The Sex Lives of Pokemon (Episode 1)

Story by C-PRIME on SoFurry

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#1 of The Sex Lives of Pokemon

This is the first in a series of stories that'll be produced for both SoFurry and FurAffinity featuring the adventures of a human female who learns all about the mating habits of Pokemon. This will include stories that will be exclusive to my FurAffinity account and ones that are exclusive to SoFurry, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

**The Sex Lives of Pokemon: Sex on the Beach (M Non-Anthro Dewgong + Human F)

NOTE: This story is the first in a series of stories featuring (mostly) human + non-anthro pokemon sex. There will be a few exceptions though. NOTE 2: All stories in this series will be told from the female's POV.**

Ever since I started this expedition to learn all about the sex lives of Pokemon, I've been to many different places throughout the world. From the highest mountain peaks to the bottom of the ocean, my goal in life is to discover how Pokemon breed and use that knowledge to help people everywhere understand each and every one of these unique creatures. Today, my expedition brings me to the shorelines of southern California, where I was told about a colony of Seel and Dewgong that lived there during the breeding season.

Upon arriving at the beach, I found that amongst the somewhat rocky terrain that there was indeed a group of Seel and Dewgong living there. About 100 individuals, from what I could count. Most of them seemed to be either females or immature young Seel, too young to compete for mates. However, amongst the group, there also appeared to be several mature male Dewgongs, with their white fur coats shimmering in the bright sun and long horns protruding from their foreheads. These males seemed to be the alpha males of their group, with each of them having a harem of a dozen or so female Dewgong whom they would breed with.

Some of the females in the group already appeared to be pregnant with Seel pups. However, many of them had not been bred as of yet. Those who were still nursing young Seel pups were left alone with the males tending to favor females who either were without Seel pups or had older pups that were almost ready to become independent (in the case of males), or remain with the group and become future mating partners to the mature males (in the case of the females).

I tried my best to stay hidden from sight, watching one of the female Dewgongs approach her alpha male before she rubbed the side of her cheek against the side of his. The male responded with a soft grumble, appreciating the interest shown by the female as they rubbed against each other for a few seconds and then stopped. Then, after that, the two Dewgongs touched horns for a second or two while looking at each other's eyes in sort of a romantic way. This was a bit of surprise to me, since I always figured that the alpha males would be more interested in breeding than they would getting emotionally involved with their partners.

While their horns touched, a slight glow came from the horns of both Dewgongs for a brief moment, appearing to be a soft blue in color before they moved their heads away from each other and the female turned around to face away from the male. As she did this, I saw her present her backside to him, obviously giving him a good look at her vaginal slit, showing that she was ready to receive his sperm and have a Seel pup of her own.

Needless to say, the male didn't waste time in mounting the female, as I caught a good look at his penis right before he climbed over her back. It was rather impressive in length, looking to be a good 12 to 15 inches long from where I was standing. I couldn't really tell exactly how long it was without getting too close and disturbing the peace of the colony. However, I was able to watch the male put his long shaft to good use, seeing it curl towards the female's slit before it slipped inside her vaginal canal.

From there, I watched as the male humped his partner, both Dewgongs bellowing in sexual delight with smiles on their cute faces as their bodies were joined. I could only imagine what she was feeling right now, probably having that long and flexible penis moving back and forth through her vagina, rubbing against her walls while he did his best to pass his seed onto her. As I watched them have sex, I couldn't help feeling a bit horny myself. Watching that shaft of his move back and forth between her slit made me wonder what it would feel like if I were to take it inside me.

My vagina started to get warm and a bit damp on the inside from watching them mate as I tried to resist the temptation to play along with the Dewgong couple while they were busy creating new life together. Then, with a long and loud bellow, the male came inside his mate a couple minutes after he had first mounted her. I actually saw the pulsations in the part of the male's penis that I could see as he climaxed, gushing his sperm into the female's reproductive tract while her cheeks turned pink. Both of them seemed to be happy together and it also seemed as if another Seel pup would soon be conceived. However, not all things in the colony were blissful.

A few seconds later, I heard a low and very loud bellow coming from a different part of the colony, one that was closer to me. I looked behind me and saw that another male Dewgong was being chased by a much larger male (the one that was doing the bellowing). Apparently, this young adult male was trying to sneak into the larger male's harem and attempt to mate with one of his females. Naturally, the alpha male didn't like the idea of being challenged and chased away the upstart until he felt like there was no longer a threat to his harem. The much larger male than waddled back to his group of females as one of them immediately presented to the alpha male much in the same way the female I had been watching did a few minutes earlier.

I watched these two mate together, and so did the smaller adult male who was just a few yards in front of me. While they were mating, I heard the smaller male Dewgong bellow softly in agony, watching as the female he tried to mount was having another male inside her, listening to the loud bellows of the male and female as they bred together.

I felt bad for the young male. From what I could guess it was probably his first mating season as an adult and he was simply a little bit too young and inexperienced to handle challenging an alpha male for a harem of females. I also figured that the male had a lot of sexual tension pent up inside him, needing to be released somehow before it became unbearable, which is when I decided to approach him.

Some people might consider what I do with pokemon to be unorthodox, but sometimes the best way to learn about how these creatures mated was to allow them to do it with me. Of course, each situation was different. Most of the time when I offered a male to have sex with me he was more than willing to do it, but every now and then I would either get a puzzled look from that male or I would end up getting chased away by a group of rival males and/or females.

Considering these circumstances, I figured it would've been better if I could somehow lure the male away from the alpha male and the other females and offer him the chance to mate with me in a more private location. The only question was how I was going to do this. I did have a can of sardines inside the backpack I was carrying, I had brought it along with me knowing that it would attract Seel or Dewgong towards me and enable me to interact with them more personally. In general, Seel and Dewgong seemed to trust humans more than some other species of pokemon might. Perhaps it was because we were both mammals, but it could also be because that their natural cuteness drew us to them like a magnet and they never really considered people to be a threat.

Regardless of the reason, I figured the best way to get the younger male's attention was through his stomach and I got the can of sardines out, opened it up, and started laying them down one by one as I walked backwards, away from the group. No more than a few seconds after I placed the first sardine down on the ground, the male noticed the smell and saw the free food lying there. He promptly waddled over and ate the sardine, soon noticing others laying on the ground in the path I had laid out for him.

A few hundred feet away from where the group was, I found a quiet spot with a flat rock that was large enough to lay down on. With the male following not too far behind me, I quickly dropped my backpack off out of sight and disrobed. I figured that if the male saw me naked, he'd be smart enough to get the message without me trying to coax him. Then, after I took off my clothes and got back onto the rock, I waited patiently for several moments, thinking that the male would show up at any moment.

A couple of moments later, I watched him waddle his way over to where I was, grabbing the last sardine I had placed out for him with his mouth and snapping it up into the air. He opened his mouth wide and caught the sardine in it all while I watched him do it. I couldn't tell if he did it because he wanted to or if he did it because he knew I was watching him, but it was still rather neat to see him do this nonetheless.

When he finished eating, I decided to "test the waters" and opened my legs up to him, allowing the male to get a glimpse at my vaginal folds. "Hey there cutie...I see that you could use some attention, if you know what I mean", I coaxed to him, wanting to see what his reaction would be to my nudity.

Curiously, he looked in my direction and waddled a bit closer. He seemed a bit cautious as he moved, probably never seeing a human before in his life, so I had to be careful not to make him anxious. "C' don't have to be afraid of me. I don't want to hurt you", I coaxed gently, continuing to keep my legs open for him. As I waited, I thought a little bit about how it might feel to receive a Dewgong penis inside me. I knew that his kind had prehensile penises, but I wondered if it meant that it would move around on its own as soon as it went in there. I felt it would be somewhat interesting to feel a male moving in and out of my vagina while also feeling his shaft slithering around in there as if it had a mind of it's own.

My insides quivered a bit when I thought of this, and I soon felt a little bit of my juices leak out of my opening. The male saw this and waddled closer to me, soon getting close enough to where I could feel him breathing on my loins. His breath was warm and smelled of fish, but against my vaginal lips, the breath felt pleasant, but not as much as what he did next to it.

The male took a chance and leaned in, sticking his tongue against my folds and giving them a few licks. His tongue felt very warm and slobbery, kind of like that of a dog who was happy to see someone. It seemed that he was beginning to trust me as he soon went back in for some more licks, lapping up the juices my hole produced from it. He licked my entire vaginal area, starting from the bottom and licking upward until his tongue touched against my clitoris. He was making my insides very wet and eager, wanting to feel that prehensile shaft move into them and see what it was like to receive it.

From where I was sitting, I couldn't see whether or not he was developing an erection from all of this licking, so I didn't know if he was getting aroused from all this licking or if he was doing it for other reasons. However, regardless of the reason why, it still felt good to me and I reached down to touch the side of his nuzzle while he licked me.

His icy blue eyes soon looked up at me with a twinkle in them just as I felt one flipper touch one side of my hips and then the other touch the other side. He soon waddled his way on top of me, climbing over my body slowly as I noticed something warm and thick touch against my folds. I could tell right away that it was his penis and it also seemed as if he knew what he was doing all along. As he climbed further on top of me, I felt his length snaking against my body, poking it a little with his tip while hot droplets of his precum oozed from it.

I touched both sides of his nuzzle and looked him in the eyes now, feeling his length so close to my opening, trying to get into my passage. "That's right cutie...I'm letting you mate with me today", I told him in a sweet tone of voice, hoping to encourage the male to actually penetrate me. He smiled, licked my face with his warm and fishy tongue, then introduced his "friend" to me.

At first, I felt the tip of his penis push into my vagina, going a little of the way into it before it started to act differently. It started to slither around in my canal, slowly penetrating deeper into it while the spurts of his precum hit against my insides constantly. It was a warm and very ticklish sensation, one that felt different from any other time I had received a male pokemon inside me.

As such, I took the moment to embrace the male close to me, allowing him to go deeper into my body while the movements of his length massaged my insides. Although he didn't do much humping, his shaft did move around constantly as it went deeper, moving around as if it were like a snake, eventually reaching my cervix after a few moments. That's when I noticed that his tip had a unique shape to it. It had a narrow, pointed end that was about an inch long that extended past the main part of his tip. From it's shape, I figured it was designed for cervical penetration, and it certainly seemed like it when I felt the tip push against my cervix a couple of times while the rest of his cock moved around vigorously. That was also about the time when he started to actually hump me.

I started to hear him moan with pleasure once he began humping me, spraying my insides with even more hot precum, reaching far into my canal and driving me crazy at the same time. His length had to be well over a foot long in total length, and it was also quite thick at the base, feeling almost as thick as the head of a baseball bat. The rest of his shaft wasn't nearly as thick, but what it lacked in thickness it made up for in flexibility, easily slithering around in my vagina, brushing against my walls and tickling them all over. It was moments like this that made me glad that I had swore of sex with human males after what happened to me back in High School.

I brought him even closer to me, wrapping my legs around his lower body at the same time, feeling his warm and blubbery body touching against my own. He seemed to respond favorably to this as he humped me with increased excitement and let his length vigorously move around through my passage. His movements were making me feel very wet and ticklish on the inside and I was certain if he kept going at the rate he was that he might make me cum before he got the chance to. However, since I was the first female he had ever mounted, I figured that would be unlikely, especially with the way I could feel his shaft pulsate inside me as it moved.

Meanwhile, I continued to sense the tip of his penis touching against my cervix, probing it multiple times, looking for the opening to it while precum constantly spurted from his tip. He was doing everything he could to ensure that he came inside me womb, possibly thinking that I was going to be the one who provided him with his first batch of Seel pups. Of course, there was no way that this would ever happen, even if I happened to be receptive at this time, so I didn't feel nervous about letting him shoot his cream into me when he was ready.

I continued to feel the length of his shaft moving both in and out of me as well as from side-to-side for several moments, having it touch and massage every portion of my vagina in ways I had never experienced from any of the other male pokemon I mated with. I've taken penises of different kinds inside me and experienced different sexual experiences, but never had I felt one that moved around as much as the male Dewgong was.

The tip of his shaft continued to probe against me for a few more moments until the pointed part of it finally scored a direct hit on my cervix and pushed through the opening. For a few seconds, I felt spurts of his precum hit the lower portion of my uterus, making it feel warm and slightly sticky on the inside. However, that all changed when the horny male let out a loud and excited bellow from his mouth, releasing his pent-up sexual tensions inside me. A torrent of hot and viscous semen poured steadily into my uterus, clinging to it as if it were glue and spreading all over the place. Within his load, I felt the tingle of his sperm swimming around inside me, adding to the pleasurable sensation of having him inseminate me so deeply.

While he came, I continued to hold him close to me, feeling the massive pulsations in the thickest portion of his maleness while gobs of his cum kept being released directly into my womb. I was now convinced that he was trying to impregnate me, or at least he was wishing that he could. Of course, I didn't feel like crushing his hopes and dreams like this. What he was doing to me felt too good for me to have him stop. I figured it was better to let him have his little fantasy and take everything he had to give me.

His orgasm lasted nearly a full minute, and by the time he was done I felt a very large puddle of his semen in my womb with most of the rest of it covered in a sticky film of his cream. I figured that what he pumped into me would stay inside for hours after he pulled out of me, leaving me a lot of time to enjoy the warm and ticklish sensation that his cream gave me. After he was done inseminating me, I noticed that he didn't pull out of me. In fact, his shaft barely pulled back out of me at all while he remained on top of my body. Furthermore, I could also feel the thickest part of his shaft throbbing...not as strongly as it did when he came inside me, but strong enough to give me the feeling that maybe he wasn't quite done yet. Soon afterwards, I felt him hump me some more and sense his length slithering around inside my passage again, with his pointed tip once again probing my cervix.

That was when I knew he wasn't fully satisfied yet. What I had received a moment before may have only been the appetizer, for all I knew the "main course" was yet to come. Considering the fact that alpha males in a group mated with multiple females, this wasn't really a surprise. However, I was a bit surprised that he'd want to keep going inside me even after he came once. Nevertheless, I wasn't going to make him stop, nor did I want him to. I liked how he felt inside me, I liked what he did to me, and I wanted to let him continue until he was completely satisfied or until I couldn't take in any more of his semen.

He mated with me two more times, each time delivering more of his sperm directly to my uterus and causing it to become full about midway through his third orgasm. As it filled, it caused my belly to begin growing, making me look as if I really were pregnant with the male's Seel pups. However, it was only his sperm, but there was a lot of it inside me. I figured it wouldn't come out of me for a couple of days after he was done.

Finally, after the third mating, the male removed his penis from my vagina and seemed to feel a sense of satisfaction. He probably noticed the belly bulge he created inside me and figured that the deed had been done. I decided not to disappoint the male and gave him a soft kiss on one side of his forehead horn, making him moan happily. "Good boy", I told him happily, enjoying the hot and very creamy sensation he delivered to my body, letting his tadpoles swim around my uterus and tickle me from within. He responded by licking my face several times with his warm tongue, remaining on top of me during this entire time as if he were trying to make sure that the big bad alpha male didn't have a chance to try and put his semen inside me.

I felt like I couldn't take any more sperm into me right now anyway, even if I wanted to. Besides, I couldn't stay here forever, there was a marine observatory in need of a male Dewgong to breed with several females that were residing there, which is part of the reason why I came out here to begin addition to curiosity. However, after seeing what this young adult male could do, I quickly got an idea. "Hey, how would you like to have a herd of your own?", I asked the male curiously, hoping he'd understand what I was telling him.

He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and that smile, probably wondering what I was talking about. I was certain he wanted to be the alpha male of a herd, but he might want to have me be a part of it. "If you come with me, I'll take you to a place where you can find lots of females of your kind. I'm sure they'll all be happy to see you, and there's no big bad alpha male for you to contend with either", I added, hoping he'd understand this.

He seemed to understand a little better this time and had a twinkle in his icy blue eyes. It seemed as if the idea of having multiple females to breed with won him over as he climbed off of me and let me get back up onto my feet. Afterwards, I got my clothes on as best as I could and grabbed a spare pokeball out of my backpack. I always carried a couple with me in case I met a pokemon who I liked or wanted to relocate to somewhere that they'd be happier. "I hope you don't mind going inside here for a little bit. It'll be easier for me to take you to those females I told you about", I mentioned to the male as it seemed he was willing to come with me. With that said, I opened the pokeball and he went inside for the time-being. Then, I gathered the remainder of my stuff and went to the marine observatory.

When I got there, the curator was curious about how I could look like I was about 6 months pregnant when he knew that I had a flat belly when I first arrived there earlier in the day. I explained to him that I had an "incident" with the male in the pokeball and figured that this would be a better place for him to release his sexual tensions. I didn't tell him that I willingly let the male mate with me, I wanted the curator to think that the male just acted on the desire to breed.

He explained to me that it wasn't unusual for a male pokemon to mate with a human female and that there were many documented cases of it in the past. Of course, I knew this quite well, after all I've had quite a few different kinds of pokemon inside me and as long as they were friendly, I was more than willing to oblige them.

I did not tell the curator about this though and just gave him the pokeball, which he took over to the Dewgong exhibit before opening it up and letting the male who mounted me out. Within moments, he was greeted by the group of six females that seemed to take an instant liking to the male before one of them acted on her urge to breed and presented to him. I watched the male Dewgong mount the female and insert his prehensile shaft into her folds with both male and female bellowing with sexual bliss. He seemed to be happy in his new home and I was sure with six females to tend to he wouldn't miss me too much. Which was good because I had another expedition to go on in a few days, so I decided to head back to my hotel for the day and wash up, attempting to get the gobs of Dewgong goo out of my body before I'd be on my way to my next destination.

To be continued...

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