Cell Block Sole Slave

Story by LEVIATHAN White Dragon on SoFurry

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#4 of Commissions from Draconicon: Spark The Police Husky

Another awesome story to add to the series. Writen by draconicon

"Hey, what are you doing out of your cell?"

Spark jumped at the sudden loud voice, realizing that he'd been caught. The husky stood up, abandoning pretense and started running. He leaped over one of the police officers' desks, scattering papers and barely avoiding getting grabbed by the detective at it. Whimpers and yelps escaped his throat as he ran through the open aisles, hearing the shouts of the officers chasing him down the corridors.

Not again. Can't get caught again, can't get caught again, he thought as he ducked underneath one tackling officer. Walls of dark blue were coming up over the aisles, and Spark knew that he couldn't keep dodging them forever. He had to get out quickly.

Jumping back from one officer, he then jumped forward, leaping off of his back and onto another desk. His bare feet skittered along it, and he only barely kept from falling into the arms of another policeman. By now, half of the force had converged onto the main room, and he was surrounded by more than a dozen of them. One of the humans laughed, shaking his head.

"Get down, boy, and maybe we won't have to neuter you before we're done putting you back in your cell."

He shuddered, blushing as the other officers laughed as well. The husky jumped as he was prodded from behind, a police baton nearly shoved up his bare ass when he wasn't looking. The contact was enough to get a bit of his cock showing from his sheath, and that was finally enough to get the police to back off. They knew how transformative everything was; they probably didn't want to end up in the pound themselves.

Seeing a gap, he leaped for it -

"Not so fast!"

  • and went down hard as a series of taser prods slammed into his back. He started flailing and jerking as he was pumped full of electricity, his naked body slamming against the floor several times as the trigger for it was tugged again and again. Eventually, he managed to flip over - digging the prongs in his back in deeper as he did so - and saw that the damn scientist was back. No wonder he was being shocked so hard.

As the electricity finally began to fade, the human approached him. Spark couldn't even move, but that didn't stop the scientist from ordering the officers to handcuff him and bind his arms together. The labcoat-wearing man leaned down, shaking his head.

"I thought I'd get bored with the compliance facilitator out for repairs. It looks like I was wrong. Do you know how bad a boy you were, trying to get away?"

Spark whimpered.

"Well, you'll know before long. Officers, take him to the lower cells; it's been a while since we arrested a hooker, and we might as well get some use out of this worthless piece of fur."

The men chuckled, pulling him to his feet and dragging him by the handcuffs. It stung his arms, but there was nothing he could do.

Then another blast of electricity hit him, and he blacked out.

He woke up to the feeling of a cock pressed against his face. It wasn't the first time. Hell, it wasn't even the twelfth time that such a thing had happened. Spark groaned, rolling his head to the side before sticking his tongue out on instinct.

It wasn't until the musky shaft - tasting of salt, pre, and just a bit of piss - slipped into his mouth that he actually started waking up. The husky grunted, blinking away his sleep before he managed to see the cock forcing its way down his throat. He might have tried to bite, if he wasn't terrified of the consequences.

Looking past the pale shaft, he caught sight of a pair of leather pants. His eyes drifted up, finding more leather in the form of a dark jacket, and a set of chains around the human's neck. He eventually looked at the human's face, and saw a number of tattoos in the cheeks and along the neck, leading up to a bald head that gleamed in the bit of light that they had down in the cells. The human chuckled.

"Looks like Sleeping Bitch is awake."

Spark's face turned red at that, but even as he tried to pull back, all he got was a sudden shove down the human's cock.

"Don't even think about doing anything but sucking me off proper, boy. Those officers said that you're our toy for the night."

Well, obviously they don't care if you guys never see the light of day again, then. Despite that bit of 'reassurance', he still blushed and yelped as his head was held in place, his face forcefully fucked by the bigger human. Each thrust took that head all the way to the back of his throat, and the whole thing was coated with his spit by the time it pulled out of his mouth. The husky gagged on it every time. For being a human, the prisoner was pretty damn well hung.

He blushed as he felt his cock starting to slip free of his sheath, feeling it getting harder and starting to throb. There was laughter from other parts of the cell, but they were out of sight for him.

Meanwhile, his lips were starting to burn from the way the prisoner held him, from the way that cock was grinding and sliding over them again and again. Spit only did so much to relieve the friction, and he was getting face-fucked hard. The only thing keeping it from being a throat fuck was his muzzle, and even then he was gagging as the head kept popping in and out of the back of his throat.

Coughing around the cock every time it came back up, Spark felt it throbbing harder and harder in his mouth, and knew that the human wasn't far from climax. With his tongue pinned by the shaft, he could already feel it starting to change, the head starting to get more tapered and the shaft itself far smoother, almost slimy in texture.

"Heh, you're a good little cock-sucker, boy. Ready for my load?"

Spark whimpered under his breath, giving as much of a nod as he could with his head around a cock. The human lasted a few more thrusts before blowing his load, and the husky felt the familiar taste of human cum shooting down his throat. He groaned, shaking his head a little bit as he was filled with cum.

The last shot of it landed on his face as the prisoner shoved him away. Landing with his back against the cell bars, Spark looked up to see who else was around.

It looked like he'd been thrown in a cell with a biker gang, or at least a part of one. Everyone wore thick leather vests and pants, and had the same big, laced up boots. Most of them were bald, though one of them had a mohawk instead, and they were all big and thick. Not quite fat, but big enough to look different than the usual muscular men that hit the gym all the time.

The one that had fucked him chuckled, tucking away a cock that was looking more and more dog-like back in his pants. Apparently the leader, too, as he looked at his pals, and Spark shuddered as he felt them all look at him as the leader spoke up.

"So, boys, looks like we got a little toy here for our time tonight. How you wanna show him his place?"

"Ain't touching that faggy ass of his. He any good at blowing?"

"You kidding? He didn't do a damn thing, but his throat's good for a fuck."

"Heh, why don't we show him where he belongs? A good dog licks his master's feet, doesn't he?"

That idea spread like wildfire through the little group, and Spark groaned as they reached for the laces of their boots. As soon as the laces were undone and the boots were off, he was overwhelmed by the pungent, sweaty smell of their wet socks. They were positively dripping with sweat, rank and sour. He pushed himself back against the bars, trying to get away, but there was no escape.

Yanked back to them, he was pinned beneath one foot almost immediately. The sweaty socks left marks all through his fur, smearing in the cum that was left on his muzzle and making it stringy and sticky along the sides of his face. The sweat was impossible to escape from, and the guy holding him down laughed, nodding to one of his friends.

"Hey, get your socks off and shove 'em in his mouth."

"Heh, good idea."

Spark shook his head, sputtering beneath the dripping socks of the first biker, but nothing slipped past those socked soles. All he could do was whimper, particularly as someone else shoved their socked foot against his crotch. He groaned as he was forced hard by the abrasive rubbing, his cock standing out like a freakish mockery of the human shape it'd once had.

"Heh, look at this little freak. Thought that he was supposed to be some sort of guard dog or something."

"What, you think they're letting fags like this guard anything? Nah, they're training 'em to be pussies. Bet you that it's some sort of thing with the gays in government and shit."

"Well, he's fun, I'll give 'em that."

As the pair of socks were jammed down his throat, the husky almost gagged. Only the fact that he couldn't actually do that so well anymore kept it down, but the socks were terrible. They were as drenched as someone walking through a puddle or wading through a river, and unlike the river-water taste - which wasn't too bad, depending on where one was - it was the salty, bitter, hot taste of sweat instead. The slightest bit of pressure on the socks unleashed more into his mouth, and considering he couldn't stop trying to push it out, his tongue was soon saturated in the damn stuff.

With the socks off of his face, he could see all the bikers - except the leader - stroking themselves as they looked down at him. They were all grinning and smirking, and at least one was dripping. His pre dripped all over the husky's cheeks, leaving him feeling dirtier and dirtier.

Finally, one of them stood up. Shoving his bare feet against the husky's face, he forced Spark to roll over. The dog groaned, still trying to shove the over-large ball of socks out of his mouth, but no sooner had he got on all fours than his tail was yanked up, held high, and then pulled back. He was ass to crotch with one of the bikers, he realized as a hot cock rubbed up and down his ass cheeks.

"Hey, what the fuck you doing, man? You a faggot?"

"Hey, I ain't had any pussy for weeks. I'm not gonna pass up a free hole to fuck, and I ain't settling for a mouth."

"Geez, man, gay much?"

"You say gay, I say I'm gonna fuck this bitch."

As the biker slammed in, Spark gasped for breath, and ended up slurping more sweat. He groaned, his head pushed down and kept down by another foot. Somehow, he didn't think that one fuck was going to be enough for the group. Somehow, he doubted that it mattered, either to them, or to his owners.

The End

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