Dragon Layers chapter 3

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#3 of Dragon Layer

Chapter 3 of the Dragon Layer story

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Shirkla arrived at the mansion a bit earlier than expected despite her longer run. She waited at the door for Adam to arrive before she rang the bell. A few minutes passed but the door did not open, she rang again anxiously, looking at Adam. He shrugged, they never made them wait before. After another long minute, the door opened with the doctor standing in the middle of it.

"I'm sorry, your appointment is canceled."

They looked at each other dumbfounded then back at the doctor.

"Can we know the reason why?" Adam was first to ask.

The doctor looked uneasy and shrugged.

"We had... unplanned events occurring."

"You do know you owe us a session a day and that you must legally abide to it." the dragoness pointed out.

-In the long legal battle that lead to the actual law, its partisans managed to get written down that the Egglashes would be opened any time for wannabe couples and at any hours and that scheduled appointment should not be delayed by more than half a day.-

The doctor knew that perfectly and had no choice but to agree with them. He offered them a rescheduled appointment in the afternoon.

The couple looked at each other as the doctor retreated inside the mansion, they had the whole morning free before they had to come again.

"It's a good thing we didn't plan to work today, I guess." Adam smiled faintly

"Damn right but I would not mind planting my claws in that doctor, and no_blackie_could prevent me..." she said in a low menacing voice aimed at the sentinel.

"Let's go and have a drink."

Shirkla nodded.

The closest bar was still a good distance away so Adam untied his horse from the post and mounted him. They went downtown slowly, trying to ignore the gaze of some of the inhabitants who would be more than happy to see them hung short and low rather than roaming around. The distance wasn't problematic for a dragon at a normal pace but no human could keep with it. In fact, whenever a large dragon walked next to a human, it felt like treading.

"Ok buddy, another one. We are going downtown." Adam spoke softly to his horse.

The humans there had lived with horses as their companions and transportation for centuries, a sort of ingrained habit despite the availability of more effective modes. Many remained faithful to the use of horses, to the point that the animal was considered a part of the family and at death was buried like one of its members. Adam gently squeezed his calves to lead the horse forward. The beast was a magnificent fifteen hands black stallion, his curly mane covered one side of his neck entirely down to his forelegs. He was powerfully seated on his rear end as if his front one was carrying no weight. It was flying and dancing as he trotted like he would be able to kick with it any time. His similarly curled tail was trimmed just low enough to avoid it from touching the ground when he was on the bit. His fetlocks were worked in long and wavy feathers. None shown a single mark of dirt despite the advanced season. The horse pressed forward willingly and kept up with the dragoness pace so that her and Adam could keep their conversation going.

"Reel has always been one of your finest, Adam" Shirkla pointed out.

"Aye and I would be sad if anything happened to him." He gently caressed the horse neck.

The trip lasted only five minutes and soon the bar was visible. Adam dismounted and entered through the main door. The dragoness waited a minute before following as per law. They both sat down at a table in a corner trying to be as inconspicuous as a twenty feet white dragon can be. They ordered a couple drinks and looked at each other while waiting for their order. Their thoughts were racing about their future; How they would get married and how they would live after, being finally able to walk around and be together.

The bar tenant arrived with the drinks and a large smile before setting them on the table.

"How did it go today?" he inquired.

"It's been canceled for this morning, Fred, we got to go this afternoon."

"Ah crap, it's like they are trying to block you or something yaknow."

Adam curled up in his chair as if he saw a ghost.

"Fred, keep quiet, there are sent' around!", he whispered.

"Nah, don't worry buddy. Blackies ain't gonna do things in here. You and your bride can be talking here, no one will bother!" He winked at both before walking back to the counter.

"What did he mean by that?" Shirkla asked.

Adam sighed.

"Heh, it's a long story but let's say that last time a sentinel tried to inspect this place, he made sure they would not come in a second time. He shot a couple down and engaged in close combat with a third. When the story spread around, the dragons did not like it at all."

She raised an eyebrow suspiciously, not really sure if she would believe it.

"I always thought this was only a tale... And the mayor didn't close the place?"

"I guess your kind were rather persuasive."

Adam winked at her with a smile and sipped a bit from his glass then put it down slowly. And under the tablecloth he dared to press a hand against the dragon foreleg. The drake blushed in surprise and moved her leg closer just enough so they could touch each other comfortably yet too afraid to do more just in case a sentinel would notice.

The rest of the morning went fast and with a couple more drinks, it was soon time for lunch. They both agreed to stay in the place to eat. The dragoness ordered a roasted veal and Adam went for a steak. She voraciously attacked her meal and tore pieces of steaming meat from it before gulping them down.

Adam found it rather unique and really appreciated seeing her going onto an animal carcass. He chuckled to himself thinking it could be one of those politicians instead of the veal and as if she had caught on his mind, she gave him a furtive wink.

They walked back to the mansion early afternoon. The door was already opened with the doctor waiting for them outside when they arrived. He looked up from his journal with a pipe freshly alight in his mouth.

"Get in, I will be there in a minute." he mumbled.

Adam walked inside first and sat down undressing, the dragoness took the second door on the right as was her usual.

"Not this time. You don't need exams, go directly in the bedroom."

They looked at each other once again. They never had had any encounter without first going in for a doctor examination and it felt a bit suspicious to both but they ignored it and obeyed the doctor. They closed the door behind them and settled down on the already warm bed. Adam moved against her slowly, his hand gently caressing her flanks. During those moments, he had sometimes dreamt that his arms could grow longer so he would reach from her head to her tail without have to move all the time.

Shirkla bent her neck as she positioned herself on her side with her hind leg raised to offer her private parts to his sight. He reached up and kissed her as he pressed his body against her warm chest. His sex already erected and hers dripping. He just had to adjust a bit for his organ to slide freely into her anatomy. She squealed softly and squeezed his member with passion and her eyes closed. Her mind wandered imagining them both high in the sky as she was diving down to the Earth while they mated, the ultimate climax would be reached just mere seconds before hitting the ground as she would expand her wings fertilized by her lover or dead trying.

Adam felt her large heart pulsating against her chest. He thrusted in her gently at first but soon his pace increased dramatically to meet with the drake's dream. There was no need to guess as they had discussed it many times before that she wanted to do this for real, one day. This kind of thrill also had his favors and near the end he would close his eyes imagining his body tied to hers as they plummeted to their deaths. The only thing preventing it being his own climax. Imagining how much power and trust she gave him would always triggered his orgasm as he would cum strongly each time and today was no different.

Wet noises and cries of ecstasy on both parts were the sign of climax as he thrusted his shaft as deep as he could get in her passage. His seed erupted only halfway through but for both it felt like a geyser of potent seed flooding through her insides hoping that one of her ova would eventually catch it.


"Did you do it?" The doctor asked the guy who was watching them mating.

"Yeah but we are actually reaching critical limit. No more can be done without serious problems..."

"Just make sure they don't catch, the outcome is none of your problem!"

The guy winced internally. He had even set the counter slightly lower than what he was ordered but despite what his boss told him, he didn't feel like injuring someone or killing them. He would rather lie and lose his job than that. For a good while, he even had faked his reports daily when they actually reached the maximum safe limit. His studies of the actual case had shown no doubt about the result. He had done the tests again and again and all pointed to the same outcome.

The doctor looked at the screen and grinned.

"Well, they are done for today. Another waste of seed and good dragon breed if you ask me!"

The guy nodded idly and ventilated their room as per routine to dismiss all drugs before anyone could enter or exit the room. With a few buttons, he turned the lights up again and then stopped the recording when the doctor had appeared on the screen. He then spent a few minutes typing in some kind of logs in his computer about today's events and wrote down numbers for later tests. The console in front of him was already sampling residues from the air and the bedsheets.

He got up and pulled out previous sample results for comparison. The mandatory examination required that he took a test of last session sample and compare it with actual one each time. He thoroughly went through all the different parts and sighed.

He looked through the windows as the sun was slowly setting, the day had been long as he was supposed to prepare the chamber for the human and the drake as new orders had been unveiled at the last minute. He had to make sure that the dosage would get them infertile at any cost. So he built up new drug ramps along the air vents that he could control at will. The potent narcotic was meant to be absorbed both by breathing and skin contact. Then all he had to do was press a button in the surveillance room, a simple button. But he did not. He lied, and he opposed a direct order from his superior while he was present, he managed to defeat his attention.

The bill he would be facing one day just increase tremendously. He knew he just could not release the information now, he knew they would find out he cheated if he told them now. He would not let them kill innocents just because they would not fit their political schedule. As an employee close to the doctor, he knew who was giving the orders and what would happen to the couple if they found out. He just could not resolve himself to let that happen. All he had to do was to wait. Wait until it was too late, until they had no choice. If only he could keep it under cover for a little more.

He would not tell them now...

that she was one month pregnant.


The doctor met them in the room with his basic examination tools asking for one of them to stand at the opposite corner of the room as he checked the other. He claimed he needed to verify their health since they were not used to do the copulation in the afternoon and that it was necessary to insure no damage appeared in such a case. What he didn't say though was that the real reason was to get samples from both, specifically from her, to double check the drug efficiency upon their organism, as the last direct order meant he wasn't allowed to fail and couldn't let his assistant destroy his work by being careless.

He could not let her be pregnant.


Adam joined Shirkla outside as he was released after her. They walked a bit together for a while and reached the seaside path.

"This seems weird to me. Their sudden changes are suspicious. What do you think?" the dragoness stopped and looked at him.

"Well, I guess you are right... dear, but what can we really say about it? I mean, is there really a way to find out?"

She did not answer for a while and resumed walking, her eyes staring at the ocean, something about this didn't click for her, not that it had been any clearer before but those changes called for a warning.

"There could be a way..." she hinted.

"How do you feel?" Adam asked to change of subject.

"Well, to be honest, I feel a bit bloated, I'm not sure if it is the veal or something else..."

"Could be something else." he winked at her and discretely touched her belly. "Did they tell you anything at the mansion?"

She shook her head.

"No, and I doubt they would if they found something, I'm sure they will try to prevent us by any mean if they can."

Adam nodded in agreement. There was nothing much they could really do yet he made sure he would work on a way to find out. He quickly devised a plan that from visiting the Egglash so often, he knew the schedule of the employees there and intended to get his hand on one of them to get answers one way or the other.

"I'm going to ask Desmend for help."

"That kid? You sure?"

Adam frowned .

"Well, he is older than me! And he has always been reliable. Plus he owes me one and I can be very persuasive."

"I_am_older than you too and still pretty young by my kind!" her ruff flattened.

"Sorry hun, didn't mean to hurt you. I still have problems comparing our species, you know."

Shirkla giggled and nodded.

"I'm just pulling your leg."

Desmend was a young dragon, as stated by the white dragoness, of a hundred years or so, but already quite tall even for his kind as he stood a good twelve feet and just as long. He had reach a sort of dragon puberty, being rather reckless although still within reason, at least from a human point of view. Adam has known him for a good ten years and had _played_with him some, he knew he could trust him with his life. But this time it was for a really serious matter, and the human had had some doubts on if the dragonet could be mature enough for this. He did not want to raise Shirkla suspicions about him and kept his thoughts to himself but still had to discuss the matter with Desmend before he decided. If he could not convince the dragon or himself that they could work together, he would need to find another solution.

Soon the seaside path ended and the couple had to separate, the sentinel drawing closer to them as they approached the blocks. Until now, they had kept their voice low enough for others not to sneak upon them even if they knew all they had said could have been monitored. But now, as they reached the civilization again, the risk was too big and there were too many unwanted eyes upon them.

They waved to each other and Adam pulled his horse in the direction of his house while she turned toward the cave block.

Adam dismounted and removed the saddle and bridle from Reel. He patted the horse gently and cured him before they both entered the house. As a tradition for horses being part of the family, they were allowed inside, sometimes completely, but most of the time, a certain part of it was built so the horse could freely hang around, the other parts with more fragile items and rooms would be out of reach. Adam's house was of the second kind.

He left the animal roam around and do as he pleased while he reached for the computer. Desmend was apparently online. He sent him a quick message explaining that he would need to meet him as soon as possible for more play. He used this word as not to attract more suspicions as all of his conversation, like any citizen, were monitored for keywords. He told Desmend he would invite him for a drink at The Drake's Inn, that bar he went with Shirkla. The only place he knew that they could have a safer conversation about his real needs.

Hey, cool! Meet me there tonight at eight!

_ _Adam smiled at the reply and closed his messenger. He had plenty of time to get a shower and prepare a few things around before it was time to go.


The doctor had waited for everyone to leave the mansion before he had retrieved all the data from the computer and packed those with the sample he acquired earlier. He had had doubts about his employee for quite a while now and knew he was hiding things and he wanted to know what he actually hid from him. He rummaged through the papers trying to see if anything had been hidden there or revealed the guy's treason but he found nothing of interest and concluded that whatever he hid, he had kept secret and probably not on paper.

He closed the package with all necessary papers and samples, making sure that when he left the mansion, none of his employees would see a difference the next day. He wrote down his name on the box: _Anthony_and walked out.

He turned to the only sentinel present at the Egglash entrance.

"To Aldun."

The black wyvern looked at the doctor with surprise, they were not used that someone addressed them. But once he recognized him, the drake nodded silently and took the package with his claws before lifting into the air and fast gone. The dark figure had quickly disappeared in the fall weather as the sun was already set, and only a partial moon lit the sky with a couple of stars.

Anthony looked up upon them for a while. His mind wandered.

"What if my life was different?" his mind starting boiling with thousand of ideas on how he could have made other choices and be on the other side and...

He shook his head firmly and his face grew cold again. There was no other way, that's how his life went and that's how it will ever be, he insisted on himself, pushing aside all the daydreams he just had.

As he walked away from the mansion, another sentinel landed to replace the one that left to deliver the package. He quickly glance at him.. or her. It was hard to tell in the darkness but their cat-like green shining eyes were bloodcurdling. He turned his gaze away and force his pace to build the distance between him and the beast.

He went to medicine school because he wanted to help both species with ailments and save lives no matter what but his life took quite a different turn the day he had met with Aldun's minions. They persuaded him to join the mansions for a good fee and that he would be free to still operate at the hospital. The terms of the contract had never really be in his favor but he has had little choice when threats had been made on him and his family. Over the years, he had grown used to it and had seen his mind change, becoming darker, not really caring about life anymore and after a while, he had quit his real job at the hospital for good. He had now been fully employed at the mansion for six years under the direct orders from the mayor or Aldun. He long ago swore an oath to protect and care for people to the best of his abilities, but it seems to him it had been hundred years ago. Since then, he had dissected, studied and drugged more people than he ever saved. He knew the anatomy and hormonal systems of both humans and dragons inside out. He could kill or bend their will within minutes without leaving traces. And yet as a scientist, he knew there was never a hundred percent success and this couple was no exception. He had noticed how much they resisted his subtle abduction. If his suspicions were correct, he would have to do something with them. He was not sure what yet. Killing them would break outrage within the community, he would be pointed as the responsible for that and he was not ready to pay with his head.

His thoughts has unconsciously brought him to The Drake's Inn. He felt nauseous about the place. Long ago he had enjoyed going there for a beer and have a long night with both human and dragon friends. He would always brag how he saved the world again that day with a heart surgery or helping with a birth. Everybody liked him and he liked them all back. But since he had left the hospital, the circle of his friends had grown smaller, people disappearing from his existence. His work at the Egglash was only supported by a few and he had started to spend more and more time at work to ignore the fact that his loneliness had taken the best of him.

He stared at the entrance for a good minute before he pushed the door. Inside, a country pianist was playing while girls and dragonesses danced to it. The music abruptly stopped when people noticed who just entered. All conversation died in an instant. He had suddenly wanted to run away and yell out loud like a mad man, but his reason kicked in and told him to fight the stares and walk to a table. Eventually the usual jabber resumed, although not as loud as before and the pianist started playing a different song. Anthony recognized the lyrics and knew it was meant for him as it went like this:

_ Stranger comin' down the door_

_ You'd better be with a colt_

_ If you ain't want down the floor_

_ Aim and shoot it like a bolt_

_ _He took it deeply but showed no sign of it knowing how much he deserved it. He sat down in a corner a bit away from the main crowd and looked around before the tenant arrived at his table.

"Well, well, look who's here. Finally givin' up your slack job?"

He looked up and feigned not hearing the insult.

"A blond beer, please."

"Well, as much as I despise your work, and probably as anyone else in this inn, I'm sure glad I see you back!"

He smiled back faintly at the tenant, the unease of the first minutes had given place to a slightly warmer feelings. He knew some people remembered who he was and will accept him even if his life choices were not the ones that they expected of him. He tried to open his mouth to thank John, the bar tenant, but he was already gone. A minute later, he would come back with a fresh beer. One that he would serve to all his patrons. Anthony really appreciated its taste, it touched him to know that some people would not throw dung at him whenever they could. A tear ran down his cheek. He looked at the clock. It was five to eight and no one was waiting for him at home, he would certainly spend the evening here if he was not being thrown out.

"Thank you John, you still have the best beer in town."

The tenant nodded with a grin.

"If you need to talk, just ask." and then he walked away.


Adam got out of his house after a long but refreshing shower. His times with Shirkla were always sweaty to say the least. He was early and decided to leave Reel at home for the night, if anything Desmend could always carry him back. The sun was already low on the horizon, but the red light it was reflecting on the ocean was enough to find his way up downtown. Soon enough the lights in the streets would turn on and give an eerie mechanical sight to everything around. People walking down the street looked like puppets and dragons like giant steampunk automatons. The yellowish color of the lamps gave a unique hue to the buildings, a sort of white pinkish color like in a kid's dream city or perhaps a candy nightmare one.

The wind blew strong from the ocean and he had to shield his face against the dust flying. A tumbleweed passed by silently. He resumed his walk as the breeze died down. The air grew chillier and he rubbed his arms as a shiver swept through his body. The Inn was in sight and so was Desmend. The drake waved a wing at Adam, he pressed his pace forward to greet him.

"Well well well, I haven't seen you in a long time Adam, but you do look damn fine!"

"Ah, thank you. You don't look bad either. But let's get in, it's getting cold and I do not have your hide..."

The dragon laughed and followed him inside. The piano was playing a power ballad for the singer on the scene. The room was dark and they had to walk past a good number of tables and costumers before they could find a cozy place to seat where they would be able to keep some privacy.

John noticed them and immediately rushed to welcome them.

"Be careful Adam, you are gonna be addicted to this Inn if you continue coming here that often."

The green dragon raised an eyebrow.

"No no no, I was just here with Shirkla today." the human quickly commented.

"So I see your _Majesty_is getting quite busy, heh?"

"Not what you think, the mansion had canceled our appointment and we had some time to kill so we came here to have a drink."

"I see..." Desmend grinned knowingly.

"Hey guys, speaking of the mansion, guess who's here tonight."

Adam and his friend looked surprised and after a couple seconds shrugged.


A cold shiver ran through Adam's spine and the reptilian hissed out loud.

John chuckled at their reactions.

"Not tonight guys. He could very soon help you out!"

The bar tenant was not the kind of person to change his opinion every so often on someone, it would require quite a deal to make him change and people knew him for being quite reliable when his gut-feelings were speaking. The two were left alone as he walked away to get the drinks and for a minute, no one talked.

"Not the person I would expect here after all he did." muttered Adam between his teeth

"And not the person I would want here tonight." added Desmend.

The two remained silent until the beers arrived, one normal pint and one dragon pint, which is to say it was just adapted for their scaly size: fifteen gallons. The green reptile drained half of it in a couple of gulp before he breathed out loudly. Adam was more self conscious and only drank a little of his.

"So tell me, you didn't bring me here just to talk about games and stuff, what's the real reason?" Desmend pressed eagerly.


"You want me to _play_with him?"

"No no no..." he sighed "Look. Me and Shirkla, we are trying to get married, and you know the law. He is the one on our back but it feels like there's something amiss, something he doesn't tell us, either him or his employees. I need your help to find out."

"Go on..." said the dragon as he lowered his chin to Adam's head

"I was thinking we could just sneak in the mansion an evening just before they go home and force them to give up the data we need."

Desmend face was all serious now, his fang pointing out over his lower lip in a very menacing way but no sound came from his muzzle or his throat. On that very moment, it was uncertain if the dragon would jump on his friend's neck or turn around and go away.

Adam suddenly regretted for saying too much... or not enough. He had told most of his story to his friends in general but kept the details to himself, not that there was much interesting bits apart from boring visits to the Egglash although his time with Shirkla could not be counted as boring, not matter how repetitive. Adam daydreamed and squeezed his pint firmly as he felt his arousal grow.

"Hold your hormones, human!" interrupted Desmend.

Adam blushed deeply and he grew limp in a split second.

"I'm... I'm sorry, I know how sensitive your species are to those."

"And if you don't want me raping your butt, you better remember it!"

Adam half chuckled, he was not sure if he was joking or actually meaning it.

Desmend went silent again and dipped his nose deep into the beer to sip some more.

"You will have to tell me more than that before I decide to help you or not . But since we have all night, go on. I'm listening."

The human started recounting all of his experiences from when he met Shirkla for the first time and when they really fell in love. How hard they found the path to marry. How they had to fill many papers until they were allowed to meet and have schedules planned for them at the mansion. How it felt to be under surveillance when he and her were copulating. How they had to be checked regularly, and finally how things had changed very recently for no apparent reason. Adam told him that he thought Shirkla might be pregnant but that they would not tell them and might have been experimenting with drugs to have her abort. He told him about the faint aroma in the air whenever they spent time in the Egglash.

The dragon hummed deeply.

"I. Need. to know. For real. I need to find the truth, it's eating me... Please... for Shirkla."

Desmend looked at him seriously and nodded slowly.

"I will help you." his face suddenly brightened "But first, let's invite that doctor over there."

"What?! But, I.. no.." He did not have much time to complain as the drake was already waving towards Emilio. It took a bit before the doctor noticed someone was asking for him, he was surprised that anyone would want to talk to him. But he eventually walked up to them with his beer in hand. His pace was uneasy as he tried to hide from people around the place. As he walked through the Inn, murmurs started to run from table to table, he ignored them and reached for the isolated table.

"D... Did you ask for me?"

"Yes indeed, please take a seat." offered Desmend

The man obeyed and sat down, his eyes locked on the tall beast. It was not until he put his beer down on the table that he recognized Adam. His face hardened in a similar way to his vis-a-vis.

"Well, you do know I am not allowed to discuss private matters in public, and if..."

The drake put a claw on his shoulder gently.

"Noo, Adam doesn't want to discuss anything, _I_invited you over. Furthermore, I don't like seeing people alone. Just relax and enjoy your beer. Let's be..." He hesitated a bit. "friends.. for the night."

Adam cocked his head a bit, he wasn't sure what game his friend was playing. He straightened quickly, hoping the doctor had not noticed. In a quick change of mood, he smiled and raised his glass.

"Well, let's have a toast. To the friends of the night!" Adam grinned forcefully.

Desmend laughed and repeated the toast. Emilio saw no other possibility but to toast with them. He was still quite reluctant and only relaxed after a couple beers had been drunk on the dragon's account and some small talks had been engaged. The night dragged along nicely and the humors eventually cooled off. Slowly people departed the inn and only a table here and there had customers. The pianist was playing a slow tune in the background, the curtains had been pulled on the scene and the dancers sent home. John was cleaning a few glasses at the bar.

"So, doctor, you did not tell us your name" inquired Desmend

"My name's Emilio, how about yours?"

"I'm Desmend, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. Haven't seen a drake liking the beer like you do in quite a long time."

"I take that a compliment from a doctor."

"Oh, I do not consider myself a doctor anymore. Not with what I do at the Mansion anyway. Nothing to be proud of, you know. But there is not a single bone I don't know about any of both your anatomy. And even more about you Adam."

The young man looked at him curiously, the dragon touched him softly under the table and then gave him a sign to hold his mouth discretely. He relaxed a bit but didn't have to wait for too long before the doctor went on.

"Yeah, quite a lot. But you do know that everything you do there is monitored anyway so it's not like it's a secret that we try to control you and your mate fertilization." He took a sip and resumed. "So far, we succeeded, at least to my knowledge. I only supervise but I do not trust all my employees, you know how it goes, right? Got your exams double checked today."

His head sank into his glass and for a while he seemed to have passed out but then he looked up at both of them.

"I missed having someone to talk to like that. I wish I could go back and tell myself not to sign that contract. Good money yes, but I feel awful and now everyone hates me because of it. Past cannot be changed though."

He looked down and scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Adam.


He sipped the rest of his beer, got up and left the place without giving them a glance, his pacing was uncertain and it looked like he might fall every other step but managed to go past the door and disappear outside.

Adam looked at the paper in his hand, it was a phone number with a note that said: "call for answers."

He looked at the door and tried to run after Emilio when Desmend put a claw on his shoulder and shake his head.

"Let him go. He has a lot on his mind and there are sentinels outside."

He sat down and stared back at the paper. He raised his hand after a while to order a couple more beers. He was not sure what to do with the information or if it was true. The number was local and seemed genuine. He had heard rumors that some highly ranked people had unmonitored phones and he knew it was true but he never expected one to be handed to him one day. The tenant brought them their beverages and looked at Adam curiously then at Desmend.

"Are you guys ok?"

Adam popped from his dream.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry. It's just that we had an interesting conversation."

"With that doctor? Really?"

The young man nodded.

"Now, that's something I would like to hear about."

"If you don't mind, John, I want to keep it personal for now. There.. I have a lot to think about." Adam looked up at him/

"Oh well, I will be poking you then" He said with a smile.

Desmend dunked his head in his bucket and drank it all in one go. He raised up and burped out loud, shaking the building with the low rumbling sound. Adam was startled and almost fell from his seat.

"Well, I guess it's time we go home. I think Desmend has had his share of beer for today."

They waved to the bar tenant and walked out. Adam managed to get on his back, come what may. He had to hold firmly on his spike as the ride was rather bouncy from the dragon being quite drunk and had problems putting one foot in front of the other in the rather wide streets. The trip to his house took longer than it would have on foot but he still felt safer with his friend despite his actual state.

He waved to Desmend as the dragon took off and flew awkwardly to his home. And right now, he felt happy that he did not chose to fly him here. It was quite late already and he had to wake up early the next day, he packed up all his questions în his head and ran to bed.

Dragon Layers, chapter 4

4 Aldun arrived early this morning and found that a package has been left at his door. He opened it right after entering his office and grumbled. He really didn't have much free time to take care of those pesky matters but if Emilio asked him for it,...

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The week was finally over and it was the start of her vacation. It had been a long day and the sun was setting as she drove home feeling a bit stiff in the back. For a while, she wouldn't have to worry about work anymore. Nor about anything else...

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Dragon Layers Chapter 2

2 The mayor was fuming in his small office. He was a five foot tall person with a well fed body, his cheek nicely bulging outside in its red color. He usually would look very welcoming, especially as he went out for his morning walk, although today...

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