Otter's Daily Life- Group

Story by Ragemend on SoFurry

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#5 of Otter's Daily Life

Kyle is convinced to service Ken and his friends

Kyle is sitting on his bed reading when a male deer walks down the basement stairs. The otter turns around instinctively, folding his ears in Ken's presence.

"So, here's the deal:" The deer said with a grin, "I know I said I wouldn't tell anyone about you and your sister, but I feel that that's a rank deal for me, so, we're going to change it a bit..."

"But you promised you wouldn't tell!" The otter said desperately. The idea of school becoming more unbearable in his head.

"I know, and I won't, but I have some demands."

"What, I'll do anything, just please don't tell anyone!"

"Alright then, first, you're going to use your mouth on me whenever I want. You're quite skilled, you know."

The otter pauses for a second before reluctantly nodding.

"Good, next, that tight little tailhole's virginity is mine." Said the deer, the front of his jeans starting to peak.

The otter blushes and flattens his ears further, then nods again.

"Very good. Lastly, you are going to use that mouth of yours on my friends as I see fit."

Kyle gasps and whimpers "I can't..."

The deer grins and loudly says "Fine, then I'll just have to tell everyone at school and your parents that you fucked your-"

"Fine, I'll do it, just please quiet down."

The deer smiles and raises a paw: "Good, now, let's begin."

The deer snaps his fingers and 3 strong men step in and line up, presenting their hard cocks and grinning at the meek otter.

The otter blushes and presents himself in front of the deer and moves to take his cock into his maw before the deer interrupts: "ah ah ah~ you're gonna get your clothes all messy, better strip."

The otter looks at him in shock, then looks at his feet as he pulls off his shirt and shorts, revealing prestained panties to his saboteurs.

"Oh my god, look at what he's wearing!" Shouted one of the young men, a tabby cat.

"Are those your sisters?" Said another one just as loud, a bear.

The otter stammers "P-please don't tell anyone!"

The deer laughs "If you want our silence, you know what to do."

The otter swallows and gets to work on the deer's dripping cock.

"Rutting season's a bitch, ain't it?" says the deer before grunting.

Jean walks downstairs loudly to find her younger brother with his mouth wrapped around the deer's dick, with the young buck thrusting into his maw: "What's with the noise you're making.... what the hell are you doing?"

The deer grunts as his seed spills into the otter's mouth, only managing a goofy grin at his girlfriend.

"If you were going to use my brother like this you could have asked first." Jean states matter of factly.

The deer falls back on the bed with a sigh and the otterboy moves on to the next young man without swallowing, a tiger of all things.

Not looking at his indignant girlfriend, the deer simply says: "Your little brother knows how to use his mouth, what can I say?"

"And he just agreed to being a fucktoy? I know he's not predispositioned to be a slut." Responds the girlott.

The deer looks at Kyle as he goes to town on his tiger friend and quips "I told him we'd tell everyone he fucks his sister if he didn't suck us off, among other things. Feel like lending a hand with your own slutty bro? I'm pretty sure those are your panties he's showing off in."

Jean shrugs and kneels down by her brother: "Yup, he's pretty pent up, probably could use a hand."

The tiger lets out a groan as he pumps cum heavily into the otterboy's maw then relaxes on the bed. Quickly, the next guy, a bear, moves into place and shoves his cock into the boy otter's cock hungry maw as his sister slips a paw into his panties to stroke his otterhood gently.

The otterboy bobs on the bear's cock while his sister and the buck make smalltalk. "Amongst other things?"

The buck looks at the otterboy, cum now dripping down his chin and laughs: "I made him promise his tailhole's virginity to me."

Jean matches his laugh and slides a paw in the back of her brother's panties, and goes under her tail: "Oh, he'll love that, he especially loves prostate massages, like this..." The ottergirl slips a finger into her brother and presses on his prostate, causing him to groan with his mouth full and drip more cum onto the floor.

Kyle whimpers while the bear spurts cum into his willing mouth, then steps back so the overflow of cum can spill onto the floor in front of the otters. The otterboy moans loudly as he fills his sisters panties with spoo and flumps on the floor. Jean pulls her cum coated paw out of her brother's panties and sniffs it, cooing: "Such a good boy, isn't he?"

The tabby cat steps up, frowning: "He's not done already, is he?"

"Nope, I'll get him hard again, he's pretty tenacious if you push the right buttons." Says Jean snidely, her paw busy at work under her brother's tail.

The otterboy looks up at the tabby cat's cock, but doesn't move on it. "Haven't I done enough for you..."

"Or, you just gotta know his kinks." Says Jean as she puts her cum soaked paw to his mouth. Her brother responds by licking her paw clean. "See?" Remarks Jean. "He loves his own taste, he's even getting hard again."

Once the otterboy finishes licking his sister's paw clean she moves it so the tabby cat can slide his cock into his maw.

"Mmm, good boy." Purrs the tabby, placing his paws on the otter's head.

Jean sits back on the floor and slides her still sticky paw into her shorts and lets out a girlish groan as she starts to finger herself to the sight of her little brother blowing a cat. The deer sees this and starts to feel aroused again, saying "Hey, Jean, think your teasing got him loose enough to take me?"

Jean stares at her brother, her fingers now slick with her juices, barely hearing her boyfriend: "yeah, if you go gentle at first..."

The deer stands up, fully erect and pats his tabby friend as he cums a heavy load into the ott's maw, with cat spoo spilling heavily onto the floor in front of the male otter. "I thought you were about done. Hey lil' bro, time for the second part of our deal, get in your bed and lift your tail."

The young ott looks at the deer in shock: "I-I can't do that... you're so big and I... I've never..."

The deer laughs and pulls the otterboy onto the bed, but he still won't raise his tail.

Jean moans loudly and cums in her shorts, leaving her with a wet paw and wet clothes, she stands up and sits next to her brother, holding her girlcum soaked paw in front of his face, just out of licking distance "What if I lube you up with this?"

The ottboy stares at her messy paw, transfixed, then complies and raises his tail. Jean slides her paw behind him and goes to work, pulling down his cum soaked panties and lubing his tailhole with her cum. "Such a good boy for his sister."

The deer scoffs, now throbbing hard "I don't know what it is between you two, but it seems to work well, he's so hard he's dripping all over his bedsheets."

Jean finishes her sisterly duties and holds her brother's tail up: "There you go dear, all ready."

The deer is quick to position his cock at the otterboy's entrance and slides in slowly. Once hilted Jean lets go of his tail and slides her went shorts and panties off, and places her dripping pussy at her brother's mouth: "good boy, now, how about you lick me clean."

The otterboy goes wide eyed and quickly uses his tongue to clean up his sister, every once in awhile emitting a moan or mmf as the deer pounds away at his tight tailhole.

Jean feels herself getting closer and clenches her teeth as more girlcum sprays from her slit, all over her brother's tongue and bed spread. The feminine moan she makes is enough to set off her boyfriend, who after a few more uneven thrusts buries his cum in the virgin ott boy. The girl ott and Ken sit back and look at the meek ott boy with a messy maw and tailhole and a cock standing erect and dripping.

By now the other guys have left and the deer starts to get dressed, looking at himself putting on his underpants he tells Jean "You know, you should probably help him out with that."

Jean looks at her brother's dripping cock and nods, she leans back and spreads her legs, and a paw spreads her pussy lips open: "Hey bro, want to breed your big sis again? You know you want to fill me with cum."

The ottboy ear perks and looks at his sister. Without delay he crawls forward and sinks his ottercock into his sister, who gasps at his quickness and wraps her legs around him.

The young buck watches as the otterboy fucks his sister merrily without restraint. As his eyes pass over the otter's cumstained tailhole her gets a plan and gently lifts the otterboy's tail. Then, as he fucks into his sister, the deer plants his muzzle onto the ottboy's tailhole and begins rimming it clean. The otterboy, upon feeling this, gives a few more quick thrusts and erupts into his sister, the stimulation being too much for the ott.

The deer stands up, wipes his mouth, and leaves the room with the brother wiped out and snoozing on his sister.

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