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Story by Arcturus_the_chusky on SoFurry

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One of my best friends destructionn on FA wrote this story for me that is amazingly hot! He did a great job with it, and I'm so grateful!


The winds howl through the old boards of this worn house. The building creaks with every gust. Willing it to fall at any moment. For four hundred years she has stood. She has withstood every major hurricane and weather anomaly. This home, closed to access from all but a select few, stands alone with no neighbors around. No one dare to enter, or live nearby due to the house's inhabitants.

The city, on multiple occasions has tried to condemn the house and have it torn down due to a safety hazard. However, every city inspector that has ever approached the house has either disappeared, or had been turned away with no recollection of the house or it's inhabitants.

This story is about an individual who lives in that house. An individual who is tired of being stuck on that property. Someone who wants to get out into the real world and explore it.

"Not part of this cult anymore!" ~Constupro

A voice boomed through the corridors of the mansion. "Constupro! Get your ass over here."

Constupro, a young black and white husky sticks his head out of his room. His blue fauxhawk is laying on its side all messed up. "Coming!" He shouts back down the hallway towards his Masters quarters. He turns and reaches into the nearby closet, grabbing a black robe. He slides it over his head all the while thinking to himself, I really fucking hate this place. One day, I'll leave this house. Soon. I just need more time to get stronger.

"I don't like waiting, Pro. Get in here or I'll resort to more forceful means. And you know I'm not gentle." The voice calls, a hint of lust in his voice.

Gah. Fuck this guy. Constupro dashes down the hall, his blue tail draped between his legs. He reaches up and tries to fix his fauxhawk as he approaches the head masters room. "Master. I am here. My apologies for being-"

"-fuck your apologies." A cloaked figure says. He sits behind a large oak desk adorned with dozens of trinkets. Each creating a different element, twisting and morphing them in the air. He reaches out with his paw towards the one twisting fire. "You slept in, again, I see."

"I'm sorry, Master."

"No. You're not now. But you will be after I finish with you." He raises his paw as the fire is pulled into his paw. He flicks his wrist towards Constupro.

Constupro falls to the ground and writhes in pain. The magic flowing from his Master is ripping him apart at the molecular level. He flexes his body and tenses up as his muscles all spasm and his organs cramp.

After a few moments, the pain begins to listen as his Master places his paw back on the desk, "Be late again. And next time you'll have to regrow your own arm, after I rip it off. Is that understood?"

Constupro continues to lay on the ground, his body twitching and convulsing as he tries to use his own magic to repair his body. "Y-yes...Master."

"Good boy. Now. I called you in here because you're up for your trials. As my apprentice, you will be competing against three other members in this house for the right to replace me when I die." He smirks, "I know you won't lose. You'll make me proud. As the strongest and most well trained of the wizards in this home, you should win without a problem."

Constupro stands up and nods his head, "Yes, Master."

"And if you don't. Well. You won't have to worry about retesting." He smirks a devious grin.

"I understand Master." He's going to kill me if I fail? I should know better. He's ruthless.

"Now go. Get ready, your trials start in...five minutes."

Constupro bows and leaves his master's room. He goes back to his quarters and grabs a golden cloak. It is neatly pressed, wrinkle free and adorned with elegant silver scrolls and linework in the shape of dragons and wolves. He flicks his wrist at the cloak. It levitates in the air and wraps itself around his neck, hanging loosely behind him.

He heads out of his dormitory and down the hallway. Upon entering the trials chamber, he looks around at his opponents. Who apparently, were waiting on him.

"How nice of you to join." A cloaked figure says, "Shall we get started then?"

All four of the trial takers step forward. The cloaked figure speaks up, "The rule are simple."

This is my opportunity to get out of here, to be free of this place. During the trials, everyone will be too busy to notice me.

"Don't kill your opponent, or anyone else in this household. Don't use any forbidden magic." He looks over at Constupro. "The winner is declared when the other three opponents have been neutralized...The trials begin, now!" He bows his head and disappears into a cloud of smoke, appearing on the rim of the room.

The three trial contestants jump right into the fight, throwing magic and spells around. Incantations being chanted as they're dodging attacks left and right.

"Igne et vento venire ad me" (Fire and wind come to me) One of the members chants as they flick their hands forward as a tornado of fire rushes forward.

Constupro looks around as the three of them fight. He looks up at his master who is watching him closely. This is my chance. I have to use THAT spell.

He begins to chant, placing the palms of his hands together in front of him, "Quod est visibile non possum ultra egredi videatur. Per tenebras , te celare potero. Obscurum fero consumite viscera animae meae invocabo te vetitum elementis redditus extat...mortem.

(What is visible can no longer be seen. Through the darkness of night, I hide from thee. Darkness consume my soul as I call upon you, the forbidden element...Death.)

He looks up at his master once more, who's eyes go wide. He's reading Constupro's lips. He knows what is about to happen. He lifts his paw up and channels a spell, "No! Don't!"

Constupro's chest tightens as he throws his paws forward, his eyes become black as night, his fur red as the crimson blood he is about to spill. "Egredere de manibus omnium occidet me. I will not be a part of this cult anymore!"

(Go forth from my hands, kill everyone around me.)

The room becomes cold as the arctic as the ground below them blackens. The other members in the house all panic, throwing incantations and spells around, trying to shield themselves.

Constupro's master shakes his head in anger. He knows that no spell. Nothing can stop this curse once it had started. He manages a sentence before his fur falls out off of his body, "Enjoy eternity, alone...Constupro." His tail shrivels and starts to disintegrate as the rest of the members all fall to the ground in clouds of dust and ash.

He stands there, chest tight. He pants heavily as he understands what he has done. He has killed everyone that might understand him. He shakes his head and turns to the front door of the house. Having never stepped outside, he needed to be free. He needed to run. He needed to start over. The curse of the house is broken and he is no longer under control by the coven.

He approaches the door, paws still trembling. He exhales and the door flies off of it's hinges. He walks out onto the lawn and looks around, ensuring no one was in the area. Although seclusive, they do get passerbys from time to time. He raises his paws to the house, "Combustum" (Burn). Flames wrap themselves around the house in an instant. The entire property engulfed as he turns and heads down the road. Hopefully to find a new life.

He struts away, his head a bit higher, his tail swaying back and forth.

As Constupro draws closer to the nearest city, he changes his appearance to match that of the surrounding humans. His fur recedes into skin, his tail all but disappears, his claws and footpaws into fingers and toes. His maw pulls back into his head, leaving a mouth and nose. He shakes his body as he completes his transformation to human. He flicks his wrist as his clothes change, matching that of a guy he saw on a billboard on the way to the city. He struts down the city in his jeans and short sleeve shirt with a pawprint on the chest.

He looks around, gawking at all the buildings, lights and sounds, bumping into people accidentally. "Oops, Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry." He repeats over and over. As he's watching a television broadcast on a TV, he bumps into a man that's a bit larger than he is. He falls back onto his butt and rubs his back side. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" He snaps at the stranger.

"My apologies." The stranger reaches down and grabs Constupro's hand, helping him up. "How about I make it up to you and buy you a drink? There is an amazing bar right around the corner."

"Alright, I can't pass up a free drink." I love soda. Free soda is even better! They don't let me have a lot of soda at the house, it's 'unclean'

The stranger turns to Constupro, "So. I'm Drew. And you are?"

"Uh...Constupro." He responds hesitantly.

"Well, Uh...Constupro. Nice to meet you." He laughs as they approach the bar, "I hope you're okay with it being a gay bar."

"A what?" Constupro shakes his head, never having heard of the term.

"Oh, you're such a joker. C'mon. They save me a spot in the corner. It's a lovely booth. And don't worry. I'll protect you. You're super cute, and will get a ton of attention."

Constupro's cheeks flush at the compliment as he follows Drew into the bar. Upon entering he blushes madly at all of the men, some half naked, others not so much. He catches his breath and lowers his head as he sits in the booth with Drew.

"What do you want to drink?"

"I'll just have a soda please."

"Soda? At a bar? Well, alright then."

As the waiter approaches, Drew tells him, "A coke for this gentleman, and I'll take a water myself." He turns his attention back to Constupro, "So. Are you new in town?"

"I-I guess you could say that."

"Where did you come from?"

"A house outside of town."

"A house huh? The only place I know of is that ratty old mansion that needs to be condemned."

Constupro twitches his ears and nose.

Drew's eyes open wide, "No way. You're from that house? That's awesome! Tell me about it?"

Constupro fights back an urge to just leave. He knows if he's going to blend in and start over, he has to try. He starts to explain the entire story about the wizard and witches. How that's been a coven for over four hundred years. How he killed everyone and now he's here.

Drew sits there, dead panned for a moment before he busts out laughing, "You're hilarious, Pro! I like you. Why don't you come back to my place. We can go over all the stuff you can do in town."

Constupro nods. Unsure, however, why Drew doesn't believe anything he just said. I mean, doesn't he believe in magic?

After they sat for a little while longer, they make their way to Drew's apartment.

They sat in Drew's living room for a while, talking about stuff to do in the city, and what there is to do in the surrounding areas.

After an hour or so, Constupro's side begins to ache. He groans and grunts, clinching his side. He grits his teeth. Fuck fuck fuck.

"Pro! Are you alright? What's wrong?" Drew leans over Constupro, his hand on his upper back, rubbing, "Are you okay?"

"The spell, it's wearing off." Constupro grunts in response.

"Spell, what spell? I don't get it. Magic isn't real. What are you going on about? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

Constupro flexes his hand as his skin starts to darken. Thousand of strands of fur begin to appear on his hands, his nails growing a bit longer.

Drew stands up and backs away, "W-What are you?" He panics and reaches for his cellphone.

Constupro stands up and throws his paw at the cellphone, making it disappear. "No! Don't! Please..." He tilts his head back as his maw juts out, his tail pushes its way out of his pants. He flexes once then relaxes as his fur starts to grow in, covering his body. His blue fauxhawk appearing, his tail growing its blue fur.

"Y-you weren't joking...then?"

"No. I wasn't."

"You need help. I need to call the police, or an ambulance. That can't be healthy!" Drew continues to panic and runs for the front door.

"I'm sorry Drew. But I can't let you do that." Constupro raises his paws towards Drew and chants, "Nunc animum nobis pertinet ad me" (Your mind now belongs to me).

Drew stops in his tracks and turns to Constupro, "I'm sorry. I'm not sure what came over me." He walks over to the couch.

Constupro knows he's made a fatal mistake. It is forbidden to take control of someones mind, removing their free will. I had to, though, right? He was going to turn me into the Police. I had to protect myself.

His mind wanders for a moment, his paws still out stretched towards Drew. A dirty thought crosses his mind, now that Drew is under his control.

Immediately, Drew responds and begins to take off his shirt.

Fuck. I still don't have it under control, quite yet.

Not being attracted to humans, he chants "Quod fuerat quondam hominis est bestia." (What was once human is now animal).

Drew flexes his body and groans in pain as he begins to transform. His mouth pushes forward, growing and stretching, his body contorting and changing. He grabs his sides in pain as his body begins to be covered in dark fur. A long cheetah tail juts out of his back as he takes on the form of a cheetah and husky.

Constupro chuckles, "A chusky huh?"

"W-what did you do to me?"

"You're now like me...Now. Come here. I think I'll call you Arcturus." Constupro commands.

Arcturus responds, "Yes Master." He makes his way to Constupro, in a daze.

Constupro places his paws on Arcturus's pants. He tugs on them. They fall to the floor with ease. "Get on your knees and blow me." He demands. Not quite sure where his sudden bravado has come from, but he enjoys it tremendously. Using his powers to fully command Arcturus and his movements. He places his paws on his own pants and shoves them down, revealing his already swollen canine cock, knot visible.

As Arcturus kneels down, he opens his maw.

Constupro places his paws on the back of Arcturus's head. He pulls his head towards him, shoving his entire cock and knot into Arcturus's maw. He whimpers and moans in pleasure. He pulls his hips back then shoves it back in, forcing his cock and knot in and out of the chusky's maw. Fuck yes!

He pulls his cock out of the chuskies maw and walks around behind him. He pushes him forward, forcing Arcturus on all fours. "Good boy." He whimpers as his cock throbs at the sight of the exposed tailhole in front of him. He leans down with his maw and runs his tongue up the star. He sits up and lines his cock up with the chuskies tight tailhole.

"Fuck me, Master. Fuck me please." Arcturus pleas.

Constupro places his paws on the chuskies ass cheeks and pulls them apart as he leans in with one thrust, shoving his entire nine inch long and three finger wide cock into the chuskies ass. He moans and howls in pleasure as he begins to buck his hips, thrusting harder and faster against the tight tailhole of the chusky. He flicks his wrist at Arcturus's head. "Don't you cum without my permission."

"Yes master." He responds in a very drone like matter.

Constupro continues to hump Arcturus harder. With one big thrust he pops his knot into the chuskies tight ass. He howls as he releases his puppy seed into him. His balls tighten as he releases another hot stream. He pulls back hard, pulling his knot with a 'pop'. His cock slides out of the gaping asshole as he flips the chusky on to his back. "You may now cum for me."

"Yes..." he drones, and without touching his own cock, his bucks his hips, his cock throbbing. His balls up as a bit of cum and pre gather on his tip.

Constupro leans down and wraps his maw around the exposed member just as a burst of hot cum coats his mouth. He nearly gags on the amount as he swallows as fast as he can as more and more cum burst forth. He pulls his head back, but his lust still has yet to be quenched.

"Cum again." He demands.

Arcturus whimpers, "I'm sorry, Master. I have no more cum."

Irritated and still wanting more, he places his paw over the chuskies cock and thinks, "more."

Arcturus whines in pain and pleasure as he begins to cum more and more. More than he has ever cum before. His cock throbs as a hot jet shoots out, coating his chest and face, another jet lands on his stomach.

Constupro flicks his wrists at Arcturus's paws, binding them to the floor so he can't move. He straddles him and concentrates on his own cock, making it throb as he begins to cum again, using his magic to keep them both cumming. He whimpers with each orgasm. Each jet of hot puppy cum clinging to Arcturus's body, coating him, mixing with his own cum.

Constupro stands up a bit, his cock throbbing, still shooting cum onto Arcturus as he lines his own tailhole up with the cumming chusky penis. He sits on it, using the cum as lube. He pushes down hard, forcing the entire member and knot into his own tailhole. He can feel the cum filling him, at first it's so pleasurable, but then pain starts to radiate from within as his colon fills with hot semen. His stomach begins to bulge just a little as he uses his mind and magic to stop Arcturus from cumming anymore. He stays there, knotted with the chusky as he continues to cum still. He wills himself to stop as he pants. He can feel the cum wanting to pour out of him.

He leans forward, dislodging himself from the chusky, immediately clinching his tailhole, holding in all of the chuskies semen. "Open your maw." He demands as he crawls over the sticky and slimy, cum covered chusky. He turns around so that he is facing the chuskies cock. He lines up his tailhole with Arcturus's mouth. He relaxes as he opens his maw and takes the chuskies cock in. He sucks hard as the other males cum begins to pour out of his ass, into the awaiting open maw.

TBC? Perhaps, Maybe :) We'll see!