Flight or Friendship

Story by LEVIATHAN White Dragon on SoFurry

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#8 of Commissions from Draconicon: Levi The Latex Dragon

Another AMAZING story done by draconicon

"Hey, freak. The director wants to see you."

I'd like to see how you'd be doing if you were attached to a symbiote like me, Levi thought as he pulled himself up from the dirty floor of his cell. The ground was covered with dust and dirt, not to mention the mud that he tracked in after his latest assignment to bring someone down. After four of them in two nights, he'd been too tired to clean things up.

A number of guards in hazmat suits stood outside his cell, each one holding a specially designed gun like the one that the director had. He held up his hands, making sure that they were in plain view as they opened the door and let him 'free'. They made sure to keep their weapons trained on him at all times, something that he didn't know why they bothered to do. They'd been able to control him quite completely out in the field.

One of the guards stepped up to him, pushing against his back.

"Get going."

"Alright, alright. Don't get so -"


He jumped to avoid a blast of the liquid solvent on his feet, and glared at the guard that had let it loose. There was no apology, at least none that he could see through the helmet. Levi didn't bother saying anything else, and just walked with the guards.

They passed through the science labs, and he looked down to avoid getting stared at by the different scientists. Most of them were the same that had been present during his initial 'creation' and his subsequent near-escape, and he was tired of getting the mixed looks of fear and revenge from them. It wasn't enough that he had lost the only thing that made being a freak like this bearable, but now they were controlling his every action? Turning him into a weapon? What would be the end of it?

He kept his eyes on the floor, except when they were passing by one of those scientists that he'd converted. Unlike the ones that he'd been forced to change, those still had their minds. Altered, of course; something about what Subject #332 had done had let them keep their minds, and had turned them horny as all hell at the same time. The latex dogs humped at the walls of their containment cells, whimpering and groaning until they'd turn around and beg with their asses against the cage walls.

It would have been funny, if he had been able to feel any sense of satisfaction from it, but he'd already gotten his revenge on them. Now the director, on the other hand...well, that would be fun.

Then they were at the elevator, and up they went.

The latex dragon looked at the guards. They were so quiet, so very still; they probably were shaking inside their suits, but it didn't show. At the slightest movement from him, they turned their guns on him, and he made it into a game, letting them relax for a bit before shifting his weight, and chuckling when they realized he wasn't moving at all.

"Jumpy, aren't you?"

"Shut. Up."

"Just one little dragon, and four big guards. And I'm under your control and everything. Why are you so -"


The door opened, and the director looked up with a gun in his hands. It went down as soon as Levi was shoved into the room, but the dragon knew that his human 'superior' could draw and shoot it at a moment's notice. There'd be no chance of rushing him. He'd just have to play along.

Silence filled the room and stretched on for a few minutes before the director gestured towards a seat. Levi stood by it, not really needing to rest, and the director nodded.

"You have been doing well."

"I haven't had much of a choice."

"24 conversions in a little over a week. One of the best we've ever seen; considering your lack of hunger, need to sleep, or anything else, we could probably use you even more. But this is a very good start."

Levi shrugged. He'd been run ragged, but his new body could take it without having to worry. It was like his stomach, lungs, everything that had required outside sustenance, had disappeared when he was bonded to the symbiote. He didn't know why the director was so surprised it was so effective.

The human leaned back, looking him over.

"Do you know why you've been silencing people, Levi?"

"I don't think that it really matters."

"And you're one of the few agents that gets that right off the bat. You don't need to know, and therefore, it doesn't matter."

Levi shrugged, but the director smiled.

"As a result of your wonderful work for us, I'm offering you a reward, Levi. Your choice of which one, but it's something that is up to you.

"On the one hand, you have done enough work to qualify for an agency-paid bit of leave to a rather popular island paradise. Of course, you wouldn't be able to leave a segmented area of it - we can't let your classified nature be known - but you would be able to rest and relax.

"On the other hand, my men have told me that they have a way to restore Subject #332, and make sure that they are as obedient as you are. It would unlock all of your abilities again, rather than holding you back. Which would make you a better agent. Which do you want?"

The idea of a choice was foreign enough, but Levi couldn't believe what the director was offering him. Both options were things that he had never expected, particularly not after almost escaping the company once. He had to think, and he had to think fast.

He might be able to escape if he was on the surface. That was the only thing that held him back, really; with all the guards down here, the dragon had figured out that there was no way that their signal could actually penetrate to this area. If he could get somewhere far enough away, he might find some way to shield himself from their transmissions.

On the other hand...

Subject #332...

"I'll take the restoration."

"Excellent. You'll be much more useful with your full abilities. Report to the lab."

"Without guards?"

"You want it bad enough that you'll go there."

"And that should just about do it."

Levi knew that he was all latex, and thus immune to pain, but it was more than a little freaky to see his head almost pulled open, as if there was a door flap that had been installed on the side. Something that was most definitely NOT latex had been laid atop what his brain had become, and he could see the latex insides slowly absorbing it, pulling it in. The scientist had turned around, but there wasn't much the human needed to worry about. After all, Levi was bound not to attack them.

He felt the chip slide in further and further, until it disappeared from what he could see in the mirror. A few seconds later, he 'heard' a sort of beeping and groaning inside of his head, and he couldn't help but grin.

Subject #332?



Subject #332a. They added something...

Are you okay?

Yes. They're...they tried to control me. And they think they did. For a bit they did. But now that I'm back in you...

We're back in business?

Oooh yes. And I have a lot of new tricks up my sleeve. Let's start...let's start with this doctor.

Cameras first.

Good idea.

The latex dragon stood up, moving off of the exam table. He slipped over to the wall, Levi throwing a few tottering steps into his walk as if he was recovering. The doctor followed him over, steadying him as the dragon looked up towards the ceiling. As soon as he saw that they were out of immediate range of the cameras, he flicked a finger. With #332's knowledge, it lengthened into a whip, which cut through the power cords on the wall. The cameras were out instantly.

The doctor pulled back, but Levi was already whipping around. His hands snapped out with a quick stretch, grabbing hold of the human and pulling him close. He grinned, showing all of his teeth as he pinned the doctor's arms to his sides. As his fingers spread down the back of the doctor's lab coat, the human stammered.

"Wh-what are you doing?! Let me go!"

"I'm doing what it takes to get out. We. We are doing it."

"You can't. They'll stop you as soon as they -"

"You won't let them."

One of his fingers lifted up, and stabbed into the doctor's ear.

"You won't be able to."

When the doors opened, Levi was sitting on the table again, and the doctor was looking him over. The security officers paused, looking at each other before walking into the room. Their guns trained on the dragon, they turned to their colleague.

"Everything alright, doctor?"

"Yes, men, everything's fine. The patient just slipped and pulled one of the cords; you'll want to get maintenance to look at that."

"That's all?"

Not quite, Levi thought as he looked at the doctor. The human looked no different, but with that piece of latex in his head, controlling him, well, he was an entirely different person. The doctor shook his head, and after a few minutes, the security guards packed up and walked out.

"Thank you, doctor," he said as the door shut.

"It's no problem."

"Now, I have something else for you to look at...Some swelling that needs to be brought to the surface, and released."

The End

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