Eric's Conquest: Prologue

Story by lordgriffin on SoFurry

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#1 of Eric's Conquest

A "Two Kinds" non canon alternate universe story if the Templar could win and Flora made into a much more cozy agreeable animal. In this story The "Kalderian" will end up as servants to the humans. read this if you dare.

Eric lay awake, staring at the ceiling as the rain beat down on the roof of the inn. His thoughts weren't on the weather though; they were on the exotic striped feline he had met at the festival. It was often his practice to visit this small coastal town during the festival of beasts. It was the one time when Keidran and Humans got along peacefully, plus the subtle flower being burned made the Keidran quite easy to seduce. Usually he managed to bed at least three of the local beauties and paint a dozen or more, clad in only their fur. However, this year he only had eyes for one. She was a very attractive tigress, an exquisite breed of Keidran he had rarely scene, and one that was not for sale at any price. Her name was Flora, and she seemed to be the slave of the blue haired human she traveled with, but was acting as though she were an equal. The thought of treating an animal with the same level of respect as a human repulsed Eric. When he had tried to make some advances on the tigress, she rebuffed him and the human, Trace, interceded rather than chastise her for rebelling against her better or bartering for her services. This defiance she exhibited, the fiery look in her eyes only made him want her even more. Eric knew how to break that spirit, and that's what he desired; the triumph of taking that proud fiery look and transforming it to one of obedience and passion, without a shred of morals. Even as he had spoken with Trace, Eric was only thinking about that delightful tigress tail, and yanking it up to see what lay beneath it. His thoughts dwelling on what he could do to get his hands on Flora.

Unfortunately, the fact that the two were traveling with others made that more difficult. One was a short Basitin, though that was a bit unfair. Nearly every Basitin was short compared to the average human or Keidran. His name was Keith. He wore the usual attire of a Basitin soldier with their pecular obsession with foot modesty. His sandals covered his paws while allowing his toes, with their claws to protrude, the mark of the warrior class, and while it was hard to tell with so much fur, the short male seemed to be decently muscled. The other member of the group was a "male" wolf, or at least that's what was claimed. Eric had a keen eye for all things Keidran, and could see though the deception. Natani was her name, and while she did an admirable job hiding her sex, Eric knew the truth. He didn't act on it though. Unlike Flora, it was clear that Natani was a free Keidran, and more importantly, one that was quite adept to fighting. It would do no good to confront her about the truth, at least not yet.

He had already tried one plan, sending Kat, his loyal and loving slave to try to seduce Trace. Kat was very attractive, as she was bred by Eric's late father to be a sex toy once she matured. She was a hybrid of feline and canine Keidran, designed to have the most attractive attributes of both. This had been only moderately successful, as she had the thin curvy body of a cat, a voluptuous full tail of a dog, and a unique grey-brown and white fur pattern with black spots. On top of that, she had been graced with a large, but not oversized chest and a round rear. Unfortunately, her breeding did have one major drawback, she couldn't bear any children. It was something that was often on Eric's mind, as he knew that Kat wished to be able to have children. What would surprise most people was that Eric wished the same for her sake, not because of any monetary or sexual reasons... Well at least mostly not for those reasons. He had a unique relationship with his closest slaves, Kat chief among them. He loved Kathrine, and not just because of her body or the wonderful things, she could do with it. They had grown up together and he couldn't bring himself to think of her as just a plaything. Fortunately, for him, Kat was a woman after his own heart, and she accepted her position and his desires with glee. She would eagerly do whatever he asked if it would please him, even if that meant she were fucked by complete strangers just so he could have a chance with another woman. It was also something she exceled at. She put on an innocent show that would either lure men into letting down their guard, or goad them into taking advantage of her. Yet somehow, with Trace it had failed. Kat had managed to find Trace alone in his bath. Purring as she had moved in while the young man, obviously a virgin, had wrapped his towel around him. Sidling against him with her warm soft fur, she had managed to work her soft clawed hand up the lad's bare thigh. Her claws had gently trailed the sensitive skin, and she managed to get as far as sliding her hand under the towel, where she encircled his unusually small but erect man hood before. However, before she could do anything more the tigress came in, and Trace had thrown her out of the bath before she could really make her move. How any straight man could resist her was beyond Eric. Perhaps trace should have tried sending one of his male slaves.

Eric was running though different ideas of how he could convince or coerce Flora to have sex with him. Suddenly there came a loud crack of thunder, then a loud knock at the front door. "I think I heard someone knock. Can you get that?" The blond human asked Kat, who was snuggled up next to him.

"Nya, no thanks." She responded as she nuzzled up even closer to him.

"Hey! What kind of servant says no?" He responded with a soft chuckle of amusement.

Kathrine smiled, "oops, I mean zzz..."

Eric gave her a smile, and then let out a yawn as he threw back the covers and got out of bed. He strode across the cold, hard floor as it softly creaked under his step. As he made his way down the steps towards the first floor, the pounding at the door came again. "Alright, alright I'm coming! Who could it be this early in the morning?" He said aloud as he approached the door. When he swung it open, lighting sprung out of the sky, temporarily backlighting the imposing figure with such intensity that it appeared to be black as the night itself. However, after just an instance, the light was gone and the pitch black mass was revealed. "Oh, hey Roderick! What are you doing here at night? Another Templar mission, right?"

"Hey lil' bro. Yeah, they're killing me." Said the tall sandy blond man as he entered the building. "I spent all night looking for a group of people supposedly in the city, but no luck. Hey do you mind if I get something to drink? I've been on my feet for hours." Eric shook his head that he didn't mind. Roderick handed Eric a piece of rolled up parchment, then went over to the bar and grabbed a mug and filled it with beer. "Hey, do you have any ice hidden away somewhere?" He asked his younger brother as Eric unfurled the paper and glanced at it.

Eric shook his head. "No. More importantly, what is this?" He asked gesturing to the paper.

"Oh well, at least its wet." Roderick said as he began to gulp down the warm beer. Eric just stood there staring at him, as his brother seemed to be purposely ignoring him. After a moment, he finally responded. "What does it look like, it's a wanted poster. The human is Grand Templar Trace Legacy. Apparently, he's been missing for some time now, and the Templar thinks that the tigress there brainwashed him somehow. The Basitin has been traveling with them for a little while now and is wanted for something, though the Templar won't say what. The wolf is an assassin that works with his brother. They can both use magic and have a slight reputation among the wolf clans. What he's doing with the other three is a mystery, but he doesn't seem to really get along with the others. So, did you happen to see any of them?" Roderick asked as he went back to his drink.

Eric scanned the page, reading the various charges and details. He was almost certain that Flora hadn't brain washed Trace. Flora didn't seem to know any kind of magic; in fact, he got the feeling that she didn't even really know how to fight. She had the air of a slave to him, that's what made it so strange that she would resist him. If he could get rid of trace, he could take that tiger's stripped pelt for himself. As he looked towards the bottom of the page, his eyes went wide and the bounty put on Trace's head. 50,000 gold pieces! That was more gold than most people would make in their entire lives. Flora too was worth a fortune, though it was measly when compared to the human's value. She was worth only a mere 5,000 gold pieces. Keith was worth even less at just 1,000 gold pieces, and the wolf was worth an insulting 100 gold pieces.

If he had this much money, he could quit the trading business, buy himself a harem of the most beautiful Keidran and retire to a tropical island to live out a life of blissful debauchery with Flora as his beautiful naked centerpiece. For a brief moment, he considered doing just that, but quickly came up with a better idea. He knew that even he would quickly grow bored if all he did was screw, though not because sex would get old. For him, it wasn't just about the physical pleasure. He enjoyed playing the game, he enjoyed breaking their bonds and spirit, remolding them like a skuplter with clay into his image of what an animal should be. He liked searching out unique Keidran, he liked seducing them, bartering for them, or even just taking them. He enjoyed the challenge almost as much as the sex. That's when he realized what he truly desired. Rather than simply enjoying the company of attractive Keidran women, he should make it his business. In his fantasies, he had played with the idea of becoming a sex slave breeder, just as his father had tried to do. With just a fraction of this reward money, he could do just that. Flora would be his first breeding stock, and he would break her in less than a month.

"I might know where they'll be, and how to capture them..." Eric started slowly, getting his brother's attention almost immediately. "But there are some details we need to work out.

"Like the reward?" Roderick said taking a seat across from Eric. "I was thinking we would split it 50/50. Seeing as how I will be the one sticking my neck out during the actual capture."

Eric nodded his head as he felt himself getting hard despite his best efforts. "Actually, I was thinking that you could have, say 75 percent, if you agree to my other terms."

Roderick opened his mouth to protest, but then realized that the 75 percent would be for him. This was unlike Eric; he wasn't usually a charitable man. The taller human had expected his brother to try to talk him down so that he was the one with the majority. "What terms are those?"

"I want the Keidran, both of them. I can assure you the tigress is no magician, and I think the wolf and his brother is wanted by another Keidran named Clovis. I remember seeing a bounty for the two of them. It wasn't too much, but more than the pitiful amount being offered by the Templar" Eric said quickly, forcing himself not to smile.

Roderick sat there stunned. "You can't be serious; the tiger's worth nearly a sixth of the reward. More than that, she's a dangerous criminal despite what you claim, and even if you are right the Templar will still be hunting for her."

Eric shook his head. "I doubt that. I'm willing to bet that they really only care about Trace, and once they discover that she has nothing to do with his unexpected change of heart, they won't want to waste the time or money on her. However, if they are still think she is a threat I will prove otherwise. All I need is a month to properly... rehabilitate her." Eric said with an evil grin.

"You're willing to miss out on thousands of gold pieces just so you can stick your dick into this animal?" Roderick asked in disgust.

Eric tilted his head back and forth as though he were shaking the idea around inside his brain. "Yeah, that and an official license from the Templar that I have the right to purchase or enslave ANY Keidran I see fit."

"Do you really think they'll go for all that?" Roderick asked with genuine curiosity.

"I'll bet my life on it." Eric said confidently. "Go ask your boss and come back with his answer, then I'll tell you the plan. Oh, and see if he has any more information on the two wolf and the Keidran named Clovis. It might come in handy."

"And what if I come back with a squad of guards?" Eric's brother asked as he stood up and made his way towards the door.

The shorter human grinned. "Then I guess I fucked up, and you'll be getting a hell of a reward."

Flora was humming cheerfully to herself as Kat was showing her various outfits for her to try on. She didn't normally wear clothing, as it was fairly common practice for enslaved Keidran to be given none. After all, most humans didn't think of them as anything but animals. Despite this, every now and then she liked to dress up. Even what she was currently wearing was just a pair of scratch, brown trousers held up by a leather belt, and a poorly made shirt. It didn't hurt that the clothing being shown to her by the hybrid was fairly nice, at least for what a Keidran would wear. Most of it was designed to accentuate her feminine body, something that didn't slip her attention. Eric said they were looking because all Keidran had to wear clothing on the Basitin islands, but that was just an excuse. It was no secret, that pervert had desires for her. In fact she had slapped Eric's face when he suggested she pose in nothing but her fur along with Kat for a painting. He had made it plain that he wanted to paint her in less than socially acceptable positions. Still, she would rather wear something attractive then wear nothing at all around him. He made her feel dirty, like he could see the strips on her rump just from gazing at her. She smiled when she thought that it didn't hurt that Trace would surely enjoy the outfit she would choose. Right now, she was particularly interested in the silky black v-cut dress. It was low enough to show some cleavage, but not so low as to look slutty. It looked like the skirt section of the dress was a little on the short side, but she couldn't be sure. This was the first time she had ever gotten to wear such a formal gown, and she found that she was actually looking forward to it.

Meanwhile Natani stood to the side, with an upset look on his face. He had been a bad mood all morning, barely saying two words to either of the women. When the Keidran slave of the store came to assist them, he had practically bit off the poor calico cat's head. Eventually he apologized to the servant and told the frightened Keidran that all he wanted was another robe like the one he already had. Natani was in this mood because he knew what was coming. Early in the morning, when he was by himself, that despicable human Eric had come to visit. Somehow, he knew all about Natani's secret, and not just the simple fact that his body was a woman's. He somehow found out about the link with Zen and the trouble that they were in with Clovis. If it had been up to Natani, he would have just killed the blond human and fled the town before anyone could find the body. However, this sick fuck had to give her a reason to pause. He offered to pick up and treat her brother Zen and to make sure that Clovis was never a problem again. It sounded like bullshit, but it was enough to make him listen, and through their telepathic link Zen could also hear what Eric had to say. Eric laid out his disgusting plan to sell out Trace and Keith, then take Flora for himself. He needed Natani's help to persuade Flora to come along when the time was right. It wasn't something he wanted to do, even though he had no real connection to any of the other members of the group, expect perhaps some fleeting friendship with Keith. On the other hand, he had been hired to kill them just a few days ago, and Zen only needed to be treated because of one of them. Still, he didn't like the idea of selling them out just to further the goals of this pervert. Unfortunatly, Eric made it clear that in his plan the Templar were already aware of their presence in the town. If they didn't capture Trace and Keith, then they would surely comb the entire town until they were all captured. He and Flora would end up dead or enslaved, so in the end Natani was left with no real choice and agreed to help execute the plan, knowing full well what it meant to the others.

Eric came in holding a large, ornate box looking to be of some weight. "I hope you two girls don't mind, but I saw a few outfits as I walked down the street that I thought would look just perfect on you and I couldn't help but buy them. I hope you are having just as much success." The human said in a cheerful manner that belayed any malicious intent.

Flora rolled her eyes as Kat giggled. "Something tells me that those outfits won't be any more acceptable on the Basitin islands than walking around naked." The tigress said with a dry tone.

Eric opened his mouth to utter a defense when suddenly two Keidran burst into the room panting for air. One was a dog and the other a fox. Both males were about the same height and build, wearing nearly identical clothing, simple brown trousers, and shirts not unlike what Flora had just put back on after trying the dress. Around both their necks was a strong looking metal collar that surely hid the magical runes that kept the two loyal to Eric. "What the hell happened to you two?" Eric asked the two Keidran.

"It... It was... Templar." Mike, the fox, gasped out between breaths. Evals, the dog, started off where the fox left off. "We were taking Trace and Keith to the ship like we were supposed to, when out of nowhere Templar thugs showed up." Mike started up again, letting Evals get a few more breaths. "They were practically right on top of us, and we didn't know what to do. Trace and Keith decided to try and draw them off, telling us to get back here and warn you."

"What about Trace?" Flora asked desperately, getting right up into Mike's face.

"Last we saw of them, they were stealing a boat and Trace was using magic to make it move quickly out of the harbor." Evals said, getting the tigress's attention.

"He was worried about you miss, he just wanted to make sure you were safe." Mike added, which made Flora's lower lip tremble in fear.

Eric went up to and gently laid his hand on her shoulder, then softly spoke to her, feeling the silken feline fur thru the fabric. Once he got her got her to the ship, nothing would ever again prevent him from petting that fur. "We need to leave now. We don't know how far Trace and Keith have gotten, and we need to pick them up before they get lost at sea, or captured by the Templar."

"But what if they come back here once they lose them?" Flora asked, tears starting to roll down her furry cheeks.

Eric cast a subtle glance to Natani that told him it was time to speak up. "They won't. They both have to know that the Templar will lock this place down and search every crevasse for us if they lose track of them. In fact, if we don't leave right now, we won't be able too. It'll only be a matter of minutes before they lock down the harbor to find us." Natani could not help the feel of his heartbeat racing as she executed the pervert's plan. She may hate Eric, but she had to admit that this was a good plan. Assuming of course that the Templar did in fact already have Keith and Trace trussed up and helpless. Either way it was too late to go back on the plan now.

Flora looked back and forth between Natani and Eric before finally giving in. "Good, let's hurry then. You all head to the ship, and I'll pay for your cloths. The last thing we want is to draw attention to ourselves." Eric said as he pulled out a coin purse.

As soon the three Keidran left, Roderick came in through the back door. "I think you missed your calling brother. With the ease you and your slaves told those lies, I think you could have been very successful in the theater."

"I assume everything went well then?" Eric asked as he paid the shop owner for the dress Flora left in.

"Oh yes, much better than I would have ever expected honestly. Your two slaves lead them into the trap and we were able to subdue them without a single injury. Trace has already been forced down on his knees and been made to wear a collar like an animal. Before to long the Templar will have him of drained his magic and trained to serve his new masters.

"What about my license and my money?" Eric asked while nodding his head in agreement.

That much gold takes a while to move. When do you think you'll get back?" Roderick asked Eric.

Eric picked up the bunch of clothing. "Oh, I shouldn't think more than a month, but I'm not going that far. I'll just be at the next big port up the coast. No point in sailing around aimlessly. You can bring the gold there if you get it earlier, or contact me if you need to for some reason. So what about the rest of our deal?"

"Well, I'm not sure if they will want to inspect the tiger after the month you asked for, but I got the feeling you were right. Trace was their real objective, everyone else was just extra. As for the license, well that was surpassingly hard to get. Not the part about enslaving free Keidran, that was a cinch, but making it so you could buy anyone else's slave even if they didn't want to sell, well... Let's just say that you can do it, but you'll have to pay quite a bit extra." Roderick said as he handed his brother a piece of thick parchment with a Templar seal on it.

Eric grinned as he took it. "That's fine; I'll have plenty of funds to do just that, once I get back. I'd ask for you to wish me luck, but something tells me you wouldn't approve of what I'm about to do." Eric waved goodbye to his brother and strolled out of the store his arousal higher nearly impossible to hide, and the happiest he had been in his entire life.

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