It Was Supposed To Be A Costume Chapter 2

Story by Admiral Q on SoFurry

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#48 of MLP

This it just a dream right?

'Okay Tom take it easy. That zipper has got to be here somewhere.' He kept feeling back there but couldn't even find the break in the suit never mind the actual zipper. It felt like there was nothing but fur and his back. He decided to head to the bathroom and use the mirror to find it. He saw no sign of Jasmine yet and hurried over. He turned the light on and quick moved so his back faced the mirror and began looking for the zipper. Again he couldn't find or even the flap that hides the zipper line. Just smooth back covered in fur. It was then he noticed his face in the mirror. Yes he still had the hood on but it had eye holes so he should have seen his eyes. Instead of the blue gray eyes he expected he saw magenta eyes looking back at him. And they were bigger too, about three times the size they should be.

"What the hell?" He asked aloud and then covered the muzzle over his mouth. That wasn't his voice. It was a woman's voice with a rasp in it. He moved his body around and leaned closer to the mirror and took a look at his mouth. He couldn't find it hiding behind the fake muzzle. He stuck his hand in to find it he touch the fake tongue.

He felt his hand touch the tongue and it felt like his own tongue.

He opened his mouth more and the muzzle surrounded it responded instead. He tried lifting the edge but instead only the lip pealed back to reveal gums.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" He asked again then he notice the fake boobs. They have changed. They now had nipples. He touch a breast and it he felt a slight pleasure from the breast. He watch his eyes go to pinpricks like in those cartoons and saw the fake ears fold down. He dare to look way down. He saw a belly button clearly visible like there was only fur covering it and there was a slit in the crotch area that wasn't there when he put this on. He moved a hand down and felt it and again he felt a shot of pleasure from it. He dug in and more pleasure came and he gasps. Then the realization hit. He was now a girl.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He or she screamed out. "This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening." he/she chanted till the door burst open.

"TOM! What is it!?" Jasmine said as she burst in. He/she noticed that her eyes while filled with worry and concern were blue instead of green. She also had nipples on her breasts, a belly button, and the...the.

'Oh come on, you can say it.' She had a vagina.

"It got you to."

"What do you mean Tom?" Then her eyes got wide. "Tom your eyes!"

"It's not just my eyes Jasmine and please don't hit me." Tom then touched Jasmine's vagina. She yelped and jumped back before glaring at Tom. "Before you do anything note that you are still wearing costume." Jasmine immediately looked down and saw the changes.

"What on Earth? MY VOICE! I just just like Rarity and you sound like Rainbow. And that means.."

"Yeah, I've been changed to." Tom revealed all before Jasmine. "This darn suit changed me and I'm....I'm.....I'm not longer a man!" The weight of that him Tom and she collapsed onto the toilet with her head in her hands and cried. The next thing she knew was arms wrapped around her and another holding her close.

"Oh Tom I'm so sorry. This is my fault. I made you put it on and now your like this. Let it out, let it all out, I'm here for you. I will always be here for you." Tom didn't here and more as she did what Jasmine suggested and let it all out and time past as they sat their and didn't move at all.

* * * * *

When it finally felt like it was all done Tom opened her eyes and said. "Look at me. Crying like a baby. Not at all like the man you love."

"Everyone has moments of weakness and you are still the man I love underneath the fur and the changes."

"Thanks Jasmine. Now where did you get these costumes?"

"At one of those temporary Halloween shops at the mall." Tom then stood up and a bit of her old confidence had returned.

"Okay, we get dressed to hide our features and we go and get some answers. Jasmine nodded and Tom saw the hunter's gleam in her eyes.

'Who ever did this made a grave mistake in changing us.' They both left for their rooms and Tom when through her clothes. She put on underwear which was a lot roomier since she was missing certain equipment. Put on some sweats and did some adjusting to hid her tail. Couldn't do anything about her hooves and hope people won't notice them. She found a large hoodie and put in on and found it constricting.

'Stupid wings!' With some work she got them fully folded and with the hood up and jacket back on she went out into the living room. She saw Jasmine's door open and she came out. Dressed similarly to her she saw the tip of Jasmine's horn sticking out.

"How do I look?" She asked Jasmine.

"At best the tip of your snout sticks out and some hair. Or would that be mane."

"Stick with hair for now now you have your horn sticking out." Jasmine looked up and frowned at the horn. Then her horn lit up in a light blue and her hoodie got larger and covered it. "How did you do that?" Tom idly asked and Jasmine looked at her with a slight look of fear.

"Magic, and I'm not questioning more than that." She shrugged and nodded to her girlfriend. They headed for Jasmine's car since she was the one who knew where the shop was. The trip was uneventful thank god. And they got to the mall. They nervously walked through the mall hoping to go unnoticed till jasmine stopped.

"What is it Jasmine?" Tom asked.

"The's gone!" Tom looked and saw a vacant store front. By signs it seemed like it hadn't been used in the while.

"You sure this is the spot?"

"Yes it was right next to the Gap." They see another hooded person approached and also look at the vacant store front.

"Where's the store? It was right here." The person asked in a female voice.

"We don't know, we are as confused as you are. You got a pony costume too didn't you?" Tom asked and the person nodded. Jasmine then noticed a janitor nearby and pointed to the man. The three of them headed over and Jasmine asked.

"Excuse me sir, but do you happen to know where the Halloween store went?" The janitor looked at her confused.

"Lady we never had a Halloween store in this mall."

"But just the other day I went into one that was in that store front." Jasmine gestured to the now vacant front.

"Lady that front has been vacant for years and I know the management has never been interested in one of those temporary Halloween stores. Sorry can't be more of help but I think you've got the wrong mall." With that we walked away leaving a very confused trio of former humans.

"But that's, that's impossible. I know they store was right here." Jasmine looked over to the other pony for lack of any better word. "You and I can't have both made a mistake about the store's location?"

"No this is the mall where I got mine. So what should we do?" The three stood there thinking before Tom came up with an idea.

"Let's head to a hospital. They might be able to cut us out of these." The other female shook her head.

"No way. They will treat this like a disease and will never see the world again. I'm heading home, I wish you two luck." With that she left them and the mall. They watched her leave before Jasmine looked at Tom and asked.

"Are you sure about this idea?" She rubs her fur covered arm. "This actually feels like my skin not what ever rubber material they used."

"Well I'm out of ideas. We can't get them off on our own, the store is gone, and I want to be me again!" Her voice got louder as she went through that and she saw Jasmine look at her fearfully. She sighed and hugged Jasmine. "I'm sorry Jaz. I'm freaked out in all of this."

"It's okay Tom, you have this worse then me. At least I'm still the gender I should be. Let's go and hope this doesn't bite us."

* * * * *

Jasmine drove them to the nearest hospital and soon were waiting in a room for a doctor. Tom was sitting on the bed since this was her idea while letting work know she won't be in. Jasmine was scanning the web on her phone when the doc came in. The doc was a man in his thirties and had a pleasant smile to greet them with.

"So Mr. Davis, Miss Slate, what seems to be the problem today?" Both She and Jasmine took down the hood to reveal their new appearance.

"As crazy as this sounds doc, my girlfriend pick up up some costume based of a show called My Little Pony for Halloween. Now not only can't we take them off it has changed us. Look at me doc, do I look human or a make now?" He looked at them with narrow eyes.

"This has got to be some sick prank?"

"If it is it's on us. I only wore this to honor a bet I made with Jasmine here. I'm not even into the show. Please doc we are grasping at straws here." The doc seemed unsure, debating whether this was all fake or the find of the century would be her guess. Jasmine broke the silence.

"This might help doc. A page from one of the news sites." She offered her phone to him and he looked at it and read alone.

"People turning into ponies. Several reports have had sightings of human form ponies from all over the country. Some reports have said that the ponies were humans that have somehow been changed. Common factor claim in most is that they bought a costume at a temporary Halloween store and now can't get the costumes off after it changed them." The doc handed the phone back to jasmine and took out his own. She bet that he was double check considering on what they were telling him she didn't blame him for being sure. After a couple of minutes he puts his phone away.

"Okay I buy it. Let's see what I can find out. So how detailed in the changed?"

"Very, so much that I'm now technically a girl." She said sorrowfully.

"Alright I'm going to be taking blood samples, x-rays, the whole shebang to see what I can find." They both nodded and let him get to work.

The next couple of hours they went through a whole series of tests that Tom had never seen before and they were back in the first room waiting for the doc to get back with the results. The door opened again and the doc came in with a pair of folders.

"What's the word doc?" Tom asked nervously.

"Well for one thing those aren't suits anymore. The test indicate that they are in fact fur and skin with nothing all under them from the physical standpoint." Tom was crushed by this news. Her last hope of being actually Tom again was slipping away.

"So you can't do anything?" The doc shook his head.

"There is literally no suit it cut you out of. I cut that skin off you won't see another layer of skin but blood vessels, muscle, and bone. Though I'm still waiting on blood work you both seem perfectly healthy for what you are. I'm contacting a friend of my who is a horse vet to be sure I haven't missed anything. I'm not sure how many others like you will be showing up so I'll send you home."

"Thanks doc for trying." She said getting up from the chair she was sitting on.

"I wish I could have done more. I will let you know what the blood work says. Till then try to resume your normal life. I make up notes for both of you for your bosses." They exchange numbers and he hands them the notes and they leave. She was in a daze all the way home.

When they got back to their apartment and Tom just sat on their couch. Looking but not seeing anything.

'My life, it's all over. I can never be Tom again, so what do I call myself? What will work say? God what would my parents say, there son just got turned into a rainbow haired blue horse thing. What do I do? What do I say?' Her thoughts become interrupted as she feels a body next to hers She saw a white muzzle in her field of vision.

"My Sorry Tom, I'm SO SORRY! I choose that stupid costume and now you are stuck like this and it's all my fault!" She looked at Jasmine and saw the tears down her new eyes and it broke through the depression she was in. Grabbing Jasmine to get her attention she said.

"No, it's not your fault. It will never be your fault." Righteous anger filled her. "No it was that guy who sold you these costumes. He and those with him are to blame for this." The anger faded from her features and she looked down. "I just don't know what to do now?"

"Well I know one thing I'm doing." She looked at Jasmine quizzically. "I'm going to be by your side in it. I'm not leaving you alone in this. I still love you." With that Jasmine kissed her and she felt more at ease.

"Thanks Jaz, I really needed to hear that." They two then hugged for what seemed like hours.

Now sure what time it was but at some point their door was busted open and She saw black clad men come in and before she could react at all she felt something hit her and only had enough time to look down and see a dart before darkness claimed her.

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