Lost in it.

Story by lucifer94 on SoFurry

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#5 of werewolf love

this has more sex then plot. the next one has plot

My body was burning and I did know why. Ever since I woke up this morning, odd things have been happening. The incident in the shower and me passing out were just the highlights. Now my thoughts are on the Wolf and Fredrick. They filled my mind with perverted thoughts. The wolf fucking me, Fredrick fucking me, they both fuck me, and them fucking each other. The fucking never seemed to stop.

My body started to get hotter and hotter, I felt like I was on fire. "Val," a distant voice called, "Val, can you hear me?" a light filled my eyes. Was I asleep? I was in bed, a thin sheet was covering me. "Val, so good you got up." I turned and saw Fredrick... no William.

"Will, what happen?" I asked I felt so tired and weak.

"You collapsed at school. We are at my house now." I looked around and saw he was telling the truth. I have been in this room tons of times, it was Fredrick's.

My brain was still a messed, but I got curious, "you drove my car?"

"Yeah, but it was an emergency, so I sure the dent would come out." He messed with my car! If I wasn't so weak I would bend him over and fuck--. I stopped myself there; it was an emergency so he made the right call. Plus I don't need any more sex fantasies now.

But another thought entered, "why take me here instead of the hospital or called 911?" that sounded like what a person might have done in that situation.

Will's body language seemed reluctant to answer, when he did it was, "when you collapsed, I panicked and I when I panic, I fell like cutting myself off of the world. I couldn't leave you there so I put you in the back seat and drove here." Seemed reasonable to me at least.

"One last question," Will look at me with concern, "why am I naked?" even with the sheet, I could tell my clothes were missing.

William stuttered out an answer, "W-w-well, you collapsed because of the heat, so I thought it would be good to take off your clothes." I then notice an erection in his pants. "I didn't do anything else I swear!" he seemed flushed, even when I didn't say anything yet.

My body started to burn again. I moaned and groaned at the pain I was feeling. My body needed something, crying for something, but what? "Fred" I whispered.


"Where is Fredrick? I want Fredrick! Give me Fredrick! I want him now!" I started to act like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, but I had no control over it. Something in me wanted Fredrick, but for what?

"Calm down Val. Fredrick is on the way." Fredrick is coming? Yeah, I am so happy."Val, go take a shower."

"No." I had become a toddler.

"Yes, go."

"No." Why am I being difficult? I wanted Fredrick, not a shower. Why am I arguing?

Will then talked to me like a babysitter or parent would, "Fredrick does not like smelly people."Fredrick will hate me if I smell bad, then I must be clean. Seriously, why am I acting like this?

I went in the bathroom and jumped in the shower. The water was cold, but it felt nice. The burning feeling in my body was cooling down and I felt like myself. Why did I act like that? I am nineteen; I should not be acting like this at all.

The burning feeling retuned in full force and with reinforcements. My body moved on its own, something was controlling it and it was not me. I grabbed some soap and lathered my hands in it, then moved one of them to my ass. In quick succession, I fingered myself in the ass, deeply.

I found my prostate and started to mess with it. I enjoyed the feeling and my moans made sure that everyone with hearing can tell to. I later got in a new position. I laid down on my back and spread my legs apart as far as possible and continue my finger fucking.

Even then I felt empty. I wanted something else, I wanted Fredrick. Fredrick where are you?

The door to the bathroom swung open and in the door way was Fredrick. I was sure of it. It wasn't Will this time, it was Fredrick no doubt about it. he was here and saw me fingering myself. "Oh, sorry Val, we need to talk." I got up and walked over. It did not seem to bother me that Fredrick saw me do that in front of him.

When I got close enough I kissed him. it was a surprise attack he never saw coming. I felt sparks fly when our lips connected. I wanted to go further, I must go further. "Val stop," Fredrick said, "we can't do this." His word hurt me more than the burning, I wanted to do this. I wanted to do this with him. Why does he make this difficult? I wanted him to do this with me. Then make him.

I didn't know how, but I pushed Fred in the shower. I stood over Fredrick, his clothes soaked by the shower. "Look who is all wet," Some form of sadism formed in me, "we must remove those wet clothes or you might get sick."

I started with the shirt. I placed my hand underneath it rubbing his chest and stomach. Whatever resistance he had was gone when I kissed his neck. I pinched his nipples, making him squeal. I removed the shirt and tossed it aside. The chest was like I pictured it, wide and strong. I wanted more of his naked body before me.

I tore up his pants, or at least attempted to. "Let me." he got up and slowly pulled his pants down. The pants that hid his toned legs were no more. I grabbed a leg and kissed it, worship it. It was so firm, but was only a second place prize.

As I moved up the leg, his penis touched my head, it was so beautiful. I stuffed it in my mouth, the taste and smell driving me crazy. i keep going up and down on it, tasting every inch of his meat. Fredrick placed a hand on my head and forced me to deep throat it. I couldn't breathe for a second and pulled away.

"Shit, Val you alright?"

More, I wanted something more. I turned Fredrick around and dove into his buns. I licked his hole without caring if it was dirty, which was a good thing it was clean. Fredrick's moans motivated me to get my tongue in deeper him, but there was one more thing I wanted to do.

I got up and lined it up. I whispered, "I will try to be gentle" into Fredrick's ear. I never tried it before so it was going to be clumsy at best. To get it in, I grabbed Fredrick's waist and pulled it on. The sound Fredrick made was a mix of pain and joy. It felt so tight, a perfect fit. I tried to move a bit, but it was harder then it looked.

"Lay down" Fredrick said. We both weren't satisfied with the work I did, so I laid down letting Fredrick control the situation. He hovered over my cock, I held it in place to make it easier. He slowly went down on it; I got impatient and trust it in there.

"Sorry" I said.

"I'm not mad." He went up and down on my rod, his cock bouncing around like it was some toy. I keep staring at it, watching it move around, and then grabbed it. I couldn't put it back into my mouth so I did the next best thing, stroking it.

He really liked how I stroked it and I like how he was doing on my dick. I could feel myself getting close, "Fredrick I am."

"I know let's do it together." He started to go faster, the feeling was incredible. I couldn't hold it. I grabbed him and drove my cock as deep as I can and shot my load into him. "Shit Val." He also came too. His semen covered most of my upper body and face, I loved it.

Fredrick turned off the shower; I forgot it was running the entire time. I just stared at him. I was still processing what I did when Fredrick brought are lips together. "Can we just lay here awhile?" I asked.

"Sure" he got some towels and made a little bed on the floor we can cuddle on. I could feel myself drift off into sleep in his arms.

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