shirt from this mess you've made? Of me tasting you? Of my tongue circling around these-" He gave both nipples on each breast a firm squeeze, making the feline mewl once into the air as he smirked satisfied with the response.

O'Niece started to writhe back against the floor, nearly whimpering beneath her breath when Kezhon's voice whispered into her ears. Her mind already had begun to race, filling in his words with images of him ducking his head to her chest. She could practically feel his tongue circling around her nipple or his teeth working around them, nibbling gently. His hands were only adding to the building fantasy, unwavering on the throbbing nubs of her nipples. At the same time, when he leaned over her, his crotch pressed close to her thigh enough that she suddenly felt his bulge growing beside her thighs. Feeling his excitement, knowing he wanted her, O'Niece shuddered down the length of her spine.

"Tell me, Dove." He whispered, voice low and raspy right into her ear.

"Oh, Kezhon! Stop teasing me~! I want you!" She blurted out, voice breaking with a sudden moan when the manned wolf hefted on a bundle of her strings. His single tug pulled her arms even higher before pinning them down as he bent over top of her. His massive size dwarfed over top of the smaller feline, only sending out another burst through her body as it tingled through excitement. His bright, amber eyes peered down at her, sharp and alert. "You want me?"

As he spoke, his hips nudged into hers, rubbing his bulge against her inner thigh where they spread wide from the strings holding them tangled. His large hand skimmed down her body- leaving one in place on both her wrists, easily holding them up with a hand hold on the bundled strings above her head. His fingertips caressed her cheek, following down her jawline before they sloped into her neck. She felt the touch seeming to guide their entire focus. When his nails gently tickled at her throat, O'Niece felt the faint pressure of warm lips pressing into the skin with sudden soft kisses. They dotted up the length of her throat before his tongue eased out, licking teasingly at her hot flesh.

"Mmmm... Someone's all hot..." He whispered, the voice so low and deep that O'Niece shivered once again, only whimpering at him in response as his tongue and teeth work in unison with his lips to tease down her throat while his hand gently brushed her hair away to expose each new each of bare, naked flesh.

She felt him, fingers cradling around her throat and teeth gently nibbling at her flesh, with a little jolt. His size and power coupled with her own mess of stringers tangling her into place- O'Niece was a mere plaything. Yet, Kezhon handled her with utter care. His fingertips glided down her throat, tickling at the skin and stroking over every inch. His teeth nipped and tugged at each spot precisely, sending just sparks of pain through her to fuel the mounting pleasure.

Then, he continued down. The fingers still acted as a guide. They mapped down her stomach, caressing over her skin with her shirt acting as a barrier. It teased her, giving the faintest sensation of him wandering down her body, exploring her and mapping out his visit. She felt him reach the bottom of the tee that had slid up from her hips, sloshing the hem around on her stomach. There his fingers paused and played at the edge of her top, hesitating teasingly before they stepped off onto her bare flesh.

Once there, hovering above her waist on the soft pudge of her stomach, he traced above the top of her short where the small slit of skin showed. His touched stroked all the way around her to where her sides curved into wide, supple hips. There, he paused and grabbed onto her. She felt his sudden grip, the faintest hint of his true power showing through in the brief, first moment where he just held onto her. Then, he loosened it again and let his fingers move to her hem, starting to work the fabric up over her stomach. Inch by inch her abdomen came into view with the pale, pink flesh suddenly beneath his moving lips. Soft, gentle kisses tracked the progress of her shirt until it reached beneath her breasts and the small curvature of her underboob showed.

Reaching this standpoint, this milestone in his torturously slow exploration, Kezhon moved in slow motion. His fingertip traced the shape of her breasts beneath them, without even grazing the true flesh of her chest. She felt her breathing heaving the twin orbs, but still he continued to just stroke along their shape, making the sensitive skin just beneath tingle from his motion until, at last, he touched along the underside with a slow, petting motion. His grip moved up, cupping beneath each breast for a small bounce. His eyes trained onto her, watching them jiggle once for him before the shirt flipped further up to sacrifice more skin to his lips. This time, his warm tongue snuck out again, working up behind her traveling hem until her nipples felt the rush of chilly air against their throbbing, flushed surface.

Honing in on them, he began to circle each of the nubs, switching from breast to breast with no rush, as though he had all day to sit her and taste her. At the same time, his fingers began to massage at the sensitive flesh, rubbing and squeezing around both of the heavy orbs until his tongue went flat and rubbed directly over top of the nipple. A jolt shot down the girl's spine at the wet warmth of his tongue over top of the sensitive spot. She felt her breath hitch in her throat, seeming to freeze up her entire chest for that first, blissful second. Then, the cold air rushed back in a contrasting zip of pleasure.

The heat suddenly transferred to the other breast, sending the same wet rush over the opposite nipple, followed by the jolt of the chilly air. Back and forth he went, tempting her with just a sample, a fleeting moment, of his tongue on the throbbing, pert little nubs. "Kezhon, please..." she whimpered. Both cheeks were hot with a pink, rosy blush. Her breath rasped in her chest. In the air, thick in a cloud, the scent of her lingering arousal hung. She felt her shorts soaking up the leaking juices of her sex, already sopping with the slow, slow build. The fact that Kezhon hadn't stopped his slow, teasing grinding did nothing to help. Instead, feeling him there, the bulge in the front of his short just pressing into her without her having anyway to get him inside of her, made every second every more torment.

For Kezhon, to go so slowly, took intense self control. Every time he looked down he saw his beautiful O'Niece. Her face flushed a bright, horny red. Her freckles popped against the backdrop of her pale face when it lit up in this rosy glow of her blush. Her hair spilled all around, messy and wavy. Both hands sat above her head, held beneath his own with no struggle, just a desperate sort of obedience. He could see her breath washing out from her lips, a hard, panting style of breathing as she verged on such a high point of arousal. He could see how her breasts bounced with each of her hard phants, jiggling the heavy breasts that were dotted with the faint, red marks of his love bites over the smooth, porcelain skin and topped with the bead of each of her rosy nipples, so hard and begging for more attention.

To make it worse, he could smell her in the air. Parting his lips, he could taste her the scent was so thick of her arousal. When his hips pressed forward, heat radiated off of her like an oven and the slight squelch of her leaking sex made an audible sound with each motion, almost muffled by the pleading whines that snuck from her lips. He wanted her. She wanted him to the point of begging, but he knew each extra second just made it worse, made her hotter, so he held off. He controlled himself and relished in the sight of her writhing, pouting desire.

"Kezhon! Please! I need this!"

His dazed eyes focused again, lips pulling back from her supple skin where he'd been kissing circles around her belly button. "Hmm? Need kisses right here? Good, that's what I'm giving-"

"No! I need you inside of me!" She blurted, but then paused and took in a long, steadying breath. Then, she started to speak again in a lower, constrained tone. "Kezhon, I need to feel you inside of me. I want your big, hard cock inside of me. I feel you. I know how badly you want to feel me. Don't you? Do you want to feel me hot around you? Wet and squeezing around every inch? Want to feel me milk you for your cum? Wanna fill me up, Kezhon? I know you do. I can see it in your eyes." Her hips started to press back into his, roughly coaxing him further while her voice rasped on.

"I want you to fuck me, Kezhon. Fuck me silly. Hold my hands up and fuck me all tied up like your naughty, little kitty. A silly kitty who gets all tangled." Her lips gave a little pout, flashing him the sight of her warm, pink tongue inside her mouth. "Kiss me, Kezhon. Kiss me and then come here. Come inside me. Let me feel you. Fuck me, please." Her tail lashed behind her, beating into the flooring with little pulses of anxiety at the anticipation. She wanted him to listen. Her sex clenched around nothing, verging on a point past desperate for something, anything inside of her at this point. She writhed up against him again, grinding herself into his bulge. Her wrists shifted in his grasp, wishing she could undress him, move things along somehow.

"Mmm... You're right, kitty. I do want you. God, do I want to feel you-" Kezhon broke off, licking over his lips with a small shake of his head. "But I'd rather hold out for a bit longer, get you a bit hotter. I want you to cum the instant I enter you. I just want you to be on the verge of exploding without me inside of you that very instant. I want you to clench harder and harder with every inch that goes inside of you." As he spoke, he started to peel away his shorts and briefs, exposing to her each inch that he spoke of while his free hand started to rub along his cock, hard and glistening with precum smeared down the massive length.

With his thumbs, he hooked into the tops of her shorts, rubbing along the waistband. He gave a gentle tug, miming that he would pull them down, but freezing when O'Niece would heft up her hips eagerly. Instead, he just held them there, smirking. "Do you want them off? Go ahead." He nodded down, smiling at her with an evil glint in his eyes as her wrists twisted and tugged in his grasp, but he didn't loosen that. Instead, her hips had to move.

As he watched from a bird's eye view from above, O'Niece had to writhe and grind her hips like mad to slowly use his anchor point to peel the shorts down painstakingly slow. With every half inch, she felt her anticipation mounting and she'd grind harder back against the floor. She bucked and twisted and pushed up on the floor until the shorts were hooked on the top curve of her ass, a barrier she could overcome.

"Kezhon...." The feline found she couldn't stop purring with the grinding of Kezhon's hips on her. At the same time, his fingers had sought out her clit, even hidden beneath the fabric of her shorts, with its swollen with such need it made a miniature bulge beneath the material that his thumb had focused in on, flicking over with a steady, unwavering speed. Plus, with all the grinding to get her shorts off, she'd only pushed up into his grinding and his teasing harder, subjecting herself to him.

Kezhon looked down, seeing her lips pouting up at him. Her blush had started to splotch the skin flushed to fully. Her chest hitched with rasping, gasping breaths while she whimpered between each one. Her clit pulsed against his finger, even through fabric, and he could feel her leaking sex now soaked completely through her thin shorts and plastering them to the shape of her naked, lower lips just beyond the material.

Finally, in one final slow motion, the manned wolf began to peel down her shorts with his grip curled right into the front of them. O'Niece writhed madly to help the garment down until she felt the wash of refreshingly cool air hit her sex, glistening with the mess of leaking excitement. Instantly, droplets began to hit against the floor beneath them as her shorts tangled on her thighs, forgotten once her pussy was exposed.

Kezhon spent a second, just staring down at her. Her lips were glossy pink, swollen with need and dripping with the glittery droplets of her liquid excitement. With her legs so spread, her petals yawned open for him to see inside of her, witnessing her juices pooling into the dips of her folds. His cock ached at the side, suddenly feeling his own burst of need now that nothing stood in the way. His eyes nudged back up, meeting hers and drinking in the sight of the girl on the brink of begging once again. Hot, red blush up her jawline, a sweat beading her brow, and lip tucked into a bite. Even without seeing her though, the strength of her scent had quadrupled and it filled his nose. Every breath he drank down how much she wanted him, how much she needed him.

His fingers worked down. The very tips stroked the length of her soft thighs, bringing the skin to life with a buzzing sensation. They inched closer and closer, tracing the shape of her lower lips now with nothing in between. His shaft rubbed to her thigh, the tip bobbing a mere inch from her where it felt the heat washing out from her. Kezhon fought with his own self control, working to build up to this next milestone until O'Niece's faint, mewling voice broke through his concentration: "Fuck me, Big Guy. I need you."

He couldn't wait anymore.

Grabbing a hold of the girl's hip, he tugged her body up to him like a doll while his hips angled down to drive the tip of his cock down into her sex in one, fluid motion. Every inch started to feed into her as a moan blossomed off the wolf's lips and filled the room in time with O'Niece's own yowl. Her sex clamped down, growing tighter with every second that Kezhon pushed into her. All the edging quickly began to catch up to her and she teetered at the edge of orgasm instantaneously. "Kezhon! I'm going to- Ah! C-cum with me!?" She shrieked, suddenly cut off as she felt a burst of heat inside of her. The first splattering spray of his orgasm while the final chunk of his shaft slammed into her pushed her right over the edge the same time as their hips mashed into one another.

Hunched over her, Kezhon rode through his orgasm, bucking his hips into her with each ripple of pleasure through his body, only adding to the waves crashing through her own until they'd both emptied out of energy. O'Niece just crumpled, teased past the point of bouncing back while Kezhon took a long breath and began to pull away from the feline. Gingerly, he unwound the cord that'd held her. With each section that fell away, he kissed the faint lines over her skin and nuzzled into the sides of her arms while they lowered around his neck in a loose hug and then her cheek as it pressed into his.

"Hey love," He whispered, kissing her ear while dropping the ball of yawn, now untangled from his lover, back into a basket with its cousins.

"Hm?" Her head barely lifted, just a twitch of the ear.

"Will you be knitting again?" He said it with a bit of sass, expecting a solid no, but instead O'Niece gave a little, tired grin: "Well, maybe if it's always this knotty."

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