Resistance Really Is Futile

Story by AnubusKiren on SoFurry

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"A little distracted, are we?" Nuri had asked him, and he could not help but answer positively. Everything around him was suddenly very distracting... Every dangling object, every twinkle of light, the soft music playing in the other room. Of course, he'd expected this sort of reaction to that particular trigger. His lupine Mistress seemed quite fond of toying with his mind and experimenting with different ways of enhancing his susceptibility to hypnosis, and this was her latest little trick. Every little thing that could even resemble something hypnotic caught his attention, and there was no shortage of such things whenever Nuri was around. It would take very little to reduce him to a pliable ball of submissive fluff, uttering "yes Mistress" in a weak, barely audible voice that he'd become so accustomed to using while under her power.

This would be true, of course, had it not been for her other trigger. The other one she'd implanted into his susceptible mind the last time they'd been together, simply uttering the word "resist" on its own. Now not only did he find every little thing hypnotic, but he was compelled to try and force those thoughts of surrendering to that mesmerizing swaying/light/spiral/voice/sound out of his mind, and resist the effects of any form of hypnosis. Needless to say, this was no easy task, and Ildac found the whole thing frustrating. But it wasn't a bad frustrating. Somehow the thought of the whole thing excited him beyond belief. It was confusing, but he would not question his Mistress.

So, early in the night, when twilight had just given way to dusk, Nuri and Ildac were cuddled up on the angel fox's couch, listening to the sound of raindrops ending their singular lives as they impacted on the windows, walls and roof of the house, to join their fallen comrades in the tiny rivers of a weeping sky. The fireplace was going, the lights were off, and a few candles aided in the illumination of the room. Romantic, but even more so, sensual...

Ildac had his eyes shut, finding the soft flickering light of the candles a little too mesmerizing for his weakened mind, and sat comfortably with Nuri on his lap, leaning into him and rubbing his ears softly. The wolf girl had been biding her time, waiting until her pet's resistance had fallen to its lowest, his mind exhausted from trying to drown out all of the weaker stimuli that had assaulted it throughout the day. She whispered into his ear, her breath tickling the tiny furs of the fuzzy sensory organ as she leaned in closer, "You having a good time, Ildac?"

"Very much so..." the fox replied in a quiet voice that spoke more of relaxation than submission. As magical as her paws were, Nuri had never hypnotized him through a simple act like ear scratching, though she probably could have if she'd wanted to. This was all part of the bigger plan, though, to toy with him in a much larger way.

"Why don't you open your eyes? It's lovely in here like this..." she teased, letting her other paw stroke his chest softly, working on whittling his guard down slowly.

"Can't open... Everything's too distracting."

"You can just look at me. I'm not distracting, am I?"

This was a test. It had to be a test, the angel thought. Why would she ask him such a thing if she wasn't testing him? He had to answer, of course, but he did not know how she would react to it. Would he be punished? Rewarded? Or was she just teasing?

His thoughts were interrupted as she repeated the question, "Am I distracting, pet?"

"Yes... a little." he admitted, blushing just slightly under his fur.

Nuri's voice seemed to shift just slightly, though not in an unpleasant direction, "Oh I know I am, sweetie... What's distracting about me?"

Ok, so it wasn't a test... but she was up to something. He knew it. Of course he had to go along with it, but the triggers in his mind kept him aware of the ‘danger' of losing his will. He replied softly, still quite relaxed from her attentions, "Your eyes... Your voice... Your hands, if you use them right."

She interrupted him again, her voice shifting more and more away from the calm, loving tone she'd originally had, heading in a much more sultry, domineering direction, "What can my hands do to distract you?"

"Well you're... kind of doing it right now, but it's not so bad. But your fingers, if you move them in the right way, they're um..."



"I see." she whispered and continued to caress him, abandoning his ears and rubbing both paws on his chest now, massaging his pectorals gently, "And what about this, hmm? Does this distract you?" She pinched a nipple lightly to emphasize her point, rewarded by a sharp gasp of pleasure.

"That... that's more... arousing than anything..." Ildac said through a soft moan, biting down on his lower lip slightly.

Nuri continued her questions without dwelling on that, "What else is distracting about me?"

"Everything, Mistress."

"Be specific... I want to hear all of it."

"Your breasts... your hips... Your tail and your feet, they're all distracting."

She hummed softly in satisfaction, curling a finger under his chin and tickling his neck, "What's the most distracting thing of all about me, pet? What is the one place that once you look, you can't look away? The one spot that draws your attention the most, and brings you under my control?"

Her words sank easily into his mind, despite his attempts to resist the sultry, commanding voice, and Ildac found himself answering almost immediately, "Your eyes..."

Nuri smiled deviously and continued to tickle his neck with one finger, keeping his chin up and his face pointed directly at hers, her deep blue eyes beginning to take on a light of their own, "Why don't you look at them? I know how much you love to look into my eyes..."

"N-No..." Ildac whimpered softly, his resistance present, but fading slowly. It was only a matter of time.

"Oh come now... Be a good boy and open your eyes..." she uttered another trigger phrase, bringing out a soft moan and weakening his resistance further. Something she knew he could not resist, but was certainly not an exception to the rule.

"I... I can't, Mistress." he said softly, trying to roll his eyes back so he could not see the light emitting from hers behind his eyelids. It was getting harder and harder to keep this up, and he knew that he would be surrendering soon.

Nuri was apparently enjoying herself greatly, grinning mischievously as she watched his reactions. She took her finger away from his neck and rested both paws on his chest, tracing circles around his nipples with her fingers as she began to draw out her words in a sultry, hypnotic voice, "Submit to me... You know you can't resist, my pet. Look into my eyes, and be freed of all those worries..."

The light shining through his eyelids got brighter as Nuri slid closer, and his eyes slowly started to roll back down to the front, his mind increasingly fascinated by the gentle glow of the mesmerizing light. He was slipping now, on a downward slope with nothing to grab onto. He was practically hers at this point. His eyes slowly opened, greeted by the warm glow of her big blue eyes, and the resistance trigger seemed less and less important the longer he stared.

"Good boy..." another moan, louder this time as his mind began to fade into hypnotic bliss. She continued to tease her pet's nipples, the all too familiar spirals of color beginning to bloom forth from the centers of her eyes, flowering out to their edges in mesmerizing patterns. This was the coup de grace, and she knew it.

Ildac's mind almost immediately surrendered as those swirls of colors appeared, his desire to resist disappearing with the rest of his thoughts as the mesmerizing lights bored their way into his mind, becoming the one thing that was even the least bit important to him right now. The spirals began to slowly mirror in his eyes, showing his total submission to her will.

Nuri was not about ready to stop now, though. She knew what her power could do to him. She'd seen it before, in small amounts, and was now going to put it to the test. She continued to stare into his eyes, swaying back and forth slowly as the spirals increased their speed and intensity, "Good boy... Keep looking. You like to look. You want to look. You have to look... You have no choice, because I make your decisions. I command you, and I control you..."

Ildac's eyes followed hers perfectly, her words echoing in his mind and becoming truths. Yes, he had to look. She made his decisions. She was his Mistress, and he would do whatever she commanded him to do. He moaned softly as the already present bulge in his pants began to stiffen more and grow larger, the combination of her teasing, the hypnosis and her body pressed up against him all so amazingly arousing. He began to pant softly, his arousal more than obvious to her now.

Still she kept going, intensifying her powerful gaze more and more, the patterns and colors shifting and changing, trying to find the right one for the job, stimulating the various centers of his brain, avoiding harsh colors to stay away from unpleasantness, "I know this pleasures you, pet. I know that if I stare hard enough, I could get you off with my eyes alone..." She pushed him onto his back to straddle him, paws pressed hard against his chest as she asserted her dominance over him, the spirals moving faster still.

Ildac barely noticed as he was pushed down, unable to tear his gaze away from her mesmerizing eyes, his mind completely blank by now, save for the increasingly pleasurable sensations and her voice. It was like any other intense trancing session she'd coaxed him into, and he was used to these feelings. But then something changed-- A particular pattern in her eyes that rubbed him just the right way, and suddenly he moaned out loudly, his body writhing from the sudden intense pleasure.

Nuri grinned and focused on that particular pattern, testing it for a few moments. Surely enough, Ildac laid there, bucking his hips and crying out in what could only be sexual pleasure. The wolf girl continued to gaze into his eyes, projecting waves of hypno-sex into his mind, "Oh, good boy... Just relax... Give into the pleasure..."

Ildac was having the time of his life, each swirl of her eyes like a thousand feathers brushing over his cock, his shameless cries of pleasure ringing out in the night. It did not take long for him to reach the apex of pleasure, but as per usual in his entranced state, he could not release without her consent. And it did not look like she was about to let it end soon. She kept up her pleasurable gaze while lifting herself up to undo his pants. Making sure to have him move with her, she slowly inched the obstructive garment off of him, revealing his throbbing canine member, already slick with precum.

Nuri was already panting softly from arousal, the sight of her pet writhing under the power of her eyes alone getting her quite aroused as well. She lifted herself once more, slamming herself down onto his cock and whimpering lustily, "Oohh... Don't cum... not... yet..."

As much as Ildac would have loved to release at that very moment, he somehow held on, even when her hot womanhood engulfed him, riding and squeezing his cock hard as his Mistress took full advantage of his helpless state. Their moans and cries of pleasure echoed off the walls, slightly off rhythm with each other, but unmistakable nonetheless.

Nuri gazed down at him still, even as she rode him, her arms up behind her head, tail twitching erratically behind her as her orgasm began to creep up. She knew that he was going to explode at any given moment, with or without her permission, and decided to give him just what he wanted. She leaned down quickly, giving one last buck of her hips against him as she clamped around his cock, whispering hotly against his lips before practically raping his mouth with her tongue, "CUM!"

Ildac's mind nearly shattered from the intensity of his release. How many simultaneous orgasms he experienced was hard to say, but as he cried out into her lips, he filled her right up and then some, his cum dripping from her tight pussy as he gave her load after load after load of the stuff, bringing on a second orgasm from her as well. This ordeal lasted only a few minutes, but it left the two of them utterly exhausted. Nuri collapsed onto her pet, pulling her lips away from his. A simultaneous gasp from the two of them, a few moments of panting, and then a loud sigh of content were the only sounds heard before a nearly deafening silence filled the room.

The rain continued to fall, and the two lovers steadied their breathing slowly, just holding onto each other tightly. No words were spoken. None needed to be. Nuri's eyes, now their normal blue color, met her pet's heterochromatic ones, and she gave him one last tender kiss on the muzzle. Ildac returned it with a slightly more than tired smile, and the two drifted off right there on the couch, hot, sweaty, dirty and exhausted. Tomorrow was a day to sleep in...

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