It Was Supposed To Be A Costume Chapter 1

Story by Admiral Q on SoFurry

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#47 of MLP

Sometimes a Friendly bet can back fire

It Was Supposed To

Be A Costume

By Admiral Q

Inspired by the stories The Costume and

I Just Want To Be Me Again.

Tom was having a good night. Work went well and now he was enjoying a night with his girlfriend Jasmine. They had a great supper at a bar and grill and now were facing off in the ultimate face off. A pool game with the winner deciding what the loser has to wear for Halloween Night in a couple of weeks. This was one bet he was itching to win. He planned on this hot little Supergirl costume for Jasmine while he was Superman. He line up a shot and manage to get his solid color ball into the middle pocket. Grinning he observed where the cue ball was in regards to the remaining solids. Picking his next shot he took aim. Unfortunately his girlfriend was in view. Normally this is not a bad thing. Jasmine had golden blonde hair that was stylized with a curl that nearly hid one of her emerald green eyes with those adorable freckles below them. Her body was lean and lithe. He was one lucky man to catch her, but she had a mean streak in her and they had a low intensity prank war between them. So it was no surprise that as he was about to hit the cue ball she made a very suggesting pose and he lost his concentration. The cue ball went of a bit, while still hitting the targeted ball it bounced off the sides instead of going into the corner pocket as he planned. Still it knocked other balls, especially Jasmine's stripes. He smirked at his girlfriend and taunted.

"That backfired on you." She shrugged.

"Maybe but now I have a turn at the table." Tom took a nearby seat and she aimed her shot.

"That's the perk of you girls. You make distractions with just your bodies." She took her shot and just barely manage to get her ball in the pocket.

"True, but it's hard for men to see me for me not just my body. That's what makes us work. You love my body but more importantly you love me the person." She took aim again but didn't shoot right away.

"Seems like I'm getting the greater perks. I get to see a gorgeous woman and see her inner beauty. You get an ugly mug like mind and only see my inner beauty." She finally took her shot and this time two of her balls went in. This wasn't looking good for him on the table.

"That's not true. While you certainly aren't football material your certain not him either." She pointed to the bar where a guy sat with a dirty white T-shirt and an impressive beer gut. "You are a handsome fellow and with some work would have girls grabbing for you. But you are MINE." That's among the things he like about Jasmine. She can be kind and generous yet extremely assertive and possessive with certain things and he was one of them. She then knocked yet another ball. This wasn't looking good for him at all.

When she finally didn't get a ball in but had a nice line up get got the chance to go again. She all but thee balls gone while he still had most of his. He took aim making sure she wasn't in sight again and took his shot. He manage to get a ball in but he used too much force and the cue ball joined it. He dropped his head. And he heard Jasmine say in sympathy.

"Ooohhh that sucks Tom." He said nothing as he ceded the floor to her and watch in horror as she knocked the last three in.

"That's game and I win our bet." She said with that cocky grin. Tom groaned then said in a defeated tone.

"Okay what are you going to have me wear?"

"Don't know but I'll think of something." She replied and wrapped her arm around his and they head to the car. "By the way did you have something planned for us?" Seeing a chance to maybe still win he answered.

"I was divided between Wonder Woman or Supergirl for you, but ultimately went for Supergirl consider your hair and I was planning to be Superman."

"Well it's nice that you see me as a strong woman and wasn't daring the whole french maid thing. However I want to do something else."


* * * * * *

Jasmine had the day off and was mall shopping. She was in a bind. Halloween was just days away and she still didn't have anything for her and Tom to wear at the party they are going to. She then notice a store in a a usually vacant area. It had the look of one of those temporary stores that sell Halloween stuff then close when it's over. With nothing better to do she entered the store. It was filled with the usually stuff and she didn't have long before a energetic voice was heard.

"WELCOME! Welcome to Canterlot Costume Emporium!" Said a tall elderly man with a beard and gray hair. "How can I serve you today?"

"Well I'm looking for a pair of costumes for me and my boyfriend but not sure what yet." The man put his arm around her shoulder.

"Well you've come to the right place. I happen to have a new line of top quality outfits that you might like." He took them to the side of the story and Jasmine was in awe. It was the MLP theme with manikins wearing outfits that resembled the main characters in anthro form and were expertly detailed. "Are you a My Little Pony fan?" The man asked.

"Yes I am. I enjoy that show."

"Good so do any of these interest you, say this one?" He pointed to one of those on display. Jasmine frown at the choice.

"No I want that one." She pointed to her choice.

"Really, I would have thought the other one. Oh well customers choice. Now for your boyfriend, will it be Big Mac, Shining Armor, Flash Sentry, or some generic guard? I do have others as well." Jasmine looked closely at the highly detailed outfits but one stood out for her.

"I'll take a Rainbow Dash for him. Will that be a problem?" The man cackled at the choice.

"Miss with that choice you are my kind of woman and no absolutely no problem at all. These costumes were design to be adaptive for any body." Jasmine winced at that. That sounded expensive. She make work at the jewelry store and her attention to detail allowed her win the pool game she wasn't rich.

"How much will those cost?" She asked fearfully.

"No worries this stuff is made out of new materials that are cheap to make. Both together are forty bucks."

"I'll take them." The man's eyes lit up and taking still package costumes he brought them to the register and she paid for them. As she was heading out the door that man said in parting.

"Have a great hallowing dear!"

* * * * *

Tom just got back from work and relaxed to rest on the couch saving up energy for tonight. He was watching TV when Jasmine came home.

"So what am I wearing tonight?" He asked and she got that smile on her face. The smile of pranking evil, he hated that smile.

"I got just the thing the other day that was just perfect." She raced into her room and came out with a package. "Here you go. You get to be Rainbow Dash."

"Wait, isn't that a character in that TV show you watch?"

"Yes she is. She's a tomboy pegasus who is athlete and a blast to be around."

"Wait she? SHE!? You;re having me dress up as a girl?" That evil grin returned.

"Yes I am. Like I said she a tomboy and a favorite of the male fans of the show. I could have picked Cadance who is a pink mare and Alicorn of Love?" Jasmine said coyly. Tom swore he paled at the thought of dressing as a pink girl. Rainbow didn't sound bad after that. "Are you going to not keep your bet?" He siaghed and dropped his head.

"I am a man of my word. I'll wear it."

"My brave and noble knight. Now go get changed and be sure to follow the directions exactly. I will be getting into mine. Wordlessly he heading into his bedroom and closed the door. They had started as roommates and became more as they years past. Their place was a nice cozy one with two bedrooms, a kitchen dining area, and living room, and the shared bathroom. Laundry as downstairs. So while they have been seeing each other they don't normally share a bed. With Privacy assured he opened the the package and saw the small booklet on top of the costume. Taking jasmine's advice he read it. According to the booklet this thing was made of new materials and for the perfect fit one had to be nude in it. He sighed again but he gave his word. After a bathroom trip he got started.

Stripping down he opened the the bag containing the suit and started to put it on. He felt his feet hit the bottom but it felt weird. Standing up he now knows why. The suit had hooves at the bottom and set up like a real horse so his feet were in a high heel form. He grumbled at that but surprisingly he was able to keep himself balanced. He continued putting it on and got it around his neck. The slight weight of the fake breasts was disturbing but nothing he could do about it. The fake wings were in the semi folded position and all that was left was the hood that would got over his head. He eyed the rainbow colored hair and shook his head. Jasmine's pranking can be SO evil at times. He put it on and zipped up for the final part. Then he just stood there getting a feeling for the suit.

It was really comfortable. He didn't feel too cold or too warm. It didn't feel constricting in anyway. He still had full dexterity in his hands and had some minor feeling in them when he touch things. It was like a latex gloves with a coat of fur. He tried walking and while a bit awkward it wasn't difficult do to. Feeling as ready as he'll ever be he opened the door.

"You are so getting it for this Jasmine."

"i would be eager how you will do that Tom." She responded and Tom got his first look at her in her costume. She was the white pony with purple hair done in a similar style to her own with a horn on her forehead. The last touches were a purple tail and on her hip was three blue diamonds.

She looked good, she looked darn good in it.

She eyed him and seemed to have a predator's look in her eyes.

"My,my,my, you make a hot mare."

And there goes my good mood.

Crossing my arms I glared at her.

"You're lucky I keep my word. By the way didn't those fake boobs squish yours?" She looked down at them and idly commented.

"Well they actually made room for my breasts. This is truly wondrous stuff but it did give me a large bust as a result." Tom looked down at his fake pair and yeah they were both well endowed in that department.

"Well let's get this over with. Let me grab a jacket to put my keys and wallet in and we can be off." She grabbed her purse they they head out. He shut the door and was about turn around to lock it when he felt a tug. Looking he saw that his fake tail was stuck in the door. Jasmine laughed as he opened the door, move his tail out of the way and locked it. "Laugh it up fuzzball." She just still laughed and I rolled my eyes and we headed out.

The party was being held in the ball room for the complex and held for all the residents with a few guests. The room was decked out in full Halloween attire. Tom saw many different outfits around as well as a handful ponified like they were so they wouldn't stand out too much. Ready for the shredding of his man card he step into the party.

* * * * * *

The party went well. He got some teasing for his outfit but others actually gave hm kudos for wearing it. He was able to hang out with some of the guys still. Apparently quite a few of them were what they called 'bronies' and asked if I was one. When I told them no I was wearing it do to a bet with my girlfriend that gave me even more kudos for owning up to it. He had fun overall especial the few times with Jasmine as they celebrated the holiday.

They were tired when they finally left the party. Leaning on each other as they walked to their apartment. If they were more awake they would have noticed they were feeling each others body more then fur covered latex stuff should allow. They yawned each other a goodnight and went to their separate bedrooms. Tom tossed his jacket off and collapse onto his bed in the costume. It was comfortable enough and he was too tired and he fell asleep in it.

* * * * * *

Discord looked over the planet with a gleeful smile. While he promised Sun Butt and Fluttershy that he wouldn't use his chaos in Equestira except for harmless pranking or when the need arises but neither ever said anything about other worlds and he needed to vent it somewhere. So he found this quaint little planet. It got his attention by the fact it had a show based off Purple Smart and her friends adventures. It was too perfect. Posing as a sale man across the globe he sold his so called suits to any interested. Well they were more then just suits and a smile came on his lips.

By the time the new day comes many people across this world will have to face quite a change and he was going to love every minute of the chaos. With a flash he disappears to get his popcorn and the world was minus the one being who could reverse what is to come.

* * * * * *

Tom woke up after a dreamless sleep feeling a bit tired. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. For some reason he let out a yawn that could only be described as cute. It was then he noticed a blue thing at the bottom of his vision. He touched it and felt a soft fur feeling and for some reason he felt his finger like he was touching part of his face. Saw a bit of hair and when he raised his hand he saw blue fur. Tom was confused at first but then last night got booted into his brain.

'Oh yeah the bet and Halloween. Man this suit is comfortable. I don't even feel the suit. It feels like a slept in the nude. Well time to take this off.' He went to grab the zipper that should be at the base of the neck and hidden by the fake mane.

He couldn't find the zipper.

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