Fellatio is Magic

But while nightmare moon was in fellatio heaven, twilight had to deal with the logistics of actually handling such a large and powerful piece of ebony maremeat.

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TotK - Fellatio and Fangs

#65 of tails of the khajiit article 1 from tails of the khajiit - udaran special edition fellatio and fangs - how to avoid disaster **fellatio and fangs** _how to avoid disaster_. by tails of the khajiit staff writer (chuck m.) [!

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Who Broke Who?

This is a zoophilic story involving a close emotional bond between a human and a horse - not bestiality which is a cheap "one-night-stand" experience. My apologies if it offends anyone but there are many who fantasize about sex-play with horses and I...

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Chapter 12: Reunion

"Was blowing the door open at all necessary?" "I don't know about necessary, but it was more fun than just opening it." Once they had made it to Lawrence's estate, Valor and Galen had spent a few hours watching the movements of the guards and...

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Down down down she goes (part 1)

When alice went to the bathroom she saw jenny in the corner of the room, giving the lion a deep sloppy blowjob. the lion wasn't only enjoying her mouth, he was also filming her work with his phone.

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Do You Believe in Magic - Chapter 2

She had expected it to be silent, but soon heard the sounds of a sloppy blow job coming from the living room. curious, she stepped into the room, seeing her favorite boy naked, and pawing off to the porno playing.

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Love At First Sight (Repost by Wyldfire)

My favorite and most erotic dragon story. I didn't do this one but passing along some recognition for its writer, Wyldfire. If you know him/her, give the deserved recognition for this one...Love At First Site. Follow the link below... (I forgot to...

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Chpater 15: Oblivia

"are you trying to blow my cover or something?" valor's expression suddenly changed to one of irritation when he noticed the bottle of alcohol in zyle's hand. "you're drunk, aren't you?" zyle grinned. "a little."

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Failed Containment- Chapter 6: The Protectorate

Alexander cursed himself for losing his guard while enjoying the little bat girl. He glared at Marie defiantly, "Glad you enjoyed the show..." he said. Marie affixed him with her cutest smile and nodded, "Very much so... Unfortunately, playtime...

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Sharon's Change

"i'm offering you a blowjob!" she eventually exclaimed in exasperation. "oh, i see," the satyr said. "why didn't you say so in the first place?

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Louie Teases His Slave

As in all my stories, Shanti is always an adult. Mature curves, breasts, and age appropriate. She's an attractive young woman with a draw to the Jungle and it's many creatures. The setting here is sometime after Louie and Shanti had their first...

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