Otter's Daily Life- Picnic

Story by Ragemend on SoFurry

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#7 of Otter's Daily Life

Caution: Contains Watersports

Caution: Contains Watersports

Kyle and Jean hurried behind the bathroom buildings at the Otter Park, hoping no one saw them. Out of breath, they looked what they had to work with: A dense forested area and the back wall of the bathrooms, with a fence and thick foliage at the other end of the buildings.

"I am not going to make it if we wait on those lines!" Moaned Jean, walking up to a large tree and squatting with her panties at her knees.

"Me either." Replied Kyle, walking up next to her and sighing.

But Kyle couldn't help but watch his sister, it has been weeks since they had last had sex, and Kyle was feeling a bit... pent up. He didn't realize how obvious his gaze was until Jean snapped at him.

"Pull your hood back before you go!" cried Jean, still not having felt relief. She grabbed her brother's cock to pull back the foreskin for him, but quickly recoiled. He was rock hard.

"You're hard watching me, aren't you?" Said Jean, matter-of-factly.

"...yes, sis." Responded Kyle, blushing and feeling some pressure as he really did have to go.

"It has been awhile since I helped you release any pressure, hasn't it?" Asked Jean.

"...yes, sis." Replied Kyle, hoping this was going where he thought it was.

"Well, I guess this is going to be the only time we'll have any privacy this week with the family reunion and whatnot, why don't you take my tailhole really quick, then we can pee and go back to the reunion?" Pondered Jean.

Kyle's heart leaped. He forgot all about his bladder pressure, dropped his shorts and undies, and knelt down in front of his sister's rump, getting ready to take her bulldog style. He fished a packet of lube out of his pocket and lubed them up, then quickly thrust into his sister, starting out slowly but picking up speed quickly. Jean tried her best to stifle her moans, but didn't manage very well.

Kyle fucked his sister wholeheartedly, not noticing a group of eyes watching them from beyond the bathroom wall. Jean gave one loud moan and clenched on her brother's cock, squirting a heavy load of girlcum behind them, splattering on the grass, and making her brother spurt thick ropes of cum inside her. Kyle relaxed and enjoyed the afterglow when he heard a trickling noise, he looked behind them and noticed his sister had lost control and was peeing. He thought it cute for this to happen, but then felt a shiver down his spine as his bladder wouldn't hold and more and quickly pulled out. He rushed to the tree and let loose, finally being able to relax himself.

"Couldn't hold back, eh sis?" Grinned Kyle.

"Shut... shut up, Kyle." Blushed Jean. "This never leaves us, got it?"

Kyle finished peeing and turned to his sister without getting dressed: "Got it!"

One of the otters watching from the bathrooms wasn't to bright and replied too: "Got it, pretty lady!"

Kyle and Jean jumped in their skin, turning to see a crowd of turned on male otters walking towards them, one in the front seemed to be the leader. He said: "That was quite she show you two put on for us, but we're feeling kind of pent up. So, if you want us to keep quiet about your little "act" right here you're going to give us a turn, with the option of taking either of you, got it?"

Kyle and Jean looked at each other and knew they were screwed. So, to keep them quiet they would have to do what they wanted. Kyle and Jean turned around and bend over, bracing themselves against the large tree and lifted their tails.

"Okay boys, usual bathroom spot, and get in line!" Cried the lead otter. And with that the otters hurried to the brick wall that was the back of the bathroom and dropped their pants, relieving themselves on the bathroom wall, then, as each one finished they walked over to the otter siblings. The head otter stood back and admired the view, two young adult otters with their tails raised, the male with a shapely rump and tight ball sack and the female with cum dribbling over her pussy from her tailhole. "Okay, I think I'm gonna go with the guy first!" Declared the head guy, leaning in to rim the young ott's rump.

Kyle couldn't help but squirm and moan as his hole was serviced, his sister feeling herself get wetter as she watched her brother's actions, his cock already hard and dripping again. Jean couldn't admire this view for long, as one of the other otters quickly stepped up and placed his cock at her pussy. A few seconds later the stranger took advantage of her slickness and shoved in, not lasting very long before he came hard in her, heavy spurts of cum filling her as he leaned forward and bit down on one of her ears.

Her brother noticed Jean's moans and looked over in time to see the strange otter shooting his spunk in her, slump away and quickly be replaced, with a squelch of jizz and some strands squirting out of her as he shoved his cock in, but his view quickly changed as the lead otter shoved his cock into Kyle's tailhole without warning; continuing the string of moans he had been letting out.

It wasn't long before the lead ott gripped his rump cheeks and filled his tight tailhole with sticky otter cum. But a few seconds after he pulled out of Kyle, his place was taken. And so it went like this for an hour, until the last two strange otters had cum together in the siblings and walked ott that Jean and Kyle were able to slump down to the ground and leak otter cum from behind them.

Jean looked at her brother, he was still rock hard and was going to need to cum again: "I'm pretty well lubed up if you want sloppy 20th, bro."

Kyle looked up at his sister in delight, and quickly crawled over, leaking a trail of cum in the process. He angled his ottercock at his sister's cum-oozing pussy and pushed in, relishing the feeling of 20 strange otter's cum surrounding his cock as he followed suit from the strange otters and filled his sister with his pent up load.

Once he finished cumming he collapsed on his sister, wondering: "Sis? What are we going to do? We're such a mess and I'm pretty sure they stole our underwear..."

Jean cuddled her brother and shivered as she felt her brother's softening cock slip from her depths: "Let's just nap now and worry about that later, Kyle."

Kyle yawned: "Okay, that's fine by me. See you in a few hours"

And with that Kyle snoozed on top of Jean, their bodies dripping otter cum and their rumps covered in semen.

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