Westfurd University| Chapter 1

Story by Zarblu on SoFurry

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Day: 1 - Thursday


I wake up in my dorm room at 8:30am. The alarm had long gone off but I didn't hear it. The first class started thirty minutes ago already.

Zarblu - *Grunt*

I don't want to give a completely bad first impression by skipping the first class, so I jump out of bed and quickly put some clothes on.

I leave my dorm and swiftly head down the hallway to the classroom. Fortunately I don't encounter anyone along the way and quickly get there.

I peek inside through the small window on the door and see that the teacher is busy writing something on the board. Lucky me! I'm not gonna get a better shot at sneaking in, so let's go now! I slowly open the door; enter and look around for a seat before the teacher can notice. I look to my left and see an orange furred fox waving at me.

It's my step-brother Osen. He points to the empty seat next to him. I don't hesitate and go sit there.

Mission was a success!

Osen - "Morning sleepyhead" he whispers with playful smile on his face.

Zarblu - "Morning bro" replying with a yawn.

We're interrupted by the teacher's echoing voice.

Teacher - "Now, please pay attention and take notes, this will be important for your first exam".

I look at the board and then at my desk...Crap! I didn't think we'd need to take important notes right in the first class... I din't bring anything.

I turn to Osen and see him roll his eyes while ripping a page from his notebook; grabbing an extra pen and handing them to me before I could even open my mouth...

His eyes scream out disappointment ...

I find it quite amusing that the younger brother is taking care of the older brother...

Maybe I should start taking school a bit more seriously...

Wait! Hold that thought...

As I was looking around the classroom my eyes stop to look at a red-haired wolf~girl in the distance.

Zarblu - Hey Osen! Who's that wolf~girl over there with the red hair ? I don't remember ever seeing her...

Osen - Oh! She's new in school. She introduced herself to the class when it started, shame you weren't here. She really sounded like your type of girl.

I turn my head back down to my desk and start taking notes but I get easily distracted and find myself looking at her once again.

Longer this time ... What am I doing?! I need to take these notes.

After I take notes of what I think are the most important things the teacher wrote on the board I unintentionally phase out of it all ... The teachers words turn into random mumbling and my vision grows fuzzy until my eyes just simply close.

Not getting breakfast was a dumb idea.

I am startled awake by Osen tapping on my shoulder. I was apparently resting my head on my arms on the table and fell asleep. Thankfully I don't think I was snoring. The class is over and everyone is getting up.

I figured this is probably the best shot I have to talk to the new girl so I go stand near the door and wait for her to come by.

Zarblu - Hey I-

She interrupts me with a cute smile and says: "your face" while lightly giggling to herself.

I get confused for a moment and before I can react properly she was already gone.

Osen - You slept in class and you have drool all over your face now... I was going to warn you but you didn't give me an opportunity before sprinting to the door... Sorry.

Zarblu - *wipes drool on shirt sleeve* ew... *Grunt* I ruined it...

Osen - Ruined what?

Zarblu - My first impression with the new girl. Damnit! I don't even know her name!

Osen - Since when do you care about impressing others?

Zarblu - Oh shut up! She's clearly not like the others. You even said she was my type. I need to know her.

Osen - Wow go easy on her... Remember she's new. She probably doesn't even know the town that well and you're already trying to jump her.

Zarblu - You're right.

Osen - What? You're going to give it up 'cause you messed up your first impression?

Zarblu - What? No, no way! Like you said, she's new to town. I'm going to show her around!

I leave the classroom in a rush leaving behind the few notes I had taken.

Osen - *sigh* we really are nothing alike...

He says while picking up Zarblu's notes and the pen he lended him. Osen puts them in his backpack and notices Haida, the cat, leaving the classroom.

"If only it was as easy as Zarblu makes it seem..." Osen thinks to himself.

Westfurd University| Chapter 2

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