All Aboard

Story by SoulImbibe on SoFurry

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This short story commission featuring my puma fursona "Soul" was written for me by the master of furry smut, Jeeves!

The train is now departing the station...

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All Aboard

Soul's cheeks flushed. When he'd been upgraded to first class by one of the conductors on the train, the cougar had thought it was mere chance. Simple good luck. Now however, he wasn't so sure. He hadn't been taken to the normal first class section of the train, but beyond; even closer to the very front of the cross-country service upon which he was due to spend the next five hours. The cougar had found himself placed in one of the small, luxury premier class booths; private compartments reserved for only the most high class and heavy walleted of individuals. Not alone though, despite seeing at least two other empty compartments on his way here. Sitting on their own side of the compartment, side by side upon the plush seats, were a couple. A very friendly couple indeed.

They had introduced themselves. The wife, Tabitha, a lioness who would perhaps have been considered rather plump, had she not been so tall and broad shouldered. She was wearing a light blue sundress which somehow still managed to make her seem feminine and dainty, despite the fact that she was at least a full head and shoulders taller than Soul. Her husband was just as huge, though more slim and lithe. A timber wolf, Mark's fur thick and protruding from between each button of the crisp white shirt he wore over black trousers. He hadn't taken his eyes off Soul since the cougar entered the carriage compartment, and that fact didn't change even when he reached out one arm and placed it upon his wife's thigh.

Soul watched, unable to tear his eyes away and with little else to look at even if he'd tried, as the wolf slid his hand further and further up his lover's leg. Drawing up the already rather high-hemmed base of her dress until it was practically bunched around her waist, leaving her lacy white underwear on display. With a soft grunt, not even needing to speak a single word, Mark moved his fingers from the lioness' thigh to the crotch of her panties. Obediently, and with a purring giggle of delight, Tabitha spread her legs wide open. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and moaned as her husband began to rub her crotch through the fabric of her undergarments.

By this time, Soul was already rock hard within his jeans. Face burning an ever deeper red beneath its sandy fur, the cougars' eyes bulged as he stared helplessly at the panties being caressed and the tent in the timber wolf's own trousers. He opened his muzzle to speak, to say that he should probably leave and get back to his own seat. That it was fine and he didn't need the free upgrade. All that escaped him however was a lingering, desperate whimper as Tabitha reached down, lifted her long, powerful legs and began to peel off her panties. She showed off her bare, already flushed and swollen pussy to Soul for a moment before her husband's hand attacked it once more. Feverishly, she addressed Soul as her lover's fingers probed at her depths and his thumb rubbed tender circles around her clit.

"Would you like to fuck me?"

A frantic, nervous mewl escaped Soul as he glanced from the lioness to her husband. The wolf didn't seem at all angered or even surprised by the question however. In fact, his own face registered a visible shudder of arousal, and his tented crotch twitched.

"You can. Just take off those clothes, c'mon over here, and do it. No-one's gonna stop you. I won't let them. We won't let them. Not until I've got your cum safe and deep inside me."

No sooner had Tabitha fallen silent, her husband picked up where she'd left off. He grinned as he took his turn addressing Soul, not once ceasing the motion of his paw upon his lover's pussy.

"Of course, I don't wanna be left out either. If you're gonna have a go at my wife... maybe I could have a go at you? Ever been with two people at once? Had your cock buried in some hot guy or gal, and had someone fucking you at the same time?"

Soul said nothing, but the stunned, glazed look in his eyes betrayed his excitement almost as much as the continued throbbing of his cock. The timber wolf licked his lips.

"Either way, if you truly weren't interested you would have been out of your seat and long gone the moment I started touching Tabitha. So, decision time my friend. Wanna stay and have some fun, or go back to your seat and spend the next few hours nursing that hard-on and wondering just how much fun we're having even without you?"

Before Soul even knew what his answer was going to be, he felt himself rising out of his chair. Felt himself stepping forward, and heard a deep, rumbling growl of desire escape his own muzzle as both the lioness and timber wolf rose to their feet in turn to meet him. Tabitha's hands cupped the sides of Soul's head, drawing him in for a deep, wildly passionate kiss as her husband's paws immediately plucked at the belt of his jeans. He kissed the lioness, only for her fingers to leave his face and fall to the base of his t-shirt, sliding underneath and caressing his flanks with the tips of her claws.

In less than thirty seconds, Soul was naked. His t-shirt was cast aside to some unnoticed corner of the compartment, and his jeans and boxer briefs lay crumpled around his ankles. He was released from the couple's grasp, though only briefly, as they removed their own clothes with confident haste. Soon all three of them were entirely exposed, and with two cocks and one already damp pussy in such intimate proximity, Soul's nervousness rapidly began to find itself replaced by gathering lust.

"C'mon... I need you."

Taking one of Soul's hands into her own, Tabitha turned around and scrambled up onto the seating of her side of the compartment. She leaned forward, up on her knees and with her arms resting over the back of the comfortably padded seats. Her tail flagged up high, her legs spreading wider with each passing second, as she guided the cougar into position directly behind her.

"Don't make her wait, and don't you dare hold back..."

The fur on the back of the cougar's neck prickled as he felt warm air rushing over it, born of the words spoken by Mark. Hands came to rest either side of his hips, and Soul shuddered as he felt the familiar stiffness of a thick canine cock rubbing between the cheeks of his ass, prodding its tip against the base of his tail. Glancing over his shoulder, Soul saw the wolf's teeth glinting with a broad grin. A split-second later, he jumped as to his surprise, that muzzle darted forward and licked him playfully across both nose and lips. His cheeks burned brighter still, and a warm, rather tender chuckle escaped the cougar.

"Fuck her."

Again Mark whispered into Soul's ear, one of the wolf's paws reaching around and grasping the base of Soul's barbed shaft. He guided it towards his wife's pussy, pushing Soul forward slightly until he was gently sandwiched between the married couple. Already he could feel Tabitha's warmth and wetness encircling his tip, his foremost barbs just about brushing her inner labia. He groaned loudly, and both behind and before him, his new lovers responded in kind with gasps and grunts of their own.

"What are you waiting for? C'mon now... get that cock to work."

Barely a few seconds after his last comment, the wolf growled at Soul with impatient hunger and bucked his hips sharply against the cougar's backside. Soul's eyes widened sharply as he was thrust forward, and with a joyous wail from Tabitha before him his cock plunged forward into the lioness' hot depths. For a moment or two he stood there, frozen with delight at the feeling of her slick but tight pussy squeezing and shuddering around his cock. Then instinct took over, and he drew back an inch or so before sliding back in to the hilt. Again Tabitha cried out, though softer and deeper this time, and a final satisfied snarl echoed in Soul's ears from the lioness' husband.

"That's it. Fuck her. Make her yours, while I make you mine."

Soul heard the wet slurping of a tongue close behind him, and shivered with delight as he felt a wet finger probing at his ass. It wasn't exactly the level of lubrication the cougar was accustomed to, but Mark took it slow as he slipped that finger into Soul's rump. It exited soon after, only for a second slurping to add a second finger to the mix. After that, the cougar turned his head just in time to see Mark lapping sloppily at the entire palm of his hand before transferring the drooling wetness to the length of his cock.

"Y-yes, baby. Fuck him..."

Tabitha mewled gleefully as she watched Soul's face contort with the pressure of the timber wolf's ample cock pressing up against his pucker. She cried out again, louder even than the cougar himself, as Mark slid inside, and squirmed gleefully as her husband began to probe deeper and deeper, prompting Soul's own cock to twitch and strain under the fresh source of stimulation.

Soon, the trio began to rock back and forth as a single unit. Mark slid deeper into Soul, who in turn pressed himself more urgently into Tabitha's pussy. The cougar withdrew slightly in readiness for his next thrust, backing deeper still onto the timber wolf, who then pulled back of his own accord in order to deliver his own follow-up strike at Soul's tight ass. They moved seamlessly, all focused on every present member's moans, gasps and cries and adapting their own technique on the fly in order to ensure they all remained as loud and pleasure-ridden as possible. Every so often, Mark would whisper a tip or trick into one of Soul's ears. He'd tell the cougar to reach under Tabitha's body and rub at her pubic mound with the heel of his palm, or to run his fingertips down her spine with a more slow and lingering inward stroke of his shaft. In turn, once she was done quivering and wailing in bliss, Tabitha would call out to her husband. She'd say such lewd things, explaining in detail just how good Soul's cock felt within her whilst then proclaiming just how much she loved Mark.

To stand between these two passionate lovers, to have his prostate massaged by the firm, urgent thrusting of one and his cock milked by the squeezing, soaking wet depths of the other was heaven for Soul, and to hear them interacting in this way only enhanced his joy. He felt like not only was he a key part of this threesome, but that at the same time he was somehow acting as a voyeur. Peering deep into the passionate core of this married pair's relationship, and feeling all that they felt for one another as it passed through him, the living conduit connecting them.


It never ceased to thrill Soul when he heard someone pleading for pleasure. Of course, the cry from Tabitha wasn't exactly what he expected. After all, when you heard someone exclaiming in bliss, you tended to assume they were focused on their own pleasure, or that which they were giving you. Soul was beginning to wonder whether perhaps Tabitha and her husband weren't new to this game. Whether in fact they might have a well practised routine involving the two of them, a private carriage, and a lucky victim.

"Please, M-Mark, my love... make Soul cum. Make him pour every last drop into me."

In response, the timber wolf snarled hungrily and spoke into Soul's ear once more, though this time loud enough for his wife to hear too.

"You hear that? I'm gonna make you cum, and it's gonna make my wife so happy. We want her to be happy, don't we? In fact, we want her screaming. Squirting. We want her cumming too."

The trio's pace quickened substantially, and their well organised rhythm began to become a bit more improvised and chaotic as each and every one of them began to allow lust to rule their bodies and minds alike. Even Soul, still incredibly aware that while they may have been alone in this carriage's compartment they were still on a public train, couldn't hold back increasingly loud moans and gasps of pleasure. He, after all, was receiving stimulation from both ends. Fucking and being fucked was every bit as enthralling as he'd imagined, and for that reason he was immensely thankful that both Mark and Tabitha seemed every bit as horny and ready to cum as him.

"Oh... o-ohh god, Tabby. It's coming. I can feel him... t-tightening, clenching."

Soul's face glowed scarlet as he heard the timber wolf relaying not Mark's own, but his imminent orgasmic status to the lioness. A gleeful mewling cry escaped Tabitha in response, and she craned her neck around to view both Soul and her husband's head peering over the cougar's shoulder.

"Do it. B-both of you, do it... please. I'm so close. S-so ready."

Mark grunted, wrapping his arms around Soul's torso, embracing the cougar firmly as his hips moved into overdrive and began to pound mercilessly at the other male's ass.

"C-cum. Cum in my wife."

The cougar couldn't not comply. Between his two lovers' fevered moans and gasps, the twitching of the cock in his rear and the trembling convulsions of the pussy wrapped around his own erection, and the couple's insistent pleading for him to climax, he couldn't have held back for anything or anyone. With a roar of pleasure, Soul began to unload his essence into Tabitha's pussy. Before his own vision was clouded over by pleasure he saw the female's back arching, her tail thrashing at the sensation of his hot, wet stickiness spraying out inside her. He heard a deep, gurgling moan erupt from deep in the back of her throat, and felt the chain reaction started by his orgasm beginning to spread to her.

Soon they were all cumming. All howling and roaring and screaming in ecstasy as knots bulged, barbs stiffened, inner walls clamped down and minds and bodies alike were flooded with an abundance of euphoric stimulation.

But of course, even at the height of his pleasure Soul wasn't fully aware of what he was doing. He wasn't privy to the whole tale, and the reason why he had been invited into this oh so wonderful threesome in the first place. Yes, there were three people who had planned this event. Three people who all had a stake in the outcome in terms of more than just an orgasm. But Soul wasn't one of them.

Mark was one; eyes rolled back into his head as he felt Soul's prostate throbbing with each eruption of cum lashing into Tabitha's depths.

Tabitha was the second, wailing happily as she felt her fertile depths being filled with the feline cum of a glorious specimen, during an act in which Mark, the father of her children to be played every bit as important a role as Soul, the unwitting donor.

And the third... the third party wasn't within the compartment, but in the empty one next door. Listening intently, one ear pressed against the adjoining wall, fingers buried between her legs and rivulets of her own orgasmic fluids running down her thighs as she panted and whimpered in delirious joy. The husky conductor who had delivered Soul into the clutches of Tabitha and Mark, just as she had with other men for merely recreational fun on many occasions before, eagerly awaiting her share of the reward. Not merely a fuck or a paycheck, but the resumption of the life she had shared with those two for several years already. To get off the train with Mark and Tabitha when it reached its destination, and to return home with them. She was after all the permanent third side of their triumverate relationship, marriage or not, and the one who would bear Mark's own biological offspring, just as Tabitha was to bear those of the cougar.

By Jeeves