Dad's Home

Story by ReLiTe on SoFurry

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#1 of Liam + Dad

A short story telling of a young bull named Liam and the things he and his dad got up to after he got home.

I really enjoyed writing this lol :P If you have any constructive criticism, please let me know (otherwise I'll never learn!) ;)

I stand there, letting the boiling hot water pour down onto my naked body. "Ahh..." I sigh. Nothing beats a shower in the middle of the day. I hum as I grab the soap, lather my hands up thoroughly and give my face and ears a quick scrub. As I begin to wash my arms, I hear the door slam shut. Hm. Dad's home.

"I'm back!" Even though I'm upstairs, (and my ears are filled with soap,) Dad's booming gruff voice still reaches me loud and clear. "HI!!" I yell. Did he hear me? Probably not. Do I have enough time to...? Screw it. I close my eyes and start half-cleaning, half-fondling my cock and balls, and just as I get hard, Dad knocks on the door. Typical. "Liam? Can I come in?" Fuck's sake!

"Y-yeah! I'm just in the shower!" As he opens the door, he apologises: "Sorry, son, I just really need to have a wash. I'll just be using the sink." I roll my eyes. He could have easily washed himself in the toilet downstairs and he knows it; he just wants to annoy me. "That's fine," I sulk, but then I realise... Maybe some good could come of this...

As I hear the taps begin to run, I slowly pull the shower curtain a bit and see Dad standing there. He's taken his shirt off and is looking into the mirror whilst washing his underarms. Though my Dad is a bit chubby, he's still the sexiest man I know. ...I wonder if other guys my age say that about their dads. I grope my balls, watching Dad wash his chest.

After a while, Dad turns to see me staring at him. I freeze, hoping to fuck that he hasn't anything else... He grins. "What you looking at?" he asks playfully. I shit myself: "Wh-wha-? N-nothing!!" and quickly let go of the curtain. I hear him chuckle and, after that, the taps turning off. I wash my own chest for a while, too embarrassed to think straight. What the hell was I thinking?! I bend over to clean my legs, and then it happens...

I feel a hand run across my back. I turn around, still bent over, confused. Dad is standing there naked, his hands now on my backside. I see his cock and, although he's flaccid, it's still about six inches long. I feel my own getting hard and once again Dad laughs. "Mmm..." Dad says as he continues to rub my ass. I gasp as his thumb touches my opening.

After a while, he lets go and I stand upright. He gets himself a towel, wipes his hands and feet and then places the towel on the radiator. "If you wanna do... more, then I'll see you in my room." he teases as he leaves the room. What the hell just happened? I ask myself. I wasn't about to... with my Dad, was I? I still can't think straight. All I know is that I DEFINITELY want more. I turn the shower off and grab the towel.

After I get myself dried, I make my way to Dad's room slowly, a million thoughts running through my head at once. I find him on the edge of his bed. He turns to look at me and smiles. His voice is soft: "Hey, son. So, you want to get fucked by your old man?" Jesus Christ, that's a bit too forward, isn't it? I think to myself. Nevertheless, I nod quickly. He laughs. "Okay, but I think my cock's gonna need some... lubrication. You think you can do that for me?" Is he asking me to suck him off?!

I nod once again, wiping the drool from my mouth. He strokes the top of my head as I kneel down in front of him. "Good boy..." he moans as I lick around his head and then suck on it. I start to masturbate as I take the large cock deeper. He continues to moan and grunt as I work his dick faster and, soon, I take over half of his length with every bob of my head. I pull my head back and toss him off a bit, making sure that my saliva covers all 8 inches of his perfectly cut erect cock.

I look up at him, licking his tip. "Want me to help you deepthroat me?" I feel my dick throb as I nod and place his head in my mouth. He then gently grabs the sides of my head and pulls towards himself, slowly making me take his entire length, inch by inch. I feel him at the back of my throat and he holds my head in place, causing me to splutter a bit. "Ahhhh... fuck, son..." he moans loudly, and he lets go of my head. I pull back and gasp for breath. "You're good at sucking cock, aren't you?" He chuckles again.

"So... wanna get down to business?" he asks softly. "Uh-huh..." Dad smiles as he stands up and pats the bed. "Okay, bend over the bed." I do as I'm told and Dad stands behind me and, after rubbing my cheeks a bit, rubs his finger against his wet dick and then slowly penetrates me with it as I wince. After he works my ass with his finger for a while, he retracts it, gripping the base of his throbbing cock. He touches my opening with it and rubs my back with his free hand. "Back up into me, son." I grab my dick and start wanking again as I push back on his. I grunt as my tight ass opens up for him and, after struggling to take his head in, I lean back, letting the big cock slide up inside me a bit easier.

I stop as I realise I've taken him all the way in. My ass hits his pelvis and his chubby stomach comes to rest on my back. Dad's hands caress my thighs and he speaks softly: "Why don't you... fuck yourself a bit?" I rest my hands on the bed and move backwards and forwards slowly, my opening moving from his tip to his balls with each motion. My movements become ever-so-slightly faster and Dad moans again.

"Good job... I'm gonna take over, now, okay? Just tell me if I go too rough." I stop moving and I nod. Dad then begins to fuck me with slow, smooth thrusts, but he soon starts to pick up the pace which makes my legs wobble a bit. "Here we go...!" he exclaims as he grits his teeth and starts fucking me faster, his groin meeting my rear end with a loud slapping sound after each thrust. I pant and moan as he pounds my ass faster still, and Dad is also grunting loudly.

"I'm gonna cum!" Dad bellows as he fucks me as fast as he can. He lets out a loud roar and I feel him fill my ass up with his warm cum. He pulls out and my legs nearly give way. Not long after, I cum as well, panting for breath. My ass is sore, but it was well fucking worth it. Dad grabs my shoulder and smiles. "Thanks for that, son." I smile back, wondering what we'll do when he comes home after work tomorrow...

Allen and James: Part One

-- Part One: Prologue --James and I have always been close. Well, almost always. We met in Secondary School, and when I first saw him in Year 10, surrounded by girls in Maths because he was the 'cool new kid', I hated him. But when we got stuck next to...

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