Coming Out of the Tent

" **Coming Out of the Tent"** **By Terry Echoes** He'd made Shannon Connelly cry, the bastard. Nobody messed with Shannon Connelly, because there was no reason to do so. Everybody loved her. She was head of the film club at school, and had the best...

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Never Taste Freedom

There's some strong language in it. **"never taste freedom"** **by terry echoes** hector elizondo hadn't been looking for it, but he'd found a solution to quitting smoking. first day i met him, he had a cigarette stuck between his lips.

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One Night

This was something I've been wanting to sit and write for a while. Yea its terribly unedited, I don't care this is a personal story so suck it! :P (Can you tell I'm being a brat?) Now that this is out of my head I hope to focus a bit more. (Also, no...

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Alone in a hostile world-Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 Pushing the front door open using both his muzzle and teeth together to get the door to even open the door itself allowing him to enter their home easily, Tirol came to realize by how old the scents of the house was that Miri wasn't here...

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Story Inspired By Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: "A Khajiit in the Capital Wasteland"

"What ya say Jake?" Marcus the wasteland merchant asked to his favorite customer and friend, a human cat hybrid named Jake who was busy looking over a number of broken laser rifles. "Meh..." Jake huffed as he picked up and moved aside one of the broken...

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The Love they Shared Part 1

#1 of the love they shared just a warning, this story contains strong language in order to capture the moods of teenagers (whom we all know swear way to much and love self pity).

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Madness, Starving, Hysterical

So someone bangs the front door in and starts having a shriek fit with her husband. This is unbecoming behavior, and reflects poorly on the entire household since you can probably the next block up the street. So I say, "Shut _up_." Not knowing I...

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Odd Job

I can't believe I took this job. Seriously, exploring the woods early in the morning for a disturbance? Feels like a job for the cops, but alright. I find myself today deep in the woods near a wealthy sergal. From what I can gather, she owns a large...

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The Love they Shared Part 2

#2 of the love they shared same warning as last time, mostly strong language in this one. disclaimer:as you can tell, i really like to use music to set the mood for different moments in the story.

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Camilla - The Conquerer, Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of what will be a somewhat longer story, about a fox-wolf named Camilla Queen. The character is owned by Vela 12334 on DA and furaffinity and my story is created after I asked him for permission. * * * ...

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The Love they Shared Part 5

Hey guys its been a while sorry about the wait. Ive been quite busy with my life, but I should be back on track now. I was working on it but I got my ass beat in a Sucide Silence pit and had to stop to recover for a few days. Met mitch lucker, lost...

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Horfie, the Selective Service Elf

March 13, 1883. London, De-Militarized Zone. Santa Claus looked at his coal-powered wrist watch. It was just after midnight. A new day was on the horizon, but a grim, sooty future lay ahead. He preemptively nocked an arrow to his bow and let fly a...

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