Poke Quest Chapter 2 : Spreading Aftershocks

Story by Abdul on SoFurry

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#3 of Poke Quest

With each choice come aftershocks. That which alters the course of history.

Choices :

A - 1 (possibly)*

B - 1 (possibly)*

C - 2

D - 0

*Given that one reader voted for both A and B, I marked both as having one potential vote. I do ask in the future that readers decide on a single vote though, just to make things easier to tally out. This has helped me to also realize that we may have ties in the future. Whenever such is the case, I'll release a journal asking for a decision between the two choices. If there is STILL a tie, I'll use a random generator to determine which choice is selected.


It had been hard enough to get Bastian to calm down, but it had taken more of an effort to convince the Hitmonchan that their best bet was to depart from the area and make their way north to Simis. Quox had been the one to truly calm Bastian down enough while Samuel had explained how the number of mon in Simis alone would aid them greatly. Bastian had, begrudgingly, admitted that the plan wasn't a bad one, but that he would be leading the way.

Given Samuel's status as a simple civilian, Bastian made Quox walk behind them, to ensure nothing could sneak up on them. As an added order, Quox was to shield them in a moving invisible dome, that way any ferals would run right on by. Quox wasn't quite sure if an invisible dome would protect any of them. He had tried the same tactic with the walls, yet the wilds saw right past his illusion back then. So... would his illusion even have a mere chance of holding up?

He had no chance to discuss it with Bastian though. After being shot down once, he knew that questioning Bastian a second time would only cause the Hitmonchan to shout at him until he was left wanting to hide under a rock for the rest of his life. So the two followed after Bastian. The fighter led them through the destroyed walls and up along the path that led to Simis. The quick pace he set out on had to be slowed down once it was clear that Quox wouldn't be able to keep up with his wounded leg.

To pass the time Samuel attempted to initiate conversation, only to be berated by Bastian about how any noise would cause the feral group to come after them next. Despite Bastian's cautious nature, Quox had yet to hear or see any ferals nearby. Given that they were traveling in the opposite direction from which the group had come from, Quox could only assume that all of the ferals had kept on marching south. That was, until he saw something move ahead of them. Bastian saw it too and the Hitmonchan readied his gloved hands. Quox had to reach out to stop Samuel in his tracks as the three peered on. The bushes shook just a tad and they parted to reveal three ferals. A chinchou and a Chespin weren't too hard to potentially battle against, but a large Snorlax who was drooling at the sight of the three mon? That was a different story.

"Side line formation!" Bastian cried out.

Quox gave his superior a firm nod as he dashed over to the left while Bastian ran to the right. Quox gathered his energy and fired off a Dark Pulse that slammed into the Chespin, knocking the grass type right into a tree trunk. Bastian's fist crackled with electricity as he charged in and slammed his Thunder Punch right into the Chinchou. The Snorlax just looked lazily between the two mon before turning its attention to Bastian. "Now, Quox!"

The Zoroark nodded and dashed forward, his claws taking on a black aura. At the same time, Bastian charged and jabbed an arm toward his foe. The Snorlax looked on and instead of attacking... he waited for his foes to get closer. Just as both attacks were ready to hit home, the larger mon reached out with his arms to scoop the fighters into the air. Quox's attack faded instantly as he yelped in surprise and began to squirm. Bastian had enough restraint to fire off a punch as the Snorlax's face.

The large mon grumbled in annoyance, then he opened his mouth wide and let out a yawn. A pink bubble formed in front of his mouth as Bastian paled, "Thats'-"

Before he could finish, the bubble moved forward just a tad and popped in front of Bastian's face. The Hitmonchan's eyes quickly dropped as his arms dropped to his sides. "yawn..." His head soon fell forward as loud snores emanated from him. The Snorlax dropped the fighter to the floor and looked hungrily at Quox. Just as he was ready to release another Yawn, Quox's claws slashed along the hand that held him. The Snorlax let out a shriek of pain and instinctively dropped him. With a grunt, Quox grabbed Bastian and began to run, "Come on, Samuel!"

The Abra picked up his pace behind the Zoroark as the angry bellows of the Snorlax echoed behind him. Quox looked back, and his eyes widened when he saw the Snorlax barreling towards them. "Pick up the pace!" He shouted. If they could lose them amid the trees, that would be fine and dandy, but it was not meant to be. The Snorlax was following their scent with his nose, and the hungry mon was not deterred by their many turns.

The two finally arrived at an impasse of sorts. Their way through the jungle had managed to lead them back to the path they had been following before. Quox knew that if they kept on following the path they would eventually make it Simis, but on the other hand that Snorlax would probably follow them there. The other way was to keep on running through the jungle in an attempt to shake the beast. He looked back and could see the Snorlax was still hot on their trail.


Choice A - Quox's choice - We have to lose this Snorlax. We have to keep on running through this jungle! We can't let it follow us to Simis!

Choice B - Samuel's choice - Wait... I remember something! Trust me on this, I know a means to get Simis and also lose the Snorlax at the same time!

Choice C - Bastian's choice - ZZZZZzzzzzzzz......

Choice D - Reader's submitted choice

The final day to vote will be on the 12th, so get your votes in before then!

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