The Love they Shared Part 1

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#1 of The Love they Shared

Just a warning, this story contains strong language in order to capture the moods of teenagers (Whom we all know swear way to much and love self pity). If you feel offended by the language I suggest you go look at something else and not read this story, like a lemon. Lemon's never swear at me...or do they...>_>. It also has some "suggestive themes" and yiff later on. Again this is meant for a mature audience

The Love They Shared

Unknown Date...

The frigid water poured into the gold 2004 Ford focus like a torrent of black ink. The ink washed over the seats, upholstery, over its trapped passengers. The bone chilling 4:00am January waters of the Delaware River engulfed the small sedan in a shroud of icy darkness. Those inside struggle to make it out of the car. If they cannot, they will have to face each other for the very last time in the sinking death trap...

October 6, 2010

*Click*"Every breath you take, every move you make, ever bond you break, every step you take ill be watching you..."

The am-fm alarm clock radio blared the favorite Police song of Frank Decanis as he was startled awake from his deep slumber. Lazily, he reached a slender white and black paw over to turn of the clock. As he is about to push the off button he pauses and starts to sing,

" Every single daaaayyyy, every word you say, every game you play every night you stay ill be watching yooou." Frank sung with a giggle as he flopped out of bed.

The Five foot Eight Husky always loved the calm and soothing feeling that accompanied his favorite Police song. He rolled out of bed, opened the blinds to let some light into his tan and white room and prepared to get ready for the day. As he sang along to the tune he approached his closet and obtained clothes for the day. As he slipped into his favorite Alice in Chains shirt with black jeans, he looked at him self in the mirror with a sigh. Frank was of average complexion, he was muscular but only because he was thin. His fur was that of an average husky, a short but fluffy black and white speckled coat with pure white fur that ran up his belly. His eyes are a bright blue with trace amounts of green in them and a yellow ring around the center (from his mother). He reached into a drawer and pulled out a thin blue comb in which he ran through his medium length black semi straight hair that has a dyed green strip that runs down the bangs that slope next to his right eye. Frank unlike most boys in his school likes to wear jewelry and has an industrial piercing in his left ear, a lip ring on his lower bottom lip and black spike wrist bands on his left arm. Frank had sighed because he wished he had some kind of special trait that would really make him special and stick out to others. He wasn't really accepted in his school and this was always bothering him to end. After another quick look at himself he went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and walked down stairs to eat breakfast. Frank lived with his mom and dad in simple two story home in Middleton Pennsylvania. The temperature on this cool October day matched the season, it was chilly but the sun was still out. As Frank got out a box of Lucky Charms cereal, he glanced over to his table and saw the note next to his place setting. As he picked it up he instantly recognized the curly, neat cursive handwriting of his mother,


_ Come home on the bus straight after school. You have a dentist appointment at 3:15. Ill be waiting._


"Ugh oh great the dentist..." Frank hated the dentist with a passion. He could imagine it now, the cold metal tools scraping the inside of his teeth, and the spin brush that always seemed to cut into the back of your gums..."Ugh" Just the thought of the dentist made his fur stand on end. At that thought his looked up at the clock,

"Shit, I have three minutes to get to the bus stop!"

With that said he hurriedly put his bowl and spoon in the sink, grabbed his pack, put on his ipod and ran out the door down to the bus stop.

Frank watched as the yellow bus slowly drifted up to the stop with brakes that screamed for a pad change. As he boarded the bus his eye caught a seat on the back left side of the small cramped bus. He took an empty seat and started to stare into space out the window. His music was his escape from reality and as he blasted Back Burner form August Burns Red he began to faze out. Frank had a lot on his mind for a 16 year old junior. Beside the amount of work he now has in high school he did not have too many friends, mostly because he was shy and tended to stay as far away from others as he could. This did not help his image in the minds of others at his school either. Frank could feel their words fill up his head and crush his spirits on certain days. "Freak", "Weirdo", "Faggot". "Faggot huh." That word always struck a nerve and Frank hated that word. He never had any girl friends or boy friends but he was pretty sure he was straight, for a little bit. Now he knew differently that he was in fact gay. Frank was never really turned on by girls and he thought that he would eventually with age. Well, "With age" happened and he had these feeling towards not other sex, but his sex. At first he did not know what to do, who he could tell, or how to tell it. He came up with the next best thing, never tell anyone. For five years he did not tell anyone about his sexuality. How could he tell his parents and the few people he knew that he was gay? He just could not bring himself to do that. Frank let out another sigh as he went back into reality as the bus pulled up to the tan stone building that was Middleton High School. As he left the bus and headed for the door he looked around at all the other students hurrying to enter the building.

He saw a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and species of students all with their dress fashion and group of friends. Frank just shook his head and kept walking. Since the school did not have uniforms, Frank always got bullied over how he looked and acted instead of what kind of person he was. Frank like to where dark close and it really didn't help that he enjoyed all kinds of music. He would were Suicide Silence shirts one day and a Nirvana one the next and to many people he came off as weird. And to an extent he did look kind of scary.

"I can't friggin wait to leave this place..." Frank mumbled to himself as he approached his locker and grabbed his books for the day.

With that done he walked over to his homeroom, room 211, with Mr. Celinski who is an older bear with a stern attitude and very plain but "tell you how it is" personality. He walked in and took a seat at an open desk waiting for another shitty day to start and hopefully be over soon. Today was different than most days however. As he turned up Pure Morning by Placebo on his ipod, Mr. Celinski stood up and pointed to the back corner of the room where someone was huddled sitting in the corner of the room with their hoodie up and headphones in.

"Hey people (Mr. C was very informal), this is Aaron Davidson. He's new here so be nice and show him around." With that said Mr. Celinski returned to his desk and put on the morning announcements.

That was Mr.C's famous "Don't be a dickhead to the new kid" speech that Frank has heard many times with many other students. However, today Frank did not look back to the smart board to watch the announcements. Instead he just sat there and stared with jaw slightly a gape at what he saw. As the kid in the corner pulled his hoodie off his head, he reviled that he was in fact a lion with long shoulder length brown hair with the tips died black. As he turned to look across the room, his eyes met and locked with Frank's.

"Oh My God..." Frank muttered as he saw a perfectly shaped lion skull with Piercing Green yellow eyes with a black ring around the out side of them. His straight hair was laying lazily across one of them in neat parted fashion and he had a beautiful curvature to his jaw that made him seem too good to be true. He had to be at least five foot eleven and had a very narrow but built build. Frank did not realize but he had actually been staring at Aaron all homeroom and the lion raised an eyebrow, cocked his head to the side and gave him a puzzled look that brought Frank back to reality. With a soft chime the bell cued and it was off to first period: Probability and Statistics. Aaron stood up and with robotic like movements picked up his bag and disappeared out the door. Frank scrambled up his bag and left in a hurried fashion to his math class.

Frank couldn't focus in that class that whole morning, all he could think about was that beautiful face he saw and how he reacted.

"What was that feeling in my chest that I got when I saw him? It was like everything I ever wanted was in those eyes of his." He trailed off in his mind. Frank had never met a boy that he actually liked. All the ones in his school were cruel jerks. He's seen plenty of porn but never has he just looked at someone and felt that way. At that thought the bell rang again and second period was next, a favorite class for Frank: AP Biology.

Frank went into the Biology room, said good morning to Dr. Bronstein, a middle age female falcon and took his usual seat. This is a two period class, but he still loved bio. There was just something in Biology he found so deeply interesting in that made him want to take up the subject as a future job career. Just as the bell rang, the door cracked open a quiet tenor voice asked,

"Um... is this AP Biology junior class?" Franks heart stopped. The falcon responded in her quiet, level tone, "Yes it must be Aaron. Why don't you take a seat next to um... (she scanned the room for an open seat) ah next to Bill".

"Oh fuck me...Bill sits to my right" said Frank to himself. "Of course he has to sit two people down from me." Aaron nodded to the teacher went to the seat, took out a green spiral bond note book and got right into the lesson with the rest of the class. Throughout the class, Frank stared at him with the corner of his eye. He was just so handsome and polite. He couldn't get over the fact that there was someone like him in the world and he is in a class with him. All of the sudden Aaron looked over and Frank instantly spun attention to the board. "Oh I hope he didn't see me." Frank could feel the blood running in he cheeks; he was blushing quite a lot. Frank spent the remainder of the class sneaking glances at the handsome lion. As class ended Frank sighed knowing that his time was up with the new kid at school. He looked up and Aaron was already gone. Discouraged, Frank went of to his fourth period lunch.

It really was true that Frank didn't have many friends. The table he sat at had some random people that he said hi to. "Friends ha..."

Frank thought to himself, "More like acquaintances that say hi, but never ask what's up or how are you doing today or do you want to hang out?"

He did have two friends however; the first one was CJ, a German Sheppard who loved basketball. Most of the people at the table were CJ's friends, but they did not talk to Frank for obvious reasons. CJ is a relaxed, funny character with crew cut black hair and chocolate eyes that matched the spots in his fur.

"Hey, hey what's up Frankie?" CJ was very excited about something (as usual).

"Not much man, what are you so hyped up about?" replied Frank.

"Man I finally asked out Chelsea and she said yes man! Freakin' yes!"

That was friend number two: Chelsea. Chelsea is a pretty (by girl standards) female artic wolf with snow white fluffy fur and ocean blue eyes.

"That's so great CJ congrats man. Where is she anyway?"

CJ pointed a finger over toward the large lunch line that was in the front of the cafeteria. "Oh, ok." Frank stated. As they waited for Chelsea to return with her food from the line CJ popped up a question that Frank did not expect,

"Yo have you seen the new kid yet?"

Frank tried hard not to choke on the sandwich that he was eating as his heart fluttered around like a bird and he replied with a meek "Yeah."

"Dude that kid is really strange. He has hasn't spoken a word to anyone accept the teachers, it's like he wants to be left alone."

Just then Frank got an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Maybe he does not want company or maybe he's doesn't like me the way I like him?" Frank was in deep thought and was not even hungry anymore, that last thought made him sick to his stomach. At that point Chelsea was back from the lunch line; strolled over and gave CJ a peck on the cheek before taking a seat next to him.

"Wow I guess you really are together now" laughed Frank.

CJ and Chelsea have been good friends for over four years, but they have only known Frank for about two. Chelsea laughed, "Yes it's true and I do love him very much."

CJ and Chelsea cuddled for a second before she turned and faced Frank. In her high voice she asked, "Have you talked to the new kid, I heard he's in your homeroom?"

Again, Frank froze up; he sat there for a minute before he said, "No, I only made eye contact with him." Opposite to what CJ had to say, Chelsea was the encouragement of the group. "Well when you see him again, see if you can talk to him, he seems like he's shy and has no one to talk to." CJ frowned at this, "If he really wanted to talk, he would open the hell up and stop being such a closed up weirdo."

That word again, "Weirdo" made Frank really uncomfortable and he started to flush. That's when it dawned on Frank, what if his friends didn't accept the fact that he was gay, he would loose the only two friends that he had. The thought of that alone made his whole body shake.

"Are you alright?" Chelsea asked.

"Um yeah I'm fine; I think I'm going to head off to my next class a little early today"

"Ok...well se ya around then?"

"Yeah, I'll catch you guys later"

With that being said, Frank hurried out of the Café and down the hall to his guitar class. Guitar really calms Frank's nerves. When ever Frank gets stressed he just plays guitar and it sooths him. He spent the next three periods fretting over how to tell people. He could care less of that he was gay, but he was afraid of what others thought of him. What was bothering him the most was what his friends and family would do/think when they found out. He didn't want to end up alone and disowned by his family over something like this, not when he's in high school. Finally the end of the day arrived 8th period gym.

"Oh I hate this class so much." Frank said to himself. Frank was not very athletic, and so it pissed other people in the class off that he sucked so much at sports. Frank went into the locker room to put on his gym clothes. He entered and went to his normal locker in the back of the room. When he got to the isle he saw Aaron stuffing his bulky bag into a locker and adjusting the lock before getting out his clothes to change. Frank quickly dove around the corner.

"Oh Jesus, he's getting changed across from my locker and my clothes are in my locker. I don't want him to think I'm a creep but...damn it!"

He muttered under his breath, took a deep breath and walked down to the isle. Aaron heard him coming and looked up to see Frank and was wide eyed. They stared for a minute then Frank gave a coy smile and pointed to the locker behind Aaron. Aaron spun around and snickered a little at the irony. Aaron turned back around and started to get changed. Frank went to his locker, got out his clothes and walked to the opposite bench. He was ready to get undressed when he looked over, just for a second out of curiosity, but that second was all he needed. His heart must have been audible through his chest it was pounding so hard. He saw a beautiful, smooth looking body lean and he had some abs on him. Fate must have enjoyed taunting Frank because Aaron dropped his deodorant stick and bent over to pick it up.

"Ooohh my's..." Frank was beside himself. He was now just staring at Aaron's tight butt, and how much more he loved him because of it. A loud voice broke the quiet gawking that was happening.


Frank felt the blood shoot straight to his face and he knew that voice all to well, "John McCauley" Frank muttered. John had been a menace to Frank since he first moved to the area 5 years ago. John was a tall jacked bulldog football jock, varsity captain, and also a first class asshole. He was around 6 foot 2, had auburn hair and eyes to match. What stuck out the most about John was the long dragon sleeve tattoo that ran down his right arm and ended with the head on his knuckles. He just loved to make Frank squirm because Frank was always to timid to say anything back. John would taunt and degrade Frank in front of large groups of people all the time with insults. This is why Frank hates the word "Faggot" so much; it was a favorite of John's. This time, John had gone too far. At this time Aaron had whirled around with his muzzle in full flush looking in horror at Frank as their eyes locked with intense fear and disgust. Aaron looked like he was going to have a panic attack and Frank looked like he could cry any second. Frank's insides hurt and he could feel the tears beginning to form in his eyes. Deeply hurt, Frank spun around is an emotion fueled anger and screamed,


Taken aback by the retaliation John just stood, unable to speak over the barrage of hateful words...


By this time everyone in the locker room was in full circle of the screaming German Shepard and the shocked bulldog. John came back to his senses and a smug look returned to his dark brown and white muzzle.

"Well you were staring completely at his ass. And we can all see that."

Those that stood around and watched began to snicker and laugh a little bit and something just broke down inside Frank, I wasn't fear or pain that he felt inside. It was hatred.

It just a split second Frank went from the verge of tears to the verge of exploding. With all the force that his body could produce in close proximity, Frank charged put his fist into the stomach of the bulldog. John gasped and Frank pushed him backward a good five feet. The bulldog tumbled backward into the side of a locker and hit the floor. There were multiple gasps among the on lookers and the only reaction that came into Franks head was, "Get to class NOW! What the hell did I just do!?" With out hesitation Frank ran past Aaron with out looking and headed straight for the exit of the locker room. That's when he heard his demise.

"As soon as schools out you're DEAD, YOU HEAR ME!"

Class was brutal for Frank that day. He was screwed as soon as school ended, everyone was looking at him in a funny way and Aaron was nowhere to be found. As the class progressed he got more and more death glares coming from John's direction and all he could do was plot an escape root.

"Ok, if I got to the bathroom five minutes before class ends, that will give me enough time to grab my stuff and I can slip out the back of the school via the pool entrance." This was Franks grand plan that he was sure was fool proof.

Just as planned 5 minutes before class ended Frank set his plan into action. He asked the teacher, an older raccoon, it he could use the bathroom, with that done he slipped into the locker room, grabbed his stuff and headed for the pool entrance. No one was using the pool at this time of year, so it was easy for him to slip out the back and head around the back of the building to the bus parking. As he swung around the corner, he stopped dead in his tracks...

"How the hell di-... BAM!

Frank felt something very hard strike his head from behind and he tumbled to the ground. He heard the shuffle of two maybe three pairs of feet and some words too slurred to make out. The world was now many different shades of gray and it was all spinning. However, before passing out, the last thing frank saw was a dragon head reach for his face and a low chilling voice mutter the words "...Dead..."

The Love they Shared Part 2

Same warning as last time, mostly strong language in this one. Disclaimer:As you can tell, I really like to use music to set the mood for different moments in the story. I highly recomend the bands and songs and take no credit in their formation....

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